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    Chinese men's teams in any sport are mental midgets, always playing down their level to their opponents, and always fearing teams that have historical dominance over them.

    Actually China does not have millions of people playing volleyball nor does it have a lot of investment. Only two thousand people actually plays competitive volleyball from which to choose a world team, having won 3 Olympic golds, 2 world championships, and 5 world cups. The reason they play a lot of tournaments is because they won a lot, along with Japan, having the most world titles representing Asia. Europe has a lot of competitive teams but that does not guarantee they will win playing against world's best. Everyone went through world and continental qualifications to qualify so the only thing to complain is the format, not the teams.

    Has Wang Mengji surpassed Lin Li or has Lin Li's performance just regressed?

    Overall Lin Li is the better receiver but she has regressed due to injuries. Her weakness, from what I have observed, is receiving jump serve. I will stay take in form Lin Li over Wang Mengjie anyday.

    If you asked me this in June after that that match vs Italy, I'd agree with you. But we've seen Yao Di's sets in club world championships to Zhu and Yuan. And with Zhu Ting injured, how could they really build chemistry and practice together?

    Better hope Ding Xia is on form for the entire Olympics (or at least the 3 knockout matches)

    Well that was the original plan to have Zhu Ting build chemistry with Yao Di in case Ding Xia plays poorly. Both Yao Di and Diao Linyu have problems setting to Zhu as seen in previous tournaments. Since Zhu got injured, the plan went to waste. All we can hope is everyone is healthy to play in the Olympics.

    Tokyo roster is pretty much set unless someone surprises Lang Ping. Zhu Ting was sent to Tianjin in order to build chemistry with Yao Di and Li Yingying, both most likely will succeed Ding Xia and Liu Xiaotong. Don't think they will make another Olympic cycle due to age. Both will be 34 in Paris.

    I think Lang Ping will go with 4 OHs and 3 MBs like last time so OHs will be Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, and Liu Xiaotong. Last MB spot will be between Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Hanyu, and Zheng Yixin. OP will be Gong and Zeng. Setters Ding Xia and Yao Di. Libero: Wang Mengjie.

    thanks, brahmin, for this info.

    i don’t get why (ok, i know why, but... makes no sense), why are ARG (and KEN & CMR) ranked so high?

    ITA, THA, BUL should be higher. and POL could even be in top 12.

    Some teams don't get to participate in WGP and World Cup so no ranking points for them. It's not a fair ranking system. If everything is based on world qualifying, then we won't have Argentina and Kenya so high.

    Based on Chinese forum Serbia has suddenly become their most hated foreign team (from one of the favorites) since 2018 WCh (because they won) :lol: so you can all guess where the trolls all come from.

    The accusations against Serbia (at least) in relation to this World Cup are ridiculous.

    Nothing surprising coming from Japanese fan that did the Thai team 2 times in a row.:lol: