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    Brazilian Superliga:

    After Sesc-RJ's withdrawal and SESI dissolving their adult team, Ribeirão Preto has also decided to shut down. They were more known for being the team managed by Lipe (OH). I wouldn't be surprised if other teams also disappeared.

    Meanwhile, Vedacit/Guarulhos has confirmed they will join SL from the B league. First names confirmed are Sandro (S) and Thiago Alves (OH). They were the team associated with Corinthians until a couple Superligas ago and were put on blast for not paying salaries for months. Who knows how long they'll last this time...

    The last one out turn off the light. :wall:

    It's so sad what's happening in Superliga.

    come on! You can't call a team with a reception line of Jacqueline and brait as a team without reception:what::white:

    A lot of setters succeeded without reception but Jacqueline-brait is not the good example of this

    Reception was the main problem in Osasco this season, unfortunately, because Jaque / Brait is probably one of the best lines in the world, I couldn't agree more.

    But this season, Jaque was not good enough at the reception, probably because she was the team's main attacker, since Bjelica, Ellen and Casanova were unable to put the ball down, she failed at crucial moments and, of course, I blame Luizomar for this. Bjelica didn't work as an OH in France, it wouldn't be in Brazil that she would do better.

    Brait and Jaque, most of the time, covered 70% of the court, or more, even when Ellen was there. Roberta was unable to set enough balls for the MB's and this compromised her game a lot.

    I understand your point, agree that it might contribute to Drussyla's lack of motivation to play volleyball/be in the NT, but I don't think the presence of older players is the cause of it all. Younger athletes doesn't seem to be mentally prepared to deal with the routine it takes to be in the NT - and this is valid for many sports. Honestly, I think this is a generational issue. Take Bia for example: she was playing her best in the past olympic cycle and she decided to quit the NT because she had a Disney trip scheduled. She could have been in Rio Olympics or at least put a good fight for a spot.

    Quick note: Dani Lins hasn't played due to pregnancy/injuries. Fabíola hasn't played because she doesn't want to. Different situations. And I don't think Dani was any worse than Fabíola - who basically spent a whole season setting Tandara and forgeting about her middles. And I don't even have to coment about Roberta, right? She deserves to be in the NT just because she was there for four years? Honestly I don't think so.

    Like I said, if Dani Lins or Fabíola are better than Roberta or Macris in 2021, I will be for sure the one who will claim for one of them in the OG. But, we don't have to go far to remember when Zé took Fabíola to the Olympics, 2 months after giving birth, just because he has some remorse for not taking her in 2012.

    I agree a 100% about Fabíola, I see a lot of people praising her for this season, and I don't see the reason why, all her life she was known for that: setting almost all the balls to the opposites. Plus: she never make difference in NT. About Dani Lins, for me she was incredible until 2014, since then I don't see her making an impact, both NT and clubs, but yes, she can do better, especially better than Fabíola. In 2019 I thought she just asked for not being in NT, didn't know she was injured.

    Roberta had a hard time this season, playing with a team without reception (like her last season in SESC RJ), because yes Jaque was the best OH of the SL, but she didn't have an easy life in reception even playing with Brait, Ellen was not good enough and Bjelica is not an OH, Luizomar and his stupid decisions (like so many others), but I agree that Roberta was more imprecise and inconsistent, with wrong decisions at crucial moments.

    I got what you guys said and I agree with you'all, but I think there's somethings we have to considered about this topic. Brazil won two gold medals at Olympic games, and that made confort for Zé Roberto to not make a renovation that NT needed in time, inmho that endorses the desmotivation of young players.

    This cycle they live with the possibility of renomate players to make a comeback way before the Olympics, while they play during all the cycle, classified Brazil for the Games and got all the pression for the media, and then suddenly the veterans are considered to make the cut.

    The shadow of the Olympic champions should've not been a thing for them, they need to have the guts to play better and better, because that's what can take them to OG, but the possibility of Garay, Jaque, Sheilla, and so on make a comeback, may explain a little bit this lack of desire. I can bet, that in the next cycle we will see a completely change of behavior.

    For me sounds very reasonable that this players feel "discredit". Example, Dani Lins (which the article says is playing good, idk where) said a few days ago, that she wants to play OG, Fabiola did the same, look, any player, regardless of age or whatever, may have the desire to play at the Olympics, the problem is Zé Roberto.

    If this two deserve to be there because are playing good and better than Macris/Roberta, then ok, but this 4 years, Fabiola didn't play a single competition for NT, Dani Lins played two in 2018 and showed why Macris should've been there instead of her.

    Other point is, Drussyla started to play for adult NT in 2017, did a good job, in 2018 she did bad, but already suffering for injury and needed surgery, which the club decide not make, so she didn't play in her best conditions that season.

    In 2019 she decided not go for NT because was suffering with pain (caused by the injury from past season), so she finally go under surgery and this season in club she was recovering from that, for me the circunstances was not by her side during this cycle. But yes, I definitely agree that the way she express herself is annoying, the thing with ranking was ridiculous, and she need start thinking before posting on internet.

