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    I understand your point but there's a reason I would be much more critical on Penchev than I would on Szalpuk as the club relies more on their foreigners in bigger stages such as this at this point. He is also not getting any younger so he needs to show more of his worth or he's going to be replaced and we all know the foreign players are always the first to go when teams underperformed.

    As much as I value reception, you can't always have it perfect and especially against a team of great servers like Modena, the setters are gonna rely more and more on your outside hitters than they normally do and considering Kurek's condition and the team moving away from Marius, it's important for the OHs to be capable on handling great/triple blocks when they are needed.

    I guess Penchev could work on other teams but since skra is an incoherent mess of a team structure, I couldn't see it much. The level that he's showing is below or maybe on par a Polish player and managers don't want that unless he's cheap.

    Yeah Ngapeth is the better receiver on the team than Petric but I'm not going to praise him more than he deserves. He still make mistakes.There's a serious lack of skilled players at that height that Petric has and as it always stands, the rule that the smaller guys has to work harder to compete. The reason why some may call someone world class is obviously subjective and be rigged with bias but it doesn't mean there is no basis behind it. The reason we may call Aaron or Wilfredo on a league of their own even though they are just average at some things, they are exceptional at others and then there was Murilo and now Ngapeth, maybe Taylor without the injury who are good all around players which makes them a cut from the rest.

    Anyway, this level of play from Skra is worrisome for Plusliga. Top 2 in the standings and ranked bottom in their group. NAGL. :whistling:

    Did Kurek given up playing as OH?

    It would be difficult for him to come back as OH when Wilfredo Leon is the future of Poland and it would depend solely on how his teammates are willing to take responsibility as he was known to be outside hitter hidden from reception when he was still in that position.

    I still can't believe belchatow traded Luburic for Kurek. What's the use of having two good opposites if you can't use them together? :wall: Not saying Luburic is average but Skra could've would've done better with better passing-attackers.

    EDIT: Fifth set it is for ACH and Craiova. :box:

    Started watching from mid of third set. As soon as Modena starts to show something from the service line (Le Who Roux), Skra seems to be in big trouble. But overall it seems you are right with your last phrase....

    It all boiled down on the WS in the end as predicted. Penchev just isn't world class to take on the likes of Ngapeth. They badly need Conte back. There's also Taylor Sander if Verona can't get him to return to the team.

    1-3 Belchatow - Modena. At the end of the 4th set, it was 14-22 for us. Then, I don't know why, there was a break of 10 minutes without any explicable reasons (at least on TV). So, we totally lost concentration and almost lost the set : 22-22!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...Then, as usual Monsieur Magic resolves any problems

    1-3 Belchatow - Modena. At the end of the 4th set, it was 14-22 for us. Then, I don't know why, there was a break of 10 minutes without any explicable reasons (at least on TV). So, we totally lost concentration and almost lost the set : 22-22!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...Then, as usual Monsieur Magic resolves any problems

    Yeah that break hurt their momentum. I guess Modena is just atleast a class higher than Skra to close that match after that run from belchatow.

    Berger is a weak blocker, for instance, and Russell is a weak receiver but does that mean they shouldn't play or that they should only play when they master those elements? Of course not. No one denies Chernokozhev's weak defensive skills, exactly the desire to learn and improve led to the decision to leave Dobrudzha in the first place, even if Perugia may have been too big a step at first. The fact is that Velizar is not yet ready to be a starter in a team like Perugia, no matter what he does in training. This is why I was against that move during the summer, against an out-of-form Padova was one of the best moments for him to play a bit right now and the fact that it didn't happen proves this whole transfer might've been more wrong than right. I really hope he has improved a bit since joining the Italians but there is no way to see that and it surely isn't the pace one would expect him to lead.

    There is perhaps something else. Maybe Kovac had more intention to play with him but now that he is gone I have no idea what Bernardi thinks.

    I understand but I would be more worried if Berger doesn't show stability in the attack than Velizar not having playing time. He's not really a terrible blocker and he's also a good server. He has a lot of upsides that needs modification. We need him to be playing okay so some of the starters could breathe. He's Perugia's best option from the bench and as a reliever if one of the three bombers from the wings gets injured.

    Aaron seems to be in a crisis after Rio but no reason to bench him if he's healthy. He was still the best option of De Cecco out of system and when dealing with triple blocks during Aleksandr's injury. I guess he's homesicked now that the realization that Sam Holt is gone from Perugia and he probably has no one to talk to in the club.

    I guess Fromm is missed more than we thought he wasn't. Having two tall WS that can be superstars in any other team really hurt Perugia's chances on getting a player like Fromm who can sub in when Ivan or Aaron are feeling low. Berger and Della Lunga don't really present any competition to their starter status.

    About Kovac and Velizar. Kovac didn't give him any chance against Sora :wall: that's when I knew he has really no clearly plans for him unless he improves on the defense. :whistle:

    Lots of good matches tomorrow and Modena-Skra seems to be such a must watch. Both teams are not in a good shape. I could see Skra taking this match if Kurek doesn't lose his heart again. They really miss Facundo and I think it's better if they revert Kurek back to a wing spiker if Wlazly is healthy.

    It's a nice touch from the new coach of perugia. Reminds me of asian volleyball. It also helps for Berger to be a force in the defense and offense without compromising anything. He is not really a terminal hitter like Ivan, Aaron or Aleksandar so he usually is a liabity when Ivan is in the back and he is in front. I doubt De Cecco trust him on the pipe and either on the front alone as the LH1.It causes so much pressure on the passers to be always in system.

    Interesting variation in Perugia's line-up today. In Atanasijevics absence, it looks like Berger played full-time receiving opposite and that Russell was freed from receiving duties. Did Russel attack from pos1 in backrow then?

    Velizar needs to improve defensively. He was like a sitting duck a lot of times wben he's being called to dig.Until then,he's on the bench and I hope it motivates him to improve.

    Hes a big guy I know but even Renan or Muserskiy are better defenders than him and he's smaller. :tzz:

    I hate long introductions so let's keep it short.

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