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    Dutch article in which Van Haarlem confirms he is forced to leave the club.

    "The president of the club decided to buy/hire a new setter. Apparently it's possible to do this kind of things when you have the money. The other setter (Kühner) will stay in Berlin, but I´m forced to leave. So, after nearly two months I'm done here. Without even getting a fair chance. One time, I got the chance to play and delivered a solid match. I can't chance anything. It's quite bizarre, but apparently this is the way it goes in pro volleyball. Now I want to get done with this as soon as possible, next I will look out for a new club where I can find the pleasure to play volleyball again."

    When he was asked about Milano, he denied. "There hasn't been any concrete interest"

    Could you please explain how this draft works? I've seen the video, but do not understand everything.
    And what are 'training players'? Are these players allowed to play in the league?

    Did the ball touched the ground again??
    The first time (second set) I had the impression it had and it was clearly showed in the replay, the second time I thought they digged it but it seems it hadn't either...?
    EDIT: sorry I was still writing the post when the other posts about the ball touching the ground were written

    What dirty moves, USAvolleyfan? :what:

    Kliuka smashing a closed bottle to the ground at the beginning of Russian TO. In the end it's a dirty move, but I don't think he did this on purpose. Afterwards the floor was cleaned for two minutes after Russian TO.

    You guys sure about 2 teams qualifying? I also thought it was just 1.

    Yes, the two teams on top of the WCQ will qualify. CEV got, correct me if I'm wrong, 8 spots to fill up. Besides the 6 winners of the pool play, there are 2 tickets left.
    The Dutch girls could grab the ticket tomorrow by winning over Slovenia. If Bulgaria wins tomorrow, they also secured their ticket to WCh 2018. If not, Belgium and Bulgaria are tied at 3 wins all. In that case it will be decided at the last day of qualification where Bulgaria meets the hosts and Belgium will play Greece.

    For sure there`s over 20k plus people over there.....Yeah Great Job FIVB, in volleyball is very rare to see 20k people watching a game.

    For sure there are more people than last year when I went to Poland for the Final Six. That was way more 'good job FIVB'....

    I would like to see Netherlands playing a WCh again.

    I dont know why Ter Maart is not there, he had a good season in Berlin. I dont like Van Dijk.

    Wouter ter Maat participated in the Korean V-League trials. Therefore he couldn't attend the first week(s) of preperation. He is out of the selection for WCQ, but the coach will make a new selection for the World League. Don't know if he will be selected then, because I think the coach didn't like the choice of Ter Maat travelling to Korea instead of training with NT.

    Entschuldigung - I suggest we leave this as is and formally justify the decision by saying that the F6 will define the configuration of the 2017/18 season. For that, I will brush my teeth tonight and wear shorts + socks and sandals to work tomorrow :).

    I will do it! There we go:
    (Times are GMT +2)

    Wednesday 10th May
    13:00 Surgut - Novyi Urengoy
    15:30 Zenit Kazan - Belogorie Belgorod
    18:00 Dinamo Moscow - Lokomotiv Novosibirsk

    Thursday 11th May
    15:00 3rd place match
    18:45 final

    Watched a match in the Dutch league tonight and after it was finished looked at the scores of the Italian matches.
    First I wanted to watch the 5th of Modena - Lube, but with no stream available I saw the 5th set of Bergamo - Modena.
    With Beliën and Modena, now 4 Dutchies are in the Italian semis! :woohoo: