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    This man took away from the attention of Kuzeyboru's great win too :read:(as it should because this is unacceptable)

    Get him fired asap. Never liked him personally, or people like Karpol, the current Serbian and the old Russian generation simply had epic squads, and they had good technical staff, federation and were understanding of basic coaching skills. I'll give them that, now imagine what could've happened if they were decent human beings.

    Honestly regardless of results, I don't think such toxicity achieves sh:!:t on it's own and love to see it being called out like never before, until the entire culture dies down in volleyball, or anywhere else.

    Abusive people are the lowest low, because they can't control their own emotion and their situation, they decide to take control over someone else's body or mind, such a violation should never be accepted. As many pointed out, if this is what he dares to do in front of the camera, we can only imagine what he has dared to do behind closed doors over the years...

    I will not miss Gio even if we start being a terrible team. He was not looking inspired anymore and was so negative and had issues with half of Turkish NT players. It's ok to accept the ending of an era without being dramatic about it imo. To everything comes an end. Just because someone else won't be better doesn't mean Gui leaving wasn't the right decision.

    Well I should clarify. I don't think there's anything wrong with dreaming or fantasizing about something. TVF is the second (?) richest federation itw... money can talk.

    I just dont agree with the thought that Ze or JLP wouldnt be passionate about coaching a foreign NT or they'd be worse than Ferhat for whatever reason... JLP literally coached the USA lol

    Sure, it 99% won't happen... but it doesnt mean someone cant dream or think about it... what are forums for if its not for 50% nonsense, 25% memes, and the occasional rational talk :lol::lol:

    It won't likely happen, JLP ofc is a great coach capable of coaching a team like Turkish NT to success however she is retired. She is a legend but calling someone back from retirement honestly sounds like a move with it's own flaws as is already and there are many more question marks before we even get there. Ze is amazing and in theory could do great with Turkiye as well but we can't ignore how much he has built on Brazil for the success that it has today, that's not gonna happen for Türkiye right now anyway.

    Both are only dreams and frankly, to me not the best options, for what Türkiye is working with in this moment. Just because someone is a GREAT doesn't mean they instantly match within every system esp. during this time.

    i know i cant possibly be reading some of yall wouldnt want Ze or JLP.... is it april first or something?


    The average Turkish fan is like Bogdan raising counter-arguments on everything.

    Good luck trying to please us.

    Honestly wild take but Ze would be worse for Turkish NT than Ferhat. Ze's passion for Brazilian volleyball and how much he is intertwined in the Brazilian world and the clubs is part of the reason for his success. I just don't see it even ever happening that he would leave Brazil for another country and would not even be sure if he thrives.

    With that said, I hope this is fake news, for me that's not a good sign, but a sign of desperation and not looking in the right places.

    I feel similar about Lang Ping as much as I love her, she has nothing to prove, why would she even be passionate about coaching Turkish NT and risking her reputation most importantly. If it was pre-Olympic era sure. But it isn't.

    l agree with everyone, what I do like about Ferhat is that he at least always tries new players on NT I guess. He isn't choosing conservatively and I doubt we'd have overused players for tournaments like VNL.

    People here said Mazzanti but I knew that's not happening, maybe Italy will get Guidetti though to force Egonu to return to NT indirectly.

    She's tall for Japanese setter :| Had some U-Squad experience and then spent a few years on NEC bench. Joined Kurobe this year. Haven't ever enjoyed her much. Doesn't seem like a 'thinking' setter ** also, terrible defender

    Kurobe's MBs started the season so well. Ineffective tonight :white:

    #12 has ditched her knee pads. This must be some coach therapy thing or something. It's out of control

    Ukishima was fun to watch for a Back-up player for a foreigner esp. The libero is indeed a highlight as well. The setter seems the main issue in the team to me as well, if to call something, she does get random kills for herself...