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    all four are replaced well and even upgraded. the real problem is backups. If something happens to any of the starters except Li YY, there will be a big drop in the level of the team.

    By the way, every team has one defensive OH in their rosters to replace the libero in the case of injury. If I were in Ping's shoes, I would definitely bring two liberos either instead of second Opp and bring an OH that can also play as Opp. None of Zhu, Li and Zhang can play as libero in the case of emergency

    All of them are better than the subs China has right now though so it's a bad trade off in the long run, but there's nothing that can be done with career ending injuries. Since none of the backup hitters are playing well so far, might not be a bad idea to bring another libero in case of an injury. Gong can be the libero replacement but it will downgrade the OP position even though Zhang/Li can play that role. Gong fits the all rounder OP position in Lang Ping's system.

    This is why I don't understand that the lineup is worse now than 5 years ago.

    I am missing my favorite Chinese player Xu Yunli.

    China lost 4 main players due to career ending injuries/illness, Xu Yunli, Wei Qiuyue, Hui Ruoqi, and Yang Fangxu.

    I also don't understand why Zhang Changning is not starting against stronger teams like Japan and Turkey.

    I think it's to test how the subs do against strong teams. Beating depleted teams like S. Korea and Thailand does not prove anything. The match against Canada, Lang Ping didn't change libero. It's evaluation of players for certain matches. China got lucky with Germany. Notice against good blocking teams and floor defense, Chinese attackers had a lot of trouble scoring and blocking. A lot of the subs' weaknesses got exposed.

    there was talk, a few years ago, of Yang Hao 杨昊 becoming a part of the coaching team, with a view of taking over from LP when she finally calls it a day.....any prospects of that happening?

    I think she is part of the youth coaching staff. Have not heard about her coaching the senior NT. line with the plans to "not attend the last four" ?


    First 3 weeks are just tryouts for players. You can tell by different lineups each match. Last 2 weeks are for practice to get off rust for A team. Two years without international competition is not good. Winning the whole thing was never the priority. But if B team can manage to get into playoff position, that would be a bonus.

    honest opinion, is anyone really impressed with Jiajie taking the head coach responsibility?

    Everytime he is assuming the role I always feel like he is lost. I understand that he is always with the B team but I never get the sense that he has leadership or if he is a tactician. He is simply just there.

    You shouldn't ask me about him because he is on my WOAT coaching list.

    My opinion after 2 weeks:

    Setter: Yao Di has no connection with middles and is pretty predictable. She has poor awareness and poor floor coverage, allowing tips easily. Sad reality she is the second option because Diao is just there as backup.

    Middles: Can't block and can't hit. I won't blame them for poor offense due to Yao Di but can't excuse them for not killing overpasses. I would drop Wang Yuanyuan and Yang Hanyu (both are soft and have poor reflexes) and try new middles instead if there are no improvements in week 3 and beyond. Zheng Yixin is my pick because she has a better offensive game and her blocking can't be any worst than Wang/Yang. Maybe I just like her pretty face?

    Hitters: Both Lius are on the decline. No expectations from Li Yao or Duan Fang. Duan Fang should try out as a marathon runner. Backup hitters are like picking your own poison situation. I can feel them mentally torturing Lang Ping.

    Liberos: Another sad situation here like backup hitters. Lin Li still has trouble with jump serves and errors. Wang Mengjie is not that much better but there is nobody else.

    I was so looking forward to seeing Zheng Yixin also...perhaps LP has written her off already :|

    Zheng Yixin plays well at club level. At national team, her offense is good but her blocking is not up to coach's standard. I think that's the reason she gets left out during major tournaments. Last World Cup's roster was expanded to 16 so Lang Ping selected 5 MBs. Last Olympics Lang Ping selected 3 MBs. I think it will be the same this time since MBs are not playing well. So it will be hard to get selected since she has not seen much playing time.

    Yep, sets were unbelievably low and fast. Hope for improvements before Tokyo I guess...

    I thought it was a wrong choice because it didn't suit the players. Anyway current situation most worrying is backup MBs. Bad at both blocking and scoring so far. Then the backup hitters. If Zhang Changning and Li Yingying do not play well, there is no one left. Both Lius are on the decline. Don't expect anything more from other hitters. No wonder Lang Ping is not happy.

    LYY better start in the last 6 games of the VNL and Tokyo too. I'm getting 2018 vibes again.

    Didn't 2018 Lang Ping went for a fast tempo system? Zhu was not her best. It's a long tournament so we will see the outcome later.

    Turkey is beatable. Just needs consistent offense and blocking. Both losses China didn't block well and offense wasn't working. Only team I see that this team can't beat is Brazil before A team arrives.

    I guess the OOS sets don't go to her when Zhu's on the team

    It's a good experience for Zhang since she is the ace for this VNL. As long she can become consistent secondary scorer like she did in 2019 World Cup, China would be in good shape even with a not so good libero.

    I don't know what's with Zhang but she just couldn't get her hitting error rate down in this VNL.

    I think it's just part of her game that she needs to get fixed. She gets stuffed often when sets are not good due to poor reception, especially with no step spikes.

    Blocking was weak and scoring was not there when needed. I would have given Zheng Yixin playing time. Wang Mengjie's passing was not good. I think she gets bailed out by Zhu and Gong too much. Starting MBs were bad. Yang Hanyu couldn't kill overpasses. First time seeing a choke serve. I think Zhang Changning was tired. Backups are not looking good so far for Tokyo.

    And really, what is the point of a 4th outside hitter on this Chinese team? if Zhu/Zhang/Li aren't working then we're simply not winning.

    I would support taking two liberos. It is possible. Turkey did it in 2012.

    I don't think bringing two liberos is a good idea. When both liberos are not up to par, it won't make a difference in the game like it didn't in 2014 World Championship final. China needs more offensive weapons. Zhu brought in most of the points in Rio. The difference between China and the rest of the world's top teams is efficiency. When you look at the stats, China usually lags behind in attack points scored and makes up with less errors and blocks. The best offensive game China played was 2019 World Cup, contributed by Zhang Changning's top form (should have won 2nd best OH award imo). This B-team attack points were far less against Japan and Germany. Even against Korea and Thailand, the attack points were not that big of a difference. So I think China needs more scorers in case starters are not scoring. China does not have better liberos so nothing to be done about that.

    Lang Pings face has been the same this entire tournament, she's unimpressed with this group.

    I think this group needs Lang Pings tough love, that's the only way they take it seriously and improve which they need to do soon. They need to stop acting like bench players and start fighting for that starting spot because next year some veterans will retire and these players are expected to fill the spots.

    Is Lang Ping still coaching after Tokyo? I think An Jiajie is even more soft in terms of coaching. Everyone will just be hippity hop like Wang Mengjie.