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    Eczacıbaşı needs to change so many things, again. They should start with Ferhat.

    The thing is once again I'm now convinced there are just issues with Eczacıbaşı straight from the root of the entire club. There are times when we blame Hande (and she genuinely does do bad) other times it's the setters, the middles and even Boskovic was called not good enough many times. I think it's time to question why the last couple seasons at least everyone plays so mediocre when coming to this club in general? Even the coaches... Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Eczacıbaşı but some things are clearly not being managed well, when they keep flopping and even flopping to get to the top 3 in the league let alone winning it as their budget suggests there are more than a few issues imo

    All Turkish youth teams are succesfull, almost always. And then it doesn't often transfer to senior NTs and the entire blame for that is the clubs in my eyes. I know since this is a small community of Turkish VB fans it might seem like the Turks are overly supportive of their local players but imo the opposite is more of a reality, Turkish players get criticized incredibly harshly in my experience, and much more so then the foreigners. It's true that Turkish fans from top clubs can be toxic to players not known as stars though like Lazareva got a bit this year but it's one of the highest you can get level wise, the pressure is always gonna be there. And that same negative energy towards locals is also more in the clubs tbh which drain all confidence of these talented players over time... I get that Ipar with her current performance won't win big matches but as others mentioned, she can play a bit at least against weaker teams at least or loan her out if you have 0 trust in her. You shouldn't have players in your team as cheerleaders, everyone should have a role.

    Btw I'm sorry but I really feel bad for these players because often they don't even have a choice on their careers at all, that's how the Dalia Wilson incident happened where she literally fled the country :sleeping: because she felt she was being limited as a player thanks to the clubs, she might not have been right on the position thing, but I can totally see how she could get frustrated with how we know things go in TVF.

    Btw this is not a post against Bogdan, I love the Serbian players and would love to see even more of them in the future in Turkey. They are generally adapting faster than any other cultures and are always hard-working and very talented, adding quality to the league.

    I do also dislike Terzic and SB though, i don't even think such communities are benefitting anyone in the greater picture besides individuals within them honestly.

    I would like some big differences on the root of TVF, but can't see it happening any time soon.

    I agree with y'all. Selin is no Eda or Zehra but definitely not worse than their other options atm. Fulden otoh is a good player in general and if anything was the one mistreated so far by being benched for a much much worse Ikic. Honestly reminding of that it sounds like they had some personal issues with those players rather than professional issues and used a moment of disagreement to kick them out. And that Instagram post is annoying and very unprofessional. I'm also curious to see if the players respond.

    I don't know Egonu's transfer news is true but I get that vibe from her today. And she cried after MVP announcement. BTW Egonu will be very welcomed in Vakif.

    I got the vibes from Haak that she might leave as well from an interview I saw. She avoided responding to questions regarding her future in VB and said she likes to take the year as is for now 🤔

    Why do you say that? What did Naz say exactly about Eda and Guidetti?

    I don't think Naz made a statement of her own. (I might be wrong and maybe missed it)

    But her father liked this tweet


    Eczacibaşi wants to have Kübra Akman:sos:…it-kubra-akmanin-pesinde/

    Not a surprise honestly. I think this is for next season, not now

    I'm mesmerized at Guidetti's ability to sabotage all these players' careers with mind games and wasting their times. Exactly what happened to Gizem all over again and I knew this would happen to Kübra as soon as she 'made up' with Gio after they had beef during NT season. She was already dead in VB regardless, they made up so he can have her completely lose form 1 season on the bench before she realizes she actually won't get any time anymore and has to leave... Literally deja vu lmao.

    I agree it's a good move but should've happened last year.

    I see Turisk teams lost how many?! 13

    -15 teams against Italian clubs in one and half season.
    And win 3 times, and that was only Vakifbank.

    I didn't see any Turisk teams at all, interesting that Italian teams seem to win more matches than the total CL matches against this imaginary country :cheesy: Do Italy and Turisk lay in another continent? Are we talking about the same tournaments :sos: I think they might indeed be the best last 10 years in the dimension you live at sis

    Crying every time Erdogan makes a speech about the Lira it loses value against USD/EUR. It seems every time Crovolley makes a statement about the Turkish economy TRY regains some value vs USD/EUR otoh, there is a pattern.


    (TRY gaining rapidly after Crovolley's statement just then :rolll:) shade the economy some more sis come one, we need it