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    Ban vowels. They're always meddling with the consonants and insisting they be included in words. Why can't the consonants have a word of their own?


    approved and supported my friend! if we ban all vowels, i can forgive B for all its sins. :thumbup:

    sorry... Random Country A and Random Country B :lol:

    do you really think A and B are angels? they are the most sinister of letters... (i can keep doing that :gone:)

    sorry i needed a bit of a laugh :lol:

    but in all of its seriousness i do think international law should be binding for ALL if we actually want this system of endless exploitation and suffering to truely end.

    moving this because its OT for the champions league thread.

    well, they've never had to make the call, because the USA hasn't broken the Olympic Truce, which the federations have agreed to. That is the issue. There's not some big campaign against Russia, or non-western countries. (by the way, Russia is the only country to break the truce.... which they've done three times)

    There are many countries across this world doing sh***y things, not just the USA, not just Russia. If there was a blanket ban on all of them, we'd be left with Fiji playing Tonga in the WCH final.

    Fiji and Tonga are not completely innocent tho just saying :rolll::dance6::rolll:

    Sorry for oversharing, but these are few words from the Eastern European perspective.

    Dont apologize please, this is exactly the reason why i wanted to enter the discussion :)
    And I agree on ALL the things u say, even the ones starting with "do you know" or "can you answer". But are we not going to critisize the failure of American foreign policy after the collapse of Soviet Union? How they invented new enemies instead of trying to peacefully integrate people to their system. And turkey could've been their biggest tool for that, instead they created a monster. They played all the wrong pieces in this region that it blows my mind... Just to give a little hint on that, it was within the founding myth of Turkish Republic to integrate with Western world and right now (literally, since yesterday) the only thing in this vast universe Erdoğan can use to unite this extremely polarized society has become anti-west propoganda... Leftists are always against NATO (not EU, but NATO), the far-right has all the reasons to oppose West, but what paralyzes me is that the seculars and liberals are on that train too now. :) He is such a smart political animal that nobody dares to talk about or even dare to think about the very likely possibilty that if he loses the next elections he might say "yea, fuck that, if i go down everyone goes down" and starts a civil war, he already gave the signals of that to be frank. And if that happens I hope EU is prepared for another refugee crisis bc this time turkey will not be there to stop the flow since all of us will be running for our lives, and the big threat of China will yet again be the secondary focus.

    NATO and EU enlargement is directly related to the fact, that from the Eastern European perspective, Western integration is just more beneficial than being neutral or being in Russian zone of influence. We can relativize anything we want, but we've been (as East Europe) in Russian/Soviet zone for +40 years, and Ukraine even longer, I think that's enough for Russian to convince us that cooperation with them has its benefits if they have anything to offer. They couldn't do it, because FR is too weak.

    The effect is that we've been feeling threaten (let's say Central Europe and the Baltic countries) by Russia since '91 and we prefer Western integration, and this is why this discussion about NATO-threat is kind of theoretical. And that is why majority of Ukraine can dream of being in a situation like Poland, so ~60% of Ukrainians are for EU membership now etc. Russia may feel threaten not because of a possible military attack of NATO (lol), but because Russia will lose against West on normal conditions because of combination of political and economic reasons, that is why Kiev is bombed. And this is what's this conflict is about, really. Check out Polish and Ukrainian GDP PPP in 1991, and in 2020, we were at 6,7k$ in GDP PPP per capita in '92, Ukraine was at ~6,4k$, we're at 34k now, Ukraine is at 13k (IMF data), that is why living in Poland is a major progress for average young Ukrainian, even though our parents started at the same level. And the same with our security. There were many variables, but first and foremost - we integrated with the West really quickly, Ukraine hasn't yet.

    And what's really paradoxical is that they'll be eaten alive by China in a longer period of time for the same reasons, yet they unaware that this alliance is only temporary, in Central Asia they already have problems in countries like Kazakhstan to be as influential as in the past.

    I can totally understand and relate to most of the things u mention, but just like collective memory of Polish people cannot shake the fear of Russia from their minds, there are many countries and peoples who suffered by the hands of NATO directly or indirectly and these are not easy things to get over. And the traumatic memories get poked by the double-standard, no matter if the cause is so pure and justified.

    For example, most of u probably didnt have a clue about political Islam and Erdoğan being actually a USA project, supported and promoted until 2013. (and no, unfortunately this is not a conspiracy theory :)) Well, what can we do at this point other than say "they played the wrong horse". A lot of hearts need to be repaired all around the world if they actually want to mend to wounds of humanity because the actual threat already reared its ugly head: far-right populist authoritarianism. All I try to cling on in this brutal and bone chilling times is Russian peace protesters who scream their throats out shouting "NO WAR" and the memory of those blond, blue-eyed people flooding the streets and say " we are all Muslims" when Trump tried to ban muslims entering USA or those beautiful blond, blue-eyed people all around the world shouting "Refugees are welcomed here" back in the day or those blond, blue-eyed people relentlessly screaming "black lives matter" and so on...

    All I can hope from this situation is that this war will not last long, Ukranians will have what they deserve and their "European dream" is not just being manipulated for the gains of others. And this will be the end of Putin and Russians can have what they deserve, and finally while Putin goes, he grabs Erdoğan from the neck and then we all run to the land of rainbows hand-in-hand. (I am told dreaming is free of charge :))