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    Next matches of Netherlands are Japan, Belgium, Dominican, Russia , US, Brazil, Belgium.

    They will have to give 200% for US Brazil and maybe Russia but the rest should be easy 12 points. And they already have 6 from first 2 matches + probably some from other matches. But no Serbia, China, Italy. I know you can never know for sure but on paper it looks like they will make it quite easily unless something crazy happens

    I cant say for sure who will all be in final round this Grand Prix. Only secure teams apart from China imo are Serbia and Netherlands since NED seems to have easiest opponents . This USA and Russia are much weaker then normal. I wont keep my hopes up but who knows even Dominican can go to final round its not like they re bad. I sure hope for a few surprises.

    Its very early I know but for me Serbia is already favourites for this Grand Prix. I mean my only concern was actually their connection with setters but both setters are doing quite well with the team. Such easy 3-0 vs Brasil is promising a lot since USA and Russia are not at their best either and even China struggles so far (without Zhu)

    My early guess is Serbia for WGP 2017 :thumbsup:

    Fetisova has improved so much in attack, almost like a complete different player now :white: Also Filishtinova is keeping Russia on track all the time, great setter!

    On Chinese side I dont like their libero at all, her reflexes are so slow and she struggles a lot in both passing and receiving...

    I dont think Gio prefers Cagla over Gamze, thats impossible. Gamze probably still has a minor injury which Meatballs had mentioned about earlier. I said I prefer any player over Cagla like Ezgi. Dicle has been better playing this season yes but Beyza is what I call a starter. Of course I can trust Gio partly because he trained more with these player and knows more but not all his choices are right ofc.

    Yes benching was not our only problem at all yesterday, but you responded saying Polen was the best to someone and she benches as if it is something good. Polen killed one more ball then her teammates wow, round of applause for Polen people. Lets ignore her horrible performance rest of season. Which is why a lot of people didn't agree with you as you can see.

    This is not true at all! Meryem Boz, Cağla Akın and Fatma Yıldırım were starter whole year in their club but they made a terrible performance while Polen who has been benched always, was the best player on court :rolleyes:

    I don't think that these players played bad means that benching is a good thing. I can see Giovanni prefers Meryem over Polen after months of training and I could see Polen was fighting and trying to prove herself the most. And yea she was barely 'the best' on court but not that much better that we should praise her for it, look at the stats. Yes she had a few nice tips, but she wasn't really any better. Çagla Akin played bad yes but she didn't play well as a starter in Besiktas either so you can play all you want but some players are just not as talented. That's why I don't get why she is in this team. Her setting ruined every player.

    Fatma had a bad day okay but she player some nice matches in Yeltsin Cup so its early to say. Same goes for Meryem in ECH Qual.

    Lets focus on the players that were all supposed to be 'talents but were horrible yesterday, the worst players on court were Meliha, Seyma, Hande, Dicle. These players are all young talented and have one thing in common, they are benching! Seyma was like an amateur how can you say its not true that benchers were bad :white: :white:

    Big problem is setter in this team and how Gio's coaching decisions so far. I said it before I prefer any setter over Çagla really. And Gio needs to start paying attention and stop making useless subs. Beyza, Asli who were starters mostly havent even played at all while Dicle looked like she was sleeping.

    Btw I agree with everything Canter said as well :thumbup:

    Italy will never win any important games with the Bosettis as starters, besides Bonifacio as MB.

    Agreed, I didnt even watch the rest of the match anymore after coach kept insisting again just like vs China. To me Italy plays much better whenever both Bosetti's are not together on court...

    It was funny until 13-0 in 1st set.

    I think Croatia should be punished for what they did. They should've played in 3rd division or withdraw.

    Yea lol I almost started to believe in 25-0 at some point. Funny rooting for Poland to keep the Croatians at 0 :lol:

    I agree about Croatia btw

    Turkey started well and then Çagla made about 10 mistakes!!! after which Turkey was a huge mess. Every single player played horrible today after like first 10 points. Nobody was even communicating or anything, but it all started with Cagla who Guidetti uses as main setter atm :white: Everything went wrong from reception to setting to attacking. Almost like Kazakhstan or something was on court. Even Hande and Kubra were horrible and the liberos. Meryem and Polen were both bad today but the Opp's were not even our worst players today and thats a huge problem for Turkish NT. Dicle was non existent. Seyma was like an amateur. Meliha was just a bit better. It hurt watching these girls today. Gamze was bad too but maybe if she started she would be better.

    Anyone notice Fatma's huge drop in performance btw? She plays nothing like last year and she was supposed to be like our main player of this NT.

    These players need to step up and fight more and Guidetti needs to step up his coaching because he literally did almost everything wrong too. Takes no time outs, changes players too late or at the wrong time. I feel like these girls still need time for some team chemistry because no one worked well together today.
    I just hope they had a bad day...

    Nice comeback. I know about batmanstream but was hoping for nice quality stream on YouTube.

    About the match: I watched tiebreak and didnt like either team that much though USA pulled an amazing comeback after being 3-8 down won 12-3 :drink: :thumbsup:
    Imo these teams both are not secured for a place in final round. Pretty sure they stand little chance vs for example Serbia, Brazil

    I cant watch that match either and Im in the Netherlands atm wtf this is annoying. Was preparing myself for a nice volleyball day and then this happens. So we know stream is not available in Turkey and Netherlands probably many more :(

    Btw Lowe is still in thumbnail for USA lol