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    Ok good, thanks for arriving here in the chaos Sisko We do need your current no bs approach imo, it will be for the greater good of everyone. Being annoying regardless of ur stance or ethnicity is valid enough for me 😂 I'd rather be warned or if needed banned as well when I'm being too much tbh. Some order will do good here.

    So in light of truly moving on from the negative energy recently. I am making a predictions for next week of VNL and inviting everyone to share their predictions as well:

    USA 3-1 FRA

    GER 2-3 DOM

    ITA 3-1 CAN

    BUL 0-3 CHN

    NED 3-1 SRB

    TUR 3-2 THA

    KOR 3-1 JPN

    BRA 3-2 POL

    OK, I am genuinely creeped out by this user as well and hearing he did similar or worse things in a forum before is just ... :gone: When it comes to Matthias, this is totally karma, blaming everything on Turkish users and not listening to the concerns we had and finally getting the biggest stunt pulled towards him by the exact users we warned him about.

    I just wanna say if it means anything to Madden and maybe he is truly not ok, I have nothing against Serbia or something, I visited the country before and loved my experience. For all I care Serbia wins everything as well, for such a small country they are very organized at sports and better than us on average I'd say. I don't care much I just support teams because it's more fun that way and maybe I came across rude at times but genuinely only here to take part in the race not to win or beat others. Though he should cut this once and or all, ok you succeeded making Turkish users look bad but even still everyone agrees the way you act you are the shame of Serbia in this site as well, and you are American diaspora anyway so I don't associate Serbians with you moving on. Just leave us alone dude, I don't even know you.

    now the Turkish users are creating fake profiles with both our usernames to complain about more stuff. It’s okay. Eventually this forum will just become a Turkish national team server in every single thread. That’s what they all want anyway.


    Bro, at least hide your tracks better and don't be so obvious. It would have been smarter if you didn't make a fake account for your own name as well, but ofc you need to get attention as well so you had to. Why didn't you leave like you said? You were done I thought? So done that you were down pulling a final stunt it seems.

    :) Madden is officially Turkish and has multiple bodies if Turkish users made those fake Matthias accounts.

    after all of this, if only thing you can think of to stop the chaos is banning Turkish users and not doing anything about SPAMMING...yes, you are racist.

    The forum used to be filled with Brazillian users 10 years ago as well complaining about the bias and racism in this forum and he didn't do anything back then either, nowadays I barely see Brazillians anymore. It has always been an ongoing issue, there were some users going as far as making very unnecessary remarks about the looks of Japanese people as well and that wen't ignored as well for a long time. All he knows is to stir the pot and play the victim since most people will prefer to follow authority anyway. Whoever made those accounts with his name should be banned but I don't think it is a Turkish user. Madden should just come clean, nice final stunt before ''leaving'' the forum as he said.

    Creating a profile named "Mattiassmalldick" to get back to a person is an all-time low. It's petty and pathetic. As if having a big dick makes you a better person. If anything, this kind of moves just makes people less sympathetic to whatever cause their fighting for and it reflects badly on them. Matthias, you're one of the most valuable people here and despite the few people that hate you here, there are much more that appreciates your volleyball insights that you share here. Stay strong! :flower:

    Whoever did should get IP banned yea or not approved in the verification process in the first place. I didn't know we have proof who did it since you claim it was to get back at someone. You should out them so we all know who this petty person is, no one I spoke to does.

    Unfortunatelly this middle position you try to get will not solve anything, sorry denzz, but your compatriots are hilarious, we can't read about volleyball here for a while now, so here we are.

    Your compatriots are taking every chance to make a big drama out of it too though. I thought you were more fair than that.

    Any time I see a "Turkish" user be defensive or possibly in the wrong I see 4 Serbian users ganging up and backing whoevers making fun of the user and try to take the higher ground or dickriding authority.

    If a majority of people here were mature and fair there wouldn't be any fights here, the couple users being perceived as "different" would simply be tolerated as we did with many similar ones in the past. Instead now it's trendy to take 2-3 people and group them by ethnicity and say the only solution is cleansing the entire ethnicity (as said by the German moderator, since ethnic profiling is so normalized here)

    As partisan as his support may be, I don't see anything wrong with what Mete says per se and he is clearly a TR NT fan? Turkiye does seem very strong and a contender for everything and they did have a very strong summer last time and won a lot of international events. I remember when people said winning VNL doesn't make USA a gold contender in OG and guess what happened.

    This idea that they didn't win anything or the tournament's weren't the same or whatever, I fail to see the relevance tbh. You won if you won. They won recent international events. Nobody cares about the details 10 years from now.

    I think Bulgaria will end up last place.

    Elif completely took the starter spot from Cansu if she hadn't already... She is very stabile, Cansu looked lost when she entered court, I feel bad for her but she is really bad these past years. Cansu's dip the past few years is way more than Zehra too. 2018-2019 she was so good.