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    Oh God Matthias. First you say Brazil will win it easily, then you say that Brazil hasn't arrived, thenyou say that's it for Serbia. The match can go to any of the two teams. Brazil is supposed to be "better", but Serbia is playing very nice.

    PS: I'm not complaining, I'm just finding it funny. I'm like you, but more passionate lol :dance6:

    Predictions are difficult, because they refer to the future, you know... :lol:

    So, basically a home game for Stuttgart on a day when they have a holiday and Brandenburg/Potsdam doesn't and it's difficult for the Potsdam fans to get there.

    How convenient... :lol:

    I guess, that Berlin also applied with one big hall at least, what would have been a big advantage for Potsdam...

    I guess Gryka declined.

    Thank God almost all the matches of Canada pool are in the middle of European nights, so I don't have to watch any of this :gone: To think that Alex Waibl applied to be NT coach and really wanted it and DVV refused because they introduced the club-coach-can't-be-NT-coach rule is really painful now :aww:

    But Dresden was as Stuttgart demanding the seperation of NT and club coaches...


    I have to admit that i watched quite a bit of German Men's Bundesliga during last season (maybe even more than any other league). It might not be the highest elite level of play but i really enjoyed their livestreams on Twitch. I often thought how nice it would be to have the same concept for other leagues (as someone who stubbornly resists paid subscriptions).:)


    Overall the level of men's league is nowhere near of that of women's league meanwhile in Germany. But let's close this off-topic now.

    Is there any chatter about the coach? I understand he has a reputation, but it seems to me he's not motivating the players. They appear ... I don't know how to describe it ... disconnected? The team used to have some vibes, which translates to defense. That's missing now. Maybe it was just this match of today, tho

    Remember, that this is the first time Heynen is coaching a women's team - maybe most German players need more guidance? That Ortmann, Weitzel and Alsmeier score the most may have also to do with them needing the least of it from the head coach?

    A (final?) remark regarding German team: this is really adequate to the general bad state of volleyball in Germany, with a total incapable national federation, featuring only one strong part: the first womens league (VBL), which is using many foreigners, which may mislead in this regard, and the men's team of Berlin. Everything else you can forget for now.

    Guessing, which teams have the best chance to reach the challenge round against the CL teams eliminated from pool stage, but not the worst from there:

    First quarter: hard to tell, I think Pays d'Aix VENELLES and maybe Olympiacos PIRAEUS (?) can make it.

    Second quarter: Volero ZÜRICH and maybe Budowlani LODZ can make it.

    Third quarter: Scandicci is the most likely to proceed, if they defeat Galatasaray in first round.

    Fourth quarter: THY and Busto are the main competitors.

    Just guessing, of course...

    Azerbaijan teams won't play CL qualification this year.

    After withdrew of their champion - Absheron, Azerrail Baku decided to play Challenge Cup.

    I am surprised, that this small league still exists, it is no more displayed on international tickers like a number of years ago...

    To be honest for Germany this the worst performance in a long time at VNL and it can easily get worse - it is not out of the world, that Bulgaria wins against DomRep, and Germany will lose against Serbia, therefore they can get down easily to position 14 or the third last. Even falling behind Netherlands seems not impossible. That Germany is a core team currently feels like a joke. :sos::what: