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    World Cup roster

    Set: Niverka Marte, Camil Dominguez

    OPP: Gaila Gonzalez, Gina Mambru

    AH: Bethania De La Cruz, Priscila Rivera, Brayelin Martinez, Yokaira Peña

    MB: Jineiry Martinez, Eve Mejia, Annerys Vargas , Candida Arias

    L: Larysmer Martinez, Yaneirys Rodriguez

    The team flew to Japan on september 2nd; Castillo is still recovering from her injury, she wil play again in the olimpic qualification tournament in January

    Brenda Castillo gave birth in mid February she started training few weeks ago i know this because of her Instagram posts; a person close to her said that she is already signed to an Italian club for next season dont know which one. i hope she is able to play in the Olympics qualifications Tournament but is unlikely.

    Players who did not make the vnl team like Mambru, Vargas, Dominguez are currently training and probably will have a chance to play in futures regional competitions like panamerican cup and panamerican games. the new players like Moreno (OH) and Perez (SETTER) Rodriguez (MB) did great in the local league so i guess they earned their spot in the team.

    The pro League, started in 2018 with 4 clubs, no foreing players yet. this year champion is Club Mirador with a lot of youngsters and De la Cruz i think she scored at least 30 points in the last game here a link to a part of the final match if you are interested

    I was vacationing in Rio de Janerio so i went all the way to Brasilia to the vnl games, it was worth it just to be able to see the first victory against Brasil i would love to see them play like that every match but unfortunately the are very inconsistent.

    Standings :

    1 Eczacıbaşı Vitra 11,3 points (3-0)

    2. Vakıfbank 9,44 (3-0)

    3. Fenerbahçe 9,32 (2-1)

    4. Aydın BB 9,3 (3-0)

    5. Galatasaray 6,34 (1-2)

    6. THY 6,3 (2-1)

    7. Karayolları 5,5 (1-2)

    8. Nilüfer B 4,46 (1-2)

    9. Kameroğlu Beylikdüzü VI 4,06 (1-2)

    10. Beşiktaş 3,46 (1-2)

    11. Halkbank 2,8 (0-3)

    12. Çanakkale B 0,52 (0-3)

    why Galatasaray is that high in the standings having lost 2 matches compare to THY that only lost 1?

    Winifer Fernandez retired from the national team after vnl, in fact she left the team several games before the end of the vnl, the reasons are still unknown.

    Kwiek usually have Ana Binet in the team as a defense specialist but she has a knee injury.

    Rivera is loosing weight and playing better, she was MPV in the local league earlier this year and also MVP in the 2018 central american and caribbean games, i hope she is a starter in this tournament.

    Dominican NT roster for FIVB 2018 Volleyball Women's World Championship

    Gaila González (OP)

    Gina Mambru (OP)

    Camil Domínguez (S)

    Niverka Marte (S)

    Brenda Castillo (L)

    Larismer Martinez (L)

    Annerys Vargas (MB)

    Cándida Arias (MB)

    Lisvel Eve Mejía (OH-MB)

    Jineiry Martínez (MB)

    Brayelin Martínez (OH)

    Yonkaira Peña (OH)

    Bethania De La Cruz (OH)

    Priscila Rivera(OH)

    By the way the NT flew to china this afternoon. Fersola (MB) was replace wih 20 years old Vielka Peralta (OH)


    Fake news!, the same newspaper posted another article where it says that even though there was an issue with Martinez playing the final game without Kiwiek authoritation, it is totally false that he wanted to resign.

    Panamerican Cup July 6 - 17

    this year it is more important because it qualifies (5 spots) to the 2019 Pan-American games that's why Brazil will participate,also the D. R. is hosting so they would love to win.

    Juegos Centro Americanos July 20 - August 3

    a quadrennial caribbean tournament, it has always been very important for the D. R.

    I dont think she ever entered the court actually. Well, at least not in the finals.

    Correct!, she was interviewed after a game in our local league and she was asked about her experience playing in Brazil, she said although she had few opportunities to play it was a great learning experience playing pro and with adults so thats an advantage over Guillen.

    With the start of the national league many long time retired players have expressed a lot of enthusiasm and some even want to play the league next year including 43 years old Yudelkis Bautista who is considered to be among the best dominican players (dont know if you remember her).

    Unfortunately I do not think that Kenia Moreta (37 years old) will play again because last time i saw her she was in very out of shape.

    Nurys Arias (44 years old) was supposed to play this year for Mirador Club but last minute she decided to only join their staff.