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    Do You believe it?Which Country has a new halls also collect All Cups.Even Though limitless foreign players and Not Eu Country

    Everybody said that Italian league Balance ...Not true ...Some teams such as Imoco not good performance and look like a balance...
    For Example We accept balance...Where Is Succesfull?Not

    Brasialian League is never good league.2nd quality foreign players and Not Succesfull Teams At World Clubs ChampionShip. You continue like this Brasil Super,Italian Super, Turkey Only money
    You know this is a lie but hard to say it

    You are thinking very wrong.You are seeing Turkish League only money This is very wrong think.
    Every year Champions League,Cev Cup and Challange Cup or finals taken by Turkish Clubs.Because Turkish League The most Hard League All The World.
    Turkish League has lots of disadvantages The First League This is Amazing.Limit Foreign Player,Not Limitless EU Player,Not Enough Turkish Player etc

    Outside Of Turkey Lots Of Reason For Choose İtalian league for players...How many countries has live 4 season also professional Voleyball League?
    İtaly,Greece,Spain and South France you can see 4 season.Only İtalian League strong a league...
    Even Though Lots Of Foreign Players Imoco not win CL also has very good quality Foreign and EU players.Turkey Is Not EU and No Play EU players.
    Only Imoco can play for Champion Turkish League , most difference service quality beetween two leagues.Turkish League very very tough service also very tough league

    Also only 2 teams has very big budget (Ecz.,Vakıf) then FB-GS and the other teams.

    For Boskovic Vakıf and Fenerbahce everytime winner clubs If she went Vakıf or FB she collected all cups.This is the difference

    Boskovic's sign only one meaning "Money Lots Of Money" All The World First Budget Club Eczacıbasi and 2nd Vakıfbank
    Also Gozde Yılmaz She is sitting all the years cuz They earn the biggest money all the world with Vakıfbank players
    Therefore Vakıfbank players win lots of cup but Ecz. mostly never seen final.

    Kosheleva's decision very unlogical.Sorry but Breasil League is not good also foreign players quality I wish She return to Russia
    Destinee Hooker also very unlogical.GS take a huge risk and ı think this result is bad for theirs
    I am very sad for Boskovic.She wants spend 3 more years.She saw only first final in 3rd season.Also next year may be not see.
    I am sure FB Vakıf finals will start again.Go Fenerbahce

    Yes. Turkey natioanal team also faces this problem. Lots of good old players are going to retire or staying in the club. The young generation is still not ready for big match! As national coach of turkey, i think guddettii will use this power to transfer a good local OH to vakifbank next season! Just Imagin meliha goes back to fenerbache. Onal gulden goes back to galatasary. Ecz vitra system is collapsed. That is what ecz vitra did in last year's transfer market. No good local young players available in the market. All teams will have problems. The only result is to see which club pays more to local players. :teach:

    This is not interest situtation. Ecz everytime collect All Turkish Players while already lots of Players
    Şermin, Sırma while Ecz setters, transferred Rida,Arelya TVF High School, Şahin Sisters from KarayillKar,Ezgi from FB Why?İş it really necessary?Off course not but This is Ecz tradinational

    Hande,Gözde,Rida outsude bitter transfer Meliha,Güldeniz than Again Saliha Sahin aldı has one ör two foreugn Players such as Larson

    İ disagree Damla improve with Ecz. She never Play with Ecz such as Havelkova,Wang etc
    Also disagree with Guidetti can improve This is a city legend, lots of Played Vakıf And Who improved yourself
    Melis Durul,Ceyda,The other Turkish player now i cant remember,Melis Gurkaynak,Ozgenur Yurtdagulen,Ergül Avcı etc

    Guidetti improve All Players ,This is not true

    Who's the richest Turkish team of the top 4? Thanks.

