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    I have some problems in my family which I don't feel well enough nowadays. I'm gonna fly to Poland for vacation next week, when I'll come back my home, things will be changed. I'm gonna abandon and wish every good things to everyone. Farewel, guys. Poka, do svidaniya...

    it was the main problem in our volleyball and everyone mentioned and even our volleyball commentators (Gracheva, Kastornov, Melnikov) mentioned about our setters didnt play with Mbs as if our Mbs were meaningless figure on court, we also faced lack of reception and defence. Hope everyone here does know Gracheva also was a setter of Russian NT in past, she got bronze medal of WCH in 2002. She was not satisfied about our setters because she also did know we didnt have such strong players as Gamova, Sokolova, Godina, Sofronova, Artamanova and thats why she said that it would be better our setter played faster and used more MBs or other way we would not succeed. Gracheva said that it was not 2002, it is new volleyball style and there is no need to insist on old fashioned Russian volleyball and independent by two players. She also complained that our coaches didnt consider player as attacker if the player has short height. But things are changed, I remember Gracheva appreciated Tirozzi when their team won over Vakifbank and she really did like Tirozzi because she was short and faster and She complained that our caoaches didnt work mostly who were the similar height with Tirozzi, they considered short players as setter or libero. Our volleyball programs and commentators (during the game) always mentioned we really needed to play with MBs too, we needed to boost our reception and defence. Neither Koshe nor Goncha are able to do anything without support of others. It's a team game, everthing has to be strong to fight with opponents. Well, let's wait and see what will happen in WCH

    Comparing Russia and Serbia is not a right idea. Russia after 2010 they are mediocre, not achieving anything on the world stage. On the other hand, Boskovic has moved Serbia from rags to riches. It is something that Goncharova hasnt done to her adopted homeland. Boskovic is on the whole another level compare to Goncharova. And poor Kosheleva now is just a mess. She ruined every team she played. If it wasnt for the dope she had taken, she wouldnt come this far.

    You got to be kidding. Serbia is soo lucky they have possibly the best middle blocker trio and a naturally gifted setter in Maja otherwise Boskovic can not simply win games by herself in the last few years starting from WC 2015. But that is not to take anything away from Boskovic as she is arguably the best opposite in the world right now but you really are overstating the level between Boskovic and Goncharova if there is big difference at all. If you understood my post it was not about which opposite is better :whistle:

    I guess even Goncharova wants to succeed I mean get medal of WCH and I really dont think she is wondering to be best OPP lol, I'd like Boskovic will be best OPP in WCH but our team (Russian) won over Serbia in WCH Boskovic got 50 points or whatever she wants Goncharova got 15 points but Russia won over Serbia it will be more satisfied IMO :D Neither Goncharova nor our fans are interested in individual things

    I think Serbia might share the same fate as Russia a few years from now, especially if Mihajlovic performance continues to decine. Russia was part of the Big 4 teams even if their reception line was questionable because they had Koshe + Goncha. And now, with only Goncharova they barely able to enter Top 6. Boskovic and Goncharova have quite similar roles in their teams and share the same huge load, and this is simply not enough to win games at this level, maybe except if you're Zhu Ting.

    I think their situation is really different right now, Serbian setters are not good IMO. Goncharova will not be alone in WCH and Koshe and Voronkova will join NT too. Serbia is independent mostly from two players because of their coach's desire. But Russia will be different this year IMO because Pankov said that we would not play the game which Russian NT were independent from two players (Koshe and Goncha), he said that our MBs would be into the game too and he added that he was willing to get new faces like Kotikova, Lazarenko, Iurinskaya and Brovkina during next years. Sorry for saying that Serbian NT today played very boring and it reminded me Pankova played with only Goncharova 8| but when Pankova came to Zarechie and last year she tried to play with everyone in her team (Iurinskaya, Vorobeva, Russu, GOncharova etc..) the problem is here, the coach has to say her setter to play with every player. We have good attackers like Goncha, Koshe and Voronkova but it still doesnt mean anything, they all are our bonus but we really need to play with MBs too which I expect more things from our MBs ( Koroleva, Fetisova, Somoilenko, Efimova, Lyubishkina, Lozorenko..) I really want Pankov to choose MBs which will help us in WCH. Yes, we won gold medal of WCH twice without power of MBs but right now things are changed, are different. Sometimes I dont blame Koshe or Goncha because our setters made them powerless but right now I do hope that this year we will see other Russian NT, if we serve like we did against Brazil and if we play more with MBs and I think there is something into my heart we can do we are able to do something in WCH, finally our coaches understand with two players you cant succeed every time. It doesnt matter which Mbs will be chosen by Pankov I really want our MBs also support our Koshe and Goncha and Voronkova, these girls cant fight every game without support, volleyball is a team game and every player is considered as main figure on court. what MBs have to do? they have to serve well, they have to follow attack of opponents and block it, they have to attack and all of these which I mentioned they really affect team in a good way, it really can boost the game. I really want to see different Russia NT in WCH if to be honest. I really dont need Koshe got 30 points and Goncha got 25 points and the result we lost the game. It is better Koshe got 10 points Goncha got 1o points but the result we will succeed and beat our opponents. If you take 12 players or 14 players it is really better to use all of them, if we will play like before we did and there is no need to take other 10 or 12 players, only take Gonch and Koshe. But volleyball is a team game and thats why I think every player has to do somethig during the game, someone has to boost reception or attack or serve or block coming from the bench. It seems Serbian coach is satisfied when his team is playing with 2 players.

    What about Filottrano? They will play Serie A1 or Serie A2? :huh:

    Who's gonna play Serie A1 next season? AGIL, Imoco, Scandicci, Bergamo, Busto Arsizio, San Casciano and?

    13 teams, Novara, Bergamo, İmoco, Scandicci, Cuneo, UYBA, Filottrano, Club İtalia, Millenium Brescia, Chieri, Monza, Firenze and Casalmaggiore

    I am so happy for the US team. They have cracks here and there but so far they have been consistent. MBH and Larson is a great OH offensive-defensive duo. And that setter that played last night, I liked her game more than Lloyd. Hopefully this team will improve more on the WCH.

    My character is so I like being honest even being honest towards our Russian NT, too. I said that I only didn't like Karch Kiraly because of his tactics. Very few people like me can admit true things. I only wrote that if USA with weak roster got silver medal why they couldn't get gold medal with strong roster? I blamed Karch Kiraly about that situation. I still think the same. Today Turkish NT played as if they didnt play against champion of WCH. My first and last fave is Russia it is obvious but I never tell Russia is good is cool or etc... I don't have problem with Turkish or USA NT. I think people still are not used to my character. My character is so, if I say such things it never means I hate this team or etc... It is not personally thing it is just I don't wait so weak game from USA NT. I waited them more more depending on their roster. Hill played bad, Lloyd played bad, Aki played bad...what's the season? Players or coach? I don't blame them or who I am to judge them but I try to find correct answer. If you think I don't like USA NT you are wrong. Look at my nick and profile ;) Carli Lloyd :lol:…hem-to-nerealnym-1400314/

    İt is a bit old article, Goncharova admitted that she didnt think they could get medal of WCH, it seemed surreal to her. She admitted that last year was awful all of them because of lack of coach. The coach often changed players and they did nothing and she wanted Federation took it under their control because she said that they trained hard and it was sad, didnt see any results. She said that she wanted to get medal of WCH and they would work hard to get it.

    First of all you have to get some manners. Second, who said I don't respect your opinion? Third, when did I say they're gonna won the WCH?

    Sorry if İ was rude towards you. İ really didnt want to be rude but sometimes İ also cant control myself although İ am not tough one in my real life, sometimes İ cant get english language correctly and thats why İ am being rude. İt is like volleyball players opponents on court and friends in life, every one wants their NT win gold medal of tournaments and thats why we all hurt each other. İ dont have problem with Turkish or USA NT, but İ shared my opinion it is true or not İdk. About Cuba won over USA in group round İ think it doesnt matter, China was 4th place in their group but whats the result? They got gold medal of OG. Brazil was 4th place and Russia was 1st place, Corea even won over Brazil 3-0 (2012 OG) but who are the champions? Of course Brazil. İ only prefer the end result which will satisfy NT.

    İ wonder that why Karch Kiraly watched USA NCCA league ? At least Hugh McCutcheon got Hooker, Larson, Glass for NT. İ really dont watch USA league but İ guess there are some players can be good ones if coaches work on their skills. USA NT in 2008 got silver medal of OG with weak roster. But with fave players they got 1 gold medal of WCH, they got silver medal when Hugh McCutcheon was their coach, explain me what was the difference between 2008 and 2012 ? Nothing they got silver medal with weak roster in 2008 which İ appreciated it, they got silver medal with star and fave roster and they only lost in final in 2012 but what is the difference between silver medals ? The results are the same silver medal with weak and star roster. İ am not fan of Pankov but at least İ can say he bring Lazarenko, Kotikova, Brovkina and he admit that he will bring new faces to NT during next years. Kiraly insisted on Murphy which İ bet USA league maybe there are plenty of Murphy or good version of her, but he cant adap any players to NT or he doesnt know how to adapt. Maybe there are 200 liberos in USA league but he doesnt know who is better or whom he has to choose. İ bet other coaches never make Kelsey libero instead they will give a chance to her improve like she helped in 2014 as OH. İ liked Kelsey as OH, she was good OH in İmoco too, her attack and pass was awesome but right now USA NT is big chaos İMO.

