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    Zhang Changning and Li Yingying can play OP so it's not a problem. China never had another consistent scorer besides Zhu but this VNL Zhang Changning and Li Yingying really improved. Can they play like this during Olympics? I'm more concerned with libero. MB backups are a mess since both Wang and Yang are pretty much the same. Both Lius are the same type of player so no need to bring them both. I prefer Wang Yuanyuan over Yang Hanyu and Liu Xiaotong for experience.

    Is nbc the only broadcasting company to cover olympic? They should get another one. Weird when olympic will be in asia and asians can't watch it because they have to pay using american credit card 🤔

    NBC paid the most to IOC so they get to choose everything including schedule. That's why you see swimming finals in the morning in China and Japan because it is prime time in the US. They will also try their best to block you from watching other countries online streaming by geo restrictions, internet throttling, etc. I have experienced this bs during 2016 Olympics. Expecting more worst this year. Other countries might require subscription to watch online streaming now.

    Can a non-US IP pay for NBC online streaming? Is it offered worldwide, or covering Asia?

    Not sure. The log in to watch NBC online streaming is linked to some kind of TV subscription like Spectrum, ATT, etc. I think you must be subscribed to one of those. If you don't live in the US, just watch other countries' online streaming using a VPN. Last Olympics was free for Canada and BBC but not sure about this Olympics though. Greedy corporations are forcing everyone to pay to watch sports.

    I think tencent got broadcasting rights like in the world cup?

    maybe would work

    All Olympics coverage is broadcasted by CCTV in China. World Cup wouldn't be a problem because Spanish channel broadcast it for free in the US. I have never watched any American World Cup coverage. Thanks to Univision.

    Just for OG, can VPN4CN solve the geo-block issue? I am thinking of getting a commercial VPN that will work4CN.

    Any suggestion on good VPN for watching OG?

    I have no idea. The only VPN with China ip I have used is Ivacy and it does not work against the geo blockage. I use apps but most of them are deleted due to copyright issues. Best case is using VPN in other countries' online streaming if you don't want to pay for NBC online streaming.

    You care about time, I care more about how to watch the OG with much stricter restrictions under IOC + Corp. overreaching long-arm copylefts beyond the FIVB jurisdiction. Even to watch a full shortly delayed match will be blessing. The only thing I detest about Olympics. The greed makes it so exclusive! Hopefully they will be more considerate during this pandemic as there won't be any int'l spectators.

    You are correct. Can't watch free sports these days. I hope all the apps won't get blocked because I want to watch it on my TV instead of poor quality streams on laptop. Best solution is to watch other countries online streaming using a vpn. I hate NBC all the way.

    I woke up just at the right time without an alarm to watch Karch pulled a Lang Ping. It was good to see CNT ready to play when needed although reading forum posts was more entertaining than the match. Can't wait for Tokyo but most of China's matches would be midnight in pacific time zone.

    we talked about the possible reasons why the NT coaches brought the two Liu’s , Li Yao and Duan Fang to play in the VNL, when younger, better players are left at home. But looking around for answers only lead to more questions. Could it be that the answer is not as complicated as it seems...that maybe offers have been made, but some of the younger players did the unthinkable...they declined. Due to the Pandamic, things are happening, that normally won’t ... I heard that Japan, China and S Korea have pulled out from the 2021 Fivb Girls u18 WShips in Mexico, leaving Thailand as the only Asian representative :|

    I don't think any players would decline to play for national team when you have a chance to get a gold at Olympics. It's just that they are not better than Liu Xiaotong and Liu Yanhan. Lang Ping just don't have better choices or she would have dropped both Lius.

    agreed, no more VNL for her after Tokyo.

    Wang and Lin should alternate. You can have 10 normal players and 2 liberos in a 12 person roster. defence in general is not the problem, the problem is a good libero.

    They change the rule of 1 libero per game for Olympics? Didn't know that. If that's the case, using two is a no brainer.

    I'm more concerned about Zhu's wrist and Zhang Changning's leg. Hope everyone stays healthy. Zhu needs a long break after Tokyo.

    China's weak link is definitely the libero position. Bringing two might not be a bad idea but will affect back row attack if both Wang/Lin are on the court for defensive purposes. I want to see Lang Ping try Zhu-Li-Zhang lineup.

    Some offensive stats I pulled out of FIVB's a$$, not 100% accurate.

    Wang Yuanyuan
    Yang Hanyu
    Gao Yi
    Zheng Yixin
    Zhang Changning
    Li Yao
    Liu Yanhan
    Liu Xiaotong
    Duan Fang

    Who would of thought this team defeated Brazil. At least they redeemed themselves after lackluster performances. Hopefully they carry this mental booster into Tokyo. This was the graduation ceremony for Zhang Changning into the main lead.

    who is gonna be held accountable about this performance?

    The team is just bad without a go to scorer. Even with one, when they can't block or kill, will lose a lot of close matches. It's the same trend these 3 weeks. Hope they at least put up a fight against Brazil.