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    Hello there!
    Yes they are a good dynamic duo to watch. I try to see their matches when possible.

    Unfortunately Fort Lauderdale didn't go very well. I guess that's a problem with the 'modified pool play' system. One bad match, or one tough opponent and you're out.

    After winning their first Gold in the Olympics Laura&Kira wins the first Gold ever in the World Championship for Germany women`s.

    Pretty much a whole season where one or other his been ill/injured/recovering. Then they come straight out and beat everyone including the youth of Hughes/Claes and the experience of Larissa/Talita.

    Will they have the motivation to stay competitive now they have won all the goals they have been hoping to achieve.....?

    Why is Ludwig playing with Kozuch at the Porec Major? Is Walkenhorst injured?

    The translation from her FB newsfeed is "My flu kinda paralyzed my shoulder, which is why I can't play in Porec." (source) I've never heard of flu doing that to a shoulder before.

    Just hope, they won't follow the path of Brink/Reckerman who were physically done after their London gold medal and had to end their careers (same coach, by the way ).

    I hope they don't too! But would it have been worth it? Would you take one season full of gold medals, or five seasons full of bronze?

    Well Porec is almost at an end now. I must say it has been very entertaining. Thunderstorms causing matches to be paused for an hour mid-play not being a highlight.

    Play under the floodlights always looks spectacular. A packed crowd and a well-informed DJ also helped the atmosphere. Interesting that the colourful LED net which they trialled last year didn't make a return. Perhaps it affected gameplay too much?

    Once again I will grumble at the onscreen graphics. Did nobody realise that Women's Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 has four different players so you can't use the same start sequence again?! :wall:

    Finally, the women's final! Set 1 with a scoreline of 32 - 34. One of the highlights of the season so far. :cup:

    Thread for the female World Tour 2017.

    What an excellent idea. :)

    Well as the Rio tournament has just come to an end I might as well share my thoughts...

    For a 4* event it was a bit disappointing effort from the FIVB. The website live scoring was frequently missing/behind and at other times the whole website was down. It's also a shame that they only provide video coverage of the Final-4. Basic video coverage is available from online betting sites, so why not from the FIVB?

    And the coverage they did provide. Well I'll use this screenshot as an example, not just a small spelling error of a complicated name, but adding five extra letters and hoping nobody would notice?!

    Venue: Well either the venue was a little large, or the crowd was a little small. Either way the atmosphere seemed a little lacking.

    But hey, for all the shortcomings and problems this is Beach Volleyball. I thoroughly enjoyed the games and getting used to the new partnerships.

    I love this little clip of Slukova, The final point of the match, Delight, then despair, and finally disbelief, all compressed into a few seconds.
    Video Clip [41 seconds]

    Can't wait for the next tournament. :)

    FIVB youtube channel will stream both men`s and women`s semi finals, bronze and gold medal games.

    Thank you rbdfabio, that's a good point, which I forgot to mention.

    However, if you follow a particular Country/Player/Partnership then just showing a couple of odd matches at the end of the tournament means that you probably won't see your Country/Player/Partnership play on court at all.

    The Fort Lauderdale tournament was part of the Swatch Major Series, thus you can only watch it (as of this year) on their website after you register here. The Swatch Major Series won't be shown on Laola1's website.

    So the Swatch Major Series has live online video coverage. As does the Smart Beach Tour. And even some of the CEV Satellite events are available live and and on catchup with Laola1.

    So then on to one of the bigger events in the tournament the current 4-Star FIVB event in Rio de Janeiro and there is .... absolutely nothing. Save watching the scoreboard numbers slowly increase (Which is actually surprisingly exciting!)

    Perhaps part of the FIVB initiative to 'grow the game' could be to let fans SEE the game! Surely streaming a couple of static webcams can't be that expensive.

    [End of rant!] :wacko:

    Things are pretty much escalating at the moment. Borger/Kozuch still refuse to move to Hamburg and insist on organising themselves. Accordingly they hadn't been awarded with a NT status and furthermore, they won't get registered for the Rio Grand Slam by the federation, eventhough they would qualify by their entry points.
    Now there are talks of legal actions and a healthy compromise doesn't seem likely at the moment.

    Imho the federation especially owes Maggie Kozuch a better treatment for being "the face" of indoor NT for almost a decade. Hope all sides involved still find a compromise. Everything else would be a true shame.....…le19831616.html

    Thanks for the update.

    Well it was always going to get messy wasn't it.

    So you've got a competitive Borger/Kozuch partnership who will be in Rio and on the back of a good performance in Munster reaching the semi-finals - but they are not allowed to compete.

    I can't see how anyone wins from this situation. Hopefully a fix can be found quickly because the current situation is clearly not working.

    On a brighter note, I hope you saw the epic Ludwig/Walkenhorst - Laboureur/Sude final in Munster. 25:23 in the third set. It doesn't get much closer than that! :P

    They use the Laola player so you can even download matches the same way you would on Laola.

    Are there any advantages of becoming a Laola1 premium member?
    As a non-premium member the Fort Lauderdale tournament does not show up in the Laola1 BVB archives.

    Thank you.

    Brazil dominated the men`s side

    And Brazil dominated the women's side!

    Hopefully Germany, USA and perhaps a few other countries will be able to raise their game over the next few months.....

    Some of the partnerships like Agatha/Duda still need a bit more time to get to know each other, and Ludwig/Walkenhorst still haven't shown their hand for this season yet...

    Still, a very enjoyable tournament and it's good to get the season underway so early in the year.

    Has anyone got any thoughts on the opening 3 days at Fort Lauderdale?

    The Swatch website is really good this year. Live and on demand matches from all the courts, audio interviews, full match statistics. Very impressive.

