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    It is maybe time to retire for Osmany .

    I wouldn't go as far as retiring yet but my opinion is I don't believe Lube can compete with Perugia or even Modena in the final once they take the semifinal from Trento now that he have knee problems.

    I probably would just focus and heal for the champions league.

    I think Kovar is good enough now that Leal is stabilizing. Ofcourse it is a gamble against Trento but if his condition worsens then this season is basically over for Lube.

    What was Giannelli doing blocking at pos 4? lol

    Still Giannelli have to improve with his precision. Bruno is just outplaying him but he got two decisive actions at the tiebreak. Bruno is more calm compared to his usual demeanor in court. I think Giannelli also was calmer during fourth and fifth set. If he plays like that more then his decision making is much clearer when it matters.

    Is it me or match by match Leon is losing his effectiveness ? Italian league’s competitive structure is starting to affect him , since he isn’t used to playing back to back tight matches with Kazan . Now at the end of fourth sets and fifth sets ,perhaps because of tiredness, he is making too many mistskes both in service and attack

    In my opinion, the litmus test is during the NT season. Leon still has yet to play a whole year as professional and a poland international player.

    It's hard to tell with Leon. You have to take into account that he is playing for himself and Lanza on attack and that could just be something he is not used to as a hitter.

    I hope Trentino can make a come back and force a fifth game but Lube just looked hungrier and they are playing their best volleyball for this season while Trentino looks lost. Grebennikov, Giannelli and Russell(probably atleast on attack) can all play better.

    Credit goes to Bruno in Lube. He's just managing the team with laser focus. Giannelli really have to do his best because there's no one on the bench to take his place. It's just difficult when they are technically the weaker team and Lube is playing like how they are supposed to play for this season.

    If only Giannelli can do something about his right side setting. Sometimes it is just painful to look at his predictability with setting his outside hitters but you have to revolutionize your game when the other team can read what you are going to do.

    I mean he tried it with Nelli but there's just no rhythm between them.

    I hope the Sheilla rumour in Barueri isn't true.

    Seeing Sheilla back in NT is unrealistic. I would be ecstatic if that happens but I like to see her as an assistant or trainer giving pointers to younger players in the team. She's been away from the game for a long time and I couldn't even tell if she's better than Monique or the Bruna anymore.

    You can't have 2 liberos at the Olympics. Brait would be an OH, so she could only enter for three rotations per set. I don't think this would have given us the gold medal.

    I think Natalia was important in London. She did very well in the tie break against China.

    Italy MNT had two liberos in London. Was there a rule change in Rio?

    Yes i've watched it! It was indeed really crazy!:cheesy: But I'm happy that Spurs won. Now they will play against Ajax and they have a lot of former Ajax players in their team, so that's nice! But of course I'm hoping that Ajax wins the match, they are doing great!:super:

    About the VAR, it makes the game definitely more fair! But on the other hand, there are a lot of decisions that never ever could have made by the referee itself so every small fault gets discovered. Next to that you can't celebrate for 100% after a goal, because the VAR always going to look at it:S

    Congrats to Ajax for the making the semifinals. I guess the two draws against Bayern Munich in the group stage weren't flukes. Defeating two giants in the KO rounds made this two months crazy for the football fans.

    My question to you is do you really support Ajax or do you have another club in Eredivisie you are wholeheartedly supporting? :lol:

    About VAR. I can live with the wait. Challenge system is longer and more frequent and I guess I am immune to the side effects of VAR because of volleyball.

    Leia was definitely better than her at that time but Ze chosing four middle blockers was also Brazil's undoing. Thaisa wasn't ready. Adenizia was practically unused and Leia choked without a back-up for her.

    Ze has a habit of taking in injured players in an important tournament. Sure it worked in London but still Natalia was a mere cheerleader and now his decision backfired on him in Rio and World Championship. You have to blame him for that.

    There's a marked difference between male and female homosexual relationships when it comes to acceptance but you still have to respect the privacy of the couple if they wanted to keep it private even if it was in the past.

    That's just insensitive coming from Venturini.

    Anybody watched Manchester City and Tottenham Spurs. That was a total pandemonium of emotions. :white:

    I got to say VAR is awesome. So many complaints from the higher ups from long ago about it before killing football but the way it just crushed Manchester City's celebration and started Spurs' very own victory lap during the injury time is one of the greatest scenes I've ever seen in the history of sports.

    Me too! Other than the Olympic qualifiers and the South American Championship, there's no reason for the older squad to play much this year.

    I'm going out on a limb that most of the players listed will play for the Pan American Games just like before in 2015.

    Lots of young guns! I hope they get a lot of playing time.

    I don't know. I've been burned a lot of times. Something similar happened from the last seasons when the eliminated young players from the league playoffs were called up and still Renan went with his most trusted veterans once the club season was over.

    The SF debut was reported to have a low turn-out of live viewers.

    Most of the clubs are complaining to legavolley. Well, it'll help now that Ajax eliminated Ronaldo and Juventus so that's that.:gone:

    Bruno and Simon came alive for the fourth set in time. Nasty combination against Trento. Almost unblockeable and that serve from Simon was crucial.

    Giannelli's connection to his middle blockers is just too off for this game.