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    Keeping Centoni and having Neslihan Darnel as well is THE BEST they could do. Believe me, Brakocevič is NOT what people think non having seen her compete in the italian League. Never a decisive player neither a team leader.

    Our teams should have tried to sign Centoni and Neslihan!!!


    You must improve your english, given that you seem to be working overseas, right ?

    Barun? Joycinha?? Sonsirma ??? Fabris ???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    You're joking, ain't ya? :teach:

    I DO believe Eczacibasi has a stronger "trio", for the time being.
    Next year, though, either Larson or Kosheleva will be playing in some "richer" asian league.
    And as a "trio" I meant "playing in the same team": Zhu/Hill/Sloetjes are not as strong as they appear to be at first sight...
    Bricio and Robinson (1994/1992) are still improving, Hill is overrated.

    I could well list all of them (Zhu being n.1, Kim n.2, etc...) singularly and I'd still end up with Fabris (reception), Barun (age/reception), Sonsirma (?) and Joycinha (???) in the very last spots.

    Just wait and see.

    M.Kozuch, Sheilla and K.Lowe must have their comeback in 2017/18 either in Turkey or in the italian league! It'd be nice to get to see Sheilla in Conegliano, alongside Samantha Bricio and Kelsey Robinson, to form the strongest trio of hitters in Europe !!!

    Kozuch could help either Modena or Scandicci to make a step ahead of where the two teams are now.

    As for K.Lowe, I guess Fenerbahce could do.


    TOMSIA is actually a fantastic opposite hitter. She needs to play way more balls than the ones Skorupa "handed" her, though.
    Too bad for Skorupa, given that she's Polish as well as Berenika, who deserved much more attention from her teammate.
    Conegliano would benefit from having MALINOV playing instead of Skorupa.

    Having said that, though, SAMANTHA BRICIO-M. HODGE-ORTOLANI form a pretty amazing trio.
    I don't see the point of having Costagrande.

    TOMSIA will do for Monza same as she did for Montichiari or more: I expect another top team to have her for 2017/18. Modena or Scandicci would do. :read:

    Robinson much better suits her former italian Team Conegliano as receiving OH, alongside new star SAMANTHA BRICIO as OH as well and Ortolani OP, having Tomsia moving to Monza.
    As for Foppapedretti, they already have a long list of good and reliable hitters -Sylla, Gennari, Partenio- let alone having also a fantastic opposite like K. Skowronska!

    Having said that, IMOCO CONEGLIANO is competing in the European Champions' League and needs Robinson, whereas Bergamo aims at just competing for some lower tournaments.

    :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    She will play in Serie A2 (Golem Software Palmi)

    Please, please, please: give us back SITEMAP right now!!! Where's the FUN gone?

    Saccomani has signed with Brescia, by the way: Montichiari is in the same area and region, which makes the deception understandable... :rolll:

    I mean...: Lo Bianco could easily switch team with Dall' Igna (Monza), for that matter, as much as Adenizia with Calloni (Firenze).

    :dance4: :dance4:

    Why don't you guys start a new thread called "criticizing other users of the forum" and share your ideas there since this is a thread particularly about transfer rumors and related discussions? :whistle: :offtopic:

    Meatballs and Sitemap both sign with transnational Team "D.N.C.O.U." (dontcriticizeotherusers) as opposite and setter.

    C' mon Meatballs, be a good sport :wavy: !!!
    It's not us: it's Sitemap who started the whole thing with very funny & creative "rumors".


    P.s. By the way: Togut signs with Stanford :lol:

    Yes. Barbara Jelic decided to come back to the court and signed with Novara. She's jealous of Piccinini who's ONLY 2 years younger than her. Kim Staelens also comes back and signs with Foppa, because she was so bored at home not playing volleyball.

    Why don't you say Gamova canceled her retirement and will play for a Thai club? Isn't it interesting enough?

    :rolleyes: :down: :aww:

    Emil, please! Pay some respect to Sitemap... Out of 3k "rumours" some 3/4 have bene proved correct, after all !!!

    As for Gamova, you know damn well she's already back from retirement in order to be able to sign (as an italian citizen, of course) with Club Italia: Orro-Gamova etc etc...

