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    Aachen actually managed to raise enough money for next season, but anyway it is possible that they withdraw their application for a license tomorrow. Among the requests from VBL is one that they can't fulfill, I have no idea how to translate it because I don't even quite understand it in German, it has to do with their ongoing bankrupcy process...Their press release from today says that if VBL insists on this request, they must withdraw the team tomorrow because after 1st June there will be a much higher fine for withdrawing.

    If you give me a hint to the text, I can translate it... the only articles I found are behind a paywall.

    As expected Turkey and Russia clubs took all 2+1 berths as they qualified in their national leagues.

    Deviations as already announced came by Poland: Chemik POLICE remains as only group phase fixed Polish club, after vice champion Atom Trefl Sopot retreated from CL for financial reasons completely, as qualifyer MKS DABROWA GORNICA replaces Impel WROCLAW (Breslau), who claimed that qualification being too difficult for non-CL-champion-capable teams. Inheritance was done by Romanian Champion Alba BLAJ, which would been only eligible for qualification process otherwise.

    The rather weak (financial bottlenecks) clubs from BAKU, Azerrail and Telekom, take part anyway. But Lokomotiv BAKU doesn't take part in qualification for CL group phase.

    The French clubs will have an extremely hard time, St-RAPHAEL takes part as newbie, but is without the slightest chance IMHO, RC CANNES with even less money than last season has no chance to qualify for group phase (likely opponent: Liu Jo Nordmeccanica MODENA, which was fusioned with Piacenza).

    German vice champion Allianz MTV STUTTGART also doesn't take part for similar reasons like Impel WROCLAW and starts in CEV cup instead.

    Czech champion Agel PROSTEJOV may have a chance to qualify against DABROWA GORNICZA, this can become interesting (if the pairings are due league rankings). Also HAIFA (Israel) and BRCKO (Bosnia-Herzegowina) are considered rather weak by me, although they are directly qualified for the CL qualification rounds.

    Not participating are also Asterix KIELDRECHT (Belgium) and Olympiacos PIRAEUS (Greece).

    Not directly eligible national champions are six (at the bottom of the list), I fear, they will be wiped out badly by the stronger teams, they had to announce via their leagues additionally their participation.

    Both are from Penn State University, they won college competition in 2013 and 2014:

    Nia Grant is central, 1,88m
    Aiyana Whitney is opposite, 1,92m

    Both want try hard to prove, they have to be in US national team (wow!).

    Obviously Nia Grant replaces Caroline Jarmoc, because Jennifer Pettke is already hired and Micheli Pissinato is known to stay.

    Whitney is the replacement for Yellow Tiger Kaja Grobelna (Belgium), who left to Polish club Budowlani Lodz.

    It seems, that only three players are now missing or need at least to be clarified:

    a second setter behind Valerie Nichol, because Femke Stoltenborg left.

    the fourth outside hitter, where only one candidate is known so far (Mari Hole, Norway, club has an option for her).

    Libera may be Lisa Thomsen, but as German national she is rather expensive for our club, so it is not yet clarified. It's annoying, that for pure financial reasons this has to be considered seriously, if a cheaper, but equally good or better solution can be found.

    So provisional partly roster for now:

    Libera: tbc, maybe still Lisa Thomsen (?)
    Setters: Valerie Nichol, NN
    Outside Hitters: Renata Sandor, Kim Renkema, Michaela Mlejnková, either Mari Hole or NN
    Opposites: Aiyana Whitney, Deborah van Daelen
    Centrals: Micheli Pissinato, Jennifer Pettke, Nia Grant

    This would mean, that they will be shutout from first league forever, because without the hall reconstruction they are not allowed to take part anymore.

    Afterwards Erfurt will represent Thuringia exclusively, but that is IMHO anyway the better and more future capable location.

    I found an article of Südthüringesche Zeitung online: it seems, the required upgrade of sports hall "Wolfsgrube" is unconditionally happening now in the time free of play, because both the parliament of Thuringia and the city council of Suhl agreed about the required money. So the hall should be acceptable since next season without special allowance even for first league.

    But the money required to play next season isn't guaranteed yet: a bid to the city council to give temporarily the still missing 120.000 Euro to the club was turned down with the smallest margin possible: the council decided 15:15, that means, money is NOT granted (no majority). Because VfB 91 Suhl has to arrive at a decision on Monday and this was the last resort, it seems clear: they have to retreat the license and continue in second league, because this would be affordable for them.

    But other than I first thought, they have the chance to get back by playing a good season in second league, if they can get the money for returning to first league afterwards.

    Bad news from Thüringen: the city Suhl decided not to support the club financially (120.000€). Without that money, Thüringen can't play 1st league. It's not official yet, but very likely that they withdraw now.

    This would mean, that they will be shutout from first league forever, because without the hall reconstruction they are not allowed to take part anymore.

    Afterwards Erfurt will represent Thuringia exclusively, but that is IMHO anyway the better and more future capable location.

    Because some experienced players finished career at least in NT and others pause, a considerable number of new names show up, I fear, they will losing mostly badly in the very tough groups they were drawn:

    L: Lenka Dürr, Sophie Dreblow
    S: Denise Hanke, Mareike Hindriksen, Lena Möllers, Denise Imoudo
    OH: Lisa Izquierdo, Lena Stigrot, Jana-Franziska Poll, Katharina Schwabe, Annegret Hölzig
    OPP: Louisa Lippmann, Hanna Orthmann, Kimberly Drewniok
    MB: Jennifer Pettke, Wiebke Silge, Berit Kauffeldt, Leonie Schwertmann, Marie Schölzel

    From 19 to 16: Jennifer Pettke, Kimberly Drewniok and Denise Imoudou will not stay any further with the team. So there are still one setter and one outside hitter more than planned. Current list:

    L: Lenka Dürr, Sophie Dreblow
    S: Denise Hanke, Mareike Hindriksen, Lena Möllers
    OH: Lisa Izquierdo, Lena Stigrot, Jana-Franziska Poll, Katharina Schwabe, Annegret Hölzig
    OPP: Louisa Lippmann, Hanna Orthmann
    MB: Wiebke Silge, Berit Kauffeldt, Leonie Schwertmann, Marie Schölzel

    Especially regarding setter this is as interesting as open I think: after Apitz and Weiss took a break, these three are the only realistic options, but it is no easy decision, I guess. Otherwise Hölzig has little chance to stay within, due to her lack of experience, which the other 4 OHs have and is important in those extremely demanding groups (to say the least).

    NawaRo Straubing after all does not get the permission to play 1st league, they couldn't fulfill the economic requests ;(

    Aachen and Münster need to improve their concept before they get the license. I'm sure Münster will make it, about Aachen I have no idea...

    Apparently Thüringen and Köpenick got the license for next season, for sure they'll be under close surveillance but it seems they could fulfill the requests as for now.

    Okay, regarding Aachen: I have still no clue, how they will accomplish all of this especially regarding hall to play, but also financally - to be honest, I would be surprised, if they should survive.

    With the form they presented in Japan they will be dangerous for the strongest teams. As we good know women volleyball is hard to predict and a lot of good tipsters have a problem with that. a specially on the olympics where all teams are trying their best. Someone asked about volleyball betting before so all Ive found is…t-successfully-volleyball. its not the best but can be helpful for someone

    Don't mix up the teams participating in Tokio with the already qualified top teams like Brazil, China, USA or Russia - I'm pretty sure, that the Netherlands, although playing really good now, have no chance at all to win a medal at Olympics and the mentioned four nations will divide the three medals most probably under each other. The only one of those the Netherlands played at all in recent times were Russia, and against them the Oranjes had no chance. So together with the lack of experience at Olympics and similar competitions so far (for example World Cup) Netherlands will get probably at most to the quarterfinals. But this would be already a success.

    From Vilsbiburg to Potsdam doesn't look like an improvement - until she can earn much more there.
    Shame that she doesn't go to Stuttgart. :( :(

    I'm not sure, if she would be such a big improvement in Stuttgarts very demanding roster, to be honest - and maybe she didn't like that tiny city Vilsbiburg and prefers a much bigger city like Potsdam in immediate vicinity of Berlin? For herself, Stuttgart would have been better than Potsdam of course, but would she get that much playing time in Stuttgart? Competition is rather hard there with Renata Sandor, Kim Renkema and Michaela Mlejnková around for any other outside hitter.

    The joke is on their poverties, which are contributed by nature factors, but more to human's rampant corruption to the modern forms of "colonization"/exploitation incl. the endless internal conflicts exacerbated by outsiders. Even the very resource-rich country like DR Congo is entangled in poverty.

    Aside from the few field athletics (mainly medium to long distance running) and soccer to some degree, I don't see the African countries are competitive at any sports at the world stage.

    You are fully right and it is hard to see, how they could improve under these harsh conditions. Maybe the FIVB should try to help them; it can't be the interest of them, that the African teams are nothing but easy prey for all other national teams at Olympics. For the other teams and federations this is some kind of frustrating too: they get a berth, but are not able to cope with it regarding level, and this is missing considerably with only twelf slots at Olympics, if such a team can't play on (nearly) the same level.

    Bad is too, that I read sometime a reality missing statement of one of the African teams (Kenya or Algeria), they would need more experience - no, they lack in all of the fundamentals regretfully.

