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    If they will play with Tiffany as OPP, then the possibility of hiring another OH should be considered, but at this point I don't remember if there's anyone available, maybe some Cuban? There's some time since I haven't heard anything about Herrera.

    I find this decision reasonable but questionable. Alan is also moving out for Russia, going play abroad for the first time, plus he has kids, so...

    But I'm so happy for Adriano, at least I have something to cheer for.

    To be honest, Lucão is one of the last things who bother me in this team, however Bruninho...

    Ugh, same. What was the team she first appeared in Superliga at 17 yo? Fluminense? I just remember her being solid and tall, it's indeed quite a pity she chose to be on the bench for like 4 years. Hopefully she's able to improve under Zé and perhaps grab that starter spot in the team (not that I'm rooting against Jacke lol she's good, albeit too short).

    As for setters, I think there's still plenty of people ahead of players like Vivian. Juma, Naiane, Jacke, Kenya, Lyara... we shall see who Zé chooses to work with aside from Macris and Roberta (who I think will be the setters in Paris unless some really steps it up).

    It was in Brasilia, then she went to Fluminense, Praia and comeback to Brasilia last season, lost a couple of years on bench, just like Naiane did. I'm also rooting for her to take the starting position, I like Jacke, but her height it's something that disfavors her.

    I agree that this players are all ahead of Vivian, but I have the feeling she is the kind of player who can suddenly shine, let's see. Since 2014 I've been rooting for Juma, Naiane and Lyara, but Juma seems the only one who has established her carreer. I hope Naiane do well in Chemik, she has so much to show, the same for Kenya, she has everything to put Fabíola on bench.

    I really think Vivian Lima will be the setter understudy in NT - 3rd setter after Macris and Roberta

    The first time I saw her I had that feeling when you see a player much more talented than she should be at that age and with few experience, it's a pity that she was bench after that.

    But as I said, she is only 21 and now it's working with Zé, so I expect she evolves her volleyball, if he do his magics (like he did with Lorena) than she will be a great setter, no doubt.

    Will be pretty hard for me cheer for this team with Renan as head coach, I can't deal with the level of amateurism from CBV, they are a (bad) joke and will not get tired until they ruin everything. Bernardinho will not have pity on getting us slayed.

    I'm happy for Argentina, I love Marcelo Mendez and mostly of the boys, despite the fact Brazil end up 4th with an pathetic performance, this was well deserved for them, it's a big achievement and I'm glad this generation was able to win a medal. Conte was outrageous, De Cecco should win best setter, and both Solé/Loser teached Lucão and M. Souza a lot of lessons.

    About Brazil: who would've thought that this could happen? (anyone who knows Renan). He pushed this team down, I'm so pissed off with this performance that I can't find the right words to say. Renan received this team from Bernardinho an didn't change almost anything and still he screw up everything. All the decisions he make it at this game was a key factor to diminished the confidence of the boys.

    Some people (me too) were constantly saying that Leal-Lucarelli wasn't happening despite some random results, and this tournament exemplified this. Leal was nowhere to be found during all the competition, all the time he was looking uncomfortable, unhappy and Lucarelli showed today one of the worst performances that I saw from him. They play the same role, they can't provide the defensive role that is needed for at least one OH and this damaged theirs performances at was supposed to be their main weapon: attack, because both of them was too much time worried covering each other, especially because Thales, unfortunately it's not a libero with enough skills to be the starter not even for middle level team.

    Douglas wasn't treated right, the same goes for Alan, Isac and Cachopa. Bruninho, Wallace and Mauricio Souza underperformed the whole tournament but they were treated as untouchables, and then, at the tie break when Brazil was hopeless, Renan put all of them in court expecting a miracle.

    I don't know what to expect next year (or even next month, maybe we lose the South American Championship to Argentina and learn one more lesson from Marcelo?). But, I would appreciate not to see at least M. Souza. Wallace, M. Borges, Thales, Lucão and Bruninho anymore, we need some fresh blood, but, I've been following volleyball enough time to know that Bruninho will stay forever if he wants and this dishearte me a lot.


    We made it to the final and we already are Olympic Medalists.

    I'm so happy, congrats to the girls, they had a tough cycle, with a lot of injuries, were diminished by many, treated like a middle level team, but they fight back in order to put themselves among the best where they belong.

    Congrats to the US girls too, it's really hard to make it to the big stage so many times. Tradition are something conquered with time and hard work.

    I expect a good fight for the bronze medal, congrats Korea and Serbia for making into the SF, it's not easy to get through the quarter finals, is the most difficult game and they made it.

    Well, the horrible team of Brazil who played horrible in VNL made it to the final and already are medalists, while the acclaimed "best team in the world" were sent home at QF where they never got through.

    I was saving this for a proper moment: go worry about your team now, we are doing just fine. :dance6::dance6::dance6:

    Going back to what matters (I did watch but couldn't enjoy the quarterfinal games, health problems <X).

    I was expecting US to win, but not with a swept, they not even need to play at their 100% to beat Serbia, was embarrassing to watch. Just like Macris, Poulter did her best game in OG coming back from injury, Drews game was also very consistent. It seems US has found a solution for their problem with liberos, JWO will be there for an while if she is willing to do.

    I feel sorry for Boskovic, when she was giving her best in court his teammates were at the hotel sleeping, they just not belong to the same level of her.

    I think that the absence of Veljković is hurtful, not just because she is a top middle blocker, but because of her energy, she has that, Mihajlovic absence caused damage too.

    I had the feeling that Terzic didn't trust in any OH he brought to the competition, so why Mihajlovic went to Tokyo on vacation and Lazovic was left out for no reason when she is clearly the best OH their have? He, JLP and Mazzanti thought that only one player was enough, can be, but not all the time, especially at OG. I feel like they expected that at some moment they would do some miracle and provide the win (and I think that's a very lazy work tbh.)

    Of course the best match so far had to be between the two best technical teams. :whistle:

    France will upset someone at QF and I'm living for it.

    I saw that happening. Poland and OG just don't match each other. Congrats France, well game played!

    But especially: CONGRATS ARGENTINA! Tremendous win, they deserved this, this generation deserves the chance to fight for a medal at OG.

    Danani, Conte, De Cecco, Lima: my heart is yours. :heart: