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    THY's Ipek Soroğlu retired :flower::(

    She played in teams like VakifBank, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, Bursa BBSK, Çanakkale Bld. throughout her carreer.

    Maybe she wasn't the most promising player from her generation but she improved so much last couple years and became really reliable. I really liked her as MB, wish her good life from now on!

    a Turkish NT should never never never never NEVER NEVER EVER have a local coach and ESPECIALLY not in these times where all it takes to be succesfull is sometimes to kiss the presidents ass and ESPECIALLY never someone like Nedim.

    This is already a flopped project. All that needed to be said... I thought Turkish male NT was promising and could be great in the future however now I expect them to beat maybe teams like Georgia only.

    Turkish male NT is like Croatian or Bulgarian female NT atm to me.

    12-11 out of nowhere but it mean't nothing in the end.

    So close yet obviously so far away

    Story of Scandicci this play-off. One could tell that in the long run Novara would win, even in the match they lost. Still it was entertaining overall with lots of drama. We need some good rescheduling next season, these players will soon have to go to NT too...

    The crowd made "boo" to Chirichella and she's crying, poor girl! Novara's fans are rude

    Ofc I missed that part (getting a drink)

    But why the hell they're booing their own player...

    I mean we can all agree that Chirichella is one of the most overrated Italian players, maybe ever... And that she but especially the NT coach (captian as well for god's sake :sos:) and club coaches all need a reality check but booing your own player? :down::what: really?

    One time Plak was useful this season, congrats to her I guess. But she is not just inconsistent anymore, she was way better few years ago and when she was first introduced to NT and she was inconsistent and young yes. Now she is just a ghost 99% of the time. From a day off to a day on ---> 2019 1 day on 364 days off


    'Plak literally likes everything Egonu posts, there is more to their relationship I think :))'

    'I think she and Carlini are more close after Skorupa or Plak and Carlini'

    They even have a local Crovolley (XD just kidding ofc) but they only talk of Arighetti...:rolll::rolll:

    And I am just 2 pages in, I thought this forum could be bad :P They gossip everything and nothing to death there and have some fights too lol not to mention they think everyone is in love with everyone I'm actually dead :'D

    Adenizia had 1 kill in 5 sets :gone: I really don't want to offend her fans but I don't get why Savino renewed with her honestly

    Both Adenizia and Bia from Brasil are overrated to me and they were starters in NT for quite some time. There is much much better Brazillian players even then them so that I'd not even pick them for 'my' NT so I don't understand why she is the one Savino chooses...

    Overall it was one of the worst matches of top teams I saw in Seria A this season. But I blame Barbollini (How to kill your own team: basic) for that completely. At least Scandicci has more to work with now and upcoming matches can surely be interesting as well.

    Zhu is rumored to leave, same goes for Rasic but still their main problem is setter.

    Same goes to Eczacibasi, both outplayed by Italian teams because setter weren’t on high level.

    And We can agree about Fener and Gala, they need better setters.

    Fener will have Naz. Other teams do have a setter problem indeed, Cansu needs someone to back her up thats at least decent.