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    I have never seen coach Kiraly so angry, he was screaming at players, definitely no good vibes from there. :whistle:

    On the other hand, Brazil played his best match defensively, Gabi is doing great, is truly amazing to see the player she is turnin out to be, leading this team in the absence of Natalia and Tandara. Plus, after bad perfomances, Macris played good today. Big win for Brazil, this girls needs a boost of confidence.

    Malesevic is a no no for any top team in the world who wants to win trophys.

    Tandara and Buijs is the better options, on this circumstances, but I have a feeling that Tandara is almost recovered from her injury, who it seems wasn't so serious.

    Maret of course would be good too, but I think that Tirozzi is there for the same role, so no.

    No idea. Looks like an ankle twist, but don't quote me on that.

    I don't think I'll be updating this thread any further. Brazil's latest elections and all the support our fascist president-elect received from a vast majority of players that take part in Superliga completely killed my enjoyment of the tournament and Brazilian volleyball as a whole.

    If anyone is interested in stats, they can be found via this link:

    Since 2014 election we knew it that there was a bunch of players who demonstrated to be xenophobic and despicable people, but right now did hurt me deeply, see all those players praising for a fascist, who will probably break up this country in the middle. This election show it a part of this people that I denied for all this years, but now I can't even look at their faces and don't feel a big dissapointment, for the kind of human beings they are. Sérginho, Lucão, William, Lipe, Lorenne, Natália, Adenizia, Tandara, Lucarelli, Fernanda Venturini, Fofão... and the names hasn't stop counting. The Superliga Feminina will start later next month, and I don't give a damn s***.

    And about the election, I feel really sorry for this country, despite of all the kinds of violence that will take part on our society, against the social moviments, LGBT people, womans, black people and poor, he will create a dyplomatic crisis with neighbour countrys, that on terms will put our nation under serious danger. Sorry for the off topic, but this days hasn't been easy.

    And about the updates, like Agguerro said, they are really appreciated!!

    I think we're gonna see new faces coming in the next year, since they will have to make two teams for being able to compete in every tournment, but I have to say that I'm really upset in the way Zé is coaching for at least the last 4 years. He doesn't show enough motivation, too conservative in his choices, sometimes I feel he destabilizes so much the team, when it's not the drama, it's the long time to call a time out, Rosamaria for example, should have played at least the beggining of the VNL, but no, he prefers to breakdown Tandara, who was a shadow of herself in WCH, he simple doesn't make a single change, and when it comes, it's already too late.

    Brazil will not produce dominant player like Egonu ou Boskovic, it's not our culture, we always relies in how the group can be homogeneous, but this year nothing works, and the physical problems, for me, was the main problem, this team needed more 4 weekes to prepare properly for a competition like WCH.

    For the upcoming players, Julia Bergmann it's a great prospect, but she needs to play, and Superliga didn't provide that for her, so she is going to NCAA, once again we failed. Tainara who was the other OH in U20 South American Champioship it's another player to look forward, and it's playing on Zé Roberto's team, so we might see her next year, Edinara is benching on Sesi Bauru, but I root for her, if she get's better on reception, could be a great OH. For the OPP, I see Lorenne reciving a chance too (Hooker should take care in Osasco, Lorenne can put her on bench easily), there are two left handed OPP's that we should pay attention too, Lorrayna and Kisy, both have great hight and power, for the other hand I don't see any libero coming, for middle blockers, I hope Diana Alecrim improves this year on São Caetano, she has everything to be a star in near future, about setters, Lyara should have a chance, unfortunately Naiane and Juma choosed be on bench for Dani Lins and Fabíola.

    If Douglas really goes to Taubaté, then he will miss a year in his career, for sure, no excuse for a player with such good prospects like him, accept to be o bench. I wish he go play abroad, but in this scenario, I prefer to see him in Campinas.

    We already don't have Rodriguinho playing full time, for a long time in his team, and that's retarding his development, we don't need more young outside hitters on bench, NT need they more then never now.

    Brazilian players never are good enough to play in Europe (they say), even if they are olympic champions and play better overall.

    Other thing they say, players never will play in Brazil, certainly clubs have no money, and any club in Italy can pay they much better, than a team who will play at World Club Championship and has at least the second or third investiment on league. Also because, none world class players came to play in Superliga in more than 20 years, isn't? Please. :down:

    About Sesc, experience to make the game play, Gabi, an 23 year's player, who already played five finals of Superliga and won five tittles, happy to se her getting in form, Drussyla played one of his best matches in this year, after a regular phase pretty inconsistent, and Mayhara who have really increased her level this year, deserve more a call by coach Zé than Mara.

    Rio played really well at blocking, it always makes difference for they when most matters.

    One of the thingS about Sesc Rio is Bernardo and his coach staff, they are working for some many years together, with a base of a team, they know how to have this team on both hands, even in a problematic year, with so many injuries, and a clearly team more humble than the last one.

    I really hope Praia can put a up a fight in next game, at least to make a presence.

