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    I still don’t understand how they can be the best team in the world at the VNL and just one month later everything falls apart… they looked incredibly slow and exhausted at the Olympics and this just one month later after the VNL.
    I also think that Lang Ping didn’t care about winning. She never looked anxious or worried and remained unusually seated for most of the time.

    Zhu's wrist injury messed up the whole plan and there was no plan B. Everyone just crumbled under pressure. Nothing deep to look at really. It could have been the easiest defense since every top team except USA downgraded, but turned out to be the worst nightmare. Just gotta move on and regroup.

    Hi guys I’m new here 🤣

    My name is Andy and I’m a big fan of the Chinese volleyball team. I’m still devasted about what happened at the Tokyo Olympics… I cried for many days and I’m still really upset.

    I just wanted to share my dejected feelings with u guys since I have been reading this blog for quite a while and I kinda know that u guys are fans of CNT. 😂

    do u guys know if there is any Zhu-like player in the making? I am a bit worried for the WCH and for the next Olympics.

    I heard about Dong Mingxia some time ago.. can she became the next big thing for CNT? China has 1.4 billions of people they should produce many many Zhu Tings..😅

    Zhu is a once in a generation type of player. If China have Zhu Tings every generation, no need to worry about anything. China's main focus should be on health of players.

    I've seen zero evidence of that since 2013. Wouldn't have many high expectations for 2022 unless if ZT recovers.

    That's why they need to prove themselves or it would be the same over reliance on Zhu until she retires. After that, it could go the way of Chinese women soccer.

    against Turkey was pretty bad too... agree with your other comments

    It was gold or nothing for this team. Without Zhu, I don't think they would have won gold because there was not enough games to make adjustments for a championship run. After that, everyone succumbed to pressure and the rest was history. It was never meant to be. Anyway I hope they can overcome Zhu's reliance during 2022 World Championship. They need to prove they are a championship team without their best player.

    But we all also watched they played against Italy without using Zhu. Why is this not thought of earlier even adter the match against Turkey? Or even during that match?

    GXY was a completely different player on that match against Italy.

    Over reliance on Zhu. Coach's biggest blunder was not to bench her when her wrist got worse. Players choked against Russia. It was there first choke ever. Italy's match was meaningless since they were already eliminated. No pressure for this match.

    well atleast with USA men going home it is not as embarrassing now

    Does it matter how other teams do? China's main goal was gold. Anything less would be a disappointment. With Zhu's wrist problem, even had China made it out of group stage, I don't think they would win the gold. Sometimes things just don't go your way even when you planned everything well.

    What does she mean by deformed society? Will she be persecuted or judge by people there?

    It's one of those anti-China camps that live off China's failures. Don't take it seriously because they spread lies all the time about anything relating to China.

    I read a translation somewhere which stated that she said that she herself was personally responsible and at fault for the losses, and that she apologizes to the country and everyone. So, there's that for anyone looking to blame Lang Ping for everything...

    I also don't believe that Zhu Ting's "injury" is the whole story - she looked so strong at the Tokyo Challenge event which wasn't even that long on earth could she have deteriorated so much since then?

    Just bad timing that her wrist started to affect her game. Yan Ni's injuries also affected her at the wrong time. They were playing fine during VNL's last six games. Then everything went down hill during Olympics. Poor coaching adjustments for sure, then players choked against Russia, and the rest is history.

    JLP and 🇨🇳🏐 officials have been getting criticism and pressure from its citizens for playing injured ZT. There have been several injured athletes forced/ ordered to play and these athletes ended up retiring because their injuries affected their performances (for the worse);. ZT can contribute more to the 🇨🇳🏐NT for more years and risking her just for one Olympics is not worth it. They are listening now.

    JLP wanted to go out with a bang. Guess she thought injured ZT can still performed just as well a healthy ZT. Thinking the wrist injury was not as bad as it really is (the team doctor should be replaced; his assessment was wrong). it just showed how huge JLP’s confidence on ZT. JLP got it wrong for taking ZT’s injury lightly and causing her to miscalculate and backfired on her.

    That's just speculation. Zhu Ting told her dad to see her at the final. Lang Ping should have benched her though. Sometimes you just have to say no to your superstar. She made the mistake Zhu would played better but they choked against Russia and the rest was history. It was all poor coaching decision, nothing to do with Lang Ping going out with a bang. Then players succumbed under all the pressure when they were down.

    Biggest blunder was coach's decision not to bench Zhu when she was less effective due to wrist injury. Zhang/Li combo was good enough to make it out of group stage.

    Second blunder was mental breakdown of the players. Even with injured Zhu, they choked away their game against Russia. Can't blame any for that.

    Everything else is just bs speculation by frustrated fans. Zhu can play but just down 2-3 levels down due to the sudden wrist problem.

    Also what the heck is the point of bringing out of shape Liu Xiatong that you cant even use her to sub other player. Her spot is a waste.

    Just poor coaching selection. They thought starters were good enough but didn't expect Zhu's wrist injury.

    Like I said, cult of personality. Her decision making was outright bad and it's not wrong to criticize the coach.

    the medical staff did not make the decision, they do what the coach and CVA tell them to do.

    Criticism is fine but its not 100% coach's decision. Medical staff lied to Zhao Ruirui about her situation and shortened her career. Could be CVA or coach but we will never know. All we know medical staff did a poor job for Zhu. Just bad timing the injury affected her performance. China wouldn't be in this mess.