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    ...and before anyone ask why I think this way... IMO Egonu is like Zhu, you can build a strong team around them with much more ease.

    Oh and I'm not saying you can't with Boskovic but I've always have this feeling Vitra is strongest during the beginning and then the bubble is burst mid season.

    I get where is serdar is coming from.

    Both Boskovic and Egonu are the two best opposite in the world however...

    ...the two can never be on the same team.

    There's a much bigger possibility of Zhu/Bosko or Zhu/Egonu but never the Egonu as Opp and Bosko together.

    If Vitra wants to reestablish itself once again as a great team for CL competitions, how are they gonna do it if the pieces aren't working.

    A separation is usually better than suffering together forever. Vitra tied itself to Boskovic for atleast two years. Egonu we don't know yet... and we don't even know if she wants even a blank cheque from Vitra or if Conegliano would want a swap.

    Anyway before this becomes a transfer thread... I hope you are all just gonna ignore my post and let the good vibes reign supreme. :super:

    Grozer was surely disappointing With Piacenza but to his credit whole team was tragic. I believe he can still bring His fair share to any squad in tier 2 leagues (typically turkey as you suggested)

    I can't really agree with this statement. The team may have underperformed but they certainly weren't tragic without Grozer. They probably just weren't good enough for traditional favorites because they were a new team. Besides, Scanferla, they totally blown up their whole team from last season so there is lacking chemistry and probably a leader.

    €500 000 is a lot of money for Grozer. He's not a disaster but definitely more disappointing than 'disappointing'. The team could've even gone for Vettori to accomodate a good libero foreigner or not and probably retain Krsmanovic from last season.

    It's really all about roster management. Renewing Gardini also hurt because he only made them play nervous during the coppa italia preliminaries.. Sometimes winning former players can't coach unfortunately. That's what I learn sometimes with male coaches.

    To be fair with Piacenza, they were close to a top 4v5 quarterfinals by a hair but Perugia and Lube sent their B squads v Monza and Vibo respectively.

    Grozer's wage is still crazy for the games he played. I don't think they ever truly needed him to beat the teams they've beaten. He has a great serve but then... all his absences and inconsistency overshadowed his greatest moments in Piacenza.

    My guess is he will play in Turkey. Lesser league than Russia and Italy but atleast his age can still keep up with his desire to win trophies and there are probably unaware turkish clubs that might overpay him for his reputation in the past.

    Not at all, in fact, setter can be less precise in setting to the left-hander on the right wing, because if ball is too short, left-hander is able to correct her jump and body movement for a spike in much better way. That's the same reason why right-handers are generally better from a left wing.

    Boskovic is among very best players past 5 years, if she gets criticized for Eczacibasi results, it's based on a fact she's no Wonder Woman nor Paola Egonu, but in fact she's only reason why Eczacibasi is any competitive this year. Tijana isn't setter-dependent, unless her setter is a mess, but then everyone is dependent on a setter but Wonder Woman and Paola Egonu.

    That's only true for women's volleyball because there's a shortage in left handed OHs who are talented enough to play as receivers.

    Trust me... if there are only female lefties who are as athletic as Boskovic but are also decent in reception, you'd see more women play like Kovacevic/Sliwka/Micheletto/Rossard as OHs.

    I disagree, being left handed is only an advantage for an opp, not a disadvantage. It is harder for right-handed players to hit from zone 2, that's the reason a lot of offensive OHs like Mihajlovic, Daalderop etc don't switch to Opp because their attack is not as strong from zone 2.

    Well... the keyword is struggling.

    Left handed opps are great when they aren't being figured out by the block and defense but right handed opposites IMO are constantly evolving during a game which is why I prefer them more.

    I also have to count the times when setters under pressure are less likely to become erratic when passing a ball to a RHOp than to a LHOp because a righty usually can adjust to longer balls than lefties.

    It's not really about who scores easier for me but who plays best when the team needs them the most which imo Boskovic is having most difficulty when facing the best clubs in Europe( which is usually where the struggle is most evident for Vitra.)

    I've always prefered right handed opposites. Maybe it's just harder for Boskovic. Obviously, she's the best left-handed opposite in the world but... RH opposite can do more when the team is struggling because of the availability of more shots. I think it's just nature. Some may call it evolution because of a time when people calling the right side for a righty the weak side of the court.

    Yeah a lefty can spike with even the slightest open block but when it is an umbrella block... it's always a gamble even for Boskovic.

    HARD Disagree that MBs don't contribute in the structure of the offense of a team.

    MBs almost always initiate the offense of the team. Before a setter can touch the ball... they are already pushing forward. They are the point of reference for any setter. Without them, it's just endless spam to whoever hits the ball best on the wings.

    Seems like ECZ will have another bad season based on the comments of this thread.:whistle:

    I do sometimes wonder if Thaisa's injury cause the negative spell in the club. The curse is just too tremendous to dispel. :sos:

    I'd pick Poulter and Hancock as setters. I just don't see anything special in Carlini...

    Either a Poulter/Hancock or Carlini/Hancock does it for me but Poulter's set to pos 4 is just too magical to ignore.

    I always have this feeling Carlini may never attain the higher highs of Poulter/Hancock so I'll just leave her out the Tokyo roster if I were the coach unless one of the two gets an injury or covid.

    Maybe it's just me but is Dmitry Pashitsky being censored by tvstart? I missed his short shots because it looks like something's struggling to come out of it. :lol:

    Now all I get is just his upper body clips but I'm not satisfied with that. :gone: