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    So again, when we all presumed she was over Lorenne ressurges and who knows what will happen with these OPP's, by the way she got married just today!

    I mean, the best thing is let Macris, Gabi, Carol and Thaisa out of this, it's too risky for something we (should) can handle with the rest of the players, but he don't wanna let any space for doubts about the results.

    I would go with something like this:



    Julia Bergmann/Rosamaria/Maiara Basso/Gabi Cândido

    Diana/Lorena/Larissa Basen


    Tainara and Kisy could stay training with Macris, Pri Daroit should go home.

    The same old story again, a bunch of average players as Roque, Honorato, Otavio, Thales, the usual mistakes in Bruninho sets costing something to the team, Renan always late with subs. This guy is unbielivable, Brazil has produced some good material in recent generations. Nobody had a chance. Renan spent 5 years rehashing Bernardinho's work. Then there comes a time like that, even those who have been at the bench for a few years, it's raw.

    No Judson today, no Maique, both didn't play one second, I could named at least 5 better líberos than Thales playing in Brazil, where is Barreto (MB)?.

    Brasilia (S), Daniel Muniz (OH), Chizoba (OPP) and Birigui (OH) also wasn't registered for any stage. Abouba traveled to Poland only to be cut because everyone knows that Roque is chosen by the senate, it's pathetic.

    There's not much to go with this team, there's an imbalance of levels between generations and a limitation of pieces, it's running out and especially with this guy ahead of the team, you can't go anywhere.

    I hope one day, when this guy will be far away from NT, Douglas decide to comeback, he is needed, Lucarelli and Leal holding on for one more cycle not gonna happen, we will need people with experience there. But Renan is not going anywhere, if he stayed even after that shameful episode against Russia in 2018 WCH, it's not gonna be now we will be free from his cowardice.

    I think that everyone is technically on vacation rn and there will be new calls for the SACh in a week or so.

    But yeah, them being already at their clubs is a sign that they are probably not going.

    I wonder if we can expect some new faces or if it's just going to be the same VNL group minus a few cuts. If it was up to me, I would rest Gabi, Carol, Thaisa and Macris (plus whoever else is not 100% healthy).

    I think I saw some post in social media celebrating the arrival of the respective players in their club.

    Voloch have talked about new invitations some days ago, but it didn't sound clear to me if was a wishful thinking or true information, but I agree with you, I would rest the players you mention and add 2 OH and 2 MB, but it seems things will not go this way.

    I mean, I would also welcome Brait with open arms, but as of now she's not available.

    But you know who is? Laís. Maybe Zé could start her in the South American Champs to see how she handles the pressure.

    He probably won't though.

    He won't. Laís, Lorenne and Naiane are already training with their clubs, which comes down to say that he might go with most of the starters to the South American Championship. I'm done of complaining about this, but it's so clear how much different the cases are treated.

    I don't think Gattaz will be able to comeback, if she goes, then I see him taking 4 MB, but I don't see him going with 3 MB with this age: 33-37-42, specially with Gattaz coming back after ACL

    I would pick Brait over Natinha and Nyeme even if she was retired after 5 years LoL

    Jokes aside, if Brait is willing to come back, which I don't think it's true, she would be great for the team, if Gattaz being +40 and Thaisa around 35 has their spaces in NT why Brait can't at 34? Specially at libero position that at my pov is a position that the age is something that counts in favor.

    Congrats to Poland and Lavarini :obey:

    when was the last time Poland win a medal from FIVB tournament ?

    The last time Poland reached the podium was at the 2009 European Championship.

    Last time Poland climbed a podium globally was at the 1968 Olympics, bronze medal and before that the last time they climbed the podium at the World Championships was in 1962.

    This bronze medal is a great result for Poland, that definitely puts them as one of the most promising teams of the decade.

    I had the same feeling, when the game was 2x0 I wasn't any surprised and it was expected for me, especially after 3rd week, the team has clearly not find the best shape yet and they need training, practice, there a mix of tired players, others with injuries, some without their best rhythm, all of this added to the lack of training results in this unbalanced team.

