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    Sounds like true, it was weird to me, the few ones she didn't even try to dig. The block free player tactic is often nowadays, Boskovic doing that so good for example, but when you have short OH's and tall long hand opposite on the other side, you can't rely on that tactic, not that tips are close behind the block only but also almost on the right line usualy.

    Anyway this was the first Potsdam CL match (at least in the near future), so considered that and overall quality of both teams, this wasn't horrible at all. Good luck to them in furture competition.

    Don't forget Potsdam will face best women's club team of the last decade or so: VakifBank. They never played this category of opponent before and will face Egonu there too.

    Potsdam is doing better in 3rd set, but they simply can't handle tall and powerful players like Ebrar because this species doesn't exist in German league, here tall players aren't powerful and powerful players aren't tall :gone:

    Yes, they have no experience with true international "killers" like Egonu, Haak or Boskovic yet.

    For Borken and Stralsund. Stralsund also wants to get out in the first division. I remember a report before the duel between the two teams where it was reported. I can try to look up the report. Because it applies to both of them, I thought that it applies to the other two as well. But I'm not sure about Hamburg and Dingolfing. But last season there was talk of several teams considering promotion to the first division.

    Remember that VBL has introduced this new league especially to ease things up for going to first league by attending second league pro first, to lower the steps of promotion from one big to two smaller steps. Otherwise they would not have done it. But we will see in February how things turn out.

    IMHO opinion you are completely wrong with the assumption, that the four teams which only opted for second league pro consider going directly to first league. This can be at best valid for Borken, which wanted to attend first league next season, the three others might stay in second amateur leagues instead. Even Borken is more likely to take the smaller, but easier step to second league pro now, since it is possible, which was not possible after end of the last season.

    I think it would be an huge fault to admit Vilsbiburg II or any other second team of the first league teams to the second league pro, because it is usually not possible in team sports to get that close to the first (professional) team in first league. There is usually one league in between.

    Nobody, but they will play with their starting 6, Novara will probably be mess with a new forced lineup

    Yes, Potsdam is a pretty good team like last season, at the moment even a little better than Stuttgart (I guess this will change during the season).

    Today the competition starts really - with the pool stage. Three matches today, the remaining 7 tomorrow - today the host teams are always the favorites, i.e. Fenerbahce against total underdog La Laguna, Rzeszow against Mulhouse (not that one sided) and Novara against Potsdam, it will be interesting to see, how much resistance the latter, CL newbie team and league leader in Germany can exert.

    They need top beat Zeleznicar first :heart:

    But this odds dont have a point, they will add few more teams from CL later, right?

    Zeleznicar has no chance at all against Schwerin - Serbian league is rather weak, lacking foreigners and all decent to well Serbian players playing abroad.

    Remember Kohns lack of experience against strong teams especially, I think this was one reason, she received MVP award, because of the rather difficult situation for her.

    I guess, Aachen is not allowed to host the cup semi in it's not rule confirming hall and they have to switch to Düren or elsewhere again? Not that they would have any chance against Potsdam under any circumstances...

    Short information regarding the new Germany wide second league pro since next season 2023/2024: they will have minimum numbers for German players per team and the same clean court (only volleyball lines) requirement as the first league. It will start with 10 to 12, at most 14 teams (including two junior teams with special admission).

    Yes, one of the 23 Bezirke (hard to translate) of Stuttgart, a small one, has also the name Muenster.