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    I doubt it if NT has Gabi, Julia B, Ana C, Tainara will be there

    They will need some depth in the roster next year, for sure it won't be just this 4 for the position, there's several competitions next year, as South American Championship, VNL, World Cup (OQT), Pan American Games...

    Maiara Basso is carrying Barueri, but I don't see they going much further with this squad, ZRG really made the best he can with such a limited roster, but they need an pure opposite, so far Diana have been very convincing in every aspect of the game, great start.

    Fluminense inconsistency is what have been pushing them down. The team lacks nerves, they give it away too easy, Lelê so far have been so weak this season, Juma and her up's and downs, so imprecise, right know Bruna is not better than Kimberly and the coach haven't seen this yet. Their pair of OH have been the safe spot, Gabi Cândido with a solid start, good girl, hope to see her in NT and Elina is having the best season of her career so far.

    Pinheiros has the same problems of Flu: shaky reception, poor mental game, crazy setter, and a weak link in the extremities, but in they case that's on their OH, Talia and Amanda didn't had a great beggining, Edinara is their safe play, the girl started full force, I hope she can sustain this performance, really like her.

    I didn't watch enough games of Brasilia, Brusque and Maringa to say something, but what I saw from Maringa gave me a feeling they can upset other teams like they did with Bauru.

    First impressions so far:

    Balanced season so far, Praia a little ahead. They have the best squad, and are playing together for a couple of seasons.

    Osasco put up an impressive performance against Minas, and then suffered to handle a fragile São Caetano, let's see how they perform versus Praia and Fluminense. Smarzek seems to be getting in shape, Adenizia is doing her best season in a coupe of years, Fabiana is nowhere to found, Micaya showed her value.

    As someone said, Minas can't go anywhere with Pri Heldes, she doesn't have the capacity to play this system of a super fast game with MB's and Kisy, Jackie needs be starter.

    Bauru is somehow overperforming imho, Dani Lins is playing her best volleyball in like 9 years, great connection with MB's and OH, very creative, precise, she made Ivna looks like a reliable opposite. Let's see what they can do against Rio and Minas.

    Flamengo started a mess, but seems to be getting back on track, after starting really bad Bruna has find some rhythm, if she don't sustain this I would try VJP as OPP. But they still have to face Pinheiros, Bauru and Minas, the first two fighting for positions.

    I saw this video and also saw her yesterday praising Bolsonaro at the fascist manifestation, unbelievable.

    She and Mauricio Souza are the two trash cans of Brazilian volleyball, carrying with it the worst in the world.

    What consoles me is know that she will never, ever, step at a volleyball court again, and (I hope) probably not gonna be elected.

    I wasn't much familiar with Helena before this tournament, but that's real, her approach reminds a lot Mari, I actually went back in time watching her, all her mechanisms reminds Mari.

    From this squad, her, Lelê, and Juliana are the highlights, Juliana still amazing me, her slide attacks are so beautiful to watch, Aline was a little bit off this time, maybe because she had to cover Helena in reception.

    Going to a WCH with 3 MB's, with one of them being an injury prone (plus he is 36 y.o) and the other one is an average MB with almost 0 experience with NT, is just everything we expect that Renan can take out of his genious mind, unbelievable. I'll never get tired to say how much over I'm with this team, it takes too much for us, fans, to still standing for this staff.

    Isac (MB) won't be at the WCH!

    CBV released this:

    A spinal problem, diagnosed a few years ago, took MB Isac out of the World Championships, from August 26 to September 11, in Poland and Slovenia. The decision on the cut was taken jointly by the player and the coaching staff of the men's team this Thursday.

    Central Léo will be called by coach Renan Dal Zotto .

    "It's a difficult time, but it was a rational decision, taken together with the coaching staff. I've been dealing with this problem in the spine for some time, and now I feel more difficult to give my 100%. Of course I would like to compete in the WCH, defend the Brazilian team in this important competition. But it's time to think about my health. I want to focus on treatment and recover to come back at my best", says Isac.

