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    but Kisy is travelling with them to Bangkok right?

    Yes, she is there, and at this point I think he will not bring back anyone who is in Brazil, he might decide this week who will be out of the final round.

    Brazil probably will fly directly to USA, there's no way they come back home, I wonder if they might stop in Paris, Brazil now have a base for training there.

    Kisy got cut from 3rd week. Gabi will take part this time.

    Brazil final roster:

    S: Roberta/Macris

    OPP: Lorrayna/Rosamaria

    OH: Gabi/Julia Bergmann/Maiara Basso/Pri Daroit

    MB: Thaisa/Carol/Diana/Lorena

    L: Natinha/Nyeme

    If its arthroscopy, recovery time is like a few days? 8|

    I check and Micaya had surgery in 02/08 and at 03/11 she was already playing against Praia. The news about Smarzek's surgery was released at 03/01, saying that she had surgery a few days, at 03/25 she was starter against Flu.

    It's incredible. The whole qualification process went downhill and it's pathetic, with this they managed to destroy any competition for the Olympics.

    But how they can even had the guts to say that the decision to make one more edition for the WCH have anything to do with the well care of the athlets? Like how? Ok, this new format propose 5 less games, but that means nothing when you had an VNL and double a big competition like WCH, the athlets will more and more retire earlier.

    I don't recall how much correctly, but both Smarzek and Micaya White went under an arthroscopy during the return of Superliga and they recovery very fast, I remember how surprised I was at the time.

    I don't know about you guys, but for me this week was specially hard to hear the amount of things that Frarco Meitas was speaking, how he can be so annoying?

    I must confess something, if Camila Brait makes a good season after 1 year out and somehow see as possible going to Paris, I wouldn't complain at all.

    As Clara said, I don't trust either Nyeme or Natinha for 8 games in a roll, I hope they can step up their game, because they has space to grow, but Lais deserve a chance next week.

    Thai has a decisive game against Netherlands, and it's the first one of the week, Netherlands also can't lose this game, but unlike Thailand, they play Canada and Croatia, while Thai girls will have Turkey, Japan and Brazil. Bulgaria who is also avoiding relegation will play South Korea first, so Thailand must win at least one game. Not mentioning that Croatia can upset someone, again.

    Thailand team is such a rollercoaster, they had good material, technique, but still always missing something, 4 losses this week in games they should have done way better, I feel they need to have the guts to win, with more compromise.

    I don't like this thing about Macris being untouchable at the starting position, it doesn't matches with the real level between her and Roberta, and even Naiane.

    I wish Zé had the guts to do what he did in 2012, he wasn't happy with the way we were playing, atm Dani Lins was the starter and Fabiola the 2nd setter, he decides to bring Fernandinha to the team and the competition step up (he went too far choosing Fernandinha instead of Fabiola but ok).

    Macris was first noticed because of her agressive game, specially at the middle, it was really insane, but since she has consolidated in the starting position she kinda changed her first option to this fast ball with Kisy, and I feel that we can't be attached to this, because when there is no A pass they get lost and Kisy cannot attack the balls out of the system, I do not like this excessive need to speed up the game at all costs, especially on the balls for the pins, and Roberta is the player who brings this balanced game.

    I would let Macris in Brazil in 3rd week too, let her rest and re-think her game, Naiane has shown she has value.

    I would go with the same team as you, but with Laís instead of Nyeme too, but I feel that Gabi might be there, I honestly wouldn't take her to Bangkok, let's work with what we have now.

    Julia is good player, but she still need to find her best rhythm, 6 months without playing a single game it's too much for this level and we need to look up to the fact that she never played professional volleyball before, NCAA it isn't the same thing.

    But today nothing upset me more than Macris and Nyeme, the first one can't handle any pression in NT, if the game is tie or get out of the hands she gets lost, and the second one wanna be star, she wants to protagonize every play.

    I mean, ofc we still missing Gabi and Ana, but this team has total conditions to do a better game, c'mon you had Hancock, Lanier and Plummer on the other side, you need to be agressive in serve, Brazil's defense was nothing today mostly because of that.

    Today was a perfect example of why I dislike Nyeme's game. For me Nyeme and Natinha are on the same level, both still have inconsistencies, my issue with Nyeme is that she wants to be the protagonist, you won't make extraordinary bids to do reels for Instagram all the time, just do the basic and is enough to not f*ck up your teammates

    Brazil is lucky to have 2 good liberos on rotation just like having 2 good setters. Not every country has that privilege.

    When Roberta and Natinha came to the game I thought the same thing. Roberta is such an precise and cold player, it's so comfortable watch her game.

    Nyeme and Natinha are getting to some point where soon their will be among the very best liberos in the world, I'm sure about that, and we have such a dept pool good liberos, there's Leia and Camila Brait, Lais, Lelê, Kika, Paulina.

    Last year in the preliminary round, Nyeme made a huge mistake at the end of 1st against USA, cost the set and Zé took her out of the game, let's see who will start. The fight is good, I would go with Natinha too, put the competition up there.

    Natinha made some huge defenses against Germany, and Nyeme is defending a lot this week too.

    Lorenne, Tainara and Lorrayna better woke up, right know Maiara Basso is showing up, specially if she continues doing a good job at defense and receive, she can be ahead of the that trio and even Pri Daroit, not mentioning that Rosa may be settled there. It was about time, we need another options for 4th OH.

    Will Gabi go to Bangkok?