    Sorry for the bible, this is not a defense of Drussyla, I'm miles away of being a fan of her, it's just myself wondering which things are happening with this generation of players and thinking together with you people.

    Kosheleva agent say on this article that she has proposals from China, Japan and Brazil, weeks ago there was a rumour she was going to Osasco, and this was desmented by Voloch, but her agent say that it's true.

    He also said that Osasco is waiting until june to know what's gonna be their real budget, since the bank (who is probably gonna be their main sponsor) still didn't define how much money they will spend, let's wait and see.

    Look guys, I'm not really a fan of Drussyla, as personal or athlete but I think people is making too much noise with this declaration of her.

    Of course this generation is different than the previous one (especially the players who complaine all the time about this actual generation), and they are different for several reasons, and yes, I agree when some people talk about players who choosed to be on bench on big clubs instead of playing in smaller clubs but with court time (aka Naiane).

    The thing is, in Drussyla's favor, she played in beach and floor for years in the beggining of her carreer, stay away from home and family since 14, and since 14 she joined youth NT, I think is completely normal, that in the middle of a global pandemic and quarentine (which she got infected by the virus), she feel the right to not miss her time on court playing volleyball.

    Volleyball for her is a profession, not a hobby, I really love my job too and I'm really happy on what I do, but I don't take vacations for several years at this time, and I feel so bad that a covid-19 has to happen for me to take care of my life because I work incessantly since 16. But I will not talk about privilegis of the players who talk about this new generation right now (when they actually were Olympic champions at this age).

    After CBV brought Renan from ashes and did not followed Bernardo's recommendation to hire Rubinho for the Men's team, I feel that anything can happen.

    I think the same, I just don't put Paulo Coco 100% as head coach in NT next cycle because of this. I was so sure about having Rubinho as Bernardinho sucessor, that it was a schocking for me when they annouced Renan. Maybe CBV wants a new way of work, with other mentality. Lavarini would be damn good, and I think we deserve that. :drink:

    It's really hard to play for Brazil after the two golden medals we get, the pressure is even more harder than what it was at the period after Athens. Rosamaria refused to play last year because she had depression, Gabi Candido suffered from panic disorder, Drussyla also couldn't deal the pressure, what they have in common? They are all under 25.

    The case of Lorenne is priceless, she benched two seasons in Osasco, after playing great in Sesi, then had a chance at NT and showed what she is capable. And that make so good for her confidence, it did so well for her, that even the way she behaves on the court changed, we saw her screaming, facing off against her opponet, playing as a dominant opposite.

    It's not gonna be easy for us, like it was not easy for Italy, Serbia and China. But I think we can build a team, at least competitive, with the players that are emerging. It is a matter of time, work and patience. The clubs are realizing that it is necessary to start testing players, especially outside hitters, and this will probably be more evident in the next Superliga.

    Mari suffered an ACL at the World Grand Prix in the match against Poland, that injury destroyed her career, like Sidney said. It was much more serious than the one she had in Fenerbahçe. That's why she wasn't at the World Championship in Japan. Paula Pequeno also got injured in that Grand Prix and missed the championship.

    Wilhite was titular today, but played (badly) the first set, then got subbed by Glayce, who after many errors in reception was replaced by Gabi Cândido, who should be the starter from the beggining.

    For me, Juma is the biggest problem in São Paulo Barueri, she is capable of kill anyone's confidence.

    Ok, that's the beginning of the season, but it's really hard to understand what Minas managers tried to with this line-up.

    Sheilla is not even close to being bad, she is just not there and how someone have said, all 4 OH's are useless.

    The coach seemed completely lost last night, at some point , Thaisa assumed the word for the team and different them what Nicola was asking, some Karch thing, like patience and more bullshit, she said that patience has limit and yelled for courage of the players!! This season in Minas promises to be the best, at least at the time-out's and interviews.

