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    Round 2 Match 9 (#57) - KGC Ginseng Corp. vs. GS Caltex Seoul KIXX - November 24th, 2020


    Koreans are so theatrical. The way they film Song YH spinning the ball before her serve, with the soundtrack. She knows what she's doing. I feel like I just watched a big-budget movie about volleyball.

    The net touch that made it 14-14 in the tie break gave me a heart attack. I thought the referee crossed his arms as if "game over", but the score changed to 14–14 and it felt like big drama because I can't understand Korean. I rewound it and saw the ref was touching his elbow to demonstrate what touched the net.

    I didn't get the ending

    What does that announcer say right after match point? Sounds like he's screaming "Boo-Ya" except like "Bow Ya". That guy is a lot of fun.

    It seems about right.. I wouldn't never guess that Acosta was 190cm, she looks a lot smaller, so her spike stat is probably correct... Is she doing okay in Japan? She was never a player who stood out here in Brazil, but always done her job right.. I kinda miss her, I would exchange Hodge for her in a heartbeat

    She started late due to quarantine and such, but I think she's doing okay. She seems involved in every aspect of the game, which is unusual for swinging imports. I dig that. She and Takaso are the main receivers. And damn, I think it's the coolest thing to be a back row receiver, not a front rower who goes back to receive, who receives the ball and then attacks it from the back row. I can't think of anyone else who does that. Her size is a puzzler. She doesn't look that tall, but she has an Annie Drews fast, intimidating attack style which makes her seem big. She's hitting over the blockers but, as mentioned, they often go right at somebody. She needs to work on her aim.

    She's not going to be one of the big swinging imports who wins games for the team. PFU hasn't won a match yet, but who's counting :super:

    That's unfortunate. Seems part of the same culture where, for example, a player will take one in the face and her team mates stand around aloof, dumbfounded, and wait for Kosheleva to come under the net and offer support.

    I imagine life behind closed doors is pretty brutal in Japan.

    Strangely, and much to my chagrin, I've seen High School coaches get angry with players, and have seen one of them push a player, a kid, in the back ... to get her off the court after making a service error.

    Kurobe #9 Sayo Masuda gets the post match (Toyota) interview at vbm, and another shout out from me for this:


    -- what made you able to do it this season and what made you win two consecutive games?

    Masuda: season under the influence of the corona, which team was also followed by a state that can not match us, including. Among them, I focused on training especially during the summer. It was tough, but getting stronger there was one of the factors that made me win. At the same time, the mental aspect became stronger, which is a big change as a team, unlike last season.

    I read player after player from Japan say this: "the lockdown was an opportunity to train like a mofo. I'm in the best shape of my career".

    This is in such contrast to what seems to be the prevailing ideology from other parts of the world: players are out of shape due to hanging out with a few brewskis and not training during the lockdowns.

    My favorite from V2 is still Aranmare but I don't know what happened to Asakawa. I haven't seen her in their lineup

    Asakawa retired at the end of last season :( I like Aranmare as well. They lost three good players over the summer, so we'll see what happens. They could have made it to Challenge V1 if Yuki Egawa hadn't been injured for half the season. I just discovered she signed with Arisa Sato's team Ligare Sendai, and they will play in V2 next season.

    no idea who their setter is but BH's #1 and #25 are cuties

    #1 Hina Kumamoto is fabulous

    I think actually the setter is on the far left, a little hefty, but look at the girl's back on the far right. She's an athlete of some kind. She can even make the <3 properly. Probably does yoga.

    BH used to be the goofy (last place) team, but they are playing well this year thanks to new recruit Yuki Nakano. She's like Neriman with the back court attacks. Super athlete.

    Check out Brilliant Aries some time. I <3 them to the fullest. Nice match between them and BH last weekend. BH didn't play their best, but now that Aries have lost a couple hitters to injury, this new girl (scroll up a couple posts) Yuka Tomizawa is playing and I'm transfixed. She's a beautiful little punk.