    By the way: somebody wrote, that Puerto Rico defeated Germany in World Grand Prix - that's true, but this was a lousy tournament by Germany, the worst performance of them in years, and they lost for example also against Argentina, some opponents, which they were not supposed to. So don't overestimate that outcome.

    Puerto Rico defeated Kenya in three sets as expected and qualified finally formally for the Olympics in Rio. The relatively close second set (25:23) was likely due to the fact, first won set already sufficed... the biggest joke are the African teams, which can't compete with all others at all.

    It's incredible how fast Slöetjes has turned into an unstoppable hitter from being just a good player. Despite the massive shoulder injury that totally disturbed her career she managed to find her best shape and now she has a wider view of the opponent's court.

    She was already outstanding in season 2014/15 at Schweriner SC in Bundesliga, so Guidetti grabbed this chance and at VakifBank she climbed even higher. I remember her some years ago at USC Münster, she was already really good than, but not like later at Schwerin or now in Istanbul of course.

    Well, because it's Olympics. No specific continents take an advantage. But I find PUERTO RICO (Is it Puer, right? Porto is Italian.) mediocre, so are Colombia and Kenya. Regardless of whichever qualifies, they will be considered as a point machine.

    Dutch national anthem is so beautiful...I hope the dutchies crush Japan down tonight. Let's go oranges!

    One thing is for sure: the only African team, Cameroon, will not win anything, they are by far the worst team qualified for Olympics. How Puerto Rico performs, we will see, but it is never easy, if you have all the best teams of the world in both groups, and for Puerto Rico the group B will be mission impossible, I guess. There are no weak teams at all.

    Porto Rico in 2014 eliminated Netherlands in the WGP division II semifinal. They're not such a weak team you say, guys!

    Their level is growning year by year. All they need now is having their best players abroad. They have high level players IMHO. Go PR! :super:

    I have not claimed, they wood be bad, really they dominate that minor tournament on Puerto Rico clearly. By the way, 2014 Netherlands had not reached the current level, since 2015 Giovanni Guidetti took over and they improved a lot in that time.

    Due to that comparison I guess, there would be a much more fair system possible, but due to the strong influence of NORCECA and South America federations (and partly also Asia, but this doesn't matter in this regard much as described) and the minor influence of the CEV (disliked by FIVB) it will never happen:

    Africa gets one berth (maybe even the current Africa champion).

    NORCECA and South America get their continental winners (or champions, would be easier).
    Than a pool of two teams each behind those winners from NORCECA and South America is created, winner gets another Olympic ticket. Than 1+1+1 tickets are assigned to both together.

    Asia plays with four to five teams the three tickets they should get anyway (like now).

    Europe gets five tickets (currently), easiest current European Champion and four more teams (eight teams qualification, the best four qualify).

    If World Cup still counts (first two places) and the host is set, they should be subtracted from above assignments, because otherwise those steps will also tilt the relations between federations.

    Due to Olympic rules hosts (Brazil) and at least one team from every continental federation (Cameroon from Africa) has to be within the Games.

    The world ranking is somewaht tilted by the way too, because it is not taking into account the different strenthgs of the continental federations neither regarding the best nor the following up teams. And also no points are given due to strengths of rivals defeated as some other sports do.

    Even due to world ranking the outcome was not fair anyway: if you count the first 11 national teams of world ranking (Africa gets a berth without being under the first 12), result is as follows:

    CEV/Europe: 5 teams (Russia, Serbia, Italy, Turkey, Germany)
    Asia: 3 teams (China, Japan, South Korea)
    NORCECA: 2 teams (USA, Dominican Republic)
    South America: 1 team (Brazil)
    Africa: 0 teams (though overrated!)

    Qualfied are:

    CEV/Europe: 4 teams (Russia, Serbia, Italy, Netherlands)
    Asia: 3 teams (China, Japan, South Korea)
    NORCECA: 2 teams (USA, Puerto Rico)
    South America: 2 teams (Brazil, Argentina)
    Africa : 1 team (Cameroon)

    So aside from assigned one berth to Africa, the tilt is currently as often Europe vs. South America, could have been also North America by the way.

    Netherlands are currently underrated by the ranking, because it counts many years and they improved considerably the last year in their performance. So it is okay, that they are qualified, but that neither Turkey nor Germany are, isn't. Asia fits interestingly despite the complicated qualification process with different steps, so Thailand was just behind (South Korea) as fourth Asian team. NORCECA is questionable, because even with the weak performance displayed by Dominican Republic, they were better in early qualification process than Puerto Rico, so only the number is okay. South America was an easy prey for Argentina especially because Brazil are hosts, but this national team is just one place behind the first eleven.