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    Tragic. What horrible news, I still haven't been able to react, I still can't assimilate what happened.

    Wal is an absolute legend of the sport, an incredible person, one of the most respected players of all time, icons like Kirilova had her on their dream team. I grew up watching Walewska and was always enchanted by the beauty and plasticity of her attacking movement, a complete player, she even played as a libero because her passing was so good. I can not accept it.

    Rest in peace dear, thank you for everything.

    what happened? Sorry it has been a while since I follow Brazil MNT

    It isn't clear, because anyone hasn't spoke about this openly, but there's rumours about the enviroment not being that sheltering, especially for him, who is completely open about his sexuality, plus the influence of the senate in decisions like who play, but that's aware for everybody in ages.

    Looking at this from outside I think that all the options named could be better than the current situation, there is no environment to build anything with Davide, he already lost.

    Italy has been among the top teams in the world for 20 years now, they have the audience, the money, the tradition, the techinique, a good group of players with potential in every position, and especially, they have not one of the best players of this time, but of all time, you can't miss this because a coach cannot coach.

    I took what happened with the Brazil NT in 2001 as an example. When Motta took over as head coach when Bernardo went to men's team.

    Marco failed in all the championships, some experienced players were cut, and things exploded when, after Montreux in 2002, Fofão, Erika, Walewska, Elizângela, Raquel and Virna asked to be released from the national team.

    The team that went to the World Championship was basically made up of very young athletes. The players essentially criticized Motta's method of work, the confederation insisted, but after another failure at the 2003 Grand Prix the situation became untenable, and he resigned shortly before the South American Championship and the World Cup that would give places to Athens.

    Result: Brazil qualified for the Olympics, finishing second in the World Cup, having lost only one match to China, which would become Olympic champion next year. Motta practically left saying that the players were crazy and that Venturini led the mutiny against him, certainly Venturini was not a saint, but ZRG at that time was much more energetic and aggressive, so when he took over he had the group in his hands.

    They're supposed to be leaving today, might be at late night, girls were training early this morning in São Paulo, and yes, 15 players will go to Japan.

    In the weeknd, Felipe Roque and Darlan who supposed to be training with the men's team were playing in the Paulista Championship, I didn't understand anything and I don't know what CBV's plan.

    If Lorena is cut, them he is taking Pri Daroit and Basso, I hate the ideia of going with only 3 MB's.

    All of a sudden people start to mock Brazilian players for nothing in Brazilian thread, just leave us alone in one of the few spaces who has not been occupied with endless discussions, please.

    I'm happy to see Helena and Lelê on that list, it means, at least, that they are in ZRG's radar. Plus, Lelê and Lais are good liberos, not everyone will be genius and that's ok, everyone in Brazil is happy with our pool of liberos despite the fact Nyeme and Natinha not be today or never close to Fabi and Brait, this is the best we have and I hope they continue their work so we can have a good fight between them.

    About our roster, I think Zé might take Lorena, it's a long term championship, with too many matches played almost everyday.

    These girls are locked:



    Gabi/Julia Bergmann



    The 3 spots left I think are going to Tainara, Rosamaria and one between Pri Daroit or Maiara Basso.

    I forgot to mention, according to a journalist, Macris didn't show up at the training center in Saquarema, but there's not much information about it. I hope she takes some time off to rest and recover before going to THY.

    Update: Macris is officially out of the OQT for medical reasons. Naiane and Roberta will be our setters.

    Good luck Naiane!

    Yeah, even as a opp, she would be better than all of your current players.

    That I leave to your kind opinion.

    Bringing 3 setters sounds like a suicide for Brazil. Which one of the liberos would get the cut do you guys think? I don't find neither of them a top libero to be honest. They are very far from fabi and brait

    That's the question everyone is wondering, imo, OQT will be a key factor to that, Nyeme seems slightly ahead, but they are pretty much at the same level, what one has the other one misses... so whoever brings more stability will take a step forward.

    I forgot to mention, according to a journalist, Macris didn't show up at the training center in Saquarema, but there's not much information about it. I hope she takes some time off to rest and recover before going to THY.

    So it means that Renan doubled his bet and after memorable achievements like taking Brazil out of first place in the world ranking after 20 years, being left off the Olympic podium for the first time after four Olympic medals in a row, and not forgetting from the most beautiful moment of his career as a coach, when he threw a ball inside the court, during the game, in the match against Russia at the WCH in 2018, now he led Brazil to the catastrophic result in the South American Championship, in which Brazil he had never lost, playing at home, by 3x0 and in a pathetic performance.

    CBV and the players are also responsible for this result, especially the CBV, which impassively watches the decay of the men's volleyball team in Brazil. All the solutions have already been pointed out, I'm tired of talking about how this team is accommodated since Bernardinho left, everyone is tired of talking around here, but certain people just don't want to leave their place.

    I love our dear Cabrita, and if she was back to NT she probably would still be more complete than most of the OH's in the world LoL

    But it's a joke, the vibes are just so tense right here that I thought some lil fun would be good, especially with the beautiful and 2x OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, not everyone has that, some NT's may not even be able to reach the amount of medals she has in Grand Prix's, just a legend.

    About the photo, Jaque was participating in a recording about something that I have no idea what it is.

    USA fans said the same before OG2016… 🫢

    I know Zé and his tactics a little bit to affirm that. He might even go with one setter, but never 3, based in everything I saw and heard from him. Which made me remember in 2014, when WCH was about to start and he had some kind of beef with Fabiola and said he could only go with one setter easily. Recently he said it's important to have players who can play more than 1 position at OG, so he is not going to waste a spot with 3 setters, never.

    Vargas was clearly greeted, this is at the beginning of the game, but she already took the victim script and incorporated it perfectly, it's a shame that a player with her status shares fake news just to create a plot.

    Talking about rewatch, FIVB has removed or hide it the match Brazil x Italy, and they did that after a lot of complaining about some clear mistakes made by the 1st ref. against Brazil, especially the one at the end of 4th set when he freak out and saw from his *** a violation by Juju.

    Voloch said that Roberta is playing with a foot injury and that they haven't ruled out the possibility of a ligament sprain...

    Now he is paying the price or not yet?

    He should have formed a 3rd setter since was clear Dani Lins wouldn't comeback anymore, something about 5 years ago. Now he might end up with none.

    Just let this two woman's rest and take Naiane and Kenya. LoL

    In general, Brazil looks much more stronger, you can see by their bodies, they spend a lot of time in gym, and that has increased their performance despite the level of the oponnents.