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    I’m confused.. you don’t like her because she was upset after losing a gold medal match at the Olympics? An Olympic gold is basically what these players work for and devote their whole lives too, I think I would find a player a lot more unlikable if they weren’t a wreck after losing such an important match. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean...

    No, I have no recollection of how she responded to losing the match. It's about how she was playing the match. And how the context of like-minded group think I was in created a very unflattering picture of her.

    Sorry folks, but please remember I've never said a bad word about her. Except for that post, I guess :| She's one of ya'll's heroes. I respect that. She was the enemy where I was at.

    Okay, so expectations don't lead to a let down (it's not that interesting):

    My intro to volleyball was Rio. I watched much of it with a group of Chinese friends. It ended with Zhu Ting basically beating the shit out of Maja. My friends were, well ... you can imagine. When they showed the replay and Zhu did the eyeroll (which may have later been cleaned up) I thought the roof was going to come off my home. The Chinese folks I know would never act the way Maja was acting, especially in a Gold Medal match, 100km volleyball hitting you in the face and a possible broken finger notwithstanding. It was incredulous and we all let her have it. It isn't fair to Maja but think of it as reverse Euro-centrism. You're among like-minded people and you are winning. It can get mean. And shape your impressions.

    As an extra data point, Brankica fared even worse. The image of her sitting on the bench at the end of the match looking forlorn and lost is forever etched in my mind.

    At that point, I had no idea I was going to become interested in Volleyball. So neither of them meant anything to me.

    So ... here's the thing. It's all about redemption. I'm all for redemption (just ask Ebrar, or Kaori Ueno who you probably don't know, or even Terzic who you know I've hated, but that line about his sense of humor and when he smiles monthly went a long way). It's simple and easy, really.

    When I started to get into volleyball it took no time at all for Brankica to redeem herself to me. It's about personality not volleyball skills. Brankica is so lovable it isn't funny. Maja has simply never redeemed herself to me, and since she started so low, fairly or not, it's a long way up. She almost got me awhile back when she did that "In your Face, Gui" scream/dance. But I've never seen Maja do anything to amuse or entertain me. To be fair I haven't seen that much of her. Didn't she take a year off between now and then?

    Remember, I try hard to find joy in difficult or ugly things. I'm working on it.

    Are those players starting is the biggest question? Ebata was a backup. Saori was a starter. Tashiro and Inoue were starters, while Tominaga was a back-up and starter from time to time. Nagaoka was going to be a starter, but the injury through that out the window.

    Hell even Noostara of Thailand went from the Turkish league to a backup on the Thai WNT, which makes no sense in my mind.

    LOL, I'm sorry I may not understand your question. I think you're asking if Japanese players who go to Europe and warm the bench should expect much growth?

    For some reason Korea has just kicked itself into a higher gear for me. The LEE twins, sure. Goes without saying. I've mentioned before that Kim Suji is the most beautiful Korean volleyball player who's ever lived. Jiyoung Oh and her sassy attitude :rose: And now, Kang Sohwi is just blowing me away. Her serve is so intimidating. She jumps off the ceiling for back court attacks. She is an absolute speed demon. Athletic is an understatement to describe her. And she's cute as a button* :heart:

    *I've never understood that metaphor/analogy thing but I'm using it anyway

    Basically, yes. ^^

    But I also understand how her cockiness that can turn into borderline arrogance might rub people off the wrong way.

    When I think of Maja I don't think "Oh, that cocky arrogant chick". That's not it. I'll tell the story some day

    Thuy officially signed with the club Japanese Denso Airy Bees

    I'm going with this as official because I so want it to be true: Source


    Tran Thi Thanh Thuy owners after the probationary period and negotiations have officially signed with the club Denso Airy Bees (Japan), becoming the 2nd foreign soldiers in the club attended V.League 2019/2020 season.It's amazing the stuff you can find on the Social Medias


    It's Maja or Milena Rašić. Come on, don't be such a tease :D It's Maja, right?!

    Am I really that transparent? :rolll:

    Edit: I mean, I've never said a bad thing about her (I hope). That's kind of important to me. Is that what gave me away? Reverse psychology?

    I imagined the reason for some Japanese Players going overseas would be to gain and bring that experience earned to the National Team. I guess I was wrong and Nakada does not care for the experiences earned overseas.

    brahmin made a good case that going to Europe means you get to play volleyball all the time and don't have to do any Data Input slave labor. That makes a lot of sense in terms of growth, but it is odd that since I've been following this sport (since about Ebata's return from France) the Euro-trip hasn't produced any results I can see.

    I never thought this day would come but you are falling in love with Euro volley :white::dance6:

    Euro Volley = No way, but I truly love some of the Serbian players and I have this knee jerk reaction when people aren't giving those I love enough love to bring love (sometimes in a passive-aggressive way because I'm from California).

    There's only one Serbian player I don't like, and I kind of super dislike her. I won't say who it is except to say it's not Brankica. She's in my love column, as long as she stays in Serbia :)

    I'm just having fun with you guys. We should all be so lucky :drink:

    When I write things like you should all be using "more flower power", and "you're all weird, Know Love", it's meant as a tell, that I'm not being (too) serious :)