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    volleyball word's one sided approach in marketing the men's side excessively over the women's side is ridiculous. They're obviously counting on thirst trap teenagers screaming for the man bulges other than actual volleyball. and then they ran this cringe concept of equality jersey (last year) for woke points but then continue to under market the women's side of the sport. ridiculous.

    I'm sure FIVB eyes are bulging out of its sockets with the new free marketing venue. just sing praises to these foreign validation hungry countries and they will do the talking for you.


    Americans are becoming less supportive of punishing Russia for launching its invasion of Ukraine if it comes at the expense of the U.S. economy…b671b1057ab867cf9a1335c93

    Honestly... I feel like the sentiments are now shared by almost every nation besides Ukraine.

    So many crises are unfolding from this war and the year-end prediction Zelenskiy made about when the war will end(I forget which article) is disheartening considering everything happening.

    We should be heading to economic recovery from the pandemic but now we are struggling in almost all fronts, another pandemic(i mean monkeypox ain't serious) would seriously jeopardize us globally and that is just not it.:wall:

    And ?

    If you are afraid wear a mask and get vaccine. Simple as that.


    Acting like that's the solution is a sure fire way to create variants after variants. There's a reason most variants are popping in UK because that's where restrictions aren't placed anymore. Telling me it's as simple as that? Don't come to me with a shocked pikachu face when there's a VOC out there that actually does the job to off humanity from this world.:white:

    Wearing a mask is frankly more simple than your "live like there's no covid" solution. Simple as that.

    Oil prices are absolute bonkers right now.:sos:

    I'm cycling but man I can't do it all the time with our weather in the Philippines. Last time I biked during noon, I almost died. :white:

    If the war continues as long as Zelenskiy plays to the tune of "God Bless America" or whatever that lame duck of a president from USA says, the world will end up with a super-inflation the likes we, millenials have never seen before.:sos:

    I absolutely do not get the hoopla surrounding Djokovic's vaccination status.

    Omicron variant is a game changer. Everyone in this world is potentially going to get a natural immunity against it if they survive considering its milder albeit theoretical symptoms...

    Vaccines are only meant to protect oneself from severe infection. It doesn't help in reducing transmission.

    Masking, Isolation and Physical Distancing do all that but no one in the western world are doing it so why are these people targeting Djokovic when everyone who let down their guard after vaccination was introduced should in fact be considered as a part of the problem that unnecessarily lengthened this whole ordeal of virtue signaling and endless politicking which actually proved nothing in abrupting covid's continued existence and also added divisions and antagonisms around all health protocols involved in supressing coronavirus.

    Anyway, this isn't in any way, shape or form an anti-vaxx post so before someone else try that with me, you are clearly wrong. Djokovic's vaccination status is practically the world's least of problems right now.

    This is just an appeal for common sense. The world has totally lost it if we have been looking at vaccination as the motherfuck---g only solution.

    Spoiler alert: It's not. The pharmaceutical corporations have moved goalposts after goalposts to 4 shots and while this isn't maybe wrong because I can foresee myself taking four shots this year after I got my ass fully vaccinated with two in 2021.

    ...But as someone who is neutral but leaning to a potential cumulative of 6 shot regimen this year... I can understand why some people's patience are wearing thinner because you'll be in denial if you never thought the words "When will this ever end?"

    It's becoming clear to me... CDC fucked up with the mask mandate for the vaccinated which absolutely shattered everyone's confidence with face masking whether you are pro-vaxx or anti-vaxx. This shit allowed variants to pop out and roam around the world because and frankly... it contributed to a lopsided distribution of vaccines all around the world because everyone who were tired of masking in America wanted to get vaccinated so they can lose it whether you were pro-mask or anti before... and guess what?!? We're back to square one because of the selfishness of some western people.

    So yeah if you are focusing on Djokovic maybe because you hate his ratass face or he threatens your Federer or Nadal record... unfortunately, this amounts to nothing at all.

    Everything all leads back to CDC doing away with the face mask mandates to accelerate USA's vaccination drive which punished poorer countries in their goals to safely reopen because eveything went to America except the chinese, russian or u.k. vaccines which the western media foolishly and consistently portrayed as ineffective ones but never in anyway criticize USA's hoarding of the vaccines so they can go maskless or whatever.:aww:

    Ok here's a wild idea for Zenit to increase their serve lethality:

    1. Put Podrebinkin as opposite. Kliuka remains as OH.

    2. Use Poletaev as an OH to keep a good server in the starting lineup

    3. Urnaut becomes a super sub

    4. Hire an opposite/middle blocker with absurd serve strength

    5. Profit?


    Add Kurkaev and Vlasov to that list, basically Russia's starting Mbs except Volvich who has a good and steady serve

    That's because his serve is weak. :gone:

    Honestly, Iakovlev's main problem is all mental. He tries way too hard... like just relax and get the serve in and maybe hire Sokolov's current serve trainer. :gone: