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    Kristina Kicka (Mikhailenko) will play in Legionowo. Alicja Wójcik is staying and Małgorzata Jasek is changing her position to MB.

    Justyna Łysiak will play in Chemik Police and Weronika Centka in Budowlani Łódź (according to Montreux Volley Masters website).

    Martyna Łukasik is unexpectedly leaving Kraków to play in Chemik Police. Then, Chemik will have a really young duo of OPPs :-D

    Chemik is also interested in Anna Grejman. Bartosz Kurek will play in Szczecin next season, so I suppose everything is probably agreed on :-) If so, Police won't have such an easy way to win the championship as it had been before. For example, Rzeszów has much more experienced wing spikers and also middle blockers.

    Monika Bociek officially in ŁKS and Małgorzata Śmieszek in Budowlani. Looks like Budowlani might have a problem with finding some Polish OHs, because they probably need a foreign OPP now :P I won't be surprised if we see Kaczorowska, Paszek or maybe Grejman in starting six there, they don't have too much choice.

    There are some rumours about Natalia Mędrzyk going abroad and Zaroślińska in Rzeszów.
    Malwina is supposed to still have a contract with Police. I also read about Zuza Efimienko and Dominika Sobolska in Chemik.
    Twardowska and Polańska are staying in Budowlani and Agnieszka Kąkolewska is probably leaving. Łódź is interested in Grbac and D. Bosković.
    Mucha, Nowicka, Świrad and Mancuso are told to stay in BKS but it isn't confirmed.

    Hi, I got some problems with my username... I haven't used this account for a long time and I forgot my password. Of course I used option of lost password, then I changed it, everything should be fine. Now I see (and probably everyone else sees) that also my username changed and now my email is also my username. It looks weird. :P I don't understand why it happened and I think I can't change it back myself. :(
    Can you help me please?

    Anna Werblińska and Agnieszka Bednarek-Kasza are staying in Chemik Police.

    Natalia Strózik goes to Rzeszów. Not sure if it was a good decision... She might be sitting on bench again. :(

    Ewelina Brzezińska will play in BKS Aluprof and Magda Jagodzińska in Pałac Bydgoszcz.

    Friendly matches with German NT:
    Poland (for European League)-Germany 3:0
    Poland: Grabka, Bociek, Moskwa, Trojan, Twardowska, Mucha, Krzos (L) - Flakus, Wójcik, Grzelak

    Poland - Germany 2:1
    Poland: Wołosz, Tomsia, Kąkolewska, Efimienko, Kaliszuk, Grejman, Sawicka (L) - Hawryła, Smarzek, Grajber, Pleśnierowicz.

    Poland – Germany 2:2 (25:22, 19:25, 25:21, 21:25)
    Poland: Ganszczyk, Grejman, Tomsia, Kaliszuk, Wołosz, Hawryła, Sawicka (L) – Smarzek, Mucha, Pleśnierowicz, Kąkolewska
    Germany: Hanke, Poll, Kauffeldt, Lippmann, Orthmann, Silge, Dűrr (L) – Dreblow (L), Izquierdo, Möllers, Schwabe, Hindriksen

    Poland – Germany 1:1 (25:20, 20:25)
    Poland: Hawryła, Smarzek, Mucha, Pleśnierowicz, Skiba, Kąkolewska, Krzos (L) – Jasek, Twardowska
    Germany: Stigrot, Izquierdo, Schölzel, Möllers, Hölzig, Schwertman, Dűrr (L) – Dreblow (L), Hindriksen, Poll

    Agata Durajczyk was absent because of her wedding. Congratulations! :rose:

    Pola Nowakowska is staying in Pałac.
    Sandra Szczygioł is probably going to leave KSZO and play in Joker Świecie.

    Some rumours:
    -Monika Kutyła is a new OPP of Budowlani Łódź.
    -Developres is interested in McClendon, Kaczorowska and E. Brzezińska. :D That would be quite surprising. :D
    -Natalia Strózik in PTPS Piła.

    Well, an interesting choice, I can't wait to see Sikorska as OH :D

    According to, Ewelina Brzezińska is leaving Budowlani and the club is interested in Pelc and Maj-Erwardt. So it probably means that Grajber will play more ;)

    Friendly matches between "A" and "B" NTs:
    A NT – B NT 3:2 (25:17, 25:20, 19:25, 20:25, 15:10)

    A: Polańska, Ganszczyk, Grejman, Tomsia, Kaliszuk, Durajczyk (L), Smarzek, Mucha, Grabka, Skiba, Adamek (L), Trojan, Moskwa
    B: Sawicka, Tobiasz, Efimienko, Krzos (L), Twardowska, Grajber, Hawryła, Pleśnierowicz, Damaske, Kąkolewska, Trojan, Moskwa, Bociek, Grzelak, Flakus

    A NT– B NT 1:3 (24:26, 25:27, 14:25, 25:22)

    A: Ganszczyk, Grejman, Tomsia, Kaliszuk, Durajczyk (L), Smarzek, Mucha, Grabka, Skiba, Adamek (L), Trojan, Moskwa
    B: Sawicka, Tobiasz, Efimienko, Krzos (L), Twardowska, Grajber, Hawryła, Pleśnierowicz, Damaske, Kąkolewska, Bociek, Grzelak, Flakus

    As we can see some girls like Wołosz, Wójcik, Bałdyga, Jasek or Gajewska didn't play at all.
    It seems to me that Sawicka isn't playing as libero (just for substitution?) and Grabka is in the first roster even though she is the youngest setter :D

    Kaja Grobelna in Budowlani... So will Twardowska sit on a bench because Łódź helps Belgian NT? :wall:
    It was told that there will be a big famous name as OPP in Łódź. And then, they wanted to have second young player? Funny...

    They are going to focus on Orlen Liga. CL isn't profitable for them at the moment so they decided to resign and build a stronger team for Polish league. Maybe it's better, we'll see soon. Because it will be totally boring when Chemik will win everything, every year...

    But what about Łódź? Will Budowlani replace Impel?