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    To be honest, Olympiacos Piraeus is the only team from Greece I really respect and for good reason. They won this competition already several times in the past years... they are on another level than the other teams of the Greek league.

    Dresden concentrated and focused everything to the German national cup, they are now again down the way in performance, I think.

    I think, I am right, that Novara will meet Moscow in the quarters and that there are just three possible outcomes for the draw for the three others?

    1. Conegliano vs. Stuttgart, VakifBank vs. Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    2. Conegliano vs. Fenerbahce, VakifBank vs. Stuttgart, Eczacibasi vs. Scandicci

    3. Conegliano vs. Scandicci, VakifBank vs. Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi vs. Stuttgart

    Disappointing TV numbers: despite Stuttgart with great assistance of Dresden of course created once more a big drama (the men's final was a one-sided joke and not for nothing the first match) there were less viewers on TV on Sports1 free TV at best time of the day, i.e. less than 230,000, as in three soccer shows in the morning on the same channel. This illustrates once more the issue of relevance and interest in both sports in comparison, not to mention the financial side.

    No isn't it. Women Sport (especially Team Sport) are not really popular in Germany.

    The only big Think (men and women) out of Men football is Wintersport (Biathlon, Ski Alpine )

    The very high valued coach Vital Heynen even complained, that Germany is no sports country at all. Aside from men's soccer everything is not easy to get financed...

    Haha you are funny

    No big Deal ?? I would like to read you task if Stuttgart won this !! It’s very bad for stuttgart to loose this !! All the interviews show a big problem between officials in the club and the players

    From an economic viewpoint it is most important to be there in Mannheim to play, and five sets give enough time for the sponsors (especially Allianz) to show up. This may sound very hard and economical centered (not generally my view), but is also part of the truth - the show must go on. Of course it is a pity to lose this way, but I think it should be not exaggerated.

    This was an affair in the heads, no doubt. Dresden worked better as unit and was better prepared for this match, Stuttgart with only very little options to change players (Thompson and Kästner injured, Lee not eligible to play). But this is really bad matchplay by Stuttgart in sets 4 and 5, which they had to win, but Dresden managed to play without any pressure indeed, fully exploiting weaknesses of Stuttgart in the finishing part of the both last sets.

    In the end this is not that important, so 6th cup win for Dresden instead fourth of Stuttgart, no big deal, Stuttgart has to win also for the league (CEV points) on Tuesday in CL. Van Gestel is too tired at times I think, despite she is giving it all, it is difficult especially for her nearly without any pause. Lazic was not that bad I think, in fact nearly the same quota in attack as Rivers (which comes as slight surprise, optically the difference seemed bigger to me. - The pure statistics suggest, Stuttgart should have won (virtually all numbers were in favour of them), confirming also it was a matter of the heads.

    For Waibl this is a very great win: he should stay as coach in Dresden now, everybody knows, that Dresden can't win the championship this year.

    Kaliningrad won in three close sets against Ekaterinburg and defended the lead of the league, Kazan inherited now finally second place before Uralochka this way. Saratov and Moscow are too far behind indeed, to play a major role for the first three (potentially CL qualifying, but wait for the playoffs) positions.

    Tomorrow, 16:30, live on Sport1: the Cup final Stuttgart vs Dresden :cup:

    I think Stuttgart is the favourite, but I have a feeling that Dresden could achieve a surprise. Rivers is not at 100% obviously, and there is no real backup for Lazic/Van Gestel, so if Dresden manage to play a solid game and exploit Stuttgart's weak points, things can get very interesting.

    Of course I will be there together with at least 1.500 other Stuttgart fans, who will be the biggest club supporter group of all four teams in the both finals.

    Brankica will have to undergo surgery and will be out for at least two months, possibly three. :(

    And the worst thing is that it is was a total freak injury - a teammate accidentally kicked her hand as she was diving for a ball in training.…za-do-tri-meseca?lang=lat

    This is the overall remaining risk in this sports: physical contacts with teammates are among the biggest risks...

    Suhl is now used to lose every time, it is for sure also a matter of mindset.

    Theoretically speaking, the winner of the toughest quarterfinal Kazan vs. Busto Arsizio should win this competition, both took this trophy already in the past (once Kazan and even three times Busto Arsizio). Practically it is not that sure, Schwerin and Police could be both a real threat this time for them.

    From a Stuttgart point of view we would prefer either Conegliano or Eczacibasi, because we played already once against VakifBank in CL, and it doesn't matter otherwise, which of these superior clubs (reminder: they have roundabout 5 to 8 times the budget than us) shatters us in the quarters... if Rivers can play again, this will be not necessarily that one sided, as many here expect, but it is still hopeless.