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    Beyza Arici looks amazing!!! I would love to see her steal Kubra's spot not even gonna lie :D I also agree that she could be a leader in the future of Turkey, she is a great person all-around.

    Sude Hacımustafaoğlu, Dalia Wilson, Damla Tokman are some of the names I will really be curious of performance-wise.

    I don't know much about the other teams but this Turkish team should again at least do decent I think. Better prognosis I can do after the first matches of the teams.

    Official presentation of Bianka Buša in Fenerbahce in their jersey.

    She looks gorgeous.

    she also gave an interview btw, here is the translation:

    ‘’This has been the best oppurtunity of my carreer’’

    "After many years abroad, my dream was to play in Turkey. I thought that Fenerbahce would be the best opportunity for me and it was the best club to play a role in my development. Fenerbahçe is a club with a tradition of success and of course has very good players. I am very happy to be here. Coach Terzic has also had a big impact in me being able to arrive. I always thought the best opportunity for me was Fenerbahçe. ”

    Here we will improve ourselves and become more ready for the Olympic Games

    “I think this year is the year when the most Serbian players played here. 7 players are here. I am happy to be here in the best part of the world, both for myself and for my friends. I'm sorry we couldn't play the Olympics. But health is paramount. I'm super glad so many Serbian players can play here in Turkey. I believe that by improving ourselves here, we will be ready for the future Olympic games. ”

    During the coronavirus process, I continued my work at home with the instructions of our conditioner.

    “It was a very difficult process. It was especially challenging for volleyball players. Because we haven't been able to train together for months. Of course, I continued my work at home with the instructions of our trainers. This in reality is not enough though, but at least I think I have done the best work I can do from home. We will come back to our best step by step, improving ourselves by working hard. The best thing I could do in the coronavirus process was to stay at home. I spent time with my family. ”

    I am happy to be a part of this family

    “I love Turkish volleyball. This league was one of the leagues I dreamed of playing. Many names around the world are in this league. I am also happy to be a part of this family. Let's hope everything will turn out as we dream. Health comes first. Let's have as much trophies as we can earn in a healthy way. ”

    Many of our fans continue showing their great support

    “I want to thank our fans. They should know that I will do the best of my abilities on the field. Let them continue their amazing support. Let's hope we get through this process and continue our matches with them in the hall.''

    She was very genuine to be honest and seems like she'd be one of those players that is a true team-player. Any team is lucky to have players with such a mindset imo, it always pays off, sometimes even more so then world-class players with...let's say attitude.

    Mikaela Foecke doesn't want to come to Italy next season, despite having a valid contract with Il Bisonte Firenze of 1 more year.

    She just communicated her decision to the club, which is now in troubles as there are not many good OHs available in the market.…n-vuole-venire-in-italia/

    not to diminish her feelings but:

    covid-19 cases yesterday:

    USA: 65594

    Italy: 114


    But I guess it's more about not wanting to play with other girls, wanting to do social distancing etc.

    Wanting to stay at home, such things.

    Still though...

    Because you are pushing it, you named players that can play for BiH that have 0 connections with it and simply can't. Idk what your agenda is but you can stop trying it each time with either specifically Serbian or Turkish NT. You named literally players that don't have any connection at all with BiH and said they can play for it im dead :D Who says those Croatian, Turkish, Serbian etc. players would be where they are with the Bosnian fed. anyway, bcs they would not.

    Same energy pls on Russian NT for example or from Italian NT maybe!! Like I can name maybe 7 players from Italian main NT players too, but I leave it for you to post in their thread ;)) Idc as much myself, you are from wherever you are born anyway, and you represent whoever you want, this is not 1832, everyone is mixed.

    No crovolley try trolling another time, these players cannot play in a country they have no connection with bcs of 1 parent or even bcs of 1 great grandfather.

    A lot and I mean, a lot of people have some kind of balkan roots in Turkey, my grandpa was from Macedonia it doesn't mean I can live there now or that I want to :gone: Turkish people are Eurasian and their Eur side comes mostly from the Balkans, if anything that is what makes these players Turkish but I'm not surprised with your ignorance.

    Once again, there is no way these players could play for Bosnia lol, minus Meliha ofc.

    Zehra and Ebrar are not Bosnian lmao Eda Erdem has a Bosniak-Turkish father. I think Zehra has 1 bosnian Grandfather also born in Turkey dsfhdfshj how does that make her eligible for Bosnia am dead.

    Why don't you come back with Cansu Ozbay and Meryem Boz too having 5% Greek dna or something sdhdfsj so being eligible for it.

    It is Turkey, one of the most diverse countries in the world in a single region if not the most, those differences, the melting pot don't set us apart it makes Turkey, Turkey actually.

    So Beşiktaş joining the league after all. It makes sense after hiring Suphi Doganci as head coach. I believe they won't play with their young players. I think they will make some transfer. Maybe some loaning from other teams? I heard some rumors about Dalia Wilson and Pelin Eroktay. They might join Besiktas. And there is not many players left anyway. I guess Melike Yılmaz left Galatasaray. She might go there?

    I don't know if BEVI paid to TVF for participating. 15th was last day for it but we don't know yet.

    So far we know that 15 teams definitely will play in Sultans league.…p?cid=08&id=43191&topic=2


    Aslıhan Kılıç(S) to Aydın. Their starting six will look like this: Aslıhan-Meryem Boz-Janset Erkul-Rachael Adams-Vasilantonaki-Maret Balkestein-Pinar. Looks pretty good to me.

    I thought they'd go for Gamze but tbh considering her last seasons I'm happy they did not lol

    I hope to see her as MB, she looked really fit for it from the vids I have seen.

    My personal ideal line-up would here be:

    Arelya Karasoy - D. Boskovic (Matea Ikic as rOpp -Gorrel)

    Annie Mitchem - Hümay Topaloglu (Ikic-Gorrel)

    Torri Gorrel - Sabriye Gönülkirmaz (Çepni)

    Dilek Kinik

    They have quite a wide roster here for sure with so many different ways to play, this can both be an advantage and disadvantage depending on them. It wil definitely be interesting to see what this team can do.

    So many volleyball players posting about the horrible police brutality that happens way too often all around the world but got recognition finally of course with the beyond disturbing case of George Floyd.

    This picture of Cuttino, with that caption though🔥 How powerful. She is a full on goddess!


    TBH i dont know what people think about Lana Scuka on this forum and how they descirbe her in the past, so i dont know what the first sentence from this part mean exactly, but IMO she is just average and sometimes even worse than that, i follow her since her starts in Slovenian league (truly in first season in which i watch her she was very good, actually i think that she was MVP of that season), but after that her season in Italy and again in Slovenia, she simply drowned, she had a potential but now she have 24 and she is IMO worse than she was with 19,20 years. Last season in Pomi she was bad, she wasn't starter but when she have a chance don't show anything special. She is better receiver than spiker but even in receiving she isn't stable. I don't like this transfer, they could enlist some young, "unestablished" talented player.

    I agree I can see that, personally I did like her in GEN-I, there is just a big lack of 'defensive' OHs everywhere but I agree on picking some unestablished player instead. I guess they will rely mostly on Alexia and Derya for offense.