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    They're more robotic than cold...cold is at least a personality trait. 😋 Kosh is the exception

    the first Maja lives in Moscow, it is the biggest city of Russia, population over 10 million. It is an ordinary thing for big cities, people mostly being cold towards others because of tiredness and etc. Everyone is unique and every culture is unique. You are prejudiced against Russians although you live abroad. Let me humor you we have some people who are outgoing, we have some people who are cold. I think it is an individual case, you can't judge all people from outside of country, mostly being cold is common in north countries, especially north parts. There is no need exaggerating.

    well, you think we are robotic, good for you. Sometimes being cold is much better than putting a fake simile on face.

    I spent most of my last weekend watching the epic Athens Olympic final women volleyball RUS -CHN... and all I can say is “damn , how much I miss those Russian -strong -physical players ... what’ve happened to Rússia ( women side ) I wonder myself ?! ... theyre really great to watch!

    well, if you mean about last WCH we had plenty of players who were supposed to play in WCH but unfortunately we did not have them in WCH (Goncharova, Kosheleva, Khodunova and Malykh). as Kosheleva said that Russia team needed to grasp new modern volleyball which strong volleyball countries did, unfortunately we did not see our own mistakes. 8th place in WCH is not the desirable result for Russian team. Kosheleva also said that if she and Goncharova had played in WCH, they definitely would play for having medals.

    well, let's skip unpleasant memories and focus on positive things. I have faith our team will come back after unsuccessful years. I am positive about future if we are able to adapt young players to NT properly, I think eventually they will succeed on their own way. If we are able to keep our players healthy and we are "hidden fave" team to me

    male volleyball is here more popular than female volleyball and it is another fact

    I spent most of my last weekend watching the epic Athens Olympic final women volleyball RUS -CHN... and all I can say is “damn , how much I miss those Russian -strong -physical players ... what’ve happened to Rússia ( women side ) I wonder myself ?! ... theyre really great to watch!

    I couldnt dare to watch that game again because of losing it.:drink:I really do hope next WCH and OG will be lucky for us.

    Well, to me playing volleyball is much more fun instead of watching it. Carlini's connection with blocker is horrible even we do better job in youth league here. She really needs to learn something from beginning. The same with Malinov, she had an awful connection with blockers. I remember final game between Italy and Serbia, when Cambi in, she did perfect connection with Danesi which she seemed useless beside Malinov.

    Uralochka is the champion of youth league 2018/2019

    Best OPP : Diana Balai (Uralochka)

    Best OH : Valeriia Gorbunova (Kazan)

    Best OH : Valentina Bachinina (Uralochka)

    Best S : Tatiana Selyutina (Dinamo-Metar)

    Best MB : Natalia Slautin (Kazan)

    Best MB : Yelizaveta Fitisova (Uralochka)

    Best L : Polina Trukhina (Uralochka)

    MVP : Diana Balai (Uralochka)

    Novara must be THE comeback team of the season :white: Golden set vs Vakfibank from 12:14, last tie-break vs Firenze from 8:11, 4th set in 1st match vs Scandicci from far behind and now the 1st set also from 16:21...

    against Vakifbank, I blame referee because they did not notice endless double touches which had done by Cansu in the end of golden set.

    5-8th place

    Zarechie 3x0 Leningradka

    Iurinskaia 14 pts (67%), Vorobyeva 13 pts, Russu 8 pts, Kotova 8 pts, Melnikova 8 pts, Efimova 5 pts

    Kuznetsova 15 pts (36%), Luneva 8 pts, Samadova 5 pts, Petrova 5 pts, Chesnokova 2 pts, Polyakova 2 pts, Bondar and Skripak 1 pt


    Moscow 3x0 Uralochka

    Goncharova 15 pts (41%), Fetisova 13 pts, Havelkova 10 pts, Stolyarova 9 pts, Efimova 4 pts, Ognenovic 3 pts, Scherban and Lazareva 1 pt

    Parubets 15 pts (36%), Klimec 10 pts, Garelik 9 pts, Enina 9 pts, Evdokimova 7 pts, Romanova 1pt

    Final and 3rd place games will be on 25 April

    where is Kurilo ?? ;( she deserved much more than Sperskaite ;( setter Polina she is from youth league (Kazan). I did not expect Pankov would like to have her for VNL:whistle:

    Mostly, agree with Pankov's choice only I'd like to see Kurilo instead Kotikova or Sperskaite:what: maybe Kurilo's receiving skills did not satisfy our coach otherwise she deserved to have a chance. Goncharova and Kosheleva need some rest, I'd like they both join to the team one or two week not during whole tournament. Maybe Kosheleva needs to boost her receiving but Goncharova needs definitely to have some rest because of playing hard during regular season can make her powerless.

    As I said Lazareva did not have any chance because of sitting bench during whole season, she needs to choose the right club and prove herself to Pankov otherwise she will be useless:whistle:

    Adenizia had 1 kill in 5 sets :gone: I really don't want to offend her fans but I don't get why Savino renewed with her honestly

    Totally agree with you, she was the best in her first year Savino, she had a good connection with Rondon. But her performance is getting worse year by year.

    Next year with Egonu, Imoco will be unstoppable against their opponents. I'm afraid they can easily celebrate their victory against opponents in serie A, which can make serie A a bit uninteresting. If Imoco plans to keep Hill and Wolosz, and adding Sorokaite, Egonu, Enweonwu, Piccinini to this team I can't even imagine how strong they will be :what: they will be main fave of CL and serie A with that roster

    13-3 to 23-25 :white:

    Egonu is out of this world very good at volleyball.

    I did not say Egonu is bad or something like that. Boskovic and Egonu, both of them are the best in their position. I'd prefer not to use such pointless cliché. Volleyball is not an individual game and sometimes even being out of this world was not enough against Serbia and did not bring gold medals to you. Boskovic took it with her teammates.