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    Brayelin has to be played as an OH. The other options just aren’t good. And having her attack with Gaila is better than anything else they have to offer.

    maybe not once DLC gets back… if she does lol

    I think that Peralta at least know how to receive, Gaila until now hasn't showed anything special this season.

    Marcos Kwiek still doing his things, such stupid decisions, he is so stubborn, Marte it's accomodated for ages at the starting position without any threat or challenge, Brayelin as OH is another questionating decision, she simply is not an OH, Peralta should be in. The team always look so bad trained, falling into pieces, it's hard to watch, such human material wasted.

    y'all need to listen to me more ;)

    Yes, we have! :rolll: I must confess that I thought you were exaggerating a little bit, but you saw that coming!

    I'm happy we won, great spirit fight for the girls, this team is really enjoyable to watch, we have a lot to grow, but we are on the way (diferrently than the men's team who is falling apart and I hope get crushed next week).

    I knew it Julia B. had become better during her NCAA days, but she is surprising me a lot, the girl has it! So stable and focus on receiving, smart on the attacks, hope this weeks help her to get better with block, but she is in good hands for this, we need her at the WCH, we must have a plan to kidnap this girl, we simply cannot lose her for the rest of the season.

    Finally the league has find some good moments. Everything seems more balanced now, even underdogs Fluminense and Barueri can pull up a surprise. I think the league is open right now, Praia, Minas, Osasco, Bauru or Rio could win the tittle this year. The fact that Rio and Bauru become better while Osasco and Praia seems more instable, gave a chance of us to see more chaos into this scenario for the next weeks, and I think there will be a lot of clutch moments.

    About the performance of Tainara: I'm 100% sure she is an opposite and should change her role, I'm just fine with her, Lorenne and Lorrayna. As you guys mentioned, Rosamaria are rumored and should play as OH for Brazil, and I think it's ok for us going with her alongside Gabi, Karina, Ana Cristina, Julia and maybe Amanda or Maira thinking about reception.

    But I have to say, I'm not convinced at all by Nyeme or Natinha, my wish is that Brait could, at least, go to the WWCH.

    BTW Rachael is having a good season. I hope she stays in Brazil.

    I'm really impressed by Ceren (aka Djarin lol) but I will wait for the next matches. We've seen this before in our league (:wavy: Elitsa).

    She can definitely went downhill next match, especially because it's against Praia and then they will face Minas for the semi finals of Copa Brasil, I hope she plays, I want Turkish duel for the entertainment. :box:

    Ok, the opponent was SESC Flamengo/Rio, but I didn't expect Ceren to play this good on her first game ever on Superliga and playing abroad, she didn't feel the pression, looks like she is training with the team since months. Her block performance was bizarre, got in during the second set and made 21 points, 9 just in 3rd set.

    Kenya was also a key factor to the win of Osasco, her connection with Ceren was good and she is so agressive, still needs to work on her sets to the middle, but she has to be starter, no doubt.

    I don't think she will get rid of this, seems bad, pretty bad. We'll probably won't see Bruninha around the court any time soon...

    It's sad, for both Fluminense and Brazilian Volleyball, she, Jackie and Kenya outplayed the previous generation (Juma, Naiane and Lyara), and are the most promissing setters right now, imo she was the best setter of the league so far.

    Fluminense's path it's even more tough now, they can't go anywhere with Francine, she don't fit in this level.

    About Joycinha and Ceren in Osasco, both will be on the team for the Superliga, Ceren will probably be on bench for Carla and Joycinha for the double sub, as she did today. Ceren couldn't make it the Copa Brasil due some paper issues.