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    Both Meryem and Lazareva starred some embarrassing moments today, terrific moments I would say, I couldn't even watch at some points.

    There's no need for Meryem playing for Turkish NT anymore.

    Stats from Ana Cristina

    27/45 in attack


    Got blocked 1 time and made 3 errors in attack.

    40% at reception, 1 mistake, was target by 30 serves.

    Plus 1 block and 1 ace. 29 points overall.

    Actually CEV stole 1 point from Ana, she made 2 aces, so 30 points for her.

    Ok, this is was humiliating.


    A massacre on serve, and the players from bench going on court to celebrate even though the game hasn't end. LOL

    Superb performance for Fener girls, they did everything well, making Conegliano looks like an junior team, I'm mesmerized, don't even need the MB's, because Arina, Ana and Vargas did literally everything.

    From Conegliano, the worst for sure is Santarelli, Plummer kill any chance the team had and he just watched all along.

    It seems Brie King is staying in Sesc Flamengo! That's really cool tbh. Another season under Bernardo would be great for her.

    That's a good move for both, her and the team, there isn't much Brazilian setters avaiable now (who can play in a top team), I don't know where Claudinha will play next season, but apparently there's no market for her at the top 8 teams in SL.

    Minas is supposed to have an American setter, Osasco will renew with Giovanna and Kenya, Flu it's unknown (or Claudinha could end up there? Dear lord please no, Flu reserve better), Dani Lins will stay in Bauru, Pinheiros wants Jackie, and Barueri, well that's just not gonna happen.

    I don't think Fabíola is coming back for Brazil too, besides the top 6, I don't see which a team who can pay her.

    Also the article says they want to renew with VJP, and I hope she stays, one more season playing in Brazil can be really good for her. Juju (for me she could even be starter), Laís and Juciely are supposed to stay as well, all good moves, Valquíria is out.

    Yes, she is willing to play in Paris, said this is her last dream in her career, but tbh I just hope Minas keep her and provides a proper recovery so she can delivery a good farewell, don't want to judge anyone's dreams but I think it's time to let go.

    So this year Julia Kudiess, Lorena and Diana will have some work to do.

    zé trying to get smarzek to naturalize (jk)

    I really want to know what they we're talking about, it seems a pretty nice talk. Zé is so careful with the girls, I remember him talking with Egonu during those times when there we're rumours about her lefting NT.

    In time, Gattaz have felt her knee during Rio x Minas moments ago.

    I agree 100%, but I'd trust Lara more if she already had any sort of international experience (not considering Pan Games), which Lorena and Kudiess, although not much, already do. I feel like she'd need at least some time with the main squad before grabbing a spot in the Olympic team and I fear it's already way too late for that.

    That's the thing with Lara, I like her a lot, she has that energy we need, especially at decisive moments (hi Carol), but she has almost 0 international experience and at this point I would invest in give Julia K., Lorena and Diana the most time possible on court, especially bcs they are hypothetically fighting for 2 spots thinking about OG. But, Lara can be really useful and show something playing in South American Championship and/or at the Pan Am Games, even at VNL, so we can see how she handle on this scenarios. Jussara and Juju for sure need to be there (Pan).

    About Kisy, I would go with her no matter what, her blocking skills are something that we can't throw away, but I don't see her and Lorrayna doing it together, so maybe Kisy and Lorrayna is gonna be fighting for a spot and Lorenne, Tainara and Rosa (?) for another, I really don't know what to think about her (🌹) and I would never sacrifice my perfect group of OH's (Gabi, Julia B., Ana and Gabi Cândido) for her at any time, I hope Zé don't mess this (but he probably will).

    they could use Bergmann as a receiving opposite. Fluctuate the pins that her and AC attack on. Then you’re not reliant on AC’s passing

    I'm with avid on that, some people have suggested that already and I see this working. The fact this three has a good approach attacking in OPP position helps too.

    But I hope Zé gives some rest to Gabi at the early stages of VNL, so J.B and A.C play as much as possible. I'm looking for Gabi Cândido too, I really like her and want to see what she can do in NT, better than waste time with Daroit one more year. Unfortunately Karina seems to be injured.

    So put Lorenne, Tainara, Rosa, Lorrayna and Kisy to fight between them for two or three spots. (Not mentioning that Edinara ia having a way better season that any of that).

    I'm not gonna get into MB's subject bcs we will have to talk about the Véia da Lancha and I don't wanna get stressed. :read:

    I'm very surprised that the two Italian teams wasn't able to reach 20 points in any set, and loose 3x0 both games, Turkish teams put up a great fight and handle them really well, next time I think will be harder, maybe we will see a golden set...

    Arina's service work is insane, Ana Cristina has improved her reception, so young, playing alongside a teenager like her in reception line and doing her job with security, happy for her (and Brazil :rose:).

    I'm not the biggest fan of Macris and agree she was ok today, but I think that the most important ball of the game was that one she gave it to Ruseva at the end of 3rd set when Conegliano was trying a reaction, you need nerve to do that.

