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    Interesting matches in the quarterfinals.

    Considering how the teams have performed for now Schwerin, Stuttgart, Potsdam and Aachen should make it.

    But it will be interesting to see how Suhl will do against Stuttgart.

    Stuttgart won (too) easily the league match against Suhl, managing to keep them out of the match all the time. I don't expect it being so easy again, but still Stuttgart to win. Erfurt has good chances against Aachen IMHO, Aachen is playing really bad so far most of the time.

    Boring first round so far at German DVV Cup (as expected), the first five matches all ended in three sets for the favorite team, Dresden in Oythe (2. North), Stuttgart at home against Neuwied, Potsdam in Vilsbiburg, Erfurt at home against Straubing and Suhl at home against Münster. Let's wait for the quarterfinals draw, because last three matches are second league teams hosting first league teams...

    As expected, Vasas BUDAPEST repeated the over all easy win in three sets against that Spanish underdog team and joined pool A with Conegliano, Rzeszow and Mulhouse as underdog.

    The last match/pool berth will be decided between Calcit KAMNIK (favorite) and that club from Teneriffe and join the Fenerbahce-Stuttgart-Lodz pool.

    Today 17.00 CET Wiesbaden-Stuttgart: (free with registration)

    Will be interesting to see how Stuttgart will bounce back from their Supercup performance...

    It's a bit a Potsdam-connected curse for Stuttgart (aside from being Potsdam by far the best team in the league together with Stuttgart): losing nearly always at home against them, from the last 5 home matches now 4, but always winning abroad there (the last three). So I think after seeing the dominating performance against Suhl I am convinced, Stuttgart will win clearly today in Wiesbaden.

    Right move by the way by Potsdams very good head coach Hernandez, who was head for a number of years some years ago in Stuttgart: after the match in Dresden he let Hester Jasper start instead of her landswomen Fleur Savelkoel, the former player of Stuttgart had a great day in this supercup too.

    As expected also by the betting quotes La Laguna was at home without any chance against Vasas Budapest, a clear three set result, therefore Vasas should now get to the pool stage easily.

    Most of Stuttgart spectators stayed after the match was finished and we applauded for a nearly flawless performance by Potsdam - I am sorry, that Stuttgart had such a bad day, not really putting up a fight - not well done for the spectators. Indeed the core issues of Stuttgart were a shaky receiption, lack of pressure in service and a Simone Lee, who had her worst day in a long time...

    New visitor record is immanent: in Stuttgart s Porsche hall on Tuesday more than 6.000 tickets are sold, more as ever for any women VBL event (record at same place also by Allianz MTV Stuttgart is still 5.400, a playoff match against Dresden, for Supercup events so far 5.800 from 2017).

    Who have more money there? Who is richest club? Why someone go from champion team to Dresden?

    Stuttgart has now the highest budget in the league and Potsdam may now have passed Dresden and Schwerin in this regard too. Berger has a chance for more playing time in Dresden as she had in Stuttgart.

    Stuttgart is expecting an audience of 5.500 next week at the supercup, Porsche-Arena will be almost sold out. Ticket sales have already exceeded Stuttgart's previous record attendance of 5.392 (a playoff match vs Dresden in 2016).

    A huge achievement in my opinion considering it's just the supercup.

    Ladies club volleyball has grown a lot in the last decade, or so, in Stuttgart - I remember vividly, when only a few 100 visitors came to a DVV cup match against Dresden in the first first league season 2008/2009 in a small hall (SCHARRena is available and used since 2011).

    Therefore the qualification semis are Red Star Belgrade against Calcit and Vasas against La Laguna, I consider the latter, Spanish team from Tenerife the weakest one and expect the other three to proceed to the pool stage.

    Vasa's BUDAPEST won also the return match easily against that Belgian GENT Dames.

    The only turnaround was Calcit KAMNIK : they won 3:0 the return match after 3:0 in the first match for Mladost ZAGREB and also the Golden Set at home 15:10.