    "The decision to make the cut was taken together with the athlete, prioritizing Isac's health. It's an issue he's had for some time and is dealing with", explained Felipe Malzac, doctor for the men's team.

    well, no one can say Zé didn't invite them... I understand Gabi refusing since she was injured, but Maira probably just wants to hang out with her BF lol also by possibly playing in Romania she should be completely out of the picture and honestly, with Julia coming in next year, she won't necessarily be needed.

    honestly I'd just take the 4 that are left and work something out of that. have Gabi and Daroit start and sub in whoever is better shape-wise for Daroit when she crumbles after like 10 points in the first set every match. we won't achieve anything this WCH anyway, so why even bother and gamble on random people that didn't even train for/play the VNL?

    what I really would like to know is why the fuck Rosa is taking so long to recover from what was seemingly an ankle sprain. she's been "returning from injury" forever now.

    This situation remember me Natalia last WCH and OG, forever recovering from some injury that happened during the club season and then the NT season is done and she didn't even play a full set. I hope the time prove me wrong, because as you said, she will have to save Pri Daroit's ass a lot after the first 10 points LOL.

    This makes me bet that Lorenne is certain to be there.

    That's a pity, in a moment like this Drussyla would be a key factor, she has the skills, the explosion, the energy...

    I still thinking about Zé taking Pri Daroit over Kasi, the most controversal decision for me. In a situation like this, I think someone like Maira or Gabi Cândido should be invited, but we will stuck with one only good receiver, a non factor and two players coming from injury.

    I'm worried about our OH's, besides Gabi, there is no one who has the ability of receive properly (please don't bring Pri Daroit to the topic, she is just average and have proven that any time this VNL).

    I don't have high hopes for the WCH, even with our silver medal at the VNL, but for next year... I'm looking forward to see Drussyla back!

    I've been following her and she seems so happy, dedicated and focus, plus she is so fit right now, haven't seeing her that skinny for like 4 years LOL. Let's see if she build a solid season, because we need her.

    I'm glad Serbia took the bronze, so well deserved, they delivered an inspired game along the league, surpass what was expected from them and what I like most is that they seem more happy, the atmosphere is good. Santarelli has already made improvements there.

    Lozo was a great surprise (I feel she will end up playing in Osasco soon or later).

    None of Turkish players should be at the dream team, but that's inevitable, I just hope they don't stole 2nd best MB from Stevanovic or Aleksic, could go the either one, but that's most likely to happen... they provide key performances in Serbia success, while no one in Turkey really made the difference.

    About Turkey, I feel that Guidetti doesn't trust in his players, he seems unmotivated, pissed off all the time, the problem there seems more psychological than technical, the players just close their eyes and let things go their own way, and that's a pity, because they have the passion, good human material, a huge fan base and the money who provides a enviable structure. They can bring Alexia, Vargas, but I don't see a change if the mind set don't change.

    And of course, I'm gonna repeat myself time and time again, Özsoy is a huge absence, she is a mature player, very good attacker, have qualities that can't be ignored, Turkey cannot have the luxury of pretend she doesn't exist, the same for Örge, just the best libero in Turkey, Aköz is nowhere close to her level. Also, I don't think it was time to let Naz go, she is just 31, for a setter that's the best time ever, I feel people descredited her for other reasons that was not just her fault.

    It's crazy how the sports manage to provide this kind of situation. Zé is a prove that passion and really hard work can carry us far then what it was predicted, he is definitely the best!

    I'm impressed by the mature of our team, dealing with tough situations, first time of some girls in senior team and they wanted so bad to win, to improve their game.

    I follow the Brazil Women's NT since 2004, and it's always so thrilled to see this team getting over the expectations, we are the only NT who has to make a million comebacks to prove ourselves worthy.

    I wish this girls a brilliant future in sport, thank you so much for bring so much joy to our country.

    The way young players such as Kisy and Julia B. dealt with the pression and manage to get back on the game impressed me, thank you Zé too, you are the best!

    Although the defeat, Serbia is doing an amazing tournament, I wish them take the bronze, happy to see this team looking inspired and strong after getting rid of Terzic.