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    IMO the hottest nerd looking players out there are (in no particular order)

    1. Luciano Palonsky- He reminds me a bit of Grant Gustin of The Flash and Glee. :heart:

    2. Tommi Siirila- imagine him wearing a horn rimmed glasses and you'll see why. :rose:

    3. Antoine Brizard- well he looks really cute and a little awkward but when he smiles... :sos:

    It's a very strange decision but I also expected that Shaw's going to be there because he followed Piacenza's IG page too.

    I just find it strange because Grozer's have few flaws(well there's age and sometimes that's just a number) so he'll have to go the extra mile and train hard to even make the court as an opposite.

    I'm not a follower of Men's Volleyball, but I watched some of Slovenia matches in EuroVolley.. I was rooting so bad for them... I hope they can win something in the near future... Do you think it is possible? Are they a group of young players or it is the end of a good generation?

    I don't really think Toncek Stern is good enough against the better teams and Gasparini just doesn't seem like he can handle a full match anymore so they definitely need a new opposite.

    For everything else, they have atleast two to four years to fight for some titles atleast in Europe with the squad that they got.

    There's still De Falco as the other OH.

    For Anderson, if Patch couldn't take the next step, it's probable that Russell will begin his transition to opposite after Tokyo Olympics.

    Just making this thread to discuss how unlucky this team is.

    First, missing 2018 VNL despite qualifying in world league first group because FIVB decided to call it VNL and locked it to only teams that could provide money and now, 2020 VNL getting cancelled because of Coronavirus.

    It's just crazy how this can happen to a very good team without the gods blinking twice.:white:

    Belogorie announced Gabriele Nelli.

    Strange transfer. Nelli's situation sucks but he's not ideally the opposite any russian team would consider first.

    It seems almost all the top and up-and-coming Opposites will play in Russia next season: Mikhaylov, Poletaev, Sokolov, Muzaj, Nelli and not sure if Zaytsev transfer to Russia is still in the picture?

    Nelli's too inexperienced as a top opposite and too old as an up-coming player though.

    Sassa used to have a powerful serve so Jaque's role is only reception(questionable atm) and defense.

    Amanda's currently a better option because she can do all of that.

    Can someone explain to me the intense and targeted hatred I'm reading online on Bill Gates?

    I don't think he deserves any of it and I don't even want to deal with it on twitter because the conspiracy theories are just bonkers so I would rather want to discuss this with more sane people on this forum.

    But what about 1996 Atlanta Men's Olympic Final? :what:

    A pos 4 in superlega is more valuable than a 2 unless it's Zaytsev. Playing alongside Juantorena could traumatize Yant so in my opinion, an experienced player would be a better option if they ever lose Leal.

    I doubt Juantorena is leaving Italy before the olympics.

    Russia's coronavirus situation is also unfolding. There could be problems like long flights and staying at different hotels every match. It's going to be a perfect contagion to contract the disease. I think a lot of players will eventually rethink on playing in Russia even with a higher wage because of the uncertainties they could face if they remove the movement restrictions.

    Probably Uros will not go to China. He waiting for an offer from Modena. If he does not get a satisfactory offer(Modena will be the most injured coronavirus pandemic) it he also has offers from the Russian and Polisch league.

    This could turn bad for Modena. Kovacevic probably have the worst lows and extreme highs in volleyball. He's never consistent and I really doubt Christenson could bring the best in him like Giannelli did with him. His history of injuries can also be daunting during an important moment like the knock out round.

    I'm sad about this because Stijn complimented Bruno as his back-up.