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    After losing to Italy again, Who is the weakest? OP? OH2? Libero (Lin Li is injured and in fact doesn't play more matches)? Yuan Xin-yue (MB1)?

    I think opposite position has always been the weakest link for China, for scoring. Other teams always have the better players so China really needs to find an OP that can score efficiently and consistently.

    I still think the main problem for China is health. They lost half of their starters to retirement due to health and came in this tournament with a couple of players playing through injuries, Zhang Changning, Yan Ni, Ding Xia, Zeng Chunlei, Lin Li, etc. Zhu also played through with a shoulder injury. In a long tournament like WCH, health is of utmost importance.

    The Olympics is 2 years away so there is time to find replacements and players to improve their game. Li Yingying needs to work on her reception and floor defense. Yuan Xinyue needs to work on her blocking. Biggest position to replace is setter in my opinion. Don't know how long Ding Xia can play but Yao Di is not cut out for this A team. Liu Xiaotong and Zeng Chunlei might need replacements. Everyone else is just staying healthy and keeping their form until 2020, biggest concern.

    We saw that in the previous game--will probably be key to the next one (among other things).

    One of the reasons I don't like Zhu Ting is her temper toward her team mates, something I assume she picked up playing in Europe. To each their own. What I don't get about Zhu and 'bad sets' is that her style of not much run up, almost just standing there and jumping, allows her to hit wildly out of system balls with authority. A 'bad set' shouldn't be that much different than an out of system ball, but I'm sure it is, as it's closer to the block for one thing.

    If China has their blocking shoes on tonight that may be more of a problem for Italy than whether Zhu scores 20, 30, or 40 points, depending on how many sets it goes.

    Zhu supports her teammates the best and they respect her very much. Don't assume something just because of her serious game face. Zeng Chunlei always has the happy face on. Every player has their own approach to their game.

    The only bad sets I can think of is setting the ball low to Zhu, which will be blocked by good blockers. She likes the balls high so she can hit over the blockers. Yao Di is the best at setting bad sets to Zhu so hopefully she does not have to play.

    Zhu has been playing subpar thus far and she is mad at herself because of it. Most of it is adjusting to a fast tempo offense. We will see what happen tonight.

    If China wins gold, Zhu Ting will be the only player to win MVP for all 3 (4 if you include world champion cup) majors. And Lang Ping will be the only one to win all 3 majors as a player and as a couch.

    Actually according to wiki, Lang Ping was the first player to win all 3 majors MVP if they are indeed accurate. Zhu will be her successor if China wins. Zhu will be the only player to win all 4 quad tournament MVPs for sure.

    I think it is weaker on paper due to lack of experience. Only 4/14 players had played in the WCh, Zhu Ting, Ceng Chunlei, Yuan Xinyue, and Liu Xiaotong. The rest are first timers even though some are Olympic champions. So stamina might be a factor since the WCh is a long tournament with consecutive matches.

    Liu Yanhan only prolong her stay at the NT. She has not been on the A team since 2015 World Cup so she has a long way to improve to make her case in the future. Lang Ping likes to give opportunities to young prospects and Liu Yanhan does not fit that category. I think her best scenario is being a backup like Liu Xiaotong if she improves her reception.

    Sun Haiping's weakness is her blocking. Lang Ping likes tall setters or ones that can block. Wang Na is an example of missing this criteria. Hopefully she improves on that. I think playing on another team is the better option because a player needs playing time in order to improve, especially for young talents.

    Zhou Yang was part of the A team that Lang Ping cut along with Wang Yimei and others so don't expect her to be back on the team. Heard she might retire soon because she has a teaching certificate. Good luck to her.

    Lang Ping always release the roster at the final moment so no need to speculate anything. We can only hope everyone is 100% healthy and ready to play. WCh is grueling tournament and the hardest to win for CNT. We hope the drought will end this time.

    Heard the roster will be announced on the 25th and the team will go to Japan on the 26th. One of the 15 players on the team photo shoot will be cut. I think it is between Yang Hanyu and Diao/Yao, 4 MBs and 2 setters or 3 MBs and 3 setters. Lang Ping took 3 MBs and 3 setters to the 2014 edition.

    Yang Hanyu is training with the A team. Che Wenhan is taking her place. Also heard Liu Yanhan is not with the Asian Cup team because she is not in the group practice photo. I think Liu Yanhan is done with the national team based on her recent performances.

    OH: Liu Xiaotong, Liu Yanhan, Duan Fang

    MB: Yang Hanyu, Gao Yi, Hu Mingyuan

    S: Diao Linyu, Sun Haiping

    OP: Gong Xiangyu, Wu Han

    L: Lin Li, Meng Zixuan

    Liu Xiaotong is playing all tournaments so far.

    Thailand put up a great fight in the first set. However, when Li Yingying subbed in, pretty much everything went downhill from there. Zhu and Li combo was too much for Thailand to handle. Congrats to Thailand for a historic silver, a very good result for possible retirement of their Golden Generation.

    As expected, Zhu TIng and China crushed Japan without mercy. It was only entertaining for the 1 set and then it was a walk in a park for China.

    Li Yingying is already a better option than Liu Xiaotong. I don't understand why the staff didn't trust her.

    She plays as a non receiving OH for her club. She still needs work on that.

    If Zhang Changning misses WCH due to injury, Lang Ping will most likely bring 3 setters. Weakest spot is setter because there is no stable starter or backup. Too bad Shen Jingsi is not playing this year because I think she is a better option than Yao or Diao. Yao is too inconsistent and Diao is too inexperienced.

    I don't think anyone can replace Zhang Changning for CNT. Liu Xiaotong is doing her best to take that spot but she is a backup. Li Yingying is lacking experience. The rest of the OHs don't have the attacking power or reception. So hopefully Zhang will be fit for WCH.