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    Poletaev looked good for someone who didn't play for almost 5 months (though this is far from his best) in Zenit's CL match. With Moscow appearing weaker now compared to last season, maybe the time has come for Zenit to get that very coveted first win against Dinamo during Russian Cup next week.


    Zenit - Moscow

    Lokomotiv - Kazan

    Dinamo Moscow almost always preferred Poletaev as opposite for Zenit Petersburg last season so maybe it won't matter one bit but you'll never know what will happen with a single leg semi or final plus Zenit are the host again which is an advantage during this time of covid resurgence in Europe.

    I think Perrin did kinda okay from the matches I have seen so far. I don’t really recall him being spectacular (mostly because I am too focus on Kurkaev 😩) but I think the other OH is doing slightly better than him. Maybe you guys have btter opinions since you guys follow the league better than I do.

    It's tough to have a Lokomotiv stand-out player because the whole team is playing great volleyball.

    What happened to Zenith SPb anyway? Do you think with the return of Poletaev they will get better? I am rooting for Ykovlev.

    I don't see much improvement with Poletaev involved. IMO he's a good player but Zenith St. Petersburg should've focused on only one fragile player and that's Kliuka. Taking two fragile key players is suicide.

    But then... People said many times that Poletaev plays best with Kobzar. I just don't really feel it is true anymore because russian fans are overestimating Poletaev's accompishment while heavily underestimating Podlesnykh's.

    I mean yeah there's Kliuka... but Podlesnykh still provides power while being able to play fast and chaotic volleyball. Honestly, that's what's missing but Poletaev could be replaced easily by a much better foreign opposite who can play both types of volleyball and that someone should also be actually fit all through out the season. Something Poletaev has yet to do even in his championship season with Kuzbass.

    Semyshev is doing really well. He picks up where he left off last season, taking the starting spot from Deroo. Is there chance seeing him as starter for the NT soon?

    So far, he's sharing playing time with Bogdan and rarely... Podlesnykh. Maybe as a receiver / opposite, he could start some times. He plays well on the right side. Not sure with his D ball backrow attack but he's still young to learn the ropes.

    Reading that I thought the article must have come from The Onion :aww:

    I mean the greatest basketball player of all time literally did all of that to his teammates. lol

    The documentary "Bad Sport" has been released today by Netflix. This six-part series digs deep into the dark side of the games with match fixing etc, as we see the beauty and pure competition of sports sullied by athletes, officials and shadowy outsiders who are motivated by political self-interest or blind ambition or greed or a deadly blending of two or three of the aforementioned. The producers tell the stories of a number of figures who scurried down the rabbit hole into a world of corruption and paid high prices for their crimes and indiscretions.

    Calciopoli may not have started the decline of Serie A Football but it sure did accelerate it to the speed of light at downhill.:white: