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    2018 Volleyball Chubu General Championship Tournament? バレー中部総合

    Does anybody know what this is? Part of/but separate from the Summer League? It looks like Denso is playing their A-team without Nabeya.

    btw - I have high hopes for Marvel Comics Super Hero Rei Kudo this upcoming year. Looks like she is playing that MB/OP role our dearly departed Risa Ishii used to play.

    my wish for a competitive 5 sets match came true

    I'm watching this now. It's playing like one of my beloved Hybrid B Team matches. I can feel it. The Asian Club Final went to 5th set Deuce. Always fun. I only recognize a few players. I'm terrible at Korean names, especially when they don't have them on their uniform. But #11 in Red and #9 in white look good. These Koreans overall are a size bigger and hit the ball harder than typical Japanese. They don't seem quite as court aware, though. They started off using MBs well and then tapered off. I hope they get back to it. That's one of the things I like about Korean VB.

    I'm loving the commentators. They talk a LOT but it's kind of lyrical and they are definitely into every play, every swing, every dig. Adds to the fun, because they are having fun. I don't understand a word, but it sounds like they are enjoying the game instead of trying to arm-chair coach it.

    My guess is that they want more Koga and Kurogo. The best player that Japan has right now is Araki and she got the VNL off. Considering that Hisamitsu only lost one match all year, with essentially an entire Japanese roster, it is hard for me to understand why the Japanese say she plays too many Springs players. In an interview yesterday (8/6 in Japan) with Volleyball Magazine posted by Yahoo. Nakada says she hates to lose, anywhere. She said that Kurogo has improved during the VNL. She mentioned that outside of Kurogo that Horikawa and Akane Yamagishi (Ageo) had also improved.

    Risa is a pass first type of player, without her passing, Japan is much worse off. Yuki is going to be a focus on offense and she more help from the middle. Iwasaka is more of a blocker than spiker. Araki is dominant for Japan at spiking and blocking, but she does not get the ball enough.

    TBS has started to produce mini movies on the entire team, all in Japanese.

    Risa Shinnabe

    In the video, Shinnabe's poor performance in 2014 almost caused her to retire. She said without Nakada as her coach she might not have continued playing.

    (All the B-Team excuse makers making lists should take note!) (Not to mention Nagaoka)

    Thanks for the links and news! I agree with you about Araki, and realize it's unfair of me to always qualify her as the best Middle Blocker. She's a great floor leader too. Seeing her in that Friendly game against USA, she installs a sense of confidence in the game.

    My knee-jerk reaction to Nakada saying Akane Yamagishi has improved is: WTF OMG. But then again I thought Kurogo's ship sank in her first few appearances at the VNL.

    I watched Horikawa all club season and she is improving but she's a bit like Nabeya in that she doesn't seem like she has a whole game in her--just a couple sets at most.

    I often wonder why Yuki (as far as I can tell) never became a fan favorite, why she was never picked to succeed Saori. She seems like a technically perfect volleyball player. And she plays great defense. Great Defense, I say. She's a beautiful woman, and seems smart--confident and articulate (as far as I can tell) in post match interviews. I guess it comes down to what I often say about Yuki and Risa: they're great but they aren't leaders, they don't stand out. They are quiet helpers. Japan needs them but they also need something/someone else who is better than them.

    Arisa Sato joins her hometown team. The team which dissolved last year is set up again and wants to enter the V league next season. So we can not see Sato in the V league this season.

    What team is that? Is it the one that Takeshita's team tried to buy? This is sad news for me because I love Arisa Sato. I loved watching all the Hitachi games last season because of Arisa even though they lost almost all the time.

    Isn't it possible that it might be two years before this team makes its way into V1? Don't new teams have to petition their way into Level Three and then win their way into the top Division?

    Sadder even more is that if Arisa is playing in some funky lower division team she won't ever make her way back to the NT where she belongs. I'm really mad at the whole world right now :cursing:

    I was actually reading some comments in twitter world. and there are fans who noticed regarding the current squad of Japanese team. the latest concern was the Head coach was biased?. during the Friendly match between japan & USA. most of the time the coach chooses who are playing under her team in japan league . which is the NEC red. the playing time of other players were cut off.

    I wish I could read the Japanese Twitter World!

    Let's open that can of worms. I imagine Japanese volleyball fans are a little restless as to why the NT isn't improving, and criticism is going to focus on the coach. As @brahmin mentions, Hisamitsu was Nakada's team not NEC, and it comes down to Yuki and Risa, and soon to be Nagaoka. I don't think Nakada overplays Iwasaka, but others think any time on the court for her is too much.

    Yuki and Risa are the best players Japan has but they are not going to get any better or get any worse, so I do wish Nakada would give more opportunity to younger players leading up to these "important" tournaments (WCh & OG).

    Bottom line, I have no idea how these young women prove themselves worthy in the practice sessions I can't see. Nakada threw Ai Kurogo in the pool and to my surprise she started swimming.

    @MyNameIst.... Is the Twitter world just grumbling about the Hisamitsu players or are they naming other players they'd like to see get playing time (or even called up to the NT)? I would love to know who Japanese Japan fans are fond of.

    Essentially teams in Italy and Turkey appear to be all-star teams. When you play them every week, you are bound to improve in some way.

    It sure seems that jamming those two leagues with Foreign all stars has improved the local Turkish and Italian players.

    Ebata's overseas trip coincided with her injury if I read her history correctly. Hard to say if it improved her. She's sort of drifted out of sight since she came back.

