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    No never, they had a perfect connection but nesli also less picky about sets compared to Boskovic. Nesli can score even with less precise sets with great tips or block outs. Gosh I miss watching her!:rose:

    :rolll::rolll::rolll: The way this sparked another outroar 😂☠️

    He is shady and but like it's a pretty regular opinion at the end of the day. Some of you guys need to accept there will always be someone critical of ... well anything and get over yourselves as I said before. If this person is so bothersome just block them. He is just not gonna compliment some Serbian players it isn't rocket science anymore lol, Madden always takes the bait as well.

    Serdar just doesn't need to like any player to contribute to the threads, even if they were objectively the best, he is entitled to his own opinion and say they are the worst to him.

    I'm totally ok with others responding to it and debating, but some people here really get depressed/anxious from some forum interactions lol so it's advice for them, block them/ignore them its not hard.

    Dude. You sidr with terrorist Hamas?

    the group that can calculate the number of casualty by Israel but aren't sure who among their hostages are still alive?

    Israel isn't terrorist? The civilian death toll in Gaza says otherwise and that it's heading towards genocide. I personally side with those civillians. And not with any apartheid states, Israel and their state policies are now similar to Nazi Germany or old South Africa, obviously not acceptable.

    Hamas was last elected in 2006 and since elections haven't been allowed because of Israel. Though it was not such a clear victory for them, it was 50-50 with FATAH which ideologically seems pretty good to me. Let's not act like this is just about Israel vs Hamas, there isn't even many soldier losses, it's all heavily Palestinian civillians.

    It's clear to me we are heading for another World War if we are not already in one. If it is a nuclear war humanity is doomed. Still people haven't learned anything, it baffles me how primitive the human species is, it's still us vs them tactics working pretty well everywhere.

    Gaslighting, missing the point of the subject, putting words in people’s mouth, failing to realise the point…

    I might as wel stop opening those posts from blocked users once for all..

    Like you talking about Boskovic against me when I said Mihajlovic and Meliha. You have some level of self-awareness at least. Now you continue about gaslighting and changing the narrative just as you did in your post above. There is absolutely no one here that said Vargas isn't naturalized, neither is it the convo, yet you are blabbering on about it because it's the only thing you can actually stand some ground on. The projecting is strong on this one. :rolll:

    Maybe next time stop being so defensive and have the self-awareness to also critique your own ideas and how your way of thinking naturally will naturally bring across unnecessary topics about the situations in Bosnia and Serbia and the past war. Meliha and Brankica are simply similar situations, until FIVB starts taking DNA or genetic purity or cultural continuation (:rolll:) into account they are also the same case as players like Vargas. So we can all continue considering every case naturalization that is indeed recognized as such. This is all everyone is saying. Jack is just someone that married to a Turkish person and not someone the federation bought for Turkish NT, saying that is quite disrespectful is what the narrative here was and ofc some users also trolled you because of the disrespect but to me then it is only deserved :wavy:

    Whether someone wants to move to a country for some genetic/racial mission or because they fell in love with the culture or because they had a good career opportunity, the fact remains, whatever is officially considered naturalization by the FIVB/CEV is on paper the same: naturalization. However moving abroad is not a crime, to make it less unfair there are official rules, simple. I don't get this endless discussion honestly. Nationality decides whoever plays in which team in most countries still and not race, hope you can understand this. Even if they do not belong to the dominant ethnic group.

    Are you really this stupid? What the f does Ottoman imperialistic past has to do with someon’s ethnic background???

    This subject for the tenth time..

    Tijana’s and Brankica’s cases are are identical to Neriman who is ethnic Turk but born in Bulgaria, and ofc if she wants to represent Turkey there is no problem with that.. Stop gaslighting people into believing that their case is in any way similar to Meliha, Alexia and Vargas who are NATURALIZED, NOT TURKISH, BOUGHT if you will… all for the sake of succeding in achieving trophies and not representing your country or your people.

    You still don't get it, it seems you are so brainwashed at home that simple concepts seem like some crazy idea to you. Learn the difference between ethnicity and nationality first, in sports we select people by nationality not race or ethnicity :white: (the fact I have to say this) Many national teams all over the world consist of players that are not part of the dominant ethnic group in a country, I have family representing Turkey for womens football and handball team for example yet we're not really Turkic/Turkish. Same things happens all around the world, Germany, France, Italy. Is Egonu less worthy of representing of Italy because she isn't Italian racially? I'm sorry for you the rest of the world has moved away from the concept of genetic purity, we go by nationality, any case considered naturalization by international volleybal regulations is naturalization. No one cares to see a DNA test. I didn't say Meliha is not naturalization, but I said it's the same case as Serbian naturalized players, and yes she would be considered Turkish in Ottoman times, but I am not living in this fantasy so I accept her as naturalized and her ethnic identity and her origin and her nationality and I invited you to accept the simple fact the same logic follows for people born outside of Serbia. I am not trying to be political or saying how they should feel culturally or ethnically, in fact self-determination is a human right imo, but there are such rules for a reason as I said. I don't know about Neriman's case and if it is considered naturalization, I think she came too early for it to be considered as such but if she was similar case as Meliha and Brankica, yes I would include her as well. Get over yourselves and your fascist ideas already.

