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    Popovic popularity problem is she's not italian, russian, brazilian or turkish and clubs from those domestic leagues are never going to consider her because a foreign libero have less impact than someone who can score or block.

    If she were then we can compare.

    Poroshin is the less accomplished setter so it makes sense for him to stay there.

    Kovalev would need to find a new club unless he thinks he is able to start over Brizard which makes a foreign setter transfer pointless when they can add more quality to a non-setter position like a libero perhaps.

    Only 3.089 new cases in Italy it looks like situation is getting better. Finally :heart:

    I still believe Italy... maybe the world needs to extend the lockdowns.

    The richer countries also have to support the poorer ones to create a global quarantine effect.

    It only takes one infection to spread the disease so either they will remain apathetic by locking their borders and wait for the world to flatten the curve or they help one another to simultaneously reach the apex of the pandemic.

    Too bad the world has no leaders to inspire us to reach to this conclusion. We only respond to calls for war but the pandemic is all about being on your own.

    I just read…eth-esta-com-coronavirus/

    Apparently he went to France on vacation last week and got back to Russia. I mean, seriously?

    If this is true, I don't know what is worse, Kazan letting a player travel internationally during the outbreak of the virus or Ngapeth himself for doing that.

    I've given up on him so many years ago. Common sense and talent sometimes never mix well.

    you know what, I changed my mind. This mod isnt worth it anymore to me.

    Plot twist: Matthias and crovolley are the same person. :gone:

    I don't want to fear-monger but there's a surge of coronavirus infection in Brazil during the last 24 hours and it seems like there's a top Bolsonaro aide that got the virus too.

    I just have a feeling the league could eventually go behind closed doors without a live audience in the coming days. It's still not as extreme as Europe based on the data provided but the surge of the infection and the shit going round the world now might lead to it.

    Italy's Lombardy quarantine plans leaked to the public. It's really a damn mess right now as the people who were supposed to be in quarantine escaped to other regions before the lockdown happened.

    Cancelled VNL or make it shorter and let club season finish what they have started. Only logical move

    I usually don't agree with you but unfortunately... it's the most logical position FIVB should take.

    If VNL gets cancelled, all the clubs would have a quicker mutual agreement and postponement of games for a month or two can become a viable option because duh... there's no VNL in horizon to put clubs and players under pressure to end the season early.

    If worse becomes worst during the crisis then it's still the best option because the whole league would have a long enough time to cancel the league than to remain in the dark with no end in sight which is what's FIVB's doing to everyone affected.

    As I've said before... VNL should be cancelled.

    FIVB letting the european clubs go walk and drive like they're in the film, Birdbox during this unexpected crisis is unfathomably inconsiderate of them. Nobody wants to be in this situation where half of the games are already played and they're not doing anything to assure this season to somehow run to a smoother conclusion for everyone is just not a good look for the organization.

    They can't just simply watch and wait for the crisis to resolve on its own. All these players who are going to play in a national team will practically face the same problems when the club season ends so they're just basically waiting for the inevitable to happen.

    In my opinion, Lucarelli should go to Perugia. They'll be unstoppable if that happens.

    He also need to realize that going to europe could put a strain on him and the achilles injury he had could shorten his career. Having Leon to start a duo is a perfect combination of offense and defense.

    But if he wants challenge... then Trento is perfect for him but I'm not sure if he can withstand the pressure. Giannelli usually plays the OH more than the opposite but if Nimir is coming then the burden is less on him. They need an italian offensive OH if they are contacting Danani as a foreign libero. Everyone's saying it could be Kooy who is now an italian but I'm not really sure if he can play as well as he does in a smaller club. There's also the age factor , Kooy is 33 and injury proneness with Nimir and Lucarelli. It is a more balanced team than what they got right now but they need to be healthier all through out the season to compete.

    About Russell, I'm hearing talks about him going to Modena now that Ngapeth is closer to Kazan renewal.

    FIVB should act upon the crisis immediately.

    IMO VNL and the other continental NT tournaments before Olympics should all be cancelled. It's really unfair for the clubs to take the brunt of the epidemic during the middle of the club season without a guideline when to release the players.

    I mean if this situation doesn't resolve itself before May of this year... Everything will become messier especially if this epidemic evolves into a pandemic. :whistle:

    I think Eczacıbasi should build a team around Hande. They should trust her more. Boskovic will stay for next season, I think Yasemin, Simge, Beyza, Gamze will stay too . They need a really good foreign MB next Yasemin/Beyza. Its rumored it will be Veljkovic and they need a good setter, Gamze is not a bad setter but she need to do much better. Someone said Hackley rumored to Eczacıbasi I think it would work good next Hande.

    Isn't she planning to take a year off after the olympics according to Pasini's blog?

    Maybe she's planning to get married and get pregnant with Lisinac.

    it says perugia-modena delayed. is it because of corona virus? a serie-b match was also postponed today thats why i am asking.

    It's normal for a game to be delayed if a match in the same venue goes to a tiebreak.

    Do you have any stream for Perugia Modena?

    It'll be on Polsatsport news or Sport Klub 1,2 or 3.

    I feel bad for Trentino. They tried as hard as possible to keep up by winning the first two sets but Lube have a stronger bench.

    I really miss Nelli. Djuric is such a horrible transfer because of the foreign player limited allocations which makes adjustments complicated for Lorenzetti.

    Trento needs Vettori to play more consistently. They can't use Djuric if he's out of sorts. Foreign player limitations. Finally Lube is blocking Lisinac which is not good for their offense. Maybe he needs to go with another play with Giannelli because his A quick attacks aren't working anymore.

    Leal is getting shut down as well but Cebulj is equalizing those moments. They still have Kovar on the bench and I'm not sure how well is Kovacevic. They can't use Micheletto because they need a good attacker in pos 4.