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    Honestly they seemed fine this tournament but out of these 4, somehow I get the feeling the Netherlands will face most problems at Wch... Maybe Robin can be the missing piece to the Dutch puzzle, that's what I'm hoping for atm.

    For me the biggest surprise is actually not Lohuis but Koolhaas! Her serve is crazy, she aces everyone to death and imo she is the 3rd best attacker and maybe even the 2nd best blocker in the Dutch team (MBs). Lohuis has developed greatly as well but I'm not sure if she is ready for top level, she is a bit easy to block out of system and her own blocking is not on highest level either although I do like her and think she should continue improving like this.

    For me the 3 Dutch MBs ares till de Kruijf, Belien and closely nowadays followed by Koolhaas.

    What is going on with Turkey? today before the Netherlands the turkey played as U18 team. none played well in this tournament. yellow signal on?

    I bet Gio is trying to not show his real teams power, you know somethings up when even Eda Erdem is playing bad ;) Also we mostly played with a younger squad and had very random subs. It was just for the youngsters to gain experience and the others to investigate the other teams more I think

    I feel sorry (again...) for Turkey's young players. In 1st set Guidetti takes a time-out after losing just one side-out just in order to shout at Zehra for a blocking mistake and in 2nd set he takes her off after a few rallies. Later he takes off Saliha as well and also gives her quite a lecture as she walks off :thumbdown:

    Way to destroy their confidence :!:

    I know right I like him as a coach but that yell at 1st set f.e. made them lose the set in the blink of an eye after that... Need anger management and he needs to take Ebrar with him

    Why Gio played first two sets with Tugba and Hande worst reception line duo ever XD like how would that seem like a good idea.

    Set 3 was epic Turkey won it 29-31.

    Paola Egonu is jesus atm

    She is Sarah Luisa Fahr, she plays in Club Italia. She won the U18 WC last year with Pietrini, Lubian ecc. She is 17 if I'm not mistaken.

    Yeah I just saw her name exactly as you posted this :D Fahr, she seems tall and could be promising and at age 17, I guess all my attention went to Pietrini and Lubian that tournament and there was another black girl I vaguely remember, but might be that there is a sort of golden generation case here, ofcourse way too early to tell atm

    Is there a live stream for Netherlands-Italy?

    Ziggo Sport for the next 2 Dutch games, so paid broadcaster sadly I don't think they have any streams

    {so Italy vs. Turkey will also be streamed at the facebook page while NED-ITA and NED-RUS will both be streamed on Ziggo Sport with a commentator}

    This team needs a leader (not a screamer) Next to Eda, only leader character is Hande and Simge. One of these should be on court no matter what, otherwise the team looks lost after a few consecutive mistakes

    Very true, just realized how much I missed Simge here, tbh I expect Aylin could cut Gizem here until Wch. It seems the starting 6 is locked already but the bench need to be best possible.

    So many service errors from Turkey.

    I think Turkey did very well btw today playing with many new possible B team members 3-1 is a good result vs the Dutch. Netherlands plays much better with Plak!

    I think Tugba needs some time, she is better then Saliha to me in all aspects. She is a big power hitter and I like that. We will see and realize more in Montreux I think about the final cuts. Cansu Aydinogullari though, what the hell she was doing extremely bad, now that Gamze is bad (I meant Gamze is gone) I think our biggest weakness might be in (2nd) setter as there is simply no one good enough to sub Cansu Ozbay... Well I hope Cansu A steps up later on

    Italy looked very solid to me indeed, all players played a decent game imo and there is still 2 months for Wch as Diesse said. Russia was everything opposite of that, very shaky but they also got 2 more months ofc and they have some veterans rejoining who need some time.