    Good point but Turkish top teams already increased limit to 4 foreigners by buying players passports ( caratasu, jack, Vargas).

    So only one who losing here are middle and bottom teams.

    Jack? Buying passports. How stupid are you 😂

    Matthias nice for you to like-fish again on a subject you want to show your bias in as always, but this is the conversation starter and comparing cases like Vargas/Antropova to someone getting the citizenship by marrying their partner from the specific nation (even unrelated to volleyball) is less logical than enabling Serbia's foreign politics in Bosnia post-Srebrenica. I don't want to get too political, in my opinion if they want to belong to Serbia it's even their right, however when Turkey scouts someone from past Ottoman area, it's either buying players or naturalization (ie Meliha, she would've been considered "Turkish" at the time) but when Serbia does it it's different 😂 Some might be ethnic Serbians but all these cases remain naturalization on paper for a reason. Whether y'all wanna be delusional or not and that's that.

    The Italian clubs will certainly have a greater link with the large Italian sports agencies: this seems obvious to me...

    But I believe the reason is another and I say this at the risk of being misunderstood...

    I believe that in general Italy as a country is much more attractive than Turkey.

    Both are one of the most visited countries, yes overall Italy is probably the most known country in general so it will be slightly more attractive bcs of 'Orientalism' purposes esp. for NA countries, but overall that's not the reason.

    It is more about the terrible management of the league and clubs by TVF, they acted like they were exempt from critique because of their good results so I'm glad this season happened. Other than that I agree with denzz Def Italy has the better connections and pushed more, I mean I'm still shook the CEV, the regional federation literally streams Italian League in their own paid subscription, that's a huge investment in that specific league.

    Turkish league is considered a richer league than Italian league so it is normal for the salaries to be pushed a bit, to push volleyballs limits was kinda the point of the league, we see similar things in Russia and East Asia. A case can be made against Russia but I'm sure most people will love to live in Japan/Korea, especially if it's the people that are already somewhat 'uncultured' (as we assumed) and go by popularity or feel, Japan will probably sound very good to a typical person.

    A big issue for me is the monopolies in the league caused by the big clubs, they have a lot of influence on TVF's choices as well I mean VB even is a sponsor of the league! Top clubs are actively sabotaging bottom level clubs at times. We need teams like THY that don't shy away from a budget that challenge the top clubs, though it's hard now to combat them since the big clubs also have youth divisions to pull talents from. The nepotism is strong as well but also the top clubs actually sabotage their own players as well to keep them from improving other teams, they are really doubled edged swords. Other big corps like Ilbank and Karayollari even have decent youth factions but they don't mean to challenge the big clubs, they just mean to sell players and make profit off of the volleyball divisions, but their approach slows down a bit the pace of the league. The biggest problem is for teams with smaller sponsors and regional/municipality clubs and let's face it, they would be able to get a lot of talent and push the top teams quite a lot when it comes to pushing the league, think Nilufer, Kuzeyboru, Muratpasa (who were indeed not having any of VB completely disrespecting them and their transfers) etc. These are the teams we cherish, hope to see more teams from places like Izmir, Antalya, smaller cities and cities in the North/Central/East with time but the current climate makes it difficult at times.

    I am very much aware that, you are trying to provoke me, making me to compare with your lovely profile picture Tuğba who was subbed with 4 points but I will not. Yes İlkin scored 15 points (36%) and as of now, she has 431 points, already 2nd best of all times, broke Hande's record of 2019 (419 points) and currently on top of Hande who scored 230 points so far.

    In addition İlkin has better Reception figures by 54% while Hande has 49% and better Attack performance by 43% while Hande 41% across the whole season and you stuck on one match only. Even with these figures, I say all the time that, who ever deserves and fits Santa's expectations, strategy and tactics will be in starting 6 or contribute at high level but still you come here with some funny arguments, like some others.

    You really made my day:D. Happy Bayram.


    Ecza didnt play good and it was close, that my only hope for Saturday

    I feel like they were literally holding onto any chance they have though :D;( They were fighting even though they made mistakes and it wasn't enough, I fear it might simply be because FB is the better overall team... :| Esp. with Ana C. and Arina together and when they can receive ok, it is just too much, they side-out so easily.