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    SESI are finding a way to play better, and tonight they showed some evolution, it seems that afert the terrible loss to Praia, the girls are managing to change the mentaility there, and that's definetely something, otherwise, if they had continued playing that way , they would be serious contenders to fail in quaterfinals.

    For Sesc, the missing of Lorenne was felt, you can't win games depending on Amanda to attack, especially in this form she is right now, and in this case, Drussyla is really missed on the team, but we don't know what's happening - someone knows? She is recovering from injury since 2018 and never get back in form.

    This is certainly bad news for Bauru, but in the victory against Rio couple of weeks ago, Bauru managed to win the game despite her poor performance (6/29 - 21%), 9 points in 5 sets. Maybe Dobriana/Vanessa duo can provide a better reception and more stable game.

    EDIT: sloth you got me.

    Well, so we can expect a meltdown for the next days, the cases of Curitiba still emerging and weeks ago they played against Osasco, who is having an outbreak now and probably will have more cases. Osasco played against Barueri last week, when they still didn't know about new cases, and Barueri is gonna face Praia Clube tonight for Brazilian Cup. Now one athlete in Minas tested positive and they play against Pinheiros tonight too, this in a moment that Brazil is living a tragedy in the North of the country, maybe the worst since the begging of this nightmare.

    CBV protocols just sucks, this federation it's a joke.

    I hope this defeat will serve for Osasco wake up, they were playing very well, but it seems that after covid cases they lowered their energy, maybe it was a good time to lose and rethink strategies, because the most difficult games are coming and the other teams are finding their best game now.

    About the game, Zé Roberto is showing why this project of Barueri is so important for the future of Brazilian women's volleyball, the girls are improving so much, they played brilliant last night and I think they can surprise other teams in the games to come.

    Today's game is an example of why I criticize Dani Lins in the past few years. The only two things who still maintaining her performance it's serve and defense, that still on top, but otoh she takes such unwise decisions in critical moments, and seems to get off the game, losing her precision to make the sets, the attackers always feel uncomfortable to attack. This has been happening systematically since 2014, both in national team and clubs.

    At this point, with the current level of Roberta and Macris, for me it's impossible to consider her for the Olympic roster. If she wants to earn some spot there, she need to step up her game, but right now, because she is six years late.

    Polina must be excited with Dobriana coming to join to the team, it is the hope that she will no longer have to carry Sesi alone on her back (38 pts today, 2 aces, 2 blocks and 67/34 - 51% in attack, the second highest scorer was Mara, with 12 points.). But congrats for the winning, was a game with a lot of mistakes by both sides, but at least was fun. It's good to see Lorenne and Ana Cristina playing, both are inexperienced, but fun and enjoyable to watch.

    the same Gabi who always underperformed in the team and Samara who never did anything worthwile in Brazil?

    Still better than Suelle, Mari Cassemiro and Vanessa Janke.

    Samara at least can pass and Gabi, as Wilhite, suffered with a bad work by Anderson, which didn't know who he wanna as starter, he tried Glayce, Wilhite and her all season long.

    Until today nobody knows who was playing with Tifanny as OH.

    I'll be shocked if China doesn't win Gold at Tokyo.They have everything in their power to make some Brazil 2008 vibes and run over everyone until the final.

    Of course Dobriana is a great addition to the them, but what I don't know is if she's gonna be enough to fix this big mess.

    For me, Dani Lins seems worst season after season, mentally lost in a bad coached team, Mara don't attack, don't block or serve, Adenizia doesn't feel confortable there, Suelle is uselless.

    Rahimova, Tifanny and Brenda are carry this team, but they can't do everything.

    Despite the discussion of who is better than who, I am very happy to see good players appear in the OH position, in my opinion, Karina, Ana Cristina, Tainara and Gabi Cândido are all good names for the next cycle in the NT (but I wouldn't mind if Zé took Ana to Tokyo, in reality, I think he should).