    Osasco have just confirmed that Glayce suffered a ACL (in SL this is like the 4º this season?) and will go under surgery, time recover 8 months. ;(

    I hate so much when this happens, a good prospect, young, having her best season of career, stoped by serious injury. She was high contender to a spot in NT this season, I could even bet she would be there. Hope she have a great recover and comeback stronger.

    Osasco now have 2 OH's out due injury cases, Micaya is supposed to be back at the middle of the next month, but that's it, she will be completely out of shape, better Smarzek step up her game, because Tifanny and Drusylla will probably be the main OH, it has to, Duda the 3rd one.

    I saw a couple of games from Lokomotiv Kaliningrad this season and what caught my attention was that Lorenne seems to have lost power, she used to be really strong in her Barueri days but now she seems weak, at the WWCH this was already something I noticed, but now it seems that get it worse, and yeah she is having a bad season there, but I think she is dealing with some physical issue. But, knowing ZRG, I'm pretty sure she will be there and I wouldn't doubted if at the starting 6. Lorrayna are in a roller coaster in Bergamo, Tainara is Tainara: one bomb, one straight into the block and another in the space, Kisy this season is apathetic as everyone are in Minas LOL.

    Maiara Basso and Edinara are the best BR OPP playing in SL, that's a fact. I think the scenario left space to try something this year, there's a lot of games and different competitions, we will problably have two teams or a major number of players, so I wouldn't mind have Edinara playing at some Pan American Games or a couple of games at the preliminary round of VNL, it's not like we have a dominant player at this position who will not give space to anyone because it's a phenomenon.

    I doubt it if NT has Gabi, Julia B, Ana C, Tainara will be there

    They will need some depth in the roster next year, for sure it won't be just this 4 for the position, there's several competitions next year, as South American Championship, VNL, World Cup (OQT), Pan American Games...

    Maiara Basso is carrying Barueri, but I don't see they going much further with this squad, ZRG really made the best he can with such a limited roster, but they need an pure opposite, so far Diana have been very convincing in every aspect of the game, great start.

    Fluminense inconsistency is what have been pushing them down. The team lacks nerves, they give it away too easy, Lelê so far have been so weak this season, Juma and her up's and downs, so imprecise, right know Bruna is not better than Kimberly and the coach haven't seen this yet. Their pair of OH have been the safe spot, Gabi Cândido with a solid start, good girl, hope to see her in NT and Elina is having the best season of her career so far.

    Pinheiros has the same problems of Flu: shaky reception, poor mental game, crazy setter, and a weak link in the extremities, but in they case that's on their OH, Talia and Amanda didn't had a great beggining, Edinara is their safe play, the girl started full force, I hope she can sustain this performance, really like her.

    I didn't watch enough games of Brasilia, Brusque and Maringa to say something, but what I saw from Maringa gave me a feeling they can upset other teams like they did with Bauru.

    First impressions so far:

    Balanced season so far, Praia a little ahead. They have the best squad, and are playing together for a couple of seasons.

    Osasco put up an impressive performance against Minas, and then suffered to handle a fragile São Caetano, let's see how they perform versus Praia and Fluminense. Smarzek seems to be getting in shape, Adenizia is doing her best season in a coupe of years, Fabiana is nowhere to found, Micaya showed her value.

    As someone said, Minas can't go anywhere with Pri Heldes, she doesn't have the capacity to play this system of a super fast game with MB's and Kisy, Jackie needs be starter.

    Bauru is somehow overperforming imho, Dani Lins is playing her best volleyball in like 9 years, great connection with MB's and OH, very creative, precise, she made Ivna looks like a reliable opposite. Let's see what they can do against Rio and Minas.

    Flamengo started a mess, but seems to be getting back on track, after starting really bad Bruna has find some rhythm, if she don't sustain this I would try VJP as OPP. But they still have to face Pinheiros, Bauru and Minas, the first two fighting for positions.

    I saw this video and also saw her yesterday praising Bolsonaro at the fascist manifestation, unbelievable.

    She and Mauricio Souza are the two trash cans of Brazilian volleyball, carrying with it the worst in the world.

    What consoles me is know that she will never, ever, step at a volleyball court again, and (I hope) probably not gonna be elected.

    I wasn't much familiar with Helena before this tournament, but that's real, her approach reminds a lot Mari, I actually went back in time watching her, all her mechanisms reminds Mari.

    From this squad, her, Lelê, and Juliana are the highlights, Juliana still amazing me, her slide attacks are so beautiful to watch, Aline was a little bit off this time, maybe because she had to cover Helena in reception.

    Going to a WCH with 3 MB's, with one of them being an injury prone (plus he is 36 y.o) and the other one is an average MB with almost 0 experience with NT, is just everything we expect that Renan can take out of his genious mind, unbelievable. I'll never get tired to say how much over I'm with this team, it takes too much for us, fans, to still standing for this staff.