    Saori? How does one judge? She left a Champion Toray Club and came back to a few 6th places. I suppose the purpose of her trip was the opposite, not so much to grow her game but to help/contribute to the Euro-team. I dunno, tho. Sort of coincided with the twilight of her career.

    Uchiseto? Haven't seen much of her since she got back.

    In theory, playing with better players should improve you. I guess it remains to be seen if it works for Japanese players. I don't know of other Japanese players who have made the move.

    she play different position. not sure what will be her position in ageo. I believe each team are allowed to have two foreign players. so, they might have another player aside from Santiago.

    I'm not familiar with Santiago but saw her listed as MB/OP, which is something Ageo could use, either one, or as a double-duty player. I like MB/OP combo players, like Risa Ishii played for Denso.

    There was a thread here that I can't find now that talked about how many foreign players allowed in Japan this upcoming season. The conclusion was that for women league (and I believe this is new) they can have one foreigner and one from an ASEAN country.

    Japanese players are system players and they are only functional in the asian system that's why I don't see any Japanese player that can be useful in a European top team.

    I agree with that, and on top of it, I don't think it benefits the Japanese player going to Europe to "grow their game".

    If there is some vision that Coach Nakada is working on to 'bring Western influence' to Japanese volleyball, by sending her players to play in Europe, hiring the Turkish dude to bark at them during timeouts, not caring about defense any more ... I don't think it's working. I don't think it's a good idea.

    I'm still reeling from Matthias observation during the VNL that Japan was playing just like everybody else, only not as good, and not as athletic. Painful.

    Japan NT Setter is in Ageo. I saw an article that one of the club team in Italy is interested to get her. no confirmation yet?


    Coach Nakada has some connection to Italian volleyball. brahmin has mentioned it. Uchiseto played there last year. I don't know if Nagaoka is confirmed to go to Italy this year yet, but it looks like Coach might be encouraging this. I think Tominaga and Nakada are friends.

    I was going to say that it would be fun to see Santiago on Ageo because she's be on a team with a good setter, good for both of them, but alas ....

    Watched a couple more VNL TUR matches, against NED and CHN. Some thoughts:

    Turkey has just eclipsed NED as my favorite Euro-team. I immediately started rooting for TUR. NED seemed kind of bitchy. Surprised me when TUR lost that one.

    TUR is an aggressive serving team, across the board. No one lollipops the ball over. I think that can demoralize opponents. Certainly BRA suffered from it.

    Erdam, Akoz, and Boz are true all star players, imho, with Baladin knocking hard on that door. I can't be objective about the tight-bun sisters Cansu Ozbay and Meliha Ismailoglu because I love their energy so much. I would love to play volleyball with them. Ozbay has wonderful court awareness, knows where her attackers like the ball, and has a great smile. Ismailoglu is the Turkish Risa Shinnabe, and gives great post match interview. I can't be objective about Zehra either (we're on a first name basis now) because she's the cutest player in this tournament.

    Aylin Sarioğlu played libero against CHN. I have mostly only seen her as a defensive addition to the fabulous Akoz, and didn't think she offered much, might even say she's a hindrance, but she played great against CHN.

    Gamze Alikaya always looks sad and worried to me. Ebrar Karakurt hasn't shown me anything yet.

    If anyone here wants to tip me to one of their favorite TUR games of the VNL to watch next, I'm happy to hear it.

    In the past cycle, Zhang Changning, Ding Xia, Yan Ni were all promoted in this way, so these players, including Yao Di, and Deng Qiuyuan who may come to the Second Team in the future, are all cherishing every competition/tournament opportunity given.

    This article really summed up why I get sad when people talk about how unimportant and meaningless some tournaments are. I love B Team volleyball. It's way important :)

    I Think the player that you are referring to from the Philippines? Not sure but they said that her name is Alyja Santiago. 6'5 and half. MB/OPP and there are rumors in twitter that she will play with Ageo? not sure though if this is final.

    Yes, I believe that's her, Alyja/Jaja, I presume. From Volleymob. They don't say anything about Ageo, but it seems like a good fit.

    the players' performances during the VNL (during both the preliminary and final rounds):

    I agree with that summary but would give Zehra Güneş a little more love than you. I didn't watch all the TUR games though. Did just re-watch the TUR v BRA match. Other-worldly fun, and it got me thinking about Montreux. Looks like the roster that's on tap for the WCh? Elif Şahin and Tugba Senoglu at least. TUR could win Montreux. I will be rooting for them. Call it a meaningless circus, it's still an international tournament and would be a nice momentum builder going into the WCh.

    I can't comment on the fine grain of the larger Turkish possibilities, and about who and who shouldn't be called, because I don't know any of them, but I agree with beri about the players I met at the VNL, even though there is no way I could possibly know it :):

    I don't think we possible could have dreamed a better performance then what these girls showed us at VNL/WGP. This was a better perf. then even our best players at their peak, not even them could just accomplish that like that.

    I have to develop a strategy for Gui, though. Watching TUR games is like watching a delightful TV program interrupted by commercials with some sweaty dude discussing his laxative needs. A momentary killjoy.

    You can search keywords like "volleyball rotation 5-1" to learn the relationship of rotation and position. (5-1 means 5 attackers and 1 setter, most of the top teams use this line up)

    To know the rotation of receving team, I usually watch the setter's position first, then others will be easy to recognize.

    So I've googled and kept my eye on the setter. And after watching that USA v JPN Friendly match from a steady cam behind one end, I can see how it works. :!:Mostly, kind of.