    :dance6: :woohoo: :dance6:

    Where is actually Thaisa playing? Ecza or Fener? Or Volero? :hit:

    THAISA: done deal, she'll play with ECZACIBASI.

    Barbolini will most likely play both the turkish League and National Cup with:

    Ognjenovic - Darnel
    Yilmaz - Kosheleva
    THAISA - Cansu

    and the Champions' League with:

    Ognjenovic - Boskovic
    Larson - Kosheleva
    THAISA - Adams

    As it is, Boskovic should better move to another top team: she's young and deserves playing more.


    Although I'm definitely missing Kirillova here :D And let's not forget about Glinka. Transfer's time isn't the same without her constant 'I'll play, or maybe not, I'm considering my options, no no, it's the end, oh, well, why not, just another season, I think I'll finish my career, I guess I'll play if the offer is good' :rolleyes:

    I left Kirillova out cause she's too young for Club Italia (they were actually considering her too, but on second check they found out her real birth date, which turned out being 2005).

    Glinka could have joined the Club as well, after turning down Soverato's offers, but had to give up due to pregnancy.
    Her mother's pregnancy. :woohoo:

    Club Italia, the roster:


    BENCH: Fofao, Gioli (Glinka?), Perinelli, Melli, Harmotto (?), Bown, Kelsey Whatever (libero) :read:

    No, Malinov is very close to Conegliano.

    DE CRUIJF and Ofelia MALINOV officially move to Imoco Conegliano.

    The Team is now at the very top of italian Serie A1, to say the least, meaning the CL is a realistic target as well.

    SKORUPA/MALINOV - Tomsia (?)

    No actual "bench players" in such a strong roster for Head Coach Davide Mazzanti.


    Rumors: Conegliano interested in Robin De Kruijf.

    I hoped Danesi would be titular :(

    Danesi is a crack! Conegliano is most likely to start with this 6+1:

    Skorupa - Ortolani, Costagrande - SAMANTA BRICIO, De Cruijf - Danesi, De Gennaro (Option 01);


    Skorupa - Tomsia, Ortolani - Bricio, De Cruijf - Danesi, De Gennaro (Option 02).

    On the bench: xxx, xxx, Vasilanthonaki, Santini, Folie, De Bortoli.

    A very strong roster for the upcoming Champs League!!! :cup:

    Lloyd will reject a big offer from Fenerbahce just because she don't want to work with Abbondanza :lol: .. you make me feel like he is the worst coach in the world, it's the first time that i see a player who don't want to play for a "big" team only because the coach.. i'm sure many of the players who signed for Japanese and Chinese teams dont know even the name of the coach that they are going to work with in the upcoming season.
    Let's suppose what you say is right, then can you tell why the best player in the world don't also refuse to work with him and will extend her contract?
    Abbondanza is not a bad coach and his results in Fenerbahce in the previous seasons are good, i will not ask him to win the Champions league with a player like Bosetti, actually there is no coach in the world who can do it.
    By the way if Lloyd stays in Pomi she will work with Caprara :whistle: .
    Tomkom is a great friend with Kim and i'm pretty sure if Fenerbahce want her, they can sign her easily.
    I stiil think the first target of Fener is Lloyd, if she reject the offer, it will be either because she wants more money or because the wants guarantees to play TL matches and not only champions league.. but i'm sure she will not refuse the offer because of Abbondanza as you said :D .

    Actually, since Carli Lloyd is one of the top 3 setters in the world and very close to being Kiraly's first choice after Rio (Glass will take a 1-year break, Thompson retires, Kreklow is much weaker than each one of them), she'd be in the starting 6+1 in EVERY top team in the world.

    All this buzz is just random and very cheap gossip, as she had only one major chance to get to "meet" Abbondanza's best italian team (2011/12's Villa Cortese, 5 matches of that season's playoff's final, Busto defeated MVC).

    Truth is POMI CASALMAGGIORE will play the World Championship for clubs in October; the team is likely to receive a wild card to compete in the next CL and she's probably eager to also keep on improving in the Serie A1 alongside such teammates as Stevanovic, Sirressi, Gibbemeyer and more top players to come.

    Frankly: top players coming from the italian league generally do not improve while in Turkey (Meijners, Lucia and Caterina Bosetti being just some impressive examples on display).