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    Why is everyone even using Turkish fans or supporters as an example when I remember Kosheleva saying everything went fine and she was not disrespected by the Turkish fans.

    Maybe that was before Galatasaray's coach Ataman showed her middle finger during the game and turkish fans thew the garbage on the players's heads


    Spriri, Sivo, Ilinykh

    The first spent too much time on the bench in Zenit and not in good shape. In next season he will play in other team, where he will get more playing time. As for Sivoghelez, he got injury and didn't get much time to recover. Ilynykh after some fight incident in some night club spent some time in hospital, so also was not candidate in NT


    if i were brazil/russia, i would love to play china

    How can you make a conclusion from single or even a couple of machess results? Just for example American's men NT. And in women the results very unpredictable. And remember that it's still group stage. Play-off is very different story

    The biggest dissapointemnt is not even players but Alekno. He is not so genious coach as many think here, Just was lucky 4 years ago. Interesting which progress we had achieved if Velasco has working with our team. And win with players like Leon and Anderson will can even Blendgini. French team for example plays so many times with the same players, and we have too many changes with his "probing" new players. Divish, Markin, Vlasov etc. Need more time to play with the same players to get understanding each other.

    Can't wait Rus-Arg. Hope it will be revenge for defeating in WL. But if honeslty i'm not sure in the positive result for us. The match vs Cuba has shown how vulnerable we are on reception. Will be miss Berezhko and of course Musersky. Think Akekno should give possibility to Bakun to show all his power which has helped Gazprom-Ugra win many times. Then we should beat Conte and KO

    French team arrives in S.America recently, and didn't have enough time to acclimatize, so europe teams are in disadvantage. Guess after a couple of days they will be in better shape.
    And when Ngapeth get the scar? Has celebrated his first OG in favela or fought with crocodile?

    In women's often after half of set there are no more intrigue. 15:6 for example and it's not interesting to watch next. In men's usually unclear who will win till the end of set even when favorite plays vs outsider, there will not be scoring like for example 25:5 as often was in past season. Recieving and then killing spik, almost without breaks, so it's very nervous till the end. Also sometimes even scoring 20:10 in women's not garantee the win to the leading teams - they can love 10 points in a row.


    Tennis player Djokovic had a thing to say about this saying men's tennis players should be paid more because they attract more viewers

    Gile Simon have said that too and i agree with it. Imagine 2 cars with different horse powers. One should consume more petrol then other (usually men eat more then women). And in Grand Slam Tournaments men plays more sets then women. More work and should get the same?


    unlike Russia they are WADA sponsored

    What are you talking about? Russia sponsor to WADA more then any other european country, also less then USA.

    Ukranian sport minister want that all russian team was banned. Interesting why, haha.

    And wonder why you, guys, preffer women voolley to men's. You don't think that it's much more boring to see just throwing ball from back and forth instead of powerfull spikes? And special pleasure to see aces from full stong services. Like have said Sivodgeles, the difference is like Formula 1 and F3. Also don't understand peoples who watch women's soccer, hockey and especially rugby and boxing. It's something like men's gymnastics or synchronized swimming

    Then tell me why USA give much less doping tests then ours? Just watch the statistics before that scandal. Less in 3 times. Cause, according Obama's words, americans are exclusive?
    And geniouse 14years old chinese are angels too. Did you read the results of last doping tests of 2008 and 2012? How many russians positive. And how many chinese etc?

    And i still didn't see any evidence except the words of Rodchenkov and the theory of Maklaren, did you? But of course there are Crimea...


    What they have done is a systematic and communal crime! That's why punishment also should be communal

    Better punish galatasaray's coach Ataman who show middle finger to Kosheleva and turkish peoples which throw the garbage on the heads of Krasnodar's volleybolists. I means watch on your own kitchen. And let's make communal punishment for beated plane - cast the bomb on the Istanbul!

    By the way take sympathy that your NT is missing OG.


    I feel frustated to be honest with so many people thinking Russia as a nation should be banned from this OG or the next one

    They just do watch CNN and listen Hilary Clinton saying that ugly russians hacked her network to show her cheating on the elections