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    This is their roster for now.

    Curious to see their OPP performance. 2 young players that didn't play in Sultanlar Ligi before.

    Sude played in Beşiktaş but she was used as MB back then.

    The squad is not enough on paper. But it's quite young, so I hope Ilbank manages to bring at least 1-2 players like Yasemin Ozel and Yaprak Erkek out of this

    I just checked the Afghan roster and she's not there :wall::thumbdown: and I did some research, this is an attempt for damage control since it got so viral... RIP Hakimi, brave soul. She definitely passed away resisting Taliban.

    I'm surprised too, there were news reporting that Taliban executed some players of volleyball NT😔


    It was reported she was beheaded right after Taliban took over. Then it was said this was fake news by some, tomorrow is the first match for Afghanistan. I wonder if Hakimi will be in their team :white:that'd be massive. I hope so.:win:

    The Kılıç kits look pretty good, it has a really nice combination with the MB🔥

    I was gonna say I expected Buket to start but Aslıhan Kılıç started and she is doing really well surprisingly! Clean sets all around. I hope to see İdil and Yasemin Özel too

    I would keep Derya in the team. With her, this team can at least make some meaningful substitutions and change the game plan a bit. Meliha-Hande-Ilkin-Tugba are all similar players. I would keep 3 of them in squad and add Derya as 4th option. Other alternative is to kick one of the Ebrar-Meryem duo out and add Derya as OH/OPP in the squad. Some changes are clearly needed.

    I would also add Aycin, either as 4th MB or replace Beyza with her. Beyza and Bahar are clearly useless and he could not sub them in at all. Aycin is a scorer MB, she can be useful.

    While I agree with you in theory on Derya. Gio's system probably makes him dislike offensive OHs. I can't see Gio kick out Meryem, which should happen... Maybe Tuğba gets the boot, Derya is a VB player after all. But I'd prefer Saliha being removed or 5 OHs, I like her but looking at EczV squad this season, I don't have much hope investing in her and she is the weakest defensively out of the current 4 if to compensate for Derya. (Also mad at Yaprak for the same reason)

    Ayçin should be there 100%. I hope she slays ISG's

    GS would have a really strong squad if LYY makes her way there, I really hope it works out. They have good local players and Anthi. Only thing is didn't people say Anthi didn't want to play as Opp... Hopefully they don't have to wait until Chinese league ends because that wouldn't be very useful for GS, it's not like they play Champions league...

    Then it final Vakif either sweeps or maybe loses one game. Oh and they also win both cups and Champions League. Book it, pack it in and wrap it tight.

    Idk why this seems so secure to you considering it's not even what happened before and other teams got stronger. Yes VB is strong and I think stronger as well but that's on paper, they also kinda have too many names this season like Eczacıbaşı in 16/17 season it can sometimes get messy with rosters like that.

    Eczacı just has a very good squad. Sinead Jack-Kısal will be a local player now and there is no real OH issue on paper! Other than that everyone knows I'm paid to hype up Eczacıbaşı's squads no matter what they build.

    I also think FB will actually struggle early on in the season unless they manage to work Ana Christina in the roster. When Vargas arrives they will be scary as ever. There are also again interesting mid-tier teams and a few bad teams. Turkish league is objectively one of the best in the world of course we will always be excited to start watching it again 🤷‍♀️ Hoping for VB to be dethroned this time indeed as great as they are

    ZCN didn't play for a long time, maybe she feels like she is out of form btw. Last time China tried to force players that weren't in form that didn't end up very well :gone: if it's not the case I would love to see her too. The 2nd OH spot is just a burden right now without her or Zhu.


    So semis are August 14th and I think the games start around 8th/9th august. Can anyone send me a link for the match-ups if they can find so. I kinda want to follow the tournament to see Ayçin and the OHs.

    Btw not having Lila or Dilek even in this roster is a choice.

    Off-topic: Afghanistan taking part :white: interesting, but good to see.

    Hande is underrated? In what regard? :what:

    Besides the MBs there is no other reliable player really, it is what it is. She was key in every tournament Turkey did well in if you ask me and Turkey did pretty decent in many tournaments, others can see that differently of course. I can't expect Zhu Ting performances from her so I'm not worried about her overall, if there is anyone else capable of better I'd like to see it too, but I don't see anyone like that so far.

    Overall I'm excited for Wch but realistically I think we can just hope for the best without expectations. What I really hope is that we win Ayçin as an NT member and the OHs to be slightly more stabile as they often are throughout an NT season with Gio