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    And so the guy in Milano's stands holding the speedometer gun is the highlight from their side. :gone:

    Oh and Nimir tried to carry Milano on his back like he've done before but the lead was just too large.

    I still think Kosheleva will make it to Tokyo, especially now she is back playing in Russia so the Federation will definitely put pressure on Buzato to consider her (if only due to her experience). No question she will be the best candidate in the double sub, compared to say Khaletskaia or God forbid, Malygina. Only question if she will allow to be backup to Goncha :whistle:

    They should be preparing for Gonchexit so Lazareva might need the olympic experience.

    Anyway, they need a good server because Nataliya's serve is... weak. She needs someone who could cover for her during that phase without sacrificing a lot of firepower.

    If Russia takes 5 OHs, then I guess they can only bring 1 libero? I doubt Buzato will allow it. The OHs probably look like this: Parubets, Voronkova, 1 offensive OH sub, 1 defenisive OH sub. I think Kosheleva will compete with Lazareva for that offensive OH spot.

    In my opinion, Kurilo is the all-rounder so she's a bit different from an offensive and defensive sub.

    Kosheleva's reception will never improve. We've seen her in SESC and Rezende did nothing for her.

    I think the most likely scenario is a bench role under Parubets and Voronkova... but Lazareva wasn't bad at reception so the odds are high Kosheleva's going to get the cut before Tokyo or she's making it as a fifth OH but Russia badly needs a defensive OH so an offensive OH kinda does not make sense.

    I hope Kurilo makes it because she's guaranteeing a good pass and a good attack at the same time but that Simonenko girl is receiving a high volume of serves despite the lower attack percentage. That's very interesting for an OH.

    the way he sushed Kasiely during that argument with Gattaz is weird.

    From my experience with dealing between fights...

    Men will basically never remember what caused the quarrels after some time. Female fights are a different beast. They never forget and in my opinion, words always hurt more than a physical bruise.

    Maybe he's just trying to limit the damage done. It doesn't make it right but his actions aren't that reprehensible considering the situation. Worse of it all, the game is being filmed which puts all their dirty laundry open to the public eye.

    He probably panicked so that's what he did. I mean fights between teammates during a game are rare and usually aren't that vocal. It's a tough spot for any coach so I have to let this one slide.

    Belated comment on Lube vs Milano game as I've just watched the replay... How would Lube's coach opted for this opposite over Ghafour at the beginning of the season? He's really weak as a spiker. Before the reinforcement comes, I'm wondering if Lube has any OHs that can serve as a receiving opposite, and Leal will focus more on spiking.

    Rychlicki is the better opposite in my opinion and he's not really an opposite. He's an outside hitter so reception could be handled by him.

    I think the problem with Rychlicki is not being used to Bruno's sets. It could take a while but I think he'll get better and he's still young.

    Kovacevic is benched for three straight games(two in actual because Cebulj got benched during the christmas game.) Usually one of the titular OH from the previous game gets rotated to the bench but this time... it seems they are regularizing Cebulj to starting positon. Not sure if there's injury on Kovacevic or he's just in a very bad shape to even warrant rotation like last year.

    sokolov must be regretting of joining kazan. if he stayed lube would be prohibitive favorite in both seria a and cl.

    He wanted to fix his serve. It's the reason he went to Zenit Kazan in the first place because Kazan players have crazy service development and ofcourse the money.

    I think he's talking about Artamonova going to London.

    AFAIK she went to London with a injury and didn't play a single match. She also went to Beijing after being already retired...wasn't playing well in years at least in terms of NT

    She played with her husband's last name as an Estes but mostly as receiving substitution for Goncharova.

    Artamonova was really pretty back then and her spikes are mean and can pass really well for a russian receiver. Definitely the complete package.