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    You know all this talking about The Queen will make someone really jelous, do you? :lol:

    By the way Francesca is the all time best italian volleyball. Italy may wait centuries before finding someone like her.

    Who will be jealous Piccinini? Lo Bianco? Gioli?

    I don't get it so i am really asking :)

    I think Eczaci needs a coach who can put fighting sprit to the team. They have to play like a team which cannot be done by Barbolini. After all the bad season in Galatasaray and bad NT management, it is Eczacibasi Managemet's fault to appoint Barbolini as their coach. Barbolini adds nothing to players and young players.

    In my opinion, they need a coach who can create the player out of what he/she has. Not transfer some fancy expensive player and then expect her to play and beat every team.

    I don't see any tactics in Eczaci's games. They beat FB in CL just because Thaisa was injured and all players started to play like a team which wasn't a tactic or anything by Barbolini. And yes, most of the blame is on players when you loose after 14-10 but a coach needs to see and do something about it.

    I think Caprara wasn't happy here in Turkey. It was claimed that he was discouraging and assaulting players which is not something can be tolarated by Eczaci Management.

    Anyone remember what was the problem with Sokolova in Eczaci? Was it something with Ozge?


    I would LOVE Beyza Arici in Vitra (though Canakkale would be really weak then) and Tugba in VakifBank. If I remember right Kirdar still said she would most likely retire after this season and she even won the Champions league which she mentioned she still wanted to win in the same interview so I think Tugba would be so usefull for VB especially in Turkish league. If VB can get another foreign OH for CL or keep Hill I don´t see why Tugba would be benched a lot then... There are not that many better options then her, foreign OH in CL and Tugba in TL mostly would be ideal. I really hope she can build her defence and keep growing in offense and be the Gozde Kirdar of this generation for Turkey :box:

    It took Gozde's almost 10 years to become a star and she played only 2-3 seasons very good. She hasn't been playing good lately and this is not only for this season, also previous seasons she played poorly. We need better then Gozde.

    Conegliano deserved this win with their game today. If they can play like today, they can win tomorrow. Vakif didn't show anything special today while Conegliano player very good!

    So is this the match we have been waiting for? Level was just so low!

    Nalan Ural and Barbolini should be fired. They add nothing and won't add anything to this team. Instead they make those players play worse. LOSERS!

    At the middle of the season before Fener started to play good (it was before Turkish Cup) a source told me Eda will leave Fener at the end of this season and would like to go to Vakif or Eczaci. She wants to win tropies and cups so she will go to those teams. This source is very very close to Eda and very reliable. This source is not someone like voleyboldefteri who likes gossip and drama.

    I don't know if Eda will really leave FB but i think it's time for her to move forward. Eczacibasi can be a good team for her. When Eda was playing fot Besiktas, Eczaci and FB wanted her but Besiktas wanted so much money that Eczaci decided not to hire her.

    Off topic question, is Serginho gay? I saw an account Marlon Otavio (dont know who is that) and they have a lot of pocs together and hearts and "feliz anivarsario" and Amo etc.

    I don't know and never heard this so i wanted to ask.

    There's a bunch of videos like that on They call them "scout" videos. Some Rio matches there. They seem to bypass some copyright issues, I guess. What seems, well ... arrogant and dumb to me about NBC (I assume) not posting Rio matches because of copyright or broadcasting rights is that it would only make sense if they didn't want to dump something in the public domain that they could conceivably want to rebroadcast at another time for profit (like a famous song or film). I don't see that happening with Rio volleyball matches, but I dunno. What could NBC possibly lose by posting them? Maybe if someone were to make a documentary about the sport and wanted to use footage from Rio they would have to pay NBC to do so, and if NBC had already dumped them on Youtube they wouldn't be able to charge for them?

    I think they would still have to pay the rights, no matter it's on Youtube or not.

    All of the songs are uploaded on Youtube but you still have to pay for it if you use it on a video or something.

    I think playoffs will happen. Rasic posted on instagram "two more games until playoffs start" or something like that.

    I think there will be F4 like last season. 2 rounds with 4 teams playing each other. Otherwise it would be a bigger scandal.

    I really can't remember a team where the MBs were used that much.. Skorupa is doing a great job for them

    Cannes used to use their MBs a lot. Especially, Antonijevic was their setter.

    But i think even when Salinas their setter, they used Their MB a lot, especially Ravva. I think thei rmain strategy was using their MB a lot.

    I am not sure if you said it only for Italian League

    Another clueless person that comes to this forum...Lonekee has been playing well, even against stronger teams, just watch her performance against Vitra in the CL league...

    No, Lonneke hasn't been playing well. You are the one who should watch her matches. And yes, she was good in last Vitra match but i could show you more matches that she wasn't playing good.

    I am not sure if CEV follow the same logic with me but I am happy to see that pairings were done as I indicated before. To me drawing seems to be fair although there was probably no real drawing :rolleyes:

    Dinamo and Vakıfbank are favourites to reach final 4 however, it is really hard to guess FB-ECZ match. Eczacıbaşı is a mess although they have amazing roster while FB is showing their best although they have limited roster (compared to other two istanbul teams). I still think that Eczacıbaşı has %51 chance to reach F4

    I dont think Vakifbank is the absolute favorite. Volero has a good team and they are dangerous. Also don't forget their "close" relations with CEV. Referees and organisations are always on Volero's side. I hope we will watch good matches but i still hope Vakif will be the winner.