    I can't remember if I already knew this, but I just read Arisa Sato's team Ligare Sendai was granted an S3 license, which means they can play in V.League V2 next year (since there's no V3 girls).

    The better news is that they just signed Yuki Egawa --southpaw, OP, beast-- who transfer hoped out of Prestige International over the summer. I was wondering why another team didn't pick her up. She was Best Scorer in 18/19 but missed half of 19/20, presumably because of injury.

    Haruka Yoshizato, OH, Best Scorer 19/20 is still in Transfer Hope limbo. If she signs with Ligare Sendai they are immediately ready to beat the Legendary Forest Leaves and a few other V2 teams.

    Okayama v PFU. I'm enjoying Roslandy Acosta. She's the only foreigner I can think of at the moment who's got a complete game. She's a main receiver, she's quick on defense and seems to care about it. And man has she got jump. Really like her style. She's hitting the ball right at people a lot, so not a high %. She'll probably fix that. She's going to be the main scorer but she doesn't seem ball-hoggy because she blends in by having other skills.

    It's hilarious to see the contrast between her and Takaso--who's equally as athletic as Acosta, but in a miniature size.

    sean1 the black & pink and white & pink uniform colours were Yuka's idea. Her, Misaki and their manager are fans of the kpop group Blackpink. You can always hear BP's songs playing in the background while they practice. Colours came out nicely. Minimal and modern

    I love the black & pink uniforms. But only in High Definition. They're hard to read during a vtv level stream. Not that I need to read them, but, on principle :S

    I'm not so sure about Yuka she played once and I forgot which match it was. I don't know about Kato's reception because we haven't really seen her much.

    Imamura played the first set against Saitama. I've always liked her. She was one of Hisamitsu's main guns in 18/19, made the NT long list, disappointed in a small VNL role (didn't like defense), didn't play at all last year. She and Hikari Kato should jump ship immediately. Does Kato seriously think she's ever going to crack the SAGA lineup? She wants to be a serve sub for the rest of her career? She played in the summer matches and looked good to me. She's got a decently powerful swing and receives okay. I think she could give Denso or Toyota's swingers a run for their money. Maybe not Kudou.

    New DAZN Dump

    2020.11.14 SAGA @ Kurobe (Kurobe General Sports Center, Kurobe City Toyama)

    This was a Capital H Home Game. Kurobe colored cardboard cutouts in every other seat in the upper deck. It was uplifting to watch Kurobe win this match :) The faces on the Kurobe players at the end are priceless

    Shout out to #9 Sayo Masuda, a 30/60 (hit/receive) OH, reminds me of Moe Sasaki. Battle ready, comfortable in reception.

    It's also a mighty fine broadcast stream.

    Continuing to bang the Kawasaki Red Rockets drum. They're collaborating with HELLO KITTY for their final home game. Sarina Koga and Nanami Hirose designed face towels, tote bags, and other trinkets to give away and sell.

    SAGA may have the loudest fans on Tweeterbag, but Red Rockets fans are the ones who fill seats at a SAGA home game in Fukuoka :cheesy:

    Another good google translated word salad post-match (Toray / Himeji) interview at vbm. It seems like the interviewer is asking Toray if they are trying extra hard to win every game in case the V.League gets shut down because of increasing coronavirus and they just go with the rankings at that time =O

    That's the first I've ever heard anything like that. There are a few teams (Toyota, PFU, Saitama) that are holding "remote" only matches (non-spectator), but beyond that things appear to be going along swimmingly. IIRC there was a Toray staff member who tested positive -- don't quote me on that -- but beyond that I haven't heard of any positive cases connected to anybody related to V1 or V2.

