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    Russell replaced Cebulj and was named MVP of the match despite only playing three sets. There's a rotation trend going on at Trento with either Kovacevic, Cebulj and Russell starting for two games while one of them sits on the bench. The basic idea is Russell and Kovacevic will probably start during the most important games but considering Milano's injury situation, Lorenzetti went with Cebulj and Kovacevic. There's also some rhythm issues between Giannelli and his left side attackers. It's probably mostly due to Trentino's rotated spikers every match. Last season, there's no such problems like this but because Cebulj is a stronger option than van Garderen, Lorenzetti is more confident resting Kovacevic and Russell so the rhythm issues should hopefully sort themselves out as time passes.

    Clevenot started once again as a pseudo-MB but the reception crumbled when Trento strategically found and serve the holes of their reception line between zones 1 and 2 which Milano couldn't pass. Nimir had to pass one of the surprise serves which he also brilliantly killed as a point but his ankle injury prevented Milano from waging a come back. Set 4 should have been a blow out with but Trentino is so complacent that they managed to let Milano almost equalize after a wide lead they garnered while Nimir is out for the majority of the fourth set.

    Definitely agree. Since Gabi is a short player everyone is assuming that she is a brilliant passer but she is not. I'm not saying that she is a bad passer but she is not the type of OH who would cover someone else

    You have to look at the composition of today's Vakifbank first before making assumptions like this.

    You can cover for Zhu, Mihajlovic and Kosheleva back when she was at her peak. You can't do that anymore in Vakifbank without a strong left side attacker. Ebrar has to work on her own attacking skills before Vakifbank can come back to this kind of reception arrangement and even then, Zhu is a good passer for such an offensive OH that they only do this when they're in a pinch and they need Zhu to score for efficiency's sake.

    Zhu has already commited herself to return to VakifBank next season after OG. And remember, she didn't accept the higher offer by Kazan than VakifBank monetary, so money alone won't do the trick with her.

    I don't think Zhu ever wanted to play in Russia.

    Money is a great motivator but location, league strength, climate and convenience are all strong arguments for negotiation. Kazan can offer money but a wealthy Turkish and Italian club (especially turkish) could offer all of those conditions.

    I remember a rumour about Vasileva having a big salary when she played in Kazan like a million dollar one. Does she deserve that kind of money? I don't know but if Kazan wants Zhu Ting so much then they might have to offer her a blank cheque in order to convince her to play in a country that may not offer the conditions a turkish or an italian club could offer to her besides monetary gain.

    I guess Spirito should've gone to somebody else instead of Boyer for the final shot. Russell almost blocked him at 14-13 point all by himself but luckily for the frenchman it deflected off the american and during 15-14 Candellaro helped in the block so the angles limited Boyer's shot and we know how he can be some times.

    Trento should've taken this in straight sets but they reacted complacently after the second set while Verona improved their defense and served some tough balls when Trento almost or catch up with them.

    The quality of the stream improved for me. Thank God because I wasn't going to subscribe after last year's catastrophic service.. The monthly payment is a nice option to have because I probably wouldn't even consider coming back if it's a full season subscription. :white:

    Lucas has conducted shameful behavior during the award ceremony, causing FIVB to initiate an investigation against him:…d-cup-medal-ceremony.html

    Shame on Lucas. I don’t think he’d get big punishment other than 1-2 game suspension, though.

    Maybe it's just me but I couldn't care less if a player made this sign granted it's not motivated by racial hatred or political leaning.

    I mean, let's be real... Kids are doing this kind of stuff at school. It's even available as a whatsapp emoji. :gone: Why is FIVB thinking about it instead of going after more serious issues than this?

    Bruno should have been setter or MVP. At least Allan got it.

    Christenson have a huge asian fanbase. I guess that's the reason Bruno didn't take it. He's obviously the best setter of this world cup and there's still Matias who is more impressive despite the height.

    What is the rest of the dream team? Brazilian federation was doing a live but they cut before the individual awarding :gone:

    Best OH- Leon and Ishikawa

    Best MB- Holt and Lucas

    Best Setter- Christenson

    Best Opposite- Nishida

    Best Libero- Thales

    MVP- Alan

    Finally an award for Thales. :heart:

    I wonder if he secured his olympic slot. Maique is still a threat but Thales' reception is still better and with the amount of aces we've seen from other teams, they might need a serve-reception specialist than another defensive libero.

    I don't like to talk about politics because its always ends up messy but I'm interested with this subject since there are lots of turkish posters here. I don't know if we have kurdish posters in this forum but everybody's welcome to talk if we have one. I have to say i'm not knowledgeable with the conflict so it'll be great if someone enlighten me or us to understand the whole ordeal.