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    ^^^^ France and Brazil have the same (lol), the thing is you guys are in and my French babies are not (mad)


    And when i say French babies, N'Gapeth, K.Tillie and his father are not part of it!

    I see you. This last game was a perfect example of why the presence of N'Gapeth in court can mostly of the times be more prejudicial than benefic for France, in moments that they need him most he just fades away.

    Someone mentioned the delay on scoring graphic, and it's not just in volleyball, but all sports, sometimes the numbers it's even wrong, but well, at the moment this is just one of the problems of this OG.

    About Douglas, let's clarify some things, he is playing for A team since 2014 and was the best OH in WCH, putting him as starter it's not something from out of this planet.

    Leal-Lucarelli it's not playing an entire cycle together, first Lucarelli skip it 2018 season, he was injured and Leal wasn't able to defend Brazil yet, and because in 2017 Lucarelli-Borges were the starters, so this Lucarelli-Leal duo who has played past two years actually happens during 2019 and VNL this year, since we all know 2020 didn't happen. So put Douglas as a starter it's not something based on change a system who has been stablished during 4 years, actually making him a starter it's more like going back to what we used to do.

    Using Leal or Lucarelli over Douglas it's a tatic choice from Renan to have more fire power and just this. Going back to Rio 2016, we remember that Bernardinho started the games with Borges and then finish with Lipe, so change a player during the competition it's also not unusual.

    I still thinking that Douglas fits better the Brazilian system who has been the same system since ages, especially now that we have a door instead of a libero.

    Im hoping they do the CCH's before the IOQT. That makes more sense imo.

    Get the top teams out and let the rest fight for the spots.

    Yes, that would be better, so we could send good teams to Pan American Games in october.

    edit: I checked the FIVB calendar until 2024 and CCH's are supposed to happen between 10 august - 10 september and right after the WC/IOQT, so it seems FIVB members are using their brains.

    There's going to be 3 IOQT's... one will be labeled the World Cup (in name only). Two will be qualified from each.

    Each confederation will get 1 spot. I'm not sure if they're using CCH's for that or rankings.

    France isn't too bad. Wait until Australia.

    Ok you wreck me remembering that is Australia in 2032, both by the level of the team and the crazy schedule.

    This system seems better than the previous ones, I hope that they use CCH's for confederation spots, then we could see a blood bath in Europe and tears of resentment.

    We already know how is gonna work the qualification? The only thing I read was that World Cup will give spots again, but certainly will not be the only way.

    I have to confess that I don't like when the host is a team with no tradition on volleyball, yes men's team is strong, but their women's NT will improve in 3 years? idk..

    I still wondering what Guidetti was trying to do letting Ebrar out of the match and then putting her to save their asses, when she was mentally out of the game, this sounds so foolish for me.

    I was gonna make a comment about Italy, but I found it better no. Don't wanna risk my life with some Italian stan appearing at my door and discharging a gun at my face.

    I'm gonna say it again, Japan is missing Miyashita, in the absence of Sato there's no way she shouldn't be there.

    So far this match it's a mirror of all the olympic cicle of Japanese girls, it's like an roller coaster, they can play good and awful at the same set, lack constancy.

    USA was well prepared to China, especially in defense, JT was the one to watch, 34 points for 3 sets is huge and she looks healthy, Thompson Volleyball Club is on the way, sorry KK. I still think that Poulter it's not working well with her middles, both had 7 points together.

    For China, Wang Mengjie had her Nicole Davis day and failed a lot at reception, but all Chinese team looks out of sync. There was a moment when ZT blocked JT and she screamed a lot bcs JT hitted HARD on her wrist, she was looking felling pain, but still she managed to be the main scorer for her team.

    I think the situation is critical for China, and different from 2016, back then they started losing 3-2 for NED, and then had two easy games to recover before losing to Serbia and USA, now they have been crushed 3-0 at first two matches and has Russia and Italy on their way. Ok, I think that Russia is the perfect opponent to resurrect a team, but still a dangerous game, plus they may be motivated to continue China's demoralization.

    Sleepy match suits good for this last hour of volleyball we watch.

    But to be fair, Russia handle Argentina better than USA, when I actually thought they could lost at least a set. I did like too see Startseva building another game plan around all her attackers, she was focused and precise.

    The opponent was weak, but Russia can do better then they did against Italy.

    Argentina is a decent team, Fresco was already ok for them, but Mercado has something, if they only could find better MB and OH,...could upset a lot of teams.

    Goncharova become like the fifth option for Startseva distribution. LMAO

    Ok, I didn't saw that coming, but I like it, simple and beautiful, as you said, with a jersey with these colors you just need to do your job to get something ok, at least. Still, Adidas screwed up big, because USA's jersey is poor and ugly, too much white for me.

    I think Barueri has some advantages over Fluminense too, like was said, mostly of the team have played together last year, plus Karina/Lorena/Diana trained with NT, but their OH2 is weaker then last season, apparently. I'm happy that Zé brought Vivian Lima to the team, she is very talented, only 21, I hope she improves her game and take the starting position.

    The fight for top 4 will be hard, Rio seems a lit bit ahead because of Bernardinho and the team seems more balanced then last year. I don't know what to think and expect about Bauru, they can reach top 4 or end up in 7th, behind Rio, Barueri and Fluminense.

    For Bauru, my only wish is: recover Drussyla, Brazil thanks that.