    Dinamo was playing better when Goncharova was absent, and with Babeshina in, Romanova doesn't have any condition (now) to be in the starting 6, but with this two liberos, Dinamo can't go much further.

    what are the injuries to camila and lorenne? they didn’t play yesterday.

    coming off the bench, juma, marcelle and valquíria played really well.

    Camila suffered a knee injury during Super Vôlei, Lorenne felt some kind of muscle injury in her leg, but it seems it's not serious.

    Natinha (out of the season), Valquíria, Roberta (still injured), Ana Cristina, Lorenne, Camila and Drussyla (recovering from injuries since 2018), all these players had some physical problem at the beginning of the season for Flamengo, it can't be a coincidence.

    They should have fired Anderson right after that tragic semifinal, I think it was 18/19 season, against Praia Clube, when they played the worst volleyball possible, right after eliminating Rio in the quarterfinals, playing very well, and managing something unprecedented: taking Rio from the semifinals after I don't know how many centuries. But they chose to renew with him, the worst possible decision.

    I agree with saishuu, now was just not the time, and to be honest, after seeing Rubinho flopping in Sesi for so many years, I don't expect anything different now.

    Of course we already knew that the level of this second semifinal would be lower than the first one, but the conditions in which this game took place were pathetic, mainly due to the incompetence of this federation, which especially when it comes to women (NT or club), does not give dignified conditions and not the same treatment than for men.

    For those who do not know the contexts in which this game took place, this tournament (which is worthless), is happening in Saquarema, where CBV facilities are located, the place is naturally humid, because it is close to the sea, and in a region of lakes. The federation changed the colors and the material of the courts for this season, as has been said here, and this made it difficult to know where it was wet or not.
    All combined with the heat, resulted in long waits to dry the court, players slipping all the time.
    On the other hand, the men's competition held last week, took place at Arena Minas, one of the best places to play in the country and none of that happened there.

    About the semifinal, Osasco finished his game at 1am and at 7pm was already on court to play the semifinal, after a 3 hour battle. Tainara at the end was barely able to jump, and the slipping festival was bizarre. When it happened to Lorenne it really scared me, I was out of breath, and Gabi Cândido, who I hope is well, left the court crying after getting hurt. Osasco lost the first two sets in stupid mistakes in the end, but fought bravely in the third and fourth and could have won the match, even without Jaque and Gabi.

    About the final, I expect a quick victory for Sesc Flamengo/Rio by 3-0, but I am very apprehensive about the athletes' health.

    That's the level I expect from Serie A1, not spetacular, but a good match, by both teams. I was rooting for Scandicci to win, but this game already are an improvement.

    The weakest link in Scandicci are their MB, they are useless, and honestly I don't blame Malinov at all on this. Other thing that need to be fixed, and was already a problem in the last season, is this infinitive rotation of OH's, it didn't work before and will not work now.

    In Novara, I don't know the current situation of Smarzek's shape, but she need to step up her game, Bosetti and Herbots carried the team.

    Good mental control to finish the set for Scandicci, Malinov's block on the set point was heavy. I hope they can maintain this, because Cate Bosetti wants to finish this game sooner!

    Well guys, I'm gonna be honest here and don't get me wrong, this it's getting boring. Conegliano plays superbly, in every aspect of the game, it's beautiful to watch, but no one can challenge them and every game seems an extra treinament. The other teams seems fighting to not be relegated or to be in the second place. They should and they can do better than this. The games postponed just make this worst.

    Serie A1 nowdays looks like Brazilian League a few years ago when only Rio and Osasco was the teams making the finals. I expect and want to be proved wrong until the middle/end of the season.

    Just have finished to watch THY x Nilüfer.

    Ebrar behavior it's just inexplicable, for me nothing justify this kind of reaction to other players and referees, of course we all love a game played with emotion, and some level of provocation between the teams, it's part of the show and the game, but the way she does it's just disrespectful and agressive, if she continues to be like that, wherever she play, NT or club, I will never root for her team to win, sorry.

    ps: if she did something like that in Brazil, she would get hit in the face in the locker rooms after the game. :box: