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    Just pretend you are watching a very bad movie directed by Cai Bin and everything will be fine. There is a sequel coming btw. See you guys at the premiere.

    Don’t compare the men NT and women NT. The men NT was never considered a top team in the international tournaments. A good foreign coach would not make much difference. The women NT is a different story. A good foreign coach could be beneficial since Cai Bin is not good enough. I don’t think the language translation will be much of a problem. Japan and Korea have had foreign coaches. However, WYL, JY, and WWY certainly have to go for they will just be liabilities. As to the setter, there is no other better choice yet.

    Since when am I comparing the men's team to the women's team? If you want to talk about men's team, they had their worst results under a foreign coach. Cai Bin is not even the best coach in China. I think everyone chickened out, including An Jiajie, to take over Lang Ping. Japan and Korea didn't have success neither with a foreign coach. So picking a right coach is important, domestic or foreign.

    As for the players you mentioned, they will be replaced when the regular starters come back. It's pretty much one and done like many other players who've failed to play well. Hopefully Zhang Changning is healthy to play at World Championships because I don't think Cai Bin will make any changes to the roster.

    I just say the sentence:

    Cai Bin isn't the best head coach now.

    However, who could replace him and could not be afraid of many non-sports factors ?

    Raul Lozano didn't prove that he could do it from 2017 to 2019 in Chinese men's NT.

    If no local coach is willing to take the job, hiring a foreign coach is an option. Just two things to consider, language barrier and different playing system. You will need a fast and accurate translator during timeouts. The coach will have to adjust to China's system or vice versa. Should consult with Lang Ping who's the best suitable foreign coach for China if it comes to that option.

    Was expecting this team to go 9-3 at best so 9-4 was not so bad with this roster. Only bad loss was against Thailand and bad win was against Korea. Too much inconsistency with this team, playing great for one set then just bad the next.

    OHs: The newcomers are level down from Liu Xiaotong and Liu Yanhan and they were just subs. So it is 3 level downgrade for starting OH position. Don't see anything standout from Jin Ye so I think she won't stick for long. Wang Yunlu has solid reception so she might be a good backup if she can improve her offense. She has this weird no look type of side chop spike that seems to have no aim whatsoever that gets stuffed easily. For Li Yingying, she needs to cut down on errors, especially foot fault. Solid all around being the ace.

    OPs: I think Gong has stepped up being the second scoring option. Her only bad game was against Japan.

    MBs: This is the first time that both MBs were struggling with consistency in blocking and offense. Hope they get better without Yan Ni.

    Setter: Downgrade same as OHs. Diao needs to work on her connections and good decision making in critical points.

    L: Wang Mengjie is better but I don't think she is a top libero.

    Pretty much OP is the only position that is not a downgrade from previous roster.

    I respect your optimism, but I just don't see them making improvements by that time which is why I would rather see the younger players get a chance.

    They might not make the World Championship roster though so who knows what will happen. There is still one week left to see where this team will go. I literally have zero expectations with this new team. It's obviously disappointing for every loss and newcomers have been subpar. I can only hope they can improve and it's really up to coaching staff to play younger players.

    Why can Chen Peiyan, Wu Mengjie, etc not get a chance? And don't get me started on the setters... 30 and 33

    Most likely they didn't do well during training camp. Weren't some of them chosen for Asian competitions? If they can't do well in those, then they are not ready for world competitions.

    Some people are just overreacting with the losses. This is a newly formed team with over half of the starters not available. The newcomers have not lived up to expectations. Have the coaching decisions been bad? Definitely. But I'll cut Cai Bin some slack since no coaches are willing to take over a championship team. It's win or backlash. If this team can't make it to quarterfinals, a coaching change is definitely needed. Hiring a foreign coach poses communication problems because not all Chinese players speak English. Same reason Thailand and Japan hire local coaches. Koreans have been hiring foreign coaches but have not won anything, not even the Asian Championship.

    I don't think coaching is the problem for China. They won 5 titles in 80s, 2 finals appearances in the 90s that was dominated by Cubans, 2 tiles in 2000s, and 3 titles in 2010s. The main problem for China has always been the health and longevity of players. Too many athletes retired early due to injuries. It's a pretty pervasive problem throughout every sport. Major reform is needed in training and conditioning. Biggest obstacle is every provincial club is independently run. They can give an f.u. to the national team if they want to by not releasing their players. So major leadership is needed in order for change. Maybe Lang Ping can fit that role since she has the experience and popularity to do so.

    Don't worry, I don't expect these new liberos to have the chance to fail at a world championship final.

    The lack of new players on the team is also concerning, probably even more than the loss.

    For most Chinese players is one and done if they fail. So I hope they can improve in order to have a long career. Not everyone will make an impact right away. The other players fans want to see will get to play at Asian competitions. Let's see how they will perform.

    I'd take Chen Zhan over these liberos any day... and the expectation is not the reason I am disappointed. USA had 22 errors. That's 1/3 of all the points we scored. we were leading 7-2, 20-17 and lost 21-25 in the final set.

    Chen Zhan failed when it mattered the most during 2014 worlds and never made the A team again. The same with Shan Danna. Hopefully the new liberos won't end up like them. Errors are part of the game. It shows how efficient a team or player is. Zhu is a level above the best players in the world in efficiency. Losing leads is part of the game. It happens to every team. This game showed the flaws of this new team. The loss was expected. Just have to improve or won't win anything. People forgot about the Wang Yimei era.

    High expectation leads to high disappointment. There will be ups and downs in this newly formed team. First things first, qualify for quarters and hope the players improve along the way. So far middles attack/block is subpar. Libero reminds me of Shan Danna and Chen Zhan all over again. There is no consistent OH to play along side Li Yingying so pretty much she has to carry the offensive load with Gong. Next game will be a tough test to play against the best defense in the world and another challenge for middles that struggle against fast tempo teams.

    Unfortunately I don't think any of China's current middles will reach anything close to Yan Ni's blocking.

    Yan Ni was one of a kind for China MBs. I don't remember any other Chinese MBs winning multiple awards for best blocker in world level championships. She is pretty much the apex standard MB for China. I wouldn't expect too much from the current MBs as long they can contribute when it matters.

    People hyping Yang Hanyu's performance. lol. By the time she came in Canada's morale was already low and they were using their bench players. I would hope she would do well against their bench because if not...

    We need to see more of her and Zheng. Is it wrong to say that it seems Wang Yuanyuan is outplaying Yuan right now? =O

    Wang is definitely playing better offensively than Yuan. Yuan seems to degress offensively with no improvement in blocking. I think Yuan's peak was the best offensive MB in the world. If only she has Yan Ni's blocking skills.