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    btw the contrast between Turkish posts in Stysiaks IG vs Smarzeks IG :rolll: comedy gold

    The crazy people in IG are there probably bcs as I said it entered #1 in twitter and with that the mainstream and the toxic masculine hooligans that we see often in football, tennis, basketball and every sport all around the world have entered. It is also really about perspective and how you look at things really a lot of times. I wish we lived in a world where we could complete ignore things as ethnicity, color, sexuality etc. but we have a way too long road ahead of us for that.

    That's exactly what I meant. Why Turkey bashers pick Turkey's weakest position and compare it with other teams' best positions while they refuse to compare other positions. I think Turkish middles, Naz and Simge are not worse than what most other teams in OGs have in those positions.

    Turkey has potential (before people go on saying I said Turkey will win gold) to do well depending also on the upcoming months as you said. Naz-Cansu and Zehra-Eda are definitely Olympic level players. I mean Meryem's 36 pts were not something many players would have done either esp. at these tense moments even Egonu or Boskovic might have made the error at one of these mps (Haak 100% :rolll:), what's even better is that we have Ebrar which can perfectly take over when she has Germany matches. Naz-Cansu also are perfectly complementing each other. A lot of Turkey's performances will depend imo on how the OHs will perform the rest of the season.

    My Bff is actually Croatian and she told many times how it's very common for people in the Balkans (outside of Turkey ofc) to be raised with Turkish hate, whether it's from school, family, news etc. but it is a reality. I mean it's normal, Ottomans invaded their countries at the time but yea. The indoctrination was there.

    I'm not sure how real that is still in 2019, but it is for example why I love Serbian users here who are SO mature and intelligent. They clearly decide to judge each person individually anyways and recognize also the things that bring us together instead after living together for centuries.

    I'm not judging or assuming on Crovolley but this is naturally why many people in the Balkans just feel prejudice consciously or unconsciously whenever Turkey comes up.

    Ok thats that.

    Why be a xenophobic? As someone who was unfairly purged and had to flee from the current regime in Turkey, I can say that these girls did nothing wrong. They are chill, hard-working and friendly. My heart still beats for them.

    If you think they're devils you got serious issues. Let's spread fair play and love on this platform. People like you and crovolley , who vehemently supports any team against Turkey or Turkish teams, act like total disgraces here

    <3 can't wait to kick the dicks out of our country. Stay save.

    Many people don't understand. I don't even root for Turkey in a lot of branches outside volleyball. These girls are truly legends. Them being not scared to voice their opinions on our current regime, From Meryem Boz yelling 'Yasha Mustafa Kemal Pasha' in Erdogan's very neighbourhood to Ebrar being an open dyke xd <3 Strong independent women (and men) have been missed in this country where people have been oppressed to the worst ends the last decade. Everyone is super scared to be judged but not these girls. For many people here it is just a match with their NT, for Turkey it was... hope, inspiration. 200k tweets and nr1 trending on twitter confirm that.

    Let's leave that and Turkey aside and their bias against women and their homophobia. There is countries with muslim majorities worldwide like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan where women aren't even allowed to wear what they want (watching Iranian womens NT is heartbreaking) and are literally seen beneath men, many there have looked at the Turkish NT and said to themselves: wow Turkey is a muslim majority. If these girls can achieve this, I can achieve this. The Turkish NT is watched well in some of these countries.

    So yes I'm a bit biased and very emotional about our NT but I hope I made people understand where that's coming from. I'm not saying they're Ghandi xD but they are truly revolutionary and powerful women who deserve respect.

    No one bet that South Korea and Dominican Republic would make such a great competition in London, but there they were, playing against the big guns, fair and square... It doesn't exist a thing called favouritism in Olympic Games

    I'm REALLY hoping DR can do that once more or more (and I feel they can) :cheesy::love: obviously I'm rooting for Turkey but the Dominicanas really stole my heart as well

    Sis Sokolova and Gamova aren't coming back from the dead to play.

    I agree that Turkey is a big underdog but all she said was nothing is 100% and I think everyone can and should agree on that.

    I can only laugh when I see about "guarantees" and "definitelys" and such when it's only freaking January! USA went to two Olympics being the favorite and still didn't win. China finished 4th at their pool and are the reigning Olympic Champions. A week ago we were imagining a final like Turkey-Ned or Poland-Ned and it ended up being Turkey-Ger.Turkey went from favorite to nearly missing the Olympics to qualifying for it. Winning an Olympic medal can drive even underdogs to do unthinkable things...Much more when the "underdogs" are teams like Brazil,Russia or Turkey....

    100% agree. Sure there are favorites but this is sports and these are the damn Olympics, nothing is given to anyone. Let's just hope for some great volleyball :heart:

    I bet only Poland can beat Germany. If Turkey wins today Germany is 100% into OG.

    Any team right now can beat this Turkish team. Hande and Meliha is the worst OHs duo I have ever seen. Akoz is a great defender but a shaky receiver. And Giu is fucked up!

    TBH I can’t see this Belgium losing to Turkey

    How many of ya'll think Belgium can kick some Croatian and Turkish ass?


    I'm sorry but I do think I deserve my petty moment, and some of these are hilarious now :rolll:

    Angels are going home. Devils are crying because they are going to Tokyo.

    Are you out of your mind referring to these players in such ways? You don't even know these girls, a lot of them are doing so much great things for women in their country and even in the world, standing up against politicians when no one would, many women from oppressed countries look up to them and realise everything that's possible. For you to call them devils. Who tha f are you!