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    But Zhu is doing so well, is like she`s at home, I think other chinese players would just do the same thing.

    Fe Garay is playing for Evergrande in China, she will stay with the team if they qualify for the Main division, but if not, Tianjin will make her a offer.

    do you mean Gabi Guimaraes from Rexona? If so, well she is only 21 or 22 years old. But also, she will not leave Bernardinho. Natalia did because she had no other option due the financial crises in Brazil.

    Actually, Gabi told in a live broadcast, on her Facebook, that she pretends to play abroad, she just didn't say when. It could be next year or in 2020. About Fe Garay, I didn't know about this offer from Tianjin. I just hope she doesn't accept it. It's really hard to follow the chinese championship from here in Brazil, and it's not really a tournament that attracts me.

    Modena with 20-17 advantage and Ferreti insisted with C. Bosetti, who can't kill a ball, having Brakocevic ready to receive. She just gave the set to Conegliano. In the other side, Ortolani just shining

    Eczacibasi as a team is a shame, they should be thankful they have a player of the level of Boskovic. She is simply fantastic, in a team with many stars and experienced players, is the 19 girl who shines and puts the ball down when the team need it

    But Vitra wants to get this game over like right now, without dragging this on.
    Vitra`s starter players are being lazy because they dont wanna be playing with Dresden, the bench should be playing.

    I'm sorry, but this is not an excuse. They are professionals, they should play their best every time they are on the court, even if it's against a weaker team. And it's a match to guarantee their spot in the Playoffs, so the starters should definitely be playing.

    In my opinion, all the players from Eczacibasi are world class players. For me, the main problem is Barbolini. Didn't he notice that in Krasnodar the recepction line was Sokolova, Kryuchkova and Garay? Kosheleva was there only to spike,and did It Very well. Same thing in NT, reception line was Yana and Malova, Kosheleva can't pass. So How does he put her to receive and also let her get 38 serves in a match? She can have an incredible performance in spike, but Will give so many points with receiving mistakes. It doesn't even look like The coach that beat VakifBank last year with a team much cheaper but with an incredible defense system and that used to play like a team.

    Hey guys, my name is Andre, I'm from Brazil and I'm new here. I've always followed this blog and now I decided to create an account so I could leave my opinions too. I didn't want to start talking about volleyball without introducing me, cause I think it would be rude, but I'm sorry if this wasn't necessary :)

    Nice to meet you all