    Boru of them actually but Ecz every year spend incredible money This area number one, both of trans if they want every year spend 10M USD very easily
    Two teams The richest teams All The World

    But only Vakıf success, FB And GS has temporary budget Aqual 4,5M USD This year GS has bigger budget than FB
    İ dont think sonra GS next year same big budget

    We were wrong about Fener because they're having one of the worst season in club history.They were beated by Halkbank with 3-1 score, they hardly won against Bursa BB and Beşiktaş (3-2), after 5 years they were beated by Galatasaray.We can say Fener is not like top Turkish teams right now.Beating Fener with 3-2 score, it's not big deal.Galatasaray easily crushed them in 3 sets.Imoco have good squad and they have big potential.But if we look at how they are playing, I also think Vakıfbank or Galatasaray will beat them.

    You're right definitely right. FB SK lost to GS after six years.Also in 10 years lost to Ecz. only a few times.Vakıfbank only one times until 2012 after transferrred by naz they start sometimes beat to FB SK.

    This year What a coincidence FB SK not only women but also Men again and again the good İtalian Teams same group.

    Also budget decreased.Kim gone, Jerkov is discuss also lost Meliha and Ezgi Ecz. offer best money for everytime.
    Even Though everything last match no outside hitter three times gave while 2 0 then 2 3 . last matches only four point after FB won 3 1 then group leader but again and again.

    FB is suffered their group. GS and Vakıf played The Worst Moskow Team No Foreign Players ans passed easily As A result FB SK bad team

    If only one year FB SK bad team, Ecz. SK who The Biggest Budget All The World Voleyball History won Nothing and Playing CEV Cup. What Should We Say For Ecz. for example?

    İnteresting Point Of View

    FB SK has a bad sitution.Now We have Zero Yes 0 outside hitter.Natalia said that I have pain no play also Mia Jerkov was ill no play, Ezgi is only one real Turkish player but this season is closed.Damla is not enough good player for FB SK.
    She has very limit player.No attack bad receive bad service.I never like Damla
    We use 2 opposite cuz no choice.Also Bahar is very bad performance until now.We will see What Will Happen in Play Offs

    Next year I guess Ezgi no Play for Eczacı Already They have lots of players every position.
    Setter Maja Or may be Wolosz, Sahin sisters one of them setter, Arelya, Sermin, Mısra Probably One Transfer Cagla or Cansu I think Ezgi wil go, Arelya-Sahin-Sermin-Mısra continue to leasing Maja Or Wolosz and Cagla or Cansu new setter
    Outside Hitter Meliha Smajlovic,Guldeniz,Hande Baladin,Saliha Sahin,Gozde Yılmaz,Jordan Larson probably Samantha Bricio
    Middle Blocker Adams,Thaisa,Beyza,Busra,Yasemin may be add Bahar

    Also lots of player leasing such as Rida,Arelya,Sermin,Mısra Nevermind for Ecz.

    I think FB SK will change almost all roster Eda,Dicle,Merve,Melis stay the others Full leave My Guess

    GS SK according to sportive success for example join CL or CEV Cup also budget, sponsors

    Vakıfbank in my opinion Kelsey and Lonneke part aways I think Bricio come to Vakıf or Eczacıbası If We have good budget also can take FB SK

    Leo FB will bad season ,Definitely It lives
    You never forget We Are FB SK.We Have two perfect Setters Lloyd And Cagla, Also has MVP Natalia and Best Middle Blockers Eda,Dicle Also Bahar, We have Rahimova and Polen
    We are lots of offansive players.Also We will take 3 OH, One Of Them Foreign and 2 domestic , Such As Raba,Neriman,Birgul...Also We can play Merve OH Already played OH lots of years

    Also We can bring Hui or Zhang Why Not?

    Eda,Dicle,Bahar,Domestic MB

    We can created as same as Roster Also We will figt All Cups For Every Year

    This is not a smart decision.FB started only 3 foreigners Champions League and Turkish League until January and No Lose Nothing.
    Beyza Arıcı,Busra Kılıclı And Yasemin Guveli is enough for CEV CUP and Turkish LEague.Also Thaisa join December
    If They are thinking like that keep Kosheleva and support with Kelsey

    Ecz. as same as last year.They are starting CEV CUP and Turkish League 5 Foreign Players for now.Only Koshe is leaving and went to GS.
    I thought They are big experience from this year but nothing change.