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    Some weeks ago, Douglas gave an interview to a tv show in Brazil, where he said something like: this city has nothing to do, nothing happens etc (for a moment I thought he would do a Rahimova meme and say that the city smells like cow s**t). It's not what he said, but the way he did, looked strange for me, a little bit cocky.

    The rumours about him going to Big Brother had started right after the OG, which made me think, if he already wasn't planning to do this and that explain his perfomances... But that's just my mind working. What I know is that he is boring as influencer and his moral is quite low right now. I'm so frusted with him.

    Since you open up the bottle: I'm not liking this season of Superliga, the level of teams has dropped (thankfully not much as the Male version, which became a ghost of herself), but they look unbalanced. I hope they get better in the second half of the season, because so far, for me, has been really boring to watch.

    IMHO, Nia Reed is so far the best player of the league, let's see if she will sustain, but for now, she is carrying Bauru, Nyeme played a solid game too, best performance for Adenizia in ages. Drussyla still the weak link, she is not getting there, I don't know, maybe a 1 year break away from volleyball should've been the best choice.

    Minas was a joke last night, I don't like Nicola and this won't change even if he end up winning the trophy. Macris + Gattaz aren't that special anymore, but Pri Daroit + Neriman + Cuttino are dragging Minas down, deeply.

    Osasco needs desperately an OH, they can't rely just on Silvana, or Carla if Tifanny is moved to OH. But at this point, there are two questions, who could be? And as someone said, Lulu needs to figure out that first.

    Maique is dumb, dumb as hell and seems not interested in learn anything, he is just ignorant and are alright with that, such a disappointment, impossible to defend. :aww:

    Renan dal Zotto closes the doors of the Brazilian NT to Maurício Souza.

    In a new interview, the coach says that "this type of conduct by Mauricio is inadmissible and that in the Brazilian team there is no room for homophobic professionals".

    On Tuesday night, he was surprised by the information of the player's removal by the club, when sought by O Globo. He said he would "find out about the matter" and, this Wednesday, he answered the report again:

    O Globo: Why did you want to be more forceful?

    Renan dal Zotto: As it is an extremely relevant matter, I tried to find out about the case in detail in order to express myself. And I was disappointed. This type of conduct by Maurício is unacceptable and I am radically against any kind of prejudice, homophobia, racism. When it comes to the Brazilian team, there is no room for homophobic professionals. Above all I need to have a team and I can't have this kind of controversy in the group. I'm not just referring to the cast of athletes. It is general for all professionals.

    What did you think of Douglas' statements about the case?

    He has become a great reference for the LGBT community and wants to raise this banner. I think it's cool and supportive. All I can say is that Douglas does everything from his heart. He is exactly as he shows himself, spontaneous.

    Was there any disagreement between them at the Olympics in Tokyo?

    There was never anything like that. I wouldn't even allow it. What happened was Douglas boom on social media. We were very happy with the success he achieved. And at no point did your posts get in the way of his performance.

    How can this episode affect the Brazilian team?

    Will not affect. There's no one called up yet. I am sorry for the controversy. This is a hot topic and needs to be talked about. You can't admit this type of episode again.

    BRA 3 X 0 ARG

    It was a good start, I never didn't have seen none of these players, and seems they never play a competition together, so basing on that, I found the team considerable better than the U20.

    I did like Juliana skills on attack too, really powerful and fast, the outside hitters looked good too, especially Aline, that Rebeca MB it's really tall. The libero is for sure the weakest link.

    Argentina is a tough team on defense, they are very smart, but Brazil managed to serve good and put a lot of pressure in block, some usual mistakes to this categorie, but was fun to watch. Let's see what we can do against Russia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

    If they will play with Tiffany as OPP, then the possibility of hiring another OH should be considered, but at this point I don't remember if there's anyone available, maybe some Cuban? There's some time since I haven't heard anything about Herrera.

    I find this decision reasonable but questionable. Alan is also moving out for Russia, going play abroad for the first time, plus he has kids, so...

    But I'm so happy for Adriano, at least I have something to cheer for.

    To be honest, Lucão is one of the last things who bother me in this team, however Bruninho...