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    I don't know what's up with Ajcharaporn, but she doesn't seem to be in shape or form at all. She needs to get back to her 2016-17 figure again. She isn't fat, but just doesn't look as fit as then. Not only that, she doesn't jump or seem as explosive either anymore. Although during 2018 WCh, she wasn't as fit either, she stilled played well during that time. So if she does get to play in Japan next season, I think that will be a great thing. Japan just seem to have a way better training system both at club and NT level and work ethic that really develops players to become overall better. Just take for example, Thatdao and the other Thais that have played in Japan before.

    I haven't seen a lot of Ajcharaporn over the last year or more but I remember thinking she didn't necessarily look out of shape, but had maybe lost a little of the enthusiasm I was used to seeing from her.

    It's sort of an inside joke from me (that I'm not really joking about) to say Himeji is the future of the Japan V.League, and since I'm quite fond of Ajcharaporn and the way she plays I really want to believe there is some whiff of truth to the rumor. Although I'm not sure it's even at the level of a rumor yet.

    I was quite surprised when this latest season started in Japan after the corona wreck (as they call it) that Japanese players were across the board fit and ready to rumble. Many in better shape than I have ever seen them. There may not have been the same facility in Thailand so Ajcharaporn better hurry and get up to speed if she wants to be part of the future of the JV.League :drink::) :rose:

    I would probably guess that there is an end date of the annual contract. Player cannot leave before that date, which is probably uniform for all teams in the V.LEAGUE. Now, could discussions take place, I would think so.

    I always took the Black Eagle Flag as the end of the "season" and assumed contract end dates would be then ... but now that I think about it, I have seen players announce their "退団" before then.

    When I think of Shiori Aratani, for example, I bet she had something lined up with Himeji before she decided to 退団 or 区分 from NEC. Add to that the peculiarity of Japanese players who work for the company that sponsors their team so they also need to know about job prospects before 退団ing or 区分ing.

    Anyway, I'm hoping for some good movement this spring and summer.

    Himeji libero Yurika Mizoguchi is first out the 2021 gate with a Transfer Request. I'm not surprised she wants out but I am surprised she announced it while things are still going on. She didn't make roster for the first two VCup matches -- either because it was known she wants out or wants out in response to it. She was pretty good in the very very limited playing time she had during the season but it's never going to grow, what with the beret-wearing style child Moeri Hanai on board.

    I'm hoping for some shake up this summer. I want Hikari Kato out of SAGA next.

    I guess I don't understand the rules re: libero in & out switching. I don't know why I thought they could only switch with MBs ?(

    Here's what Kurobe did last weekend:

    New recruit #7 Miku Shimada played MB but stayed on in the back row for serve receive (13/15 positive) after serving and #6 Ami Yamashiro OH would switch out with the libero.

    After #20 Mayuka Tobe the other MB served she would switch out with the libero



    I was in the middle, but I also joined the rearguard, and I thought that it was not that I could not receive because it was middle as I was in college, but that I could do it like a side player.

    I need to watch some replays. I miss seeing her play. That WGP 2014 final 6 will forever engraved in my heart. 🥰🥰🥰

    They were in 2019-20 Final against JT. Sets 2 &3 are really good :) The SF against Denso is even better. Any match against Hitachi is usually fun. I don't know what's out there because I subscribe to the V.League TV. NoSmilers are the best defensive team, their offense is sometimes enigmatic

    The author of that blog is Rokutanda-san 六反田光弘. He's an Ebata worshipper.

    When you say "he", is that accurate or just in line with Japanese custom of ambiguous personal pronouns? ... I've read her talk about her husband

    But she's writes snarkily like a dude and poetically like a girl :/

    Someone here referenced a blogger "She's a Volleyballer" which I have since started trying to read. She has a companion blog devoted to the NT: Volleyballjapan. Her style is such that it doesn't translate well but I often find many shared points of view. Recently:


    So, about this year's All Japan.

    Honestly, when I saw the personnel, I lost the desire to write an article.


    yeah the saori vibe is strong on her

    JT also drafted another second-coming in Manami Koyama. She's like Saori in that she can play every position, but word on the street is she's not very bright. She looks that part too.

    She's been a U-Squad fixture for a few years and made the SFs with her high school when she had Angry Fu and a few other good players, but got knocked out before the QF this year when it was mostly all on her shoulders. She probably won't crack the JT rotation for a couple years given their assets, but I think she has a future.

    She was supposedly the starting diagonal of Mayu for AVC, but underperforms everytime so she gets replaced by Osanai.

    Osanai took her spot in the Asian Championships but she was a cornerstone in the U-20 group. She lost her way in the Gold match and had to sit out a couple sets, but came back and finished it. I like her a lot. She is like Saori, especially with the tall knocky knees thing and a certain spaced out joy :drink: