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    I see many people consider the USA to be the favorites. Based on the last meetings between these two teams, they really are, but considering the performances in the Olympics, I’m not so sure.

    Both teams have an incredible reception line, so I think both setters will play with a good pass, and that’s where they can make a difference. If Poulter continues to ignore her middles or try to set them but have a poor connection, I think the USA can be in trouble. Unless, of course, JT is able to play and deliver a stunning performance, just like she was doing before the injury.

    Perhaps a good strategy for Brazil is to serve on MBH, even though she is the best passer, since is her 1st Olympic Games and focus on the block on the opposites, since the middles are not getting too many balls.

    For the USA, I think they can serve hard between Brait and Garay (if I’m not wrong, they did this in VNL final) and count on a good performance from JWO to make great digs on Gabi’s and Garay’s attacks and give them the chance to counterattack.

    Overall I think it has all the potencial to be a great and open match, just like VNL final, and I don’t really think there’s a favorite or an underdog.

    Congrats, USA! Great team performance! I agree with who says the level of the competition is not the best one, but I think it could be way better if teams didn’t skip VNL after so much time without any official competition. USA, Brazil and Korea have nothing to do with it and are making their way to one more Olympic medal.

    Between those 3 teams, Italy, Serbia and China, that everyone considered to be the favorites before the competition, I’m still really disappointed with China. Ok, everyone knows Zhu is their captain and main player, but, for me, they have an incredible team, they’re not only Zhu, so I hope they can find their rhythm back again.

    I have a huge respect for Serbia and what they have accomplished over the last years, but the volleyball they have been playing is just terrible to watch. Bad reception, many service mistakes and only Bosko in attack

    This must be so hard for the girls since the game is just some hours ahead, but Brazil has 2 ways of dealing with it. One is let this let them down, disturb them and make them underperform and the other one is to unite even more the team and play for her. If they face it with the second option, I think it will be very hard to stop them.

    Let’s see and hope everything goes well.

    Congrats, Russia! You played a great match and never stopped believing! Congrats too, Brazil! Really proud of you for fighting back even after the defeat on 3rd set.

    Wallace had a terrible match, especially in decisive moments. I think Renan could have done the subs earlier, but that’s it. It happens. Let’s fight for this bronze medal that is a great achievement too! You guys are huge!!