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    The top 3 is exactly how I projected, but, I wasn't expecting Turkey to loose after opening 2x0. The Americans had shown since the start they were pretty strong, even without their best team at this category, and still maneging to win, showing how USA is a great and traditional school of volleyball, congrats my fellas Chicleteiros.

    Turkish team is by far best blocker team of the tournament, it is just well oiled machine. Every single player and very consistent independent of the opponent 👏👏👏

    In exact numbers? Because Brazil ended the competition with 118 blocks, and if I'm right Croatia is above 100 blocks too, Turkey until last match had 82.

    If I was her I'll do the same. She had one chance, in one set, in a position that nobody gave solid performances, and that's the reason they called her back, they clearly do not trust in the current OPP's avaiable, but then after one bad set she never receive a chance to play at VNL and it's call for more training? For what? Be cut again? Like in Tokyo, or the final phase of VNL last year, or this year? To be than called back because again no one solve the problem? Nah.

    I just found out, it's a lottery, no matter if teams need time to prepare themselves for the opponent or whatever. The big bosses in FIVB demands every attention to the crazy decisions made in wonderland, where they live.

    tbf it was set up like that before Thailand upset China.

    I think its unfair to pair the top seeded teams (1 and 2) together... when they were paired with the next top two seeds (3 and 4) in the pool stage.

    meanwhile the two host groups are paired together with 6 and 7 seeds as their groups top seeds... thats just bad in theory.

    Yeah, I saw it yesterday. But what you said about putting host teams as top seed it's the whole point on here, because they seeded 6/7 right next to them, instead of 4/5, it's a joke, the right thing was to seed just the top 4 (Italy, USA, Brazil, Serbia) and draw the rest. Then teams from A/B face 3/4 in 1/8 and if qualified, again are set to face one of the teams from group A/B (if they pass 1/8) See? Even if China had won, it would be a great deal.

    I also don't think Malu is that bad, she is limited, of course, especially when it comes to set for pos. 2 and the middles, but that's something expected from a 17 y.o setter, which I think is the most difficult position in volleyball

    I love the chaos that surrounds the games between Brazil x Argentina, for people outside South America may be hard to understand everything involved in this match.

    I liked the reaction in 4th set, the game was tough, tense, and the girls managed to get back on track, tbh, I think that Rebecca is the best OH after Vittoria, I would start with her tomorrow.

    Turkey is the favourite with a good margin, I would say. I hope the team manages to find a little more balance and patience in decision making.

    After an elimination round, all teams from group A were eliminated, while all teams from C qualified. :whistle:

    Does anyone know anything about the brackets? I know that group A gets group C and group B gets group D, but after that? Is there going to be a draw?

    What I understood from the regulation is that in the 1/8 the teams form two groups, E and F.

    Group E:

    A1xC4 (China x Thailand)

    C1xA4 (Italy x Egypt)

    A2xC3 (Argentina x Brazil)

    C2xA3 (Bulgaria x Hungary)

    The same for F, but, they don't make it clear if the teams will face each other at the same group or will mix with group F at the 1/4.

    Sırbistan lost to ABD 3-2 after a great match but still qualified further

    Group D is extremely demanding:box:

    Actually, they were eliminated, only a win could make they go to 1/8, Korea qualified instead. Girls managed to take the game to 5th set, had a good chance of advance, but USA was stronger, I was rooting for Serbia girls, imo, them and Brazil were the most stolen teams in this 1st phase.

    I thought that Italy was more stronger, without Safa they suffer a downgrade. It was a close game, again the same problems as yesterday, lack of power to finish the game and the libero not doing what she is supposed to.

    Brazil played badly the first two sets, but then found the way back to the game, too bad the very two last points the libero shoked. But that's normal at this level, I'm proud the girls fight back.

    But I might say that it's horrible to watch the games with this level of referee, it's pathetic, like Clara said, whenever there's a doubt, they hesitate and then give it to the side who scream more, I feel like an idiot, imagine the players, plus, there's no challenge, World Championship, congrats FIVB.

    The referees looks kinda sloppy on this tournament.

    Poland x Serbia game was dramatic, I loved.

    Brazil was challenged for the first time so far in some moments, but managed to kill the game, especially with block, quite solid performance.

    Isabella and Vittoria Kuehne are attacking strong, even the middle Luana is pretty heavy in attack, Malu is a good setter for her level, overall the level of this team is already way better than it was under last coach, he was terrible. Guilherme is really a good coach, Uzelac will be a monster in one year.

    I think that these teams in Challenger Cup are pretty much at the same level with some or other variation, there's teams with more appearance at the international stage, but, I think that they look better than Korea, yeah they are playing with teams who matchs their level, but still, there are things you can see that are promising and others who are just awful, that's the thing with Korea, while we have some good perspectives from some teams here. Now I will be rooting for Colombia, I want a VNL stage in some place like Cartagena, that would be marvelous.

    Do you have Brazil roster for that tournament?


    Camila Mesquita/Sabrina Machado

    Sabrina Groth/Natália/Duda Lima/Bruna



    Tbh the starting 6 it's not that bad, actually looks ok, they might play with Mesquita as OH next to Groth and Sabrina as OPP.