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    OK from fans perspective, since fans always wish their favorite team to have the best players and to win every games. But what about the perceptive of parents who care the future of their child? What assurance you can offer to them? How are you going to convince them to let their talented kid to pursuit his or her sportive career when other options also offering to them?

    Sacrifice for something better, Yes. But sacrifice for something inferior or for uncertainty, No.

    Both players and parents already know they will have to sacrifice to become an athlete. That is already a given. What makes Yang Fangxu's situation any different? Nobody forced her to become an athlete. In the end it's still up to the parents and the children can quit if they don't like it. If there are better options, they will take them.

    Nobody will know who Hui Ruoqi will be if she were a regular person. Now she is famous, and have opportunities in both sports world and entertainment industry. Yang Fangxu is very fortunate to have been treated so well all these years with her injuries. The spots she plays is weak so she is lucky in that as well. Not so much for Yang Junjing, who got injured playing a meaningless tournament, and missed out on an Olympic Gold. Her MB position has too many replacements so she is pretty much done.

    Back in the old days, athletes just played to make a meal. Now with economy booming, becoming world champions and Olympics champions mean instant millionaire. This era, athletes have more opportunities for education, jobs, etc. What more could you ask for? Yang Fangxu is already getting the special treatment. What more can be done for her if she can't even play? No other country would do that for an athlete. At least I have not seen it. So I can't see in any way Yang Fangxu's situation would tarnish Chinese Women's Volleyball reputation.

    Back as in to fully participate and play or to provide assistance in coaching the young middle blockers?

    Either way, her experience and skills are very much needed. I hope she has recovered well and no more playing in useless competitions that could further injure her.

    I only saw pictures and a clip of her being in practice uniform with the rest of the team. Not sure if she is fully recovered but it is good to see her back. I think still she is the best MB for China even with her injuries. So hopefully she can play more years and not retired because of injuries.

    The new generation of players are very different. They are not like the players from the generation of 90’s who had only few options for their future. Imagine that you’re bloody rich like Hui Ruoqi’s family and your only child is also very successful academically. How the local head hunters or the Chines NT can convince you to let your only child to choose a sportive career if you learn from the sensational medias that a young and talented player who had sacrificed her promising academic future “was kicked” out of the Chinese NT because of her injury?

    Everybody here agree that the Chinese NT needs to find better option than Yang FangXu. But you like or not, the public perception is also very important. I’m pretty sure Lang Ping understands by far better than us about Yang’s situation. If she’s still with the Chinese NT, it’s because there is a reason.

    Every athlete will have to sacrifice something to be the best in the game. It is universal for everyone in every country. Not sure why it is different for China just because of a new era. Hui Ruoqi chose to be an athlete on her free will and she earned her masters degree along with it. It is unfortunate her heart problems ended her career. Public perception is still the same for Chinese Women's Volleyball. I don't get why one player will change that perception.

    Yang is still with the team because Lang Ping sees potential her but her physical condition is preventing her from even playing. She sat out last year and this year has not played many minutes. From fans perspective, it is time to let her go if she can't recover. This won't change the perception of Chinese Women's Volleyball in anyway. I think you are just being too sentimental.

    My point about the ranking is that Argentina shouldn't be ranked highly enough to get into Pot 1.

    Even if Argentina was not in Pot 1, they would still be in Pot 2. So based on rankings Germany moves to Pot 1 and Argentina to Pot 2. So Pool A would still have the chance to be the same based on the luck of the draw. We can only blame FIVB for allowing weaker teams in this tournament, thus allowing higher chances of unbalanced groups. Whoever benefits the most will get some heat, in this case Japan. I'm not against any team and who ever qualified deserves to be in the competition. If some fans have problems with that, just stick it to FIVB, not any team or confederation.

    Group A is weak because of the luck of the draw. Don't think Argentina's ranking has anything to do with it. Japan just happened to draw Argentina, being the weakest team in pot 1 in my opinion. Pot 2 Japan drew Germany, not the best team for me. Pot 3 Cameroon is the weakest, and Pot 4 no comment.

    I think it all comes down to FIVB if they want better competition or not. Don't really care about the politics and history behind their decisions.

    There is really nothing she could do if her injury prevents her from reaching her potential. CNT has already given her everything to make sure she comes back to her form but this hasn't happened. She is very fortunate to have loving coaches and teammates to support her all these years. A lot of other players didn't get that same love and retired very early from the sport.

    Her situation happens a lot in sport so not sure why this would prevent others from playing the sport. She has been treated the best of all players. Career ending injuries happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Chinese Women's Volleyball spirit is the gold standard for Chinese sports so not sure why one player would cause that to change in anyway.

    Being host have benefits, no doubt about that. Japan lucked out of not having drawn the best team from their respective pots.

    Don't think anyone is mad that Japan is hosting. It is just the teams involved are not the best, thus leading to bad draws. Why did NORCECA have 7 teams when they are not that strong, with only 4 teams in the top 24 ranking? The same thing happened in Rio when some teams didn't belong there. This kind of stuff leads to conspiracy theories.

    An Jiajie will try to keep Yang Fangxu in CNT as long as possible. Personally I think she is done based on her VNL performance. Her injury is just too serious to recover back to her top form. Even at her peak, she was just another supporting player so she won't be missed if Lang Ping decides to pull the plug on her.

    Now that you mention it, I don't know who else I would have given awards to ... except maybe the Coach of Taipei CMFC for Best Cheekbones. What a beauty!

    They can give her the Miss Volleyball award for beauty like in the 2018 VTV9 Cup. Most awards are based on stats anyway so the more a player plays, the better her chances of winning. Another reason is diversity, making sure every team gets something. It is all about getting the gold for players. Individual awards are secondary.

    International club volleyball is meaningless for Chinese clubs. In this new format, each team advances to playoffs. It's just a matter of seeding for group stage play. I think only Thai team takes this seriously because they send their national team each edition.

    BACK THEN It's quite understandable that China prioritized the 2014 World Championship over the 2014 Asian Games due to the schedule clash. However, this year there is no such head-to-head schedule conflict. Indeed some Chinese volleyball fans hinted that China should send the main force designated for the 2018 WCH, then use the Asian Games as the WARMING-UP matches. There are merely a couple of matches where China needs to play its main lineup, that's vs JPN/KOR/THA. Just a nice fitting up for the WCH 14-roster :-)

    Final verdict, I have high confident that Lang Ping will send her main force to take back the Asian Games trophy!! Time will divulge... yet today I bet my wager on it :-)

    Its a quad tournament so China will not miss it. Last Asian Championships clashed with National Games so teams didn't release their best players. I just hope everyone stays healthy for the World Championships. Hope China ends the 32 year drought.

    Reason China didn't send A team to 2014 Asian Games was the schedule conflicted with the 2014 World Championship. Also Korea didn't qualify so they scheduled it to their advantage. Only Thailand sent their A team to the Asian Games but didn't win.