    Once we get out of pool play we'll be able to see the cream of this years partnerships start rising to the top. Can't wait. :)

    Thank you for the information. :)

    I guess something like this was always going to happen. A team is successful and suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action.

    I don't see how forcing trainers and locations on people is going to help anybody. What works for one team might not be the best thing for another. At the end of the days the teams are competing against each other. So while they may be friends off the court they are not going to want to share their tactics and training methods with their opponents.

    With most of the players out of the central system has the scheme fallen apart already?!

    Can anyone shed any light on what Germany has done to their professional coaching structure.

    There would appear to be a new head coach to train the German BVB teams. Which sounds fine so far. But the person chosen is Morph Bowes, who happens to be Laura Ludwig's boyfriend. And Ludwig/Walkenhorst will be keeping their very experienced and successful existing trainer Jurgen Wagner.

    There's an article about it here -

    But it doesn't make any sense to me. Surely there is a conflict of interest?!

    Quoted from "pamphleteer"
    I guess, Nadja Glenzke would be the "regular" new partner of Grossner, at least they have a team-page on facebook…neues-team.html

    So Laura managed to split a new team pairing before their first match. Impressive!

    Kira has already said that the partnership will only be for one match though. It's in the penultimate question of this article.
    Source (English): http://www.ludwig-walkenhorst.…ra-and-the-unique-moment/
    (Source (German):

    Looks pretty unpredictable and exciting with so many new pairs from everywhere.

    It does indeed. Can't wait to see who rises to the top.

    I guess, Nadja Glenzke would be the "regular" new partner of Grossner, at least they have a team-page on facebook

    That's interesting. It was only a couple of days ago on Facebook when they talked about their partnership together. Just a few days later and they become (temporary) court rivals.

    With the first tournament in Fort Lauderdale only a month away I thought it was time to start the ball rolling!

    The current entry list can be found here:…eamsinfo/entriesbycountry

    And it has also just been announced today that Walkenhorst's partner to replace the injured Laura Ludwig is Julia Grossner. It will be interesting how Kira steps up to the position as team leader.…,beachvolleyball1388.html

    You may have missed the news that April Ross has now come out of retirement and is back with her old partner Kerri Walsh Jennings, and are also planning on competing at Fort Lauderdale…oss-kerri-walsh-jennings/

    Not long now folks!

    It's always a bad sign when you reply to your own messages, but the full game review is now available:

    Or if you can't be bothered to read it the one word summary is: Recommended. :woohoo:

    Game Updates (13 Jan)

    Improved defense actions. Characters will now react much faster
    Added a new single handed "emergency" defense action. It's very difficult to get the timing right but at least you have a chance...
    There are now more difficulty levels in career mode but the top teams strength increase is not as big
    XBox and similar controllers are now more responsive. Problems when trying to move to the net to block are fixed
    Added a Controller/Button Mapping Editor
    You can change the defensive/blocking stance of your partner with the D-Pad or the right Thumbstick on your x-box controller.
    You can now fast forward , rewind, pause and change the camera during the replays with your movement and blocking controls.
    Mouse cursor will be automatically hidden if you press a button on any controller
    Replays will only stop when you press an action button
    Quick sets now work a little better but are more difficult to initiate. You can do a quick set by pressing pass+spike OR pass+shot
    Party characters have more training points
    Players now have collision bodies. The ball will not go through the players bodies anymore.
    Changed graphics setup of the game. The game is now more colorful and has more contrast
    Mouse cursor will be automatically hidden if you use a controller
    If you change your mind and cancel an receiving action the A.I. will try to get the ball.
    Recovering balls that touched the net should now be easier because you can now press the pass button BEFORE the ball touched the net
    Players can now dig the ball higher up and farther when diving
    Setting animation of A.I. controlled players has been improved (they will not run backwards over the whole court anymore...)
    Fixed shadows from buildings on the playfield
    Replay camera positions should not be behind the referee anymore
    Game statistics (sideouts, attacks) should now be correct.(I think I found the bug but I couldn't test it... so tell me if it's still wrong)"

    Hello all.

    I thought I'd just give a head's up notice that there's a new Beach Volleyball Game out today.

    I am not affiliated with the game in any way, but the game promises to be very good with a high level of realism with features including

    • Extensive career mode for males and females
    • Party mode for up to 16 people (4 people playing at a time)
    • Very realistic ball physics and player abilities
    • Very large range of locations and tournaments
    • Character editor - recreate the looks and abilities of any real world player!
    • Controls are simple to learn but hard to master
    • Emotion system: audience and player reactions reflect the complete course of the game
    • Smart AI with humanlike behaviour

    The Steam link to the game is here:

    I'll post a full review of the PC version on my website once I've given the game a thorough test! I'm sure it will keep me entertained during the BVB off-season.

    Happy Christmas everyone! :win:


    but actually he is the older brother

    You are quite right, 'little brother' was a terrible choice of phrase. Not only is he the older of the two, but you can hardly call somebody who is 206cm tall 'little', can you!

    Yes, I agree. It would be nice if Kira's big brother could find success with a steady teammate. Especially as his little sister looks like she'll have an injured partner at the start of the 2017 campaign. [Source]


    Thank you for the warm welcome. :)

    Yes, you are correct.
    Ich bin Englisch, aber ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.
    I have an English website supporting a German duo. No wonder my site is not very popular :) It's more of a hobby/tribute than a serious news website though.

    Unfortunately there are no BVB superstars over here and virtually no TV coverage. I've just checked the FIVB database and men ranked 59th is the best we have. I've just noticed that this is the same rank as Kay Matysik / Alexander Walkenhorst, Kira Walkenhorst's little bro!

    Maybe I'll venture out of the 'Introductions' forum at some point in the future and see what other BVB fans I can find in here. :)