    Group A

    Brazil - Puerto Rico 3-0

    Egypt - Bulgaria 0-3

    Brazil - Egypt 3-0

    Puerto Rico - Bulgaria 0-3

    Egypt - Puerto Rico 2-3

    Bulgaria - Brazil 1-3

    Group B

    Netherlands - South Korea 3-1

    Belgium - USA 1-3

    Belgium - Netherlands 3-2

    USA - South Korea 3-0

    Netherlands - USA 0-3

    South Korea - Belgium 1-3

    Group C

    Australia - Serbia 1-3

    Italy - Cameroon 3-0

    Serbia - Cameroon 3-0

    Australia - Italy 1-3

    Cameroon - Australia 0-3

    Serbia - Italy 3-2

    Group D

    Poland - Tunisia 3-0

    France - Slovenia 3-0

    Poland - France 2-3

    Slovenia - Tunisia 3-0

    France - Tunisia 3-0

    Poland - Slovenia 3-0

    Group E

    Iran - Cuba 3-1

    Russia - Mexico 3-0

    Iran - Mexico 3-0

    Russia - Cuba 3-0

    Cuba - Mexico 3-0

    Russia - Iran 3-2

    Group F

    Canada - Argentina 2-3

    China - Finland 3-1

    Finland - Canada 0-3

    China - Argentina 1-3

    Argentina - Finland 3-0

    China - Canada 0-3

    Group A

    Serbia - Thailand 3-0

    Poland - Puerto Rico 3-0

    Serbia - Puerto Rico 3-0

    Thailand - Poland 1-3

    Puerto Rico - Thailand 0-3

    Serbia - Poland 3-1

    Group B

    China - Czech Republic 3-0

    Turkey - Germany 3-2

    Germany - Czech Republic 3-0

    China - Turkey 3-1

    Czech Republic - Turkey 0-3

    China - Germany 3-0

    Group C

    Argentina - Bulgaria 2-3

    USA - Kazakhstan 3-0

    USA - Bulgaria 3-0

    Kazakhstan - Argentina 2-3

    USA - Argentina 3-0

    Kazakhstan - Bulgaria 1-3

    Group D

    Brazil - Cameroon 3-0

    Dominican Republic - Azerbaijan 3-2

    Brazil - Azerbaijan 3-0

    Cameroon - Dominican Republic 0-3

    Brazil - Dominican Republic 3-1

    Azerbaijan - Cameroon 3-0

    Group E

    South Korea - Canada 3-0

    Russia - Mexico 3-0

    South Korea - Mexico 3-0

    Russia - Canada 3-0

    Mexico - Canada 1-3

    Russia - South Korea 3-1

    Group F

    Belgium - Netherlands 1-3

    Italy - Kenya 3-0

    Netherlands - Kenya 3-0

    Belgium - Italy 1-3

    Kenya - Belgium 0-3

    Netherlands - Italy 2-3

    I have never seen coach Kiraly so angry, he was screaming at players, definitely no good vibes from there. :whistle:

    On the other hand, Brazil played his best match defensively, Gabi is doing great, is truly amazing to see the player she is turnin out to be, leading this team in the absence of Natalia and Tandara. Plus, after bad perfomances, Macris played good today. Big win for Brazil, this girls needs a boost of confidence.

    Malesevic is a no no for any top team in the world who wants to win trophys.

    Tandara and Buijs is the better options, on this circumstances, but I have a feeling that Tandara is almost recovered from her injury, who it seems wasn't so serious.

    Maret of course would be good too, but I think that Tirozzi is there for the same role, so no.

    No idea. Looks like an ankle twist, but don't quote me on that.

    I don't think I'll be updating this thread any further. Brazil's latest elections and all the support our fascist president-elect received from a vast majority of players that take part in Superliga completely killed my enjoyment of the tournament and Brazilian volleyball as a whole.

    If anyone is interested in stats, they can be found via this link:

    Since 2014 election we knew it that there was a bunch of players who demonstrated to be xenophobic and despicable people, but right now did hurt me deeply, see all those players praising for a fascist, who will probably break up this country in the middle. This election show it a part of this people that I denied for all this years, but now I can't even look at their faces and don't feel a big dissapointment, for the kind of human beings they are. Sérginho, Lucão, William, Lipe, Lorenne, Natália, Adenizia, Tandara, Lucarelli, Fernanda Venturini, Fofão... and the names hasn't stop counting. The Superliga Feminina will start later next month, and I don't give a damn s***.

    And about the election, I feel really sorry for this country, despite of all the kinds of violence that will take part on our society, against the social moviments, LGBT people, womans, black people and poor, he will create a dyplomatic crisis with neighbour countrys, that on terms will put our nation under serious danger. Sorry for the off topic, but this days hasn't been easy.

    And about the updates, like Agguerro said, they are really appreciated!!

    I think we're gonna see new faces coming in the next year, since they will have to make two teams for being able to compete in every tournment, but I have to say that I'm really upset in the way Zé is coaching for at least the last 4 years. He doesn't show enough motivation, too conservative in his choices, sometimes I feel he destabilizes so much the team, when it's not the drama, it's the long time to call a time out, Rosamaria for example, should have played at least the beggining of the VNL, but no, he prefers to breakdown Tandara, who was a shadow of herself in WCH, he simple doesn't make a single change, and when it comes, it's already too late.

    Brazil will not produce dominant player like Egonu ou Boskovic, it's not our culture, we always relies in how the group can be homogeneous, but this year nothing works, and the physical problems, for me, was the main problem, this team needed more 4 weekes to prepare properly for a competition like WCH.

    For the upcoming players, Julia Bergmann it's a great prospect, but she needs to play, and Superliga didn't provide that for her, so she is going to NCAA, once again we failed. Tainara who was the other OH in U20 South American Champioship it's another player to look forward, and it's playing on Zé Roberto's team, so we might see her next year, Edinara is benching on Sesi Bauru, but I root for her, if she get's better on reception, could be a great OH. For the OPP, I see Lorenne reciving a chance too (Hooker should take care in Osasco, Lorenne can put her on bench easily), there are two left handed OPP's that we should pay attention too, Lorrayna and Kisy, both have great hight and power, for the other hand I don't see any libero coming, for middle blockers, I hope Diana Alecrim improves this year on São Caetano, she has everything to be a star in near future, about setters, Lyara should have a chance, unfortunately Naiane and Juma choosed be on bench for Dani Lins and Fabíola.