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    Third team in semis is Neuchatel/SUI, which eliminated Jedinstvo Stara Pazova/SRB in the Golden Set with 15-13 (at home). Big achievement for the best Swiss team of the last years, after eliminating the even stronger Dresdner SC/Germany one round earlier (but somewhat lucky regarding circumstances than).

    Paris is second semi final participant after Grot Lodz, won the ticket by going to 2:1 in sets at home against Vasas Budapest.

    Final is now Novara against Nantes, the latter finished the coup against Nilüfer, Novara confirmed the favorite role by taking the required two sets with the third after 1:1 in sets in Wiesbaden/GER.

    Another injured outside hitter in Schwerin... ;(

    Newspaper "Schweriner Volkszeitung" writes today: Laura Emonts out for the rest of the season

    In the decisive phase of the season, however, Schwerin will have to replace another player in addition to the long-term injuries. Outside attacker Laura Emonts is no longer available to the team for health reasons, but will continue to support her team off the court, according to a press release from the club.

    Transfer period has ended a week ago. There will be no new (professional) players for any team now until the end of the season.

    In Germany the most popular women sport is probably football and there is a very strong league with the world's top players. There are also a strong league in handball. It seems to me that women's volleyball is outside the top 3 popular sports in Germany and in Italy, for example, it`s in first place (football is surprisingly much less popular than its men's version).

    In Women's teamsport volleyball is still number one regarding spectators in the halls. Football was pushed somewhat in the last time, but the players are paid less well and the view in the stadions is very poor, you see hardly any viewers at location in most cases. Handball is as irrelevant as basketball in Germany regarding women's league, there are some standouts playing well, but a strong league like in Volleyball doesn't exist in any other teamsport in Germany for women.

    Wiesbaden seems to have illusions regarding their chances against Novara - I guess they lack experience against Italian top teams. They will be grounded pretty quickly today IMHO.

    Nantes is number 1 in french league who lost only one game so far whereas nilüfer is only 8th place in sultanlar ligi and they can easily end up 10th in a week since Çukurova and Aydın is just behind them. What do you conclude by comparing apples and pears?🤦 And as volleySrb mentioned already, the hypocrisy is you forget that Chieri who is 5th in Serie a, barely won 13-15 in tiebreaker set against Volero who is 7th in French league. And why the hell didnt you conclude anything bad from this for serie a?:roll::aww: you have serious problems with turkey but couldn't still figure out where this butthurt comes from

    Volero Le Cannet can be pretty dangerous on good days by the way.

    Finally only Stuttgart and Schwerin are now fighting for the main round win, with Stuttgart having the chance to secure it with a three point win in Schwerin or a Tie-Break Victory there and a closing win in any way against Potsdam at the last match day of the main round.

    Dresden has to defend third place now against Potsdam, all four are already in the upper 5 teams pool of the intermediate round.

    Suhl could at best get to fourth place, but Wiesbaden has a small chance to grab their fifth place still: Wiesbaden will be anyway otherwise the best set team in the lower 4 teams pool in intermediate round.

    That post of her agency doesn't necessarily mean she's leaving Suhl, but if she really does, why do people even sign contracts nowadays? :aww: I really don't like this development that both players and clubs cancel contracts that often throughout the season, I think it didn't occur this often in the past as in the last few years...

    Maybe she didn't feel well in Thuringia as a black woman? Just guessing.

    Rivers once again wins it for Stuttgart. But Dresden did surprisingly well!

    This was intention by Waibl, because this never before playing group was nothing Stuttgart could prepare for specially by video analysis. This surprise team could exploit this way winning the second set, also using a weak streak of Stuttgart in the closing phase than.

    And maybe caused too by injuries of players of Dresden they lost surprisingly at home against Neuchatel from Switzerland in four sets the second match and are out with Neuchatel proceeding to the quarters instead against Jedinstvo Stara Pazova from Serbia now.


    Imoco 🇮🇹 - Vakifbank 🇹🇷/Rzeszów 🇵🇱

    Scandicci 🇮🇹 - Eczacibasi 🇹🇷/Prometey 🇺🇦

    Vero Volley 🇮🇹 - ŁKS 🇵🇱

    Fenerbahce 🇹🇷 - Stuttgart 🇩🇪/Potsdam 🇩🇪

    A little strange but with the advantage, that German VBL earns this way another valuable (ranking) quarter final participation is the pure German playoff pairing, knowing, that the winner wll be eliminated without any doubt by Fenerbahce there.

    With closing of CL pool phase the quarters (formerly called challenge round) are now largely clear:

    Budowlani Lodz/POL vs Béziers/FRA

    Jedinstvo Stara Pazova/SRB vs Dresden/GER (more likely as Neuchatel/SUI)

    Volero Le Cannet/FRA vs Chieri/ITA (more likely as Chemik Police/POL)

    Vasas Budapest/HUN vs Paris/FRA

    And Stuttgart played with the least used players to rest the others in a selection, which is not very well fine tuned... (only advantage: not so stressed) even calculating in, that Neuwied isn't used to play in such loud conditions (with that number of spectators it's the loudest hall in the league on the court), because they hadn't anything to lose, it was really an effortless appearance by Neuwied.

    It would also be nice if the VBL intervened at some point. Or do we want to have the same conditions as in football? Then we will soon have some police officers present at volleyball

    You should be aware, that Suhl is a center of facism in Germany. So that comes as no surprise regarding this...