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    “I have so much love for @fbvoleybol and hope to see you soon” were her words so it confused me. Anyway, I really wish her the best and hope to see her in Europe if not Fener or another Turkish club.

    I still think Eczacibasi will have another more balanced foreign OH for next season. Or maybe they just think Hande-Jordan-Fatma-Saliha will do.

    i remember mihajlovic said the same thing and came back after years 8o

    Kelsey thanked Fenerbahce and said hope to see you soon. I don’t know if it means anything. Fatma said “I am going to miss you “ and Kelsey replied “When you visit me in the States, I will have all the goodies waiting for you”

    At first I thought she might stay but what she told Fatma is confusing as they both would have been in Istanbul, even though for different clubs, If Kelsey was staying.

    to me it seems she wants to stay but idk if Fener has got the budget

    in my opinion the best young setter in the turkish league that year was buket gulubay. it is very fast and blocks well. I really wanted to watch it on VNL.

    sorry, but i can never trust cagla akin.

    Welcome back on the forum, long time no see! I also think Buket is underrated btw and ofc Buse Ünal.

    Bummer. Started before Covid. That means Derya is a free agent? Goggles? The sexy setters. That wonderful young Romanian whose name escapes me? Alexia?

    idk what their budget is without AG, maybe they'll get a new sponsor but in these times I think that's not a likely case.

    Buket and Derya are not free agents btw, they're VB property, it all depends on their management.

    Vakifbank's assistant coach Dehri, who was Yesilyurt's coach last season is moving to Nilufer now.

    Yesilyurt's main sponsor went to bankruptcy, I will be surprised if they can afford to make a fine team after all. It would be nice if TVF set a minimum budget limit to participate in VVSL this season, so we could get rid of Beylikduzu, Besiktas and some others.

    bye bye AtlasGlobal I guess…upt-and-stops-operations/

    I expected her to sign for a better team honestly. Maybe THY.

    She is someone that wants to play full time. Next to Seyma Ercan, Kingdon and Santana it would have been tough for her I guess.

    Let's see who Kuzeyboru SC will sign to their team. Ngl I'm also a bit surprised she chose them. KSC seems to not be scared to invest a little though so who knows. Dajana and/or Matea Ikic might want to look elsewhere again.

    but WCCH 2018 and 2019 is when Ebrar did prove she's got it, she saved VB from Praia in an insane way iirc and was taking so much responsibility with Conegliano:call: iirc he benched her right after her great performance vs Praia...

    Ebrar might be a character that's a handful to work with Idk about that but I agree that Gio is not been entirely fair with her for some reason.

    Is Hatice a common name? In Brazil, when we have a common first name sometimes we prefer to be called by our second one.. It's nice to see similarities in other cultures ^^

    Yea it's very common, I think it's also a bit old-school or cliché as a name. Gizem might be even more common XD at least today, but it's more modern, more 'cool' if that makes sense.

    I know that is common to use first names with Turkish players.. So why we call Hatice Gizem Orge, Gizem, and not Hatice?

    She prefers her 2nd name Gizem and uses that one in her day to day life. Turkish volleyball players indeed usually put their first names instead of surnames but I don't think it matters when you have a 2nd name.

    btw the 'I don't wanna be an OH thing' is only a rumour and afaik a false one also, I have never seen any proof of it... I do remember her saying she wants to help the team in every way she can and wants to improve herself in every aspect of volleyball as much as she can.

    Which would actually even be contradicting with the claims people make.