    Claudinha always shocked in decisive moments, she lacks consistency and are very imprecise, she will never be different, already turned 30, her sub is actually better then her and a few of young setters are to, like Naiane, Lyara and Giovana. She completely forgot Fawcett in the second set and put some awful balls for her, either closer to the net or to low.
    Sheilla called Nicole a "median player" when asked about her, some weeks ago in a live at instagram, I also do not see anything special in her, but playing in a team like Praia, who has has this spirit of loser in finals, there's no chance she can do all by her own.

    Fe Garay was really bad today, both attack and reception, especially in attack. Amanda is just confirming her decrescent level on this playoffs series, don't making difference where she is most needed, a big responsabilty on reception and failed, with some bad posicionament to receive serve and suffering to put a ball down.

    Fabiana give it the first set to Rio in two gifts, first, an stupid and unsual mistake by giving an manchete to the other side, losting counter attack and then getted blocked by Gabi. :down:

    I have to say, that I'm really surprised, in a positive way, by this convocation of coach Renan. Especially because of Léozinho (c'mon, the guy scored 38 points with 58% on attack, in a game), Abouba, Honorato, Rogérinho and Matheus.
    Even if 70% of this boys get cut, they need a chance to train and play some matches.

    I will bet that after the playoffs are finished, the rest of the list will have these players:

    S: Bruno, William - and maybe Thiaguinho or Rapha
    OPP: Wallace, Alan
    OH: Maurício Borges, Douglas Souza and Lucarelli (who is expected to be trainning in two months) - with a chance for João Rafael
    MB: Lucão, Mauricio Souza, Isac
    L: Thales/Thiago Brendle and there's a chance to se Murilo there (which I don't think is a good idea)

    The source (Bruno Voloch) says that Noostara is wanted by one of the two biggest teams in Brazil, at this point, with Osasco without sponsor of Nestlé, I do not know if we can mark her there.

    Fabíola is rumored to join Praia Clube or Sesi/Vôlei Bauru (the two teams are one now), if she goes to Praia, then Claudinha most problably leave the team.

    There's also a rumor that Naiane (Barueri's setter) is going to Vôlei Positivo/Londrina, one of the two teams who came from Superliga B.

    S: Roberta, Claudina (she much better than Fabiola)
    Opp: Tandara
    OH: Gabi (Rio even though I think she has a hard time against good blockers, you need her in the back row) Fe, Natalie
    MB: Bia, Carol, Natalia (from Osasco..I know she is older but she has been playing solid)
    L: Don't know

    Claudinha, most certainly, will never be seen again in NT, since coach Zé called her "dumb" in public, a few years ago, during an playoff games when he was coaching Campinas and she was the setter.

    Nati Martins is not needed, we have good middle blockers already and some others who can be called. My biggest concern is about outside hitters, with Natália injured, Gabi recovering and the abscence of Fe Garay.

    Coach Zé called 10 players to start preparation for this year in NT, the trainings starts next Tuesday.

    S: Macris (Minas) Fabíola (Osasco)
    OPP: Tandara (Osasco)
    OH: Rosamaria (Minas)
    MB: Thaisa( Barueri), Adenizia (Scandicci), Bia (Osasco), Carol (Nilüfer/TUR), Mara (Minas)
    L: Leia (Minas)

    After the finals of Superliga, we probably will have full list, but I think that there's a chance for players like Jaque, to join the team before the World Championship. Fernanda Garay, as everybody knows, asked to be out of NT this year, she just married and wants to spend more time with her family.

    Well, I think that Wolosz also did a good season in Busto years ago, so I wouldn't be any surprised if she choose go to Scandicci for work along with coach Parisi, either stay in Conegliano, she would play Champions League in both clubs.

    Macris doesn't know how to play out of system, she shockes, and everybody already knew it, but playing in a big team like Minas, turned it official. I really don't think Mara is any better than Mayhara or Jucy, she is just so careless in blocker, always late, not reliable in attack, lacking of strength and skills, Macris doesn't help and everyone agrees, but look at Carol Gattaz, playing her best season in years and happened with Macris.

    Minas TC lost this series on the third set of the first game, when they haved all the conditions to close that game, leading by 18x13 and then having an unbelievable 24x20 in fourth set and letting Rio comeback to show why you can't lost chances against a team who is reaching her 14ª final, this two last games was just awful.

    They already sayed that for the WCCH the intention is have a good and competitve team, so at this point, this should means the departure of Rosamaria, Macris, Mara and maybe Pri Daroit (who is a good bench player and could stay), if they want something better than the fifth place.

    There some rumours about Scandicci bringing an Italian setter, and they could be Malinov or Cambi. Maybe this explain why they hired Stevanovic? For making a duo with Adenizia on the middle, especially if they are intented to be in Champions League next year, makes sense.

    Let's make it clear, with the currential volleyball that Rosamaria is playing (0 point last game against SESC - RJ for example), the only league that I can see her fitting in Europe is Spanish League and even there would be harder for her, with all my respect to the clubs in the League, so much because there also some Brazilian players there.