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    With this system in first round it would have been possible, that Moscow had to play Scandicci. And with enough luck, one really weak team could have avoided any stronger team... (i.e. the best five)

    So what? I would like that happen, because that teams shouldn't even play in CL, and we need to carry for them.. That "weak" teams are champions and this is Champions League. Scandicci and Moscow need to go to CEV Cup and CEV must make second good competition with sponsors and good awards.

    Or we can make Euroleague like in basketball and play with 15 best Europe teams, but then will all other leagues go down, and volleyball will loose a lot.

    Absolutely agree. What’s more, I think these qualifiers must have looked like champions will only be able to play with league champions, while the rest of them are fighting among themselves, I find it completely pointless to have a EUROPEAN competition where 4 teams from one country will play (and three is a lot ; 2 + 1i can to swallow because of the attractiveness), also applies to Italy, Turkey, Russia, Poland, no matter how strong these teams are, there are leagues in which they can show their quality, not everyone has to play the CHAMPIONS League (it is not called without reasons so).

    I agree. Last year champions could only play with champions and that was okey, like in football. If we want to play some competition only with clubs from best leagues, than it is not called Champions league. This is competition of champions, not clubs which finished 4th or 5th in their league. CEV need to encourage teams from lower leagues to invest money and attract sponsors, and they can do that only if they play biggest european competitions. If we protect clubs from biggest league, we will kill all other leagues and clubs.

    Qualification rounds were completely drawn by accident without any presetting! CEV is once more insane...

    Lucky were Moscow, which has only easy opponenents, and also Lodz.

    The really difficult path is 3. vs. 4. : Scandicci will have easy living against Serbian underdog, but than will meet winner of Stuttgart vs. Minsk.

    Why is that insane? Clubs like Scandicci, Lodz or Stuttgart shouldn't even be in draw if there is no compromise by CEV, and you expect that they are also presetted ?! If they get favour, they need to fight with no matter who...

    No this is not official list. This is are players who I see who can or will be in NT. Their is no many options anyway...

    Maybe I would add Laura Milos (OH) I think She has or will end Her USA college journey very soon.

    Laura Milos ended colleague last year. She is now in Charleroi (BEL).

    Please, don't write about this if you don't have full information. In this way, it is really unappropriate and not credible, as I said.

    Saw in MEVZA match stats that Katarina Luketic is in action again for Mladost Zagreb as OPP. She was with the University of Texas (NCAA) squad for a little while, but then left (homesick??). Maybe she can be a (future) back-up for Fabris as well.

    Yes, Katarina come back in Zagreb. She has some problems when she is outside of home, before few years she went to Le Cannet but also stayed only few months. She is very good attacker, with lot of problems in defence and game understanding.

    Mladost had lot of good games in MEVZA last year and also this year, despite that is very young team. They win against all Slovenian teams and they are getting better and better. They have a lot of perspective girls, which have contributed in National Team. They work very hard, that is the only really proffesional team in Croatia, and they didn't lost any game in Croatia for two years. I agree, league is not so good, but this team and this players have good future.

    If I can comment this "list" of crovolley, "list" is without any source or something. As I know, coach Santarelli see things lot different, so don't take this personal list as something credible.

    Croatian roster, as I know:

    S: Bernarda Brcic, Vedrana Jaksetic
    OH: Dinka Kulic, Elena Vukic, Antonia Volmut
    OPP: Samanta Fabris, Sanja Gamma-Popovic
    MB: Martina Samadan, Beta Dumancic, Bozana Butigan
    L: Nikolina Bozicevic, Rene Sain

    Peric has no club for six months, before that she played in Spain, repeat in Spain 8th team and she kicked out from there after six months. Enough about her.

    If that girls is our best setter, we cant even play in Silver European League.

    Ema Strunjak rejected because she want to finish high school.

    Klara Peric has no club for a six months, before that she played in really bad Spanish club. Obviously girl has a problem with herself. I dont know why should coach call her? We can talk about Grbac, but even there is no Grbac, Peric is not solution for anyone.

    We need to call Dapic because of one good game ?

    Unfortunately I need to say Lovrinov lost this game in the 4th set when he substituted Sain with Bozicevic and Ikic with Mlinar, i dont know why.

    Sain is so much better libero than Bozicevic.

    Finally this happened but maybe too late. This summer our physio also had something with other player but that wasnt in the news. I know both names but wouldnt say.

    Atmosphere in team is awful , they are training two days and then have two days off. They dont even have lunch and dinner together. You have situation that club from Zagreb who is training at same place 4 hours at day and our national team works 4 hours in four days. Unfortunately our coach choose 14 players week ago. Lovrinov will do everything he can but if they are ready for european championship.

    They lost 0-4 with Czech Republic and 0-4 with Azerbaijan and crovolley is writing here that we are better and better hahahhha. Anyone who have some information know that we are in very bad shape.

    I have impression that Croatian team is example of great potential destroyed by national federation. Now some or even non of the best players wants to play there.

    Not only best players. Lot of good young players doesnt want to play so you need to watch something like this.