    It's my opinion, Turkey NT can best USA NT, it is not because Turkish players are star or creative, because their coach Gui taught how to fight against USA main team, when Kiraly gave a chance Hancock and Dixon and Bartsch, huh Turkish players were shocked because these three players were new ones (maybe Gui didn't teach them how to fight against these three musketeers). If next time Gui finds the way how to struggle against these 3 musketeers, Karch will be failed IMO. I mean Karch is not creative, his players already are good ones but they don't improve, today they are the same, tomorrow the same last week the same nothing changed about improvement IMO. That's what I wanted to explain, in 2008 their roster was weak than now's. Yes sure but they improved day by day, game by game and that's why they got the result at the end. Today their roster was much better than 2008, yes sure but there is nothing about improvement, they already do know how to play volleyball since 2012. During these 2 years I don't see any improvement in the game of USA NT IMO. Yes they improved if to compare with 1st week. But it was the 1st week, I wonder that if Kiraly's roster was 2008 roster, could his team beat Turkey NT today?

    The main reason why USA's game drastically improved after the first week was moving Kelsey to the libero position.. she has really been great, especially passing. Today wasn't her day, I expect her to get back on track already on Friday.
    2008 USA was a very different team.. they were not EXPECTED to do so good in Beijing, far from favorites. They won against Cuba in the semis, but they lost during the preliminary round also 3-0 and were beaten badly. They won 3-2 against Japan, 3-2 against Poland and dropped a set against Colombia.. So there's no reason to compare those 2 teams.. Now they are clearly one of the favorites, and people have certain expectations from them.. they also have, although they try to avoid the pressure

    You dont like it or you dont agree it, it is not interesting for me. But you have to respect it or İ will teach you to respect others' opinions. Karch Kiraly never got silver medal in 2008 in Beijing with that roster. Now they are favorite, good, we all do know that. Karch Kiraly got bronze medal with favorite roster. After Marrison's leaving USA NT seem different İMO. You think USA NT now is favorite and they will get gold medal of WCH, good, with this roster even their libero was good OH in İmoco once (ironic). İ admit that USA NT is favorite and their staff is also good but İ am not sure Karch will take this team gold medal or not. İ dont want to talk over predections, let's wait and see.
    İ mean USA did a good job with that roster in 2008 and got silver medal of OG, i dont think Karch could take team silver medal with that roster, whatever we will what he will do with this fave roster. Let's wait and see

    İ wanna share my opinion about USA NT. İ remember Turkey NT won over USA NT in the 1st week of WGP in 2008 and it's similarity this year Turkey NT won over USA NT too in 1st week. But İ think USA NT was different in 2008, when Lang Ping was a coach of USA NT in 2008, they really improved their skills day by day. İ remember they won over Turkey NT in 3rd week of WGP (İ think they lost 1-3, won 3-0 not sure). Although the roster of USA NT were not strong like now, but they really improved. İ remember İtaly NT won over USA NT, China NT won over USA NT, Cuba won over USA NT, but it didnt seem it was a main issue because they improved their skills day by day. They got 4th place in WGP if İ am not wrong. İn final round İtaly won over USA NT 3-1 but Olympic Games USA won over İtaly 3-2 (1/4), in final round of WGP Cuba won over USA 3-2 (if İ am not wrong), in Olympic Games, USA won over Cuba 3-0 (1/2), they really improved their skills. Unfortunately, won over Turkey 3-2 today dont persuade me USA NT really improve their game, because USA barely won over Turkey NT with main team as if they play in final of WCH (by the way they won China 3-1 in final of WCH). Making Kelsey libero really show how creative Karch Kiraly is. Next time he will make K.Hill libero lol. İf Kelsey will not pass well in WCH and her pass will be shaky and what Karch Kiraly will do??? USA barely won over Turkey NT right now but in WCH İ'll not be surprised if Turkey will beat USA NT. Although the roster of USA NT is much better than 2008 but right now they sometimes seem strong but they sometimes seem every cometitive opponent can beat them İMO. Last year they already proved my words, they won over Brazil in friendly game, world grand championships they even cant get single set by Brazil NT.