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    Moscow is qualified too, they needed only 2 set to qualify. Same rules of european cups.

    So far I know last season this was a classical best-of-three series with both better team home matches shortly one after another, if necessary. So I missed the change (and one liveticker I used didn't flag it accordingly, by the way).

    Now three of four teams for the semis are determined: Kazan and Kaliningrad made it yesterday, Uralochka again only in the tie-break, but Moscow lost at home (!) in tie-break against Proton Saratov and has to play now second home match against them for the decision.

    And Potsdam stunned Schwerin in the tie-break. This opens chances for Stuttgart to grab the league round victory in the very last moment in Schwerin, supposed, that Schwerin wins with three points against Suhl at home on Wednesday.

    Germany is such a rich country and hosted a lot of european qualifiers, but their teams still decrease their budgets... Dresden was soo much stronger a couple of seasons ago.

    We are increasing the budgets, at least Stuttgart, Schwerin and even Dresden, and also a number of other teams. But the costs are increasing at least in the same pace, so it is still difficult for our German clubs, which don't get the adequate financial support in a pure soccer, but no general teamsports country like Germany.

    A short background for Stuttgart, where I know it well:

    when deciding for the first time to take part in CL in 2016, team Europe was founded to get a little more money for that adventure. With only 1.2 million Euro total budget this campaign ended with 200.000 Euro additional debt.

    The following two years CEV allowed Stuttgart to decline CL participation for financial reasons, it would have been only increased the debt even more - 2019 they didn't allow it anymore and our biggest sponsors and team Europe could afford just enough money, to finance this really for the first time, thanks to quarterfinal participation it was even a small plus at the end.

    2020 season saw a couple of issues not seen one year ago: setter problems (expensive), also OH injury (Thompson, also expensive) and even more expensive hiring of OH Simone Lee in this year (essentially some of us paid the club additional money to enable it).

    Now a really expensive switch of return match venue combined with bankruptcy of a not too small sponsor, when accepting
    it, the debt would have been even higher after this season (not sure how it figures now, but I fear, not very good). The German league checks always financial situation of its clubs, so we would have a big issue by accepting even more debt, by the way.

    This is the sad reality. So this decision was right, despite it might have caused tears by some players of Stuttgart - this is no nice way to bail out of this competition of course. Losing fairly again to Conegliano was their desire...

    Generally speaking, every German clubs eligible to play CL is seriously checking every time, if they can afford the financial burden for it every year.

    Sad decision for Stuttgart but I agree it's the one that makes more sense... Since Conegliano doesn't want to play in Germany again,their other options would be to come up with money they don't have or play in Italy and risk quarantine and they probably know neither is worth risking to probably end up being swept anyway.In my opinion it "hurts" both teams' names for different reasons,not just Stuttgart.

    I think, that Conegliano (and likely the other six teams in the quarters too) can't imagine, how poor our Allianz MTV Stuttgart team really is compared to the others in the quarters.

    The press release from Stuttgart only states that Conegliano didn't accept the proposal of playing another match in Stuttgart, they don't elaborate it any further...

    Okay, that is a little of the kind waving the white flag by Stuttgart, of course, this is realistic, but not satisfying in sports.

    First of all, regardless of venue and audience I'm convinced, that Conegliano would win the second leg against Stuttgart also 3:0. What's a pity is, that our players can't exercise again with this high end opponent to learn something. Indeed, we are by far the most poor team in the quarters and can't afford extra costs like this for now. Remember, that all other teams in the quarters have budgets at least four times of us (estimated, some of them have even much more than that, up to seven times, I guess)...

    Stuttgart's sporting director Renkema told SWR tv that their return match will "definitely" not be played in Italy. It could be played in Stuttgart (without spectators) or in a neutral venue. The problem is apparently that Germany's main sports association DOSB requests players that travel to risk areas to be quarantined for 14 days so the team could not play Bundesliga afterwards. Apparently CEV has accepted this reason.

    Maribor (Slovenia) and Innsbruck (Austria) are possible venues.

    Therefore the semis are:

    THY vs. Dresden (Turkish team is clear-cut favourite)

    Olympiacos Piraeus vs. Béziers (Olympiacos is favourite I guess)

    No surprise in quotes for the two quarterfinal matches today and tomorrow: VakifBank is clear-cut favourite in Moscow, even a little more one-sided is the value for Conegliano in Stuttgart. It's a realistic view, I think...

    Schwerin has a big advantage against Stuttgart: if they lose no point before the decider in their hall, Stuttgart can't overtake them even if winning with three points there against Schwerin.