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    There are people defending crovolley :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    Imagine writing something to a user like:

    'You brought corona/ebola/polio/whatever virus or ilness to my country.'

    And being mad about it is just about us being overly pc... LMAO

    Meatballs I see you. You and I have a lot of things we agree and sometimes disagree about. I like that we always end it as civil as possible.

    on the c word.

    I posted something like 'These are the measures Turkey will take to prevent from becoming like Italy and Spain'

    His next two posts were about the numbers rising quickly that day in Turkey and he quoted my words 'I hope it still won't be like Italy and Spain' and did the same thing the next day and the other day...again. I'm not an idiot, he is not coming from a good place, it is not the first time with him. He offended the Serbian users as well. I don't see a point in giving him a 2nd(999th) chance tbh.

    What I blamed Matthias for is not that he doesn't ban everyone, but that he did not accept our help for a while and responded very selfishly and refused to hear everyone and anyone, his posts looked very King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud imo. A rules section is needed to have a guideline, that is not about defining racism, sexism etc.

    About the Indonesian user: I am someone that can self-reflect unlike some people here and won't try to talk up all my mistakes, I should have received a warning there. I am very anti-religion still but I was completely inconsiderate and rude that day. I don't remember if that was 1/2 years ago or something but my vision changed a bit since then, I also visited Lebanon and Israel/Palestine which contributed a lot.

    It seems just funny to me that people trying to find an excuse for a troll. He knows very well what he is doing and does it intentionally. That is it.

    I said loud and clear a few times that this forum lacked of a decent, dedicated, neutral admin. After saying Matthias should leave his admin responsibilities but stay as an active user because that was not the problem, I was attacked by his friends, called some nasty names, was asked to leave because I wasn’t happy with their friend’s work. Wasn’t it our democratic right to express our opinion? Or were those jokes as well but my interpretation was bad intended?

    I was going to say this but forgot!

    Seeing these posts was the whole reason I even came back to the forum! That was some ugly bullying there and now we can see that it wasn't just you feeling that way anyway but maybe even a majority... :gone:

    This match and whole tournament is why I put Lonneke on my all-time favorites team :heart: Also obviously her reign in VakifBank.

    There is many great opposites, some of them probably even more explosive than Sloëtjes but none as great as a team-player and that's a fact in my eyes. Lonneke is just kinda the player that will complete your team.

    Watching these highlights show how much some of them regressed over time : ( I think Daalderop is the one that has to energize them again and be a future leader or even Bongaerts,

    You are provocative as me.

    How is that we had peac for 2 weeks without you and QueenPiccci ?

    That is not okej either.

    except you had no peace and were involved in drama again as soon as you spoke.

    you are trying to be as manipulative as Erdogan ironically :rolll:

    And no you should just be banned.

    Actually I don't want to intervene, but at this point I have to because what you say is simply not fair.

    Anybody would have understood that this post "accusing" you of bringing corona to his city was a joke. Whether a good or a bad one is up to one's humour, but in this context I support the term "snowflake".

    And show me where he "rooted" for numbers growing in Turkey. This is your interpretation, nothing else.


    Just like you hoped Ebrar gets her face full force smashed being a joke. the Japanese being 'ugly' a joke etc. You do have great humour god. I'm not surprised though as ignorance seems to be ok for you as long as we go back to the good old times. As Bogdan said I don't mind being called a snowflake either when it means I don't accept bs of people. I'd rather be called a snowflake than ignorant anyway.

    It was not my interpretation but A LOT of peoples' interpretation if you actually maybe were a bit more connected you'd know and see from the likes and posts there. He even kept quoting my words like 1 post earlier, so bye :wavy: Good that you decided to keep the Serbian situation out of your post also.

    Can't wait for new mods and a much better community here.

    You can have your own opinion about who is the best setter and OPP. But you cannot accuse other user wrongly for consider you as a troll because you never glory Ognjenovic and Boskovic.

    Any forum ban usually a troll. If you like to stay in this forum to express your opinions, I don't think you should GAF.

    It's even past being a troll with him, he is always trying to be manipulative like this when in fact it's not just Turkish or Serbian users and its definitely not about volleyball anymore either, basically all users like the Brazillians or Chinese but also INCLUDING Italian users dislike him at this point.

    He is being very disrespectful as well and crossing boundaries, heck he said I brought the Coronavirus to his city randomly after they reported a person that went to Turkey brought it there. He was literally rooting for the numbers to rise in Turkey which imo is just gross, also bragging how his country is being so much better than Serbia in handling and how they have much less deaths... Like that is something to brag about. Totally 0 moral values at all with this one. This is only recently, he has a long past like this but this time everyone is definitely over it, he can say whatever he wants now but I doubt that'd change anything.

    I'm not talking specifically about crovolley. There are many users were accused by some snowflakes because they had different opinions. You're in this forum way long enough too understand what I mean.

    True, I've actually been called a troll as well many times only...well only because I'm active and post a lot. :lol: being invested and posting my opinion on all forum issues made me a drama-lover.

    I'm just saying, I trust people like Sisko to remain unbiased, he has been from the start and still critical.

    Well for me a snowflake is someone too sensitive to tolerate or to accept different perspective from other user and attacking the same user with ad hominem instead of attacking the idea of this user with facts and logic. If you find better word than snowflake to define this type of person, let us know.

    All I'm saying is in this case basically the majority of the active members of the forum that posted about the crovolley thing agreed on it crossing boundaries, including many users that defended him or were indifferent about him earlier like Sisko and Sitenoise. Are we all just snowflakes? :gone: See that's why I don't like using that word to excuse bad behaviour. Obviously no hate to you at all, I just don't think we should act like there has been no problem aside from the 'snowflakes' when in fact there has been to a lot of users so that should be valid. I think having proper rules will make it easier for all of us so I hope that's one of the first things our new admins/mods can set up.

    I cringe everytime someone just randomly throws the word snowflake out there to excuse bad behaviour. Most include it with 'oh I wish we could go back to those times when...'

    Yes to those times when people didn't call each other out for their bullshit and ignorance, no thanks. That's my 50 cents.

    Turkey tested almost 40K people in one day yesterday.

    More than 20K are tested positive now. Scientists from the medical school of Istanbul University say no matter what they do now it's going to be like Italy and Spain most probably. They blame the government for not buying tests quicker and said damage prevention is much more effective than damage control what they are doing now.

    Turkey closed borders with affected countries pretty quickly actually and shut down planes to and from Italy quick, however they also used this entire 'Turkey has no cases' thing to attract worldwide tourists as long as possible, even spend millions on ads so they could profit... Well... it is not rocket science that they could still bring the virus to the country except to the Turkish government.

    source for numbers: CNN

    Also it's being told though that the majority of the world is not honest with numbers, you will get a small number if you only test 500-1K ppl a day obviously which is what most do. Many countries death rate is much higher as well as people not tested, that end up losing their lifes are NOT reported as COVID-19 deaths!

    Interesting to see Yeliz Başa looking better than ever! She apparently won 2018-2019 Thai League and I know Thai league isn't known as the best league in the world but it's definitely not a bad one either! She played with and against some golden Thai players as well, Nootsara and Malika were for example in her team, sad I missed out on watching. 30 points in the final.

    She apparently also played in the Indonesian league earlier that season.

    Anyone knows if she played at all in season 2019/2020?

    I used to watch so many series but no time for it now, I like my shows with crazy psychotic and dominant female leads :mirror: I shortlisted y'alls mexican ones though bcs I saw the guys XD so pls recommend me new ones so I'm back again.

    Speaking of Turkish shows... Most Turkish series are grandma shows nowadays...

    But I liked Muhteşem Yüzyil (Magnificent Century) which is iconic and shows like Binbir Gece and definitely Aşkı Memnu :rose: bcs Beren Saat!! She will forever be my icon and role model: marrying a super rich guy and sneakily messing with his hot nephew...goals.

    Bihter :love:

    I used to totally be that bitch making fan vids like this 5-6 yrs ago lmao

    Idk I like starting threads though :D

    You should be awarded mod powers again btw after all this. I mean it's only fair, you already are supposed to be one.

    great thread, it did took a lot of us for you to do this but I'm happy with growth.

    José thanks <3 but I'm not interested

    I like all names so far from Sisko and José.

    I would add sitenoise and Phil to that and Sisko himself. There is lots of possible users I'm sure I'm forgetting half of them right now