    Happy to see Tainara playing like yesterday , brave perfoemance for her, any player who give us a solid performance in this position will increase their chances for Paris, right now they are all too close from the level of each others.

    Renan is unbelievable. Brazil was playing good, keeping the game tie, he all of a sudden took Judson of the match, who was playing superb in attack, and puts Flavio who makes a serve error and got blocked, that ruined Brazil completely. Than, of course, he had to bring back Judson. Also, Alan is again, feeling something, in the 1st week he was already feeling pain, but still starting at every match, he had a difficult season in SL after that injury last year at VNL, like, let some guys play, where is Darlan and Abouba, or even Chizoba, Felipe Roque is useless.


    Horrible matches? I would not say that. She made two good and two bad matches. Anyway she prove herself the last season and it would be idiot if you let her go. She can change the balace and play good in important matches.

    About Lorenee.... I do not know what to say if Rosamaria is horrible what word fits to Lorenne...

    Yes, she had a terrible match against Turkey and the rest was just not enough for an OPP, she did ok against Italy, was bad against Canada and against Thailand she was suffering to score. The only game she played good was against Germany.

    The thing is, she had space to succeed or fail, Lorenne didn't, it was the same for Naiane, Lorena, Laís, even if the starters were playing (really) bad.

    As an OPP, I don't think Rosa is our best shoot, I could take her instead of Tainara or Pri Daroit, but we need more options for opposite, and I think Lorrayna still too green.

    You can see Lorenne as an horrible player, who shouldn't be in NT anymore, but I don't think one set, her first one in competition, can define her job.

    People here wouldn't survive a single set against Cuba, they might even claim for the human rights.

    I see this in a completely different way, for me when you "afronta" other team, talking about the ones that are in lower level than yours, I see this as an respect for them.

    She is Thaisa, if someone like her is doing something like that is because she is fully compromised to win and play full force because she knows that despite their differences, they still playing at home and has qualities that could challenge us.

    If I was playing for who knows Peru and Goncharova screams at me, than I might have been doing something good, I would be completely happy. :flower::heart:

    In an ideal world, I would cut Macris, Pri Daroit, Lorrayna, Rosamaria and Nyeme and replace them, respectively, with Naiane, Tainara, Lorenne, Kisy and Laís.

    Yes, Lorenne, I know that a lot of people don't like it, and there's been a lot of criticism of her, but I don't think it's fair the way she was discarded, especially with the protectionism given to Rosamaria, who made successive horrible matches and continued as a starter, like today. Why Lorenne was kicked after ONE bad set and never saw the color of the ball again? Personally, I'm not even a fan of Lorenne, it's a matter of equal opportunities.

    My team for the finals would be:



    Gabi/Julia Bergmann/Maiara Basso/Tainara



    Another detail: the Dominicans won both games, against China and Serbia, with a comeback. Less than 15 hours between games, I don't know what FIVB is thinking about when they does things like this, feel sorry for players.

    My chicas did so well, congratulations! What a game of respect against the main team of Serbia.

    Dominicana's three strikers had a brilliant game, a festival of beatings, but they also had a lot of defense on their side, beautiful to see.

    Detail: the Dominicans played the last game yesterday, which went for tie break, it must have ended around 9:30 pm in Korea and in the morning they entered the court again, another tie break, another victory.

    Not getting too much into this subject, but, Santarelli mean what he said, he didn't said "Brazil is lacking quality" or "Brazil is missing quality", could be even "Brazil's performance in reception today it's not that good", maybe, but that's the way he thinks it's best to envolve his players and awake them, challenge them, who knows. I honestly dislike, don't think it's fair with a whole group of players, who, despite their game not being the best, it's workers who are there giving something despite everything.

    Getting into the game, there are several gaps in our game plan, but especially in harmony, the team looks heavy, unbalanced, girls are apathetic, miscommunication much more than usual. Yes, I think Brazil is missing Ana Cristina, but still, how can we justify these things? I feel the team tired, but I also think that there's some mental problem there, who still not let them change the key and believe they can turn some situation and for some reasons, especially because of her words, I feel Gabi might need to settle her guidance to something better than this coaching stuff about winning mentality .