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    Btw,i liked rfabio as a user,hope we can see him again
    He was like a dictionary about some infos about volley

    I still don't understand why Matthias needs to ban him. Even though if the gesture of rfabio is provocative, at the end of the day, he had the right to express his opinion or his dissatisfaction. As long as he's not trolling (which some losers doing regularly here without any punishment) or violating any forum's rule, I don't see other reason why to ban him. They keep telling us that if you don't like an user, just put this user to your ignore list. Then why don't they just put Fabio in their ignore list instead of banning him.

    I think Naz is a great setter and find it odd when some people say she is bad for Vakif. But I also think that she is just one reason VB are better than FB and ECZ. Vakif have all the best local players with the exception of Eda. Beyza and Meliha are good players but not elite level and Busra and Simge are also not that good. For Fener, yes Eda is elite but Dicle Nur and Bahar are not at that level, neither are their liberos and neither is Polen/Cagla. However Kubra, Gozde and Naz are all excellent players and even though Gizem is not always great I think she is definitely better than the liberos of the other teams.

    Clearly Vakif have a big advantage in local players in general, not just Naz. Add to that Zhu being the best player in the world, Rasic being probably the best MB in the world and Sloetjes being the best “second choice” attacker and you have a team that is clearly stronger than the other two, as great as they are

    No one said that Naz is bad for Vakif. The debate started with if Naz is replaceable in Vakifbank. Then the debate turned to if Naz can improve her skill if she play with other team. From my point of view, Yes, Naz is replaceable big time in the present Vakifbank echo-system. But I don't think she will improve significantly her setting skill with another team. Naz is a good setter, but not an extraordinary setter. I think she's going to stay with Vakifbank for a while because her marketing value is still high (attractiveness, good family pedigree and role model for youth) and she's the best candidate available to replace Gozde as captain.

    Well i’ll miss Fabio. It was always interesting when he got involved in a fight and he always had some comment to make even if I sometimes disagreed with him.

    Still, I get why he was banned it’s just a shame that it was over something as unimportant as this mild disagreement that spiralled out of control, particularly since he was not even the one who started it.

    Hopefully we can get back to volleyball at least now. Does anyone know when the league season will restart?

    Some snowflakes can interpret his action as provocative. But he didn't violate any rule. And why some morons can keep partypooping and it's ok for them to express their so called "opinion"?

    Of course. Don't you know I have a long history of banning users randomly?
    You know perfectly well why I banned him, and if the PM section worked I could make screenshots of his PMs asking me to ban his account because he can't stop himself from using the forum even though he wants to (he asked other moderators the same before during other fights).

    Everyone is entitled to have whatever signature and avatar he/she likes, but not when it's a clear provocation (and not the first one either). It was just the last of many reasons to make an end to the story called rbdfabio/none.

    Then stay with your logic and I apply the same rule and ban SHAME as well.

    Quoted from "none" Quoted from "none" Will you give it a rest now that everyone else finally stopped???
    -Edited by Matthias ok...I will just take the tittle off..if that was the problem.

    But I truly like that song and it could be Zhu`s No, the problem is that after some very annoying days there finally was some peace back in this forum but you keep insisting on making trouble, which now you choose to do via avatar and signature. So I will now fulfill your wish that you PMed me two days ago and ban your account

    WTF??? You ban him just because he puts a picture of Zhu Ting in his avatar and he put Zhu Ting's name in his signature??? What next ??? Are you also going to ban everyone who put Zhu Ting's name in their favorite player's list??? Do I need to remind you that he's not the only one who put his favorite player picture in his avatar neither the only one who puts his favorite players name or his favorite team's name in the signature??? Are you going to apply the same rule and ban them as well?? This is RIDICULUS !!!!.

    But who could get tired of hearing about Zhu Ting? She has a 95% efficiency rate and has won OG, WC, CL, CWCH. She has been MVP in 99 different competitions and I think she makes the Earth go round the Sun.

    Seriously, she's great and was amazing in the last match but you don't need to prove that to everyone, we know. If this is an attempt to make SHAME like her then you're wasting your time, SHAME can like whatever players he likes - it's not wrong for him to have different favourites.

