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    as a hardcore American wannabe u should know that volleyball is the most popular sport among women in college. There's more girls playing volleyball than any other sport.

    Mostly WNBA players still go play overseas during the off-season because they make no money at all in the WNBA.... I think the highest paid players in the WNBA makes around 100K per season.... This is what a person with a regular job can make... I don't even need to tell you that Larson makes 10x more by playing volleyball.

    American players leaving USA during offseason doesn't contradict anything I've said that WNBA is a better situation than Post-NCAA volleyball.

    We never said that She is beast like before, I said that She is the best what they have right now. She is not even close to Egonu and Boskovic but She can play better than Murphy and Lowe for sure.

    She is playing in Brazlian league not in high school league, so it is not okey to say that She is not performing on high level volleyball... Lowe had season off and Murphy is playing in Japan but Hooker is not playing on "high volleyball" for long time because She is in Brazil, like Pls. Come on.

    Is that hard to give her a chance and to see who will do better ? She is still playing so She has right for invitention. If she perform badly cut her off.

    Let me give you a hint. No one likes Hooker in the USA gym. It's not just Kiraly.

    Team trumps individualism unless that player is Zhu or Tijana or Egonu and they are still a very likeable than Hooker.

    Team USA or even Minas gave an example of this to Hooker. They can win without her which is something Hooker cannot prove without them.

    WNBA is becoming more popular in the USA and even in a global scale.

    I'm just not sure how easy it is for anyone to attract black and female american athletes to try out and play volleyball overseas where hardly any american knows of you until the olympics when you can play basketball in an era of increased visibility and popularity of the sport.

    I think Turkey might be in danger, they probably would end up with either China or Serbia.=O And Netherlands may join Italy.:cursing:

    Turkey is not a top 24 men's volleyball NT in the rankings and China is still a rising team in the international competition.

    The newcomers Emma Siena have a problem with their serve. If they could manage to control the errors they can win a set or two.

    Seems like Trento is having a problem with the polish central's serve. I think he caused some uncomfortable moments on Kovacevic and sometimes Grebennikov but the other players on his side are wasting their serves.

    The connection to Lisinac can still improve for Giannelli. There's reception mistakes from Trento but with Vettori having a good game, he can do better than this especially on his location.

    I'm waiting for some uploads to show up before paying for the subscription. I might go patient and also wait for the half season reduction in holiday season before the Coppa Italia matches in January.

    Shinnabe and Kurogo brought Japan this far I'm disappointed Nakada didn't start them. Yuki and Miyu are better for Japan's game coming off the bench

    Disagree with Kurugo. Serbia will destroy Japan's reception with their serve.

    Maybe Shinnabe for Nagaoka but I am not even sure if she'll change anything. Serbia's just playing like there's no tomorrow and Japan can't cope.

    I'm surprised with ravenna-milano match. It's not what i expected after Orduna and Buchegger left the team to defend their challenge cup title in Monza.

    Saitta is playing really well. Rhychlicki and him are having a great connection.

    Raffaeli is also one of the most underrated italian ohs in the league. Such a shame he was never given the chance in the azzurri last summer. Blengini should be more attentive to the lower tier teams when looking for talent outside of the big four.

    I still can't believe Perugia lost to Emma Siena even though that was just a friendly, Perugia still had better players on paper in comparison. It must've been the breaking point if Sirci is finding alternatives for Lanza.

    The investment to get Leon is not cheap and they already missed the chance to defend their triplete. Sponsors are probably getting nervous with what's happening to the club.