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    Don't think there are clear favorites because it is hard to judge players going from U18 to U20. Two years can change a player a lot especially for youngsters. Going by history, Brazil would be among the favorites but they have not won it the last five editions. Japan made the semis the last three editions so they are not to be taken lightly. I think they have the best fundamentals for young players of any team, just lacking the go to player during crunch time. Japan would have won the 2013 edition if not for a player named Zhu Ting. Anything can happen at this level. Only surprise is that USA has not won any medal.

    The thing is, who doesn't have a minor injury at this level of volleyball? the players just overcome it if the tournament is important enough. That is why this reason for not having the A-team is very funny to me.

    Also if this was the WCh or OG, Jenny's health issues would not stop her.

    VNL is not important to China, no ranking points or any other qualification except winning for prize money. Serbia just skipped this tournament to focus on what's important for them. Nothing to speculate about. Lang Ping will not coach beyond this Olympic cycle. She is giving An Jiajie, supposed successor, more chances to coach. She has always use WGP finals for B team to gain experience and also as tryouts to fill the roster. Because China businesses try to milk on their success, buying the rights to host, which forced Lang Ping to play A team the last two years, changing her plans entirely. But due to failure to win WCH, Lang Ping is going back to her old plans, even turning down interviews from CCTV because they were a big media distraction. The Chinese fans who are complaining are the bandwagon fans who only cares if CNT is winning and watching Zhu play.

    China will need to improve reception and block better against fast tempo offense. I think USA has given China the most losses in big3 tournaments because of those two reasons stated. Italy is also a bad matchup for China.

    Without a doubt Lavirini with his knowledge and experience can help the team, but it's going to be a process and take some time. Game time is hard cause timeouts are short and translators don't have enough time to fully explain what they are trying to say. They usually just translate at rapid speed and the players just have to get like that, *snap.

    I think I read somewhere on here that his contract with the Korean NT is only for 2 years? I might be wrong.

    I think it depends on the coach. When I hear Karch during timeouts, I don't find his words useful.

    That makes sense. I also can remember a Zhu hitting error (long from back court) and a libero serve receive ACE by USA. Zhu probably made all three errors. Which and but I gotta say, Zhu had a good attitude in the face of the defeat. Very unlike her. I guess the match's meaningless gave her the opportunity

    She said in an interview she's no longer the old Zhu. Being the captain takes a toll especially when you are expected to win. I'm glad she is more relaxed now. Hopefully Miyashita breaks out of her self defeatist attitude. Would be a waste of talent to see her not play due to personal problems.

    Did you see the stats for the match. China with only 3 errors! It's hard to describe. It all looked terrible but the stats don't reflect it.

    I have an image in my mind of Zhu's set point service error, a Zhang reception error, and a Zhu reception error. That means the libero made zero errors. Can't explain it.

    For me, when China is struggling, Liu is a better option. She's the consummate pro.

    Don't think aces and blocks count as errors or China would have more than 3. Errors come from hitting and serving. Lin Li is is having her period so she is not playing well. There is no other libero. China's reception was bad in this game plus they couldn't stop USA's fast tempo offense. Easy win for USA.

    I remember Xue Ming as well. She was brilliant MB.

    I noticed some time ago that Chinese players start their senior career quite early and end early as well, mostly because of healthy problems. Quite interesting what is the factor...

    I think it has to with out of date provincial training methods that are detrimental to players health. Lang Ping experienced this so she went studying and coaching abroad and brought in foreign trainers for the team. Hopefully she continues to become a part of Chinese volleyball when she retires from coaching after 2020 Olympics.

    Who is retired except setter Wei?

    I like Yao Do better than Diao although both of them seems to be a big downgrade to Ding Xia

    Hui Ruoqi retired due to heart problems. Xu Yunli retired due to ankles. Yang Fangxu retired due to leg. Pretty much all of them are best players/prospects in their positions for China.

    Yao Di has been with the team longer than Zhu Ting. She only managed to get into the main roster recently and was not much of use in the World Championship. I still think she is not cut out being the main setter for China, just a poorer version of Shen Jingsi. Hopefully she improves as China will need more setters in case Ding Xia's level drops. It is just unfortunate that half of the main starters from Rio retired due to injuries.

    CVA screwed up by hosting the WGP/VNL finals. Lang Ping always uses backup to play in the finals for training. This also forces Zhu to play for the fans at home and tiring her out before major tournaments like last year's WCH.