    Maybe a poor translation

    Participating Schools

    Hokkaido and Tohoku Region

    PrefectureHigh School
    Hokkaido ISapporo Yamanote (13th time, 3 consecutive years)
    Hokkaido IIObihiro Miinami (5th time in 10 years)
    AomoriAomori Nishi (17th time, 4 consecutive years)
    IwateTakata (22nd time, 7 consecutive years)
    AkitaAkita Kita(5th time, 3 consecutive years)
    YamagataYonezawa Central (10th time, 2 consecutive years)
    MiyagiFurukawa Gakuen(41st time, 16 consecutive years)
    FukushimaKoriyama Kaisei(22nd time, 5 consecutive years)

    Kanto Region

    PrefectureHigh SchoolPerformances
    IbarakiHitachi Daini(2nd time in 32 years)
    TochigiKokugakuin Tochigi(35th time, 34 consecutive years)
    GunmaNishi Oura(6th time, 3 consecutive years)
    SaitamaKasukabe Kyoei(15th time, 6 consecutive years)
    ChibaKeiai Gakuen(10th time, 2 consecutive years)
    Tokyo IBunkyo Gakuin(12th time, 4 consecutive years)
    Tokyo IIKyoei Gakuen (25th time, 2 consecutive years)
    Tokyo IIIHachiojijissen(43rd time, 6 consecutive years)
    Kanagawa IKawasaki Tachibana (26th time, 3 consecutive years)
    Kanagawa IIIsehara (18th time, 3 consecutive years)
    YamanashiTeikyo Daisan(2nd time in 14 years)

    Chūbu Region (Tokai / Hokushin'etsu)

    PrefectureHigh SchoolPerformances
    NaganoShiojiri (8th time, 3 consecutive years)
    NiigataNagaoka Commercial (9th for 3 consecutive years)
    ToyamaToyama Daiichi (13th time, 8 consecutive years)
    IshikawaKanazawa Commercial(46th time, 19 consecutive years)
    FukuiHokuriku Gakuen(8th time, 7 consecutive years)
    ShizuokaFujimi (13th time, 8 consecutive years)
    AichiSeishin(2nd time in 2 years)
    GifuGifu Commercial (7th time, 4 consecutive years)
    MieTsu Commercial(17th time, 4 consecutive years)

    Kinki Region (Kansai)

    PrefectureHigh SchoolPerformances
    ShigaOhmi13th time, 3 consecutive years)
    NaraNara Culture (3rd time in 3 years)
    WakayamaWakayama Shin-ai(37th time, 7 consecutive years)
    KyotoKitasaga (3rd time in 23 years)
    Osaka IKinrankai(10 times in 10 years)
    Osaka IIOsaka International Takii (22 times in 22 years)
    HyogoHikami (36th time, 2 consecutive years)

    Chugoku Region

    PrefectureHigh SchoolPerformances
    TottoriIwami (3rd time, 2 consecutive years)
    ShimaneYasugi (37th time, 2 consecutive years)
    OkayamaShujitsu (44th time, 7 consecutive years)
    HiroshimaHiroshima Sakuragaoka (3rd time, 2 consecutive years)
    YamaguchiSEIEI (41st time, 31 consecutive years)

    Shikoku Region

    PrefectureHigh SchoolPerformances
    KagawaSakaide Commercial
    (1st time)
    TokushimaJonan (12th time, 2 consecutive years)
    EhimeMatsuyama Shinonome (7th time, 5 consecutive years)
    KochiKochi (2nd time in 2 years)

    Kyushu Region (and Okinawa)

    PrefectureHigh SchoolPerformances
    FukuokaSeishu (18th for 2 consecutive years)
    SagaSaga Seiwa(13th time, 2 consecutive years)
    NagasakiSeiwa Joshi(5th time, 3 consecutive years)
    KumamotoChinzei (4th time, 2 consecutive years)
    OitaHigashi Kyushu Ryukoku(36th time, 21 consecutive years)
    MiyazakiMiyakonojo Commercial (8th time, 3 consecutive years)
    KagoshimaKagoshima Girls (36th time, 2 consecutive years)
    OkinawaNishihara (9th time, 2 consecutive years)