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    I just hope An jiajie rest Zhu Ting more because her wrist is injured. I do understand the pressure being a new NT coach and being play at home to satisfy the home crowd. But for the long run, Zhu Ting can make a lot of history if she is being well taken care of.

    Kosheleva should have been replaced in the 1st set. Baladin did a great job, if she had started in the 2nd set maybe the outcome could have been different. Boskovic outscored Zhu 27 vs 23.

    Boskovic's efficiency rate is 37%, while Zhu's is 40%. the huge difference between them is error control. Moreover, Zhu has the best reception in the match while Boskovic does not receive any.

    I disagree, Slotjes played only 2 1/2 and still she end up Vakfibank`s 2nd best score with 10 points, only behind Zhu.
    Guidetti doesnt know what he is doing, and the true is what is he doing?? Just like taking Akman out when she`s got blocked once, and she was doing really good. And then he takes Sloetjes out and bring Hill in at the end of the 1st set and Hill makes 2 erros. and they lost the set, and he does the same thing in the end of the 3rd set.

    And then again he takes ZHu out at the end of the game and finally brings Slotjes in....he tries to change the whole dynamnic of the team at the end of the sets.

    I totally Agree with you about Guidetti. I'm just gonna add this, when Vakif lead 14:13 Volero in the 5th set. I don't know what he called time out for, he showed no specific strategy. It makes me remember the same situation LangPing called time out in the match point China v. Brazil. She assigned specific instruction, which is Zhu don't receive, she told others do good on reception, then set ball to Zhu Ting back row attack, even if the reception is not good.

    The team with a better setter wins. Setter is the heart and brain of a team.
    Naz and the MBs don't work well. On the other hand, Maja set comfortably, and she scores 10 pointssssssssssss

    Look, Scores:

    Boskovic: 22

    ZhuTing: 23
    Sloetjes: 10
    Godze: 9

    Oh really Rasic level dropped? Then how come she had a fantastic Olympics not only blocking but attack and was the best server???

    Today she scored 10 points in attack which is not bad even for a 5th set game.

    Naz is the one that can`t set in the middle...did u watch the Turkishi Playoffs last season? Same thing happenend, Naz had problems setting to the middle.

    not only the middle, Naz can't set to Zhu many times, she has a lot of miss sets. I wonder where are the other setters in vakifbank? Are other setter not even better than today's Naz?

    Giovanni made two critical mistakes in this match.

    1, Hill's reception was too bad in the first set, Giovanni underestimated their opponents, didn't sub her out.
    2, He didn't let Zhu Ting rest in the 4th set since vakif leads more than 10 points.

    I'm not sure if it's good or bad that he changed Zhu's reception yet, we will see.

    wow! Some ppl still not think Zhu Ting is the best after knowing she destroyed Brazil, Netherlands and Serbia with a little help of her teammates in Rio Olympics.

    It is Zhu Ting's Era now, she is the consecutive MVP of world cup and Rio Olympics. And she should be the MVP of 2014 WCH, but WCH only picks MVP from the champion team tho.