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    Like I said, cult of personality. Her decision making was outright bad and it's not wrong to criticize the coach.

    the medical staff did not make the decision, they do what the coach and CVA tell them to do.

    Criticism is fine but its not 100% coach's decision. Medical staff lied to Zhao Ruirui about her situation and shortened her career. Could be CVA or coach but we will never know. All we know medical staff did a poor job for Zhu. Just bad timing the injury affected her performance. China wouldn't be in this mess.

    The thing that upsets me most about Chines falldown is that we will two legendary name with a bitter taste: Lang Ping and Yan Ni. Both has given so much to Chinese NT and has been legendary names but retiring with such a bad tournament is really a pity. I consider Yan Ni's position to Eda's position in Turkish NT and everyone will be very sad after Eda retires but at least she is having a great tournament and people will remember being such a great player. On the other hand, Yan Ni is far from her true self and I hope she can redeem herself in last two matches. I think worse thing for an aging player is she retires and no one misses her.;(

    I don't like that Lang Ping is using Zhu's injury as an excuse, I think she is better than that! and she should own the failure. China is blessed to have 3 top level OHs in their roster whereas most of the other teams in this tournament don't even have two in their roster. So if Zhu is really injured, use other two as starter. How can she justify the terrible form of libero, setters and MBs and Gong. They all are not injured right? Clearly they as a team are not on their peak shape right now and this is 100% coach's responsibility.

    The injury excuse is just to deflect any media distraction. It's easy for Lang Ping to take the blame but what good will that do to the players? They have high respect for their coach, and it would only make them feel more bad for their coach to take all the blame in their current situation. Li Yingying said it was their coach that is keeping their heads up. That's why Lang Ping would not blame any players' poor performance to keep their morale up. It's easy for fans to blame her but that is understandable.

    The one to blame should be the medical staff that couldn't fix Zhu's wrist problem all these years. They were just using therapy to prolong her playing time. But it finally caught up at the wrong time. Yan Ni's injuries also caught up at the wrong time. What can you do? Big changes are needed to keep players healthy. A lot of great Chinese athletes have short careers due to injuries from over training or playing through injuries. This problem hasn't been fixed at all so it will be the greatest challenge in my opinion. Whatever happens next, I just hope Zhu Ting fix her wrist problem and recovers 100%. Take as long as she needs.

    Chinas remaining challenge is Italy. Im 100 percent sure they will win 3-0 against Argentina.

    Question is will Zhu play even with her condition?

    Shouldn't have played Zhu at all knowing her condition. But I think Zhu wanted to play and pressure from home also contributed to this mess. This was Lang Ping's biggest blunder. Combo of Zhang/Li should be enough to make it out of group stage. It exposed China's long term players health problem so reform is greatly needed to prevent future debacles.

    A healthy Zhu Ting made Lang Ping the coach she is. Without a normal Zhu Ting Lang Ping would lose to Thailand/Korea/Japan and finish 4th at Asian Championships.

    Nah. Lang Ping has coached teams to Olympics finals before. It's just bad timing that the injuries starting to take effect. China should still win some games but they lost their confidence after the losses because they didnt have any challenges for a while. Fans are just finding a scapegoat for this mental breakdown of the players.

    My worst fear happened as injuries strucked at the wrong time for Zhu and Yan Ni. It's like Liu Xiang all over again. Pretty much the whole team lost their winning mentality after the losses. Lang Ping should have started Li and Zhang since the start of the tournament but I think Zhu still wanted to play. I'm just praying for Zhu's health now.

    It's China's volleyball spirit of giving it all in every match. But I agree they have to play smarter to win because China has not won the World Championship in over 30 years and there is a reason for that. Zhu burned out in the final in 14 and burned out the whole tournament in 18 due to non stop playing the whole year, including WCh qualification and Asian Games that didn't need her at all. Anyway congrats to China for winning the women's quadruple sculls.

    things are (very slightly) better this match... but I have some doubts on their ability to win vs. Russia, never mind Italy.

    If China can't defeat Russia, then it's virtually over. Italy has been their most difficult opponent this Olympics cycle.

    Really? I tried it this morning and I could watch the soccer games. That would suck if it got taken down.

    The link gives me 404 error or no access. I went to the main site and there's no CCTV sports channels avaiable, CCTV1, 5, and 5+ are not listed. Maybe it's just me because Firefox browser has a lot of problems nowadays.

    I think the olevod site CCTV sports channels got taken down.

    Yep, still working. Sometimes it says that the file is not safe or something like that but I’ve never had any particular problem with the app tho (that I’m aware of hahah)

    P2P streaming apps always have occasional lag for me so it's good to hear you don't have that problem. Last Olympics was brutal because all the apps were taken out but I was able to watch the volleyball final match.

    Congrats to Yang Qian for winning first gold of Olympics and China's first gold for Women's 10m Air Rifle. Both contestants choked on last shot but Yang Qian did little better to win to beat Russia's Anastasiia Galashina.

    If you can connect your TV to the internet you can download this app (no VPN needed) where you can watch all Chinese TV channels

    This app is still working? I will try it when my other apps are taken down, hopefully not. Thanks for the heads up.

    I can actually access the replay of soccer games without Chinese ip on CCTV website. Hopefully it stays that way for other sports. I can't access the ceremony without Chinese ip though.

    Yes, I installed hola extension. Only goes up to 720p. Tried it on chromium browser.

    I guess I will stick with the streaming app for now. Backup is CBC and other countries' streaming site. Don't want to waste money on more VPNs.

    CCTV5 quality via Hola is good (or even excellent), and as said earlier I just took Hola Premium for 1mo cuz its offer is cheap, CCTV5 labels it as High Definition and Clear... not sure the numeric scale, it's relatively smooth, for me it's satisfying

    I watch CCTV on those free Chinese streaming apps but connection is not 100% stable. Quality is about the same as those on CBC/NBC streaming site. I watch it on 65in TV so I want to get the best resolution. It looks from the picture it has full HD resolution. I will give it a try to see the quality on TV.

    I am pretty sure links will get posted when they are available, but just in case nothing is there, watch cctv5 at the right times on (it's currently broadcasting aikido)

    and use a VPN into China. Hola is free and works, but insecure so don't use it on a browser that you have personal data on.

    Do you install extension for the browser? I still get copyright message even with Chinese IP and it's the same for the desktop/laptop app. How is the quality? Does it have 1080p resolution? Thanks.