    I'm not fan of many players as well and I also think many of them are overrated. But I will never partypoop when I hear someone is praising them and I will never say I don't like any of them, unless they behave really like an ass or they have a despicable personality.

    You just can't expect everyone has the same thought as you wish.

    I absolutely agree with you that we can't expect everyone has the same thought and I'm more than fine with that. In fact, I never expect an idiot or a psychotic have the same kind of thought than me.

    edit: I consider those as an Idiot or a psychotic who has no logic, rational and factual elements in their thought.

    Do you even read posts? Who the hell did compare Naz to Takeshita? I asked to name a Turkish setter than can replace Naz since someone claimed that there are many on the market, which is not true at all. Any so-called better foreign setters will cost a valuable foreign slots. Naz is a big reason why Vakıfbank is dominating against both Eczacıbaşı and Fenerbahçe. The only Turkish setter who can play in CL level other than Naz is Gamze but even her capacity is limited to a certain type of team combination (fast playing, good receiver team setting, which clearly doesn't work this season.)

    From my point of view of the present Vakifbank's eco-system, Ozbay Cansu has no problem to replace Naz. If Guedetti trains her more and gives her more play times, she can be the starter in any match. Do I need to remind you who saved the Vakifbank's ass when the team was being beaten badly by Vitra 2:0 20/10?

    You must be the one and only person left here who doesn't understand what I say since always. Last answer, then I won't repeit this anymore. I never said Zhu Ting sucks, I just said she's an all about spiking player, which is simply what I see when she plays and what stats shows. This is not the kind of players I like as OHs, so I don't like her, that's all. I've been the first who said China was going to kick everyone else's asses in the 2016 because Lang Ping built a powerhouse, while Kiraly could just talk about breathing and yoga to his players. Still Zhu Ting won more matches in one single season with Vakifbank than in her entire career with Henan. She's no God. She can't win game by herself. Whenever you take out the players who make her game comfortable, the ones who do the dark job around her, she's just a good player. Lang Ping and Guidetti know how to make her work inside a system, which means she can't go anywhere alore. In the recent years the only player I saw winning by herlself more than one game is KYK and this makes her to my eyes the best player in the world. She is the OUTSIDE HITTER. She can pass, serve, spike and digg amazingly and she's a decent blocker. Zhu Ting can't pass the ball against strong serving teams. She scores always and forever, which is something good for her team, no doubt, simply I don't like this kind of game.

    Her passing against Fenerbahce: 7 attempts, 1 error, 0% positive, 0% perfect
    Her passing against Eczacibasi: 15 attempts, 15% positive, 8% perfect

    Dude, you're so predicable. I was expecting you to bring some Zhu Ting's bad day and make your craps as an absolute fact. Probably in your mind now, one swallow does a make summer. If I follow your logic which lead to your supposed "reason" why you DON'T like Zhu Ting, you must hate the American spiker to the bone. right??

    His contribution is infinitely more interesting and useful than comments such as "Zhu Ting scored 728 points

    Well if you think his appreciation of player's jersey or player's haircuts or stadium music has infinite contribution of to volleyball than a player statistic, I'm more than fine with this. But next time, try at least ask your buddy SHAME to find something factual and rational to explain why he doesn't like some specific players. It's funny that when SHAME uttering a bunch of verbiages, you call these an Opinion. But when people are questioning the validity of his bullshit, those people become SHAME-basher.

    If he doesn’t like her, it’s his preference, you can’t change it nor make the Chinese lady less good. Why care so much? I don’t follow Turkish league at all these days so I barely read this thread but I don’t want this forum to be full of ridiculously endless conflicts. If you like the Chinese, that’s good and everybody knows she’s a great player but it doesn’t mean everyone despeately MUST like her, it you see my point.

    Yeah... we should instead criticize player's jersey or players haircuts or stadium music like you regularly do. Your contribution is so helpful.

    This 'SHAME-bashing' is really unfair. He is perfectly entitled not to like a player. I could disagree with him if he would say Zhu is a bad player. This is an opinion and other people could give arguments to rebut his point. However, he just says he doesn't like Zhu, which is a preference and no one has anything to say about it. For instance, I really like players with strong jump servers, that's why my favourite players are Cubans generally. That's why watching Boskoviç or Egonu (even Yanelis Santos) is more pleasure than watching Zhu. And since this is a matter of taste, no one should criticize that.

    By the way, the only secret agenda going on here is that people keep calling Zhu Ting as by far best player in the world just to provoke other forum users

    Usually, when I have an opinion on someone or on something, I usually have facts and rational explanations to backup my opinion. When I don't like someone, I usually have no problem to explain explicitly WHY. As I said earlier, when you keep saying you don't like someone but unable to factually and rationally explain why, and you keep party pooping and blindly criticize this person, it's not an opinion anymore, but it's more like a hatred or harassment.

    Tell me one Turkish setter on the market that can replace Naz?

    There are full of international players can replace Naz. Also tell me how many players can make a high probability kill when she receive an awkward set from Naz ??

    all we do is just to praise best offensive player but hey! there are other players on the court and a tactical war btw coaches
    Can you see them ?

    I fully agree with your assessment. But the truth is if you remove Gozde, Rasic and Zhu (offensive players) from Vakifbank, this team will become a dead meat. I'm not saying Naz and other players are not important, but they are replaceable and the market is full of these players. You can also encourage to talk about the aspect of this sport proactively and constructively without denigrate nor criticise people for praising about a specific player.

    But... so what? At the end of the day, it's just ONE person and what they think. I disagree with a ton of stuff Shame says, but he's perfectly entitled to his own opinion. And as long as he's not spamming the board with disparaging comments about Zhu Ting, which he clearIy isn't, I don't see what the problem is. So he doesn't like her. Big deal. Almost everyone else does.

    An Opinion usually comes with facts or rational explanation to support this opinion. But when you keep saying that you don't like someone, but you're unable to give any factual and rational explanation why you don't like this person, it's not an opinion anymore.

    Right use of quotation marks for a change:

    'All about spiking players'

    You're right. Correction of my comment for Shame.

    "all about spiking players"? Yeah... keep denying and rationalizing. I guess Zhu is the only spiking player here. right??? If you want to be consistent and convincing with your defense mechanism, you need to start to say something not nice about the American spikers as well. You need to find better excuse....

    Are you saying I'm a troll? If you are, know xmas won't make me any softer and I Will Warn you right now.

    Btw I explaned about 2000 times I don't like all about spiking players. One and only exception is Kosheleva. Does It bother anyone if I don't like Zhu Ting? I don't think so. I'm supposed to like her no matter what? I don't think so.

    I didn't like Gamova, why should I like Zhu Ting?

    "You don't like spiking players"??? Yeah... keep denying and rationalizing. I guess if you were a coach, there would be zero spiking players in the courts. right??? You need to find better excuse....

    I like Zhu a lot but she is a human beings and cannot be great all the time
    she was not "great" against Gs in sf last season
    great players dont play greatly in every match

    All Vakifbank player was not "great" against those GS thug fans last season. I think most people here has no problem with an objective and fair assessment of Zhu or other players. But when someone keeps party pooping or blindly criticize somebody for unknown reason, we call this "harassment" in real life.

    Why do you guys have this inferiority complex? No one says anything bad about Zhu and people give enough credits to her. What else do you expect? She has already proved herself in such a young age as phenomenal player. However, you can't expect everyone to praise her after every single match

    My comment is about very minority of those party poopers like Shame. You will never hear anything nice from him or from other trolls (probably same loser with multiple accounts) about Zhu. He even admitted several times that he don't like (euphemism) Zhu. But he still unable to give us a consistence and convincing explanation why she don't "like" her and what's wrong with this girl.

    Zhuting is the girl version of leon wilfredo!!!He is also amazing at spiking!! If one can kill any kind of ball at any situation, no one else wants to play volleyball with them!
    It just simplifies volleyball to the god level, if one can sore regurlarly at serving line! can Leon wilfredo do that?

    You're wasting your time. Even if Zhu Ting had an efficiency of 100%, those haters will find something meaningless to say about her. I have some ideas about their stubborn contempt for this girl. But It's not appropriated to say what I think about them here.