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    It's quite funny to read that Conegliano region is high risk and Stuttgart(Germany) is not... considering the strong economic relations Germany has with China and the huge increase of "flu cases" all over Germany in the last weeks...

    We have currently just 15 infected people in the whole state of Baden-Württemberg, and none in state capital Stuttgart. Infected persons in nearby counties of Göppingen and Tübingen are isolated, their potential infection chains are known. So our institutions think, it is not too dangerous for now - opposed to state NRW (Nordrhine Westfalia), were the epidemic went out of control meanwhile like in northern Italy. This may affect even the two German clubs of Aachen and Münster for example, today a fire station of professional fire fighters in Köln had to be close due to infections for example.

    wow I read your posts here but I didn't know it was this serious, heard on the news 120 people got infected in Northern Italy.

    Stay safe Italian users :(

    Lombardia became truely high risk region, which will cause considerable economic damage, I guess, because this is the engine of Italys economy... (not for nothing most women's volleyball teams of A1 are located there). For example the scala in Milano is closed.

    One of the presidents of Imoco Volley said "Tickets have been bought, the transfer procedures have started and we move on".

    "We had no problems either with Stuttgart, which has always been available both for organizing the calendaring and for everything else, but also with the Cev, which has observed the evolution of the situation without worries"

    Yes, our team was not sure, but from our side of Stuttgart there is no issue so far. The only sad drawback is, that our fans in Stuttgart (me too) will not travel to Villorba for the return match because it is declared as high risk region now, even if they would not play without crowd.

    Today some decisions took place: after the only surprise, the three set defeat of Dresden at home against Münster and all favourites in the other matches winning with three points, all playoff teams and the others are now known, the current order is:

    1. Schwerin

    2. Stuttgart

    3. Potsdam

    4. Vislbiburg

    5. Dresden

    6. Aachen

    7. Straubing

    8. Münster

    Not qualified but without risk of being relegated because at most one team would add with wild card to the current only 11 teams are Wiesbaden, Erfurt and Suhl.

    This is a little off-topic, but comparison to the worst kind of Ebola with mortality rates of about 40% of infected persons is not yet possible. They have indeed to go to the whole cycle of illness, before you can seriously calculate mortality rate. And it seems to depend from climate/weather too, despite this is also to be confirmed.

    Serious hall issues in Aachen:…all-aachen-halle-100.html

    In short: the roof is not okay, water can intrude; many unpaid helpers have to work to make the hall usable for every match, and the city of Aachen will not allow usage any longer, it is too defective. The new hall planned to built will take still many years, they will play with extra costs in nearby remote hall of Düren (men's team, will share them) meanwhile, and the city will pay for these additional costs for the time being. It is considered as existential threat, despite the league didn't required them yet to leave this old and too small hall...

    From recent news I see on TV, I doubt Italian league will ever resume. I think they'll cancel it, which would be very sad.

    But only this very season, what is bad enough, the pandemic will be over and next season coming. The matter is more the European Cups, playing only on the road there?

    Now Busto Arsizio faces the Corona Virus event shutdown issue - if they can carry out home match against Kazan in Pala Yamamay has to be clarified.

    Wiesbaden lost in Erfurt with no points (Erfurt won 3:1) and is now completely screwed - they have no realistic option anymore for the playoffs, just four matches before end of the league round. They will be very disappointed with this very poor season result.

    Now Stuttgart won in three sets in Aachens not rule-conforming hall, reduced the advantage of Schwerin by one point - but regarding winning the league round it was very important for Schwerin to win in any way against Dresden today, otherwise the strongest on the road team Stuttgart would have been a big threat in Schwerin in the return match of the both rivals.

    Surprise, surprise: Proton lost at home in tie-break after leading 2:1 in sets against underdog Odintsovo, and straightforwardly Moscow used this to overtake them in the very last moment possible in the table to take fourth place in the table :rolll:.

    Conegliano, Vakifbank, Novara and Eczacibasi are playing the second game's at home...

    This is good for both Novara and ECZ.

    But clear fave for Super Finals are Conegliano and Vakifbank without doubt.

    I will be at superfinals in Berlin and eager to see the battle between favourite Conegliano and always dangerous four time CL champions VakifBank.

    Yes, Dresden continues like in the cup final against Stuttgart: playing smoothly well team volleyball, so you have to play well and constant to beat them, but Schwerin is a mess today so far, lost already a point at least - they have issues both in reception and service, typical sign of fatigue.