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    I think that Kosheleva should leave the team, and it's not only because she had an poor season but also because she doesen't fit good with they. Eczacibasi lacks chemistry this season and the difference between the team playing the Champions League and on Turkish League just made this worst.

    The #1 transfer for sure should be a local defensive OH, from the other hand if Garay didn't have signed with Praia she probably would fit good on the team.

    About Thaisa, the CL classification is gonna be decisive, but honestly, I still want to see her playing abroad.

    Minas vs. Osasco was a good game, more emotionally than technically, but one of the best games of the season.

    Dani Lins is playing worse season after season, okay that without Tandara the attack variations are reduced, but she lacks precision and her sets was damn obvious, she didn't know how to put Bjelica back on game after 4th set, who was doing a great game. Also a good game by Malesevic, both on attack and background.

    Congrats to Minas girls, they deserved to win, especially Carol Gattaz and Rosamaria (who's comeback in tie break and killed it). :drink:

    Dani Lins is planning to get pregnant at the end of this season, honestly, I hope that she retires from NT.

    Praia only played until the half of second set, after that, Rio did what they wanted on court (as usual against Praia), Monique played well as Anne who had a good game on attack, congrats to the team.

    I think that sooner or later Drussyla will take Anne's spot on team, she played awful in important games like against Osasco and even with teams with less expression. She had a terrible moment in last game, that was funny lol but terrible. :aww: :aww:

    Hooker played AMAZING in last game, Minas overall it's getting better and better since she came in, even playing without Jaque until now.

    Edinara (OH) 30 :white: :white: :white:

    For me she is the most surprising (young) player of this season in Brazilian League, don't know why start the competition on bench, since she came in, São Caetano has been playing better.

    Stats until 8th round:

    TOP SCORERS (total points)
    1. Lorenne Geraldo (OPP/SESI-SP) 144

    2. Rosamaria Montibeller (OH/Minas) 141
    3. Natiele Marques (OPP/Rio do Sul) 124
    3. Thaisinha (OH/Bauru) 124
    5. Barbara Bruch (OPP/Pinheiros) 113
    6. Tandara Caixeta (OH/Osasco) 105
    7. Priscila Daroit (OH/Minas) 96
    7. Angélica Caboclo (OPP/São Caetano) 96
    9. Paula Borgo (OPP/Osasco) 94
    10. Monique Pavão (OPP/Rexona) 93
    10. Fernanda Tomé (OH/São Caetano) 93
    12. Gabriela Guimarães (OH/Rexona) 92
    12. Paula Pequeno (OH/Brasilia) 92
    14. Amanda Francisco (OH/Brasilia) 90
    15. Roberta Pereira (MB/Brasilia) 86

    1. Claudinha (Praia Clube) 33.28%

    2. Macris Carneiro (Brasilia) 33.13%
    3. Carol Leite (Rio do Sul) 29.57%
    4. Ananda Marinho (Pinheiros) 21.8%
    5. Roberta Ratzke (Rexona) 21.4%
    6. Dani Lins (Osasco) 19.03%
    7. Naiane Rios (Minas) 17.24%
    8. Juma Fernandes (Bauru) 17.01%
    9. Pri Heldes (Fluminense) 13.01%
    10. Giovana Gasparini (SESI-SP) 11.16%

    1. Paula Borgo (OPP/Osasco) 32.63%

    2. Anne Buijs (OH/Rexona) 31.58%
    3. Thaisinha (OH/Bauru) 30.91%
    4. Gabriela Guimarães (OH/Rexona) 26.37%
    5. Tandara Caixeta (OH/Osasco) 26.19%
    6. Lorenne Geraldo (OPP/SESI-SP) 25.87%
    7. Amanda Francisco (OH/Brasilia) 25.77%
    8. Paula Pequeno (OH/Brasilia) 24.47%
    9. Angélica Caboclo (OPP/São Caetano) 24.35%
    10. Monique Pavão (OPP/Rexona) 23.81%

    1. Brenda Castillo (L/Bauru) 63.76%

    2. Tatiana Rizzo (L/Rio do Sul) 53.73%
    3. Priscila Daroit (OH/Minas) 50.6%
    4. Tássia Teodoro (L/Praia Clube) 49.78%
    5. Mari Cassemiro (OH/Bauru) 49.7%
    6. Tijana Malesevic (OH/Osasco) 49.69%
    7. Gabriela Guimarães (OH/Rexona) 49.14%
    8. Léia Nicolosi (L/Minas) 48.35%
    9. Silvana Papini (L/Brasilia) 47.09%
    10. Paula Pequeno (OH/Brasilia) 45.05%

    1. Brenda Castillo (L/Bauru) 57.09%

    2. Tássia Teodoro (L/Praia Clube) 50.55%
    3. Camila Brait (L/Osasco) 42.72%
    4. Léia Nicolosi (L/Minas) 35.25%
    5. Paula Pequeno (OH/Brasilia) 34.92%
    6. Tatiana Rizzo (L/Rio do Sul) 31.79%
    7. Fabiana Alvim "Fabi" (L/Rexona) 30%
    8. Juliana Perdigão (L/Fluminense) 28.95%
    9. Maíra Cipriano (OH/Pinheiros) 27.78%
    10. Michelle Pavão (OH/Praia Clube) 27.21%

    1. Roberta Pereira 21/35.59%
    2. Ana "Carol" da Silva 21/35%
    3. Letícia Hage 24/33.8%
    4. Saraelen Leandro 18/33.33%
    5. Mara Ferreira Leão 16/33.33%
    6. Milka Marcílio 15/33.33%
    7. Vivian Pelegrino 19/31.67%
    8. Linda Jéssica 18/31.58%
    9. Juciely Barreto 19/30.16%
    10. Fabiana Claudino 15/29.41%

    1. Aline Cristina (MB/Rio do Sul) 9/12.86%

    2. Diana Xavier (S/São Caetano) 11/11%
    3. Ana "Carol" da Silva (MB/Rexona) 12/10.62%
    4. Roberta Pereira (MB/Brasilia) 10/10.2%
    5. Dani Lins (S/Osasco) 12/10.08%
    6. Angélica Malinverno (MB/Bauru) 9/9.78%
    7. Juciely Barreto (MB/Rexona) 9/9.76%
    8. Vivian Pelegrino (MB/Brasilia) 8/9.3%
    9. Kasiely Clemente (OH/Rio do Sul) 7/8.64%
    10. Juliana Costa "Ju Costa" (OH/Fluminense) 8/8.51%