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    So I have somewhat good news but I'm not sure if it will work with a VPN.

    Sling Blue has a promotion right now for $10 for a month which will get you a log in that will work with the NBC Olympics site for all of the Olympics content.

    I just don't know if 1) Sling will let you register with a VPN/foreign credit card 2) If NBC will work with a VPN

    Does NBC offer 1080p streaming? I checked out CBC but there's only one video resolution, probably 720p max. If it does, I will try all the free trials to watch Olympics for free, as long as they don't change their 1 week free trial.

    YouTubetv has 14 days free trial, I think it's pretty enough for the 16 days volleyball matches. However, I never tried it before, can anyone confirm that we can watch the matches live and replay on YouTubetv?

    I just started the free trial, only 5 days for me, and only 720p 60fps on my Android 4K TV. You can watch movies (TV versions with ads) and live TV. Live TV can be paused and recorded for later viewing in your library (have not try it though and won't since I only watch live sports). It's worth the free trial if you can get 2 weeks but definitely not worth the full price.

    AVC is not a priority since China has not sent an A team after 2015 edition. It's just a training tournament for this cycle. Who ever gets selected will get a chance to make the A team with their performances. Liu Yanhan extended her national team career during the 2018 Asian Cup and got rewarded with an Olympic spot for Tokyo.

    Can you share to us what happened to Yang Fangxu? I read somewhere she was banned until 2022 for doping is this true? Hoping that she could return to the NT

    She had a terrible injury during 2015 WGP against Dominican Republic. She never fully recovered after that. She managed to be healthy enough for Rio but played very sparingly after that, with 2018 VNL being her last appearance for national team. She announced her retirement in June 2019.

    Last time they did send the A team to the Wch qualifiers. Asian championships is important because it's a wch qualifier not because it is Asian championships.

    It's easier to qualify because of world ranking. Last World Championships all based on qualifying tournaments.

    AVC Championship is a 2022 World Championship qualifier. Of course China will likely qualify by continental ranking but will JLP really risk it?

    Last cycle they played with basically the A-team members who were available.

    China hasn't sent A team since 2015. Don't think Asian Championships is a priority now since the 4th place historic worst result in 2013. Top 2 teams from continental championships will qualify with top 11 world ranking teams for final spots.

    I didn't expect Lang Ping to bring both Lius but other players are simply not better unfortunately. They also have much more experience.

    Lin Li's level dropped significantly, too many errors in passing and digging not better than Wang Mengjie. The only thing I don't like about Wang Mengjie is her tendency to avoid reception and defense when two players are in position to do so, leading to miscommunication errors.

    Yang Hangyu to me is just a poorer version of Wang Yuanyuan so no point to bring in another MB. I hope Gao Yi improve her fundamentals because she has all the physical talent to be a top MB.

    Li Yao only had two good offensive games against depleted teams of South Korea and Thailand. She struggled mightily afterwards. There is no point bringing in an older player to train as a bench player for future Olympics cycle.

    Both Zhang Changning and Li Yingying improved, especially in offense. Li Yingying's weight loss made her so much better in mobility, significantly improving all aspects of her game. The question remains whether they can play like this during Olympics. If they can, then winning gold is not a problem. Gong is the best all around player. I think her weak link is offense. Let's see if she can have a breakthrough in scoring against the top teams. Then there is Ding Xia and Yan Ni combo, the best screamer Yuan Xinyue, and there is Zhu. The bench has the best center for photos.

    A big part but Wang Mengjie shouldn't have anything to do with either Tianjin or Jiangsu.

    They always hate other team's players but mostly target each other more. Wang Mengjie is part of the Shandong clique. There are always people bringing up Ni Feifan so you know the story.

    Duo bundling strategy... therefore if you take Zhu you must also bring Yao along :lol:

    Your roster seem good, with possibility of change in LXT... also have no idea, as well as the 12th spot.

    What's the deadline for team to determine their roster?

    Don't know about deadline but Lang Ping will probably give us the final roster at the last minute.

    I think ZCN can be moved to opposite if GXY doesn’t play well, like in Rio. LYY at opposite hasn’t worked super well in the past but we shall see. She has certainly improved a lot.

    For libero, true that WMJ is unstable, but would it be feasible to take Lin Li along as well?

    Anyway, the team is at the Ningbo Beilun base for quaratined training. Who can you spot? (pictures from 我爱女排 weibo account)

    Assume roster:

    OH: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, (Liu Xiaotong)

    MB: Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, (Wang Yuanyuan)

    S: Ding Xia, Yao Di

    OP: Gong Xiangyu

    L: Wang Mengjie

    That leaves one more spot left so taking Lin Li is still possible since Li Yao is not really needed as backup OP. Three MBs should be enough. Then Lang Ping pulls a shocker and brings Ni Feifan. It seems Yao Di is always beside Zhu Ting.