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    Sat 17 Nov 2018 Day 5 Results

    Home Team Away Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Stats
    Okayama Seagulls
    3-2 PFU Blue Cats
    21-25 25-19 25-17 18-25 15-12 104-98 Stats
    Toyota Body Queens
    3-1 Hitachi Rivale
    29-31 25-21 25-15 29-27 108-94 Stats
    Saitama Ageo Medics
    0-3 Hisamitsu Springs
    20-25 21-25 21-25 62-75 Stats
    JT Marvelous
    3-1 Toray Arrows
    16-25 25-17 25-19 28-26 94-87 Stats
    Kurobe AquaFairies
    0-3 NEC Red Rockets
    17-25 21-25 23-25 61-75 Stats

    The Ageo/Hisamitsu match was a true Ageo Gymnasium Home Game. Had a High School Gym vibe with a green and red court surrounded by yellow. The cameras aren't as good and there's not as many of them. Low production values. I don't think the betting sites streamed it. VB Passion didn't. I watched it at V.League TV! Surprised me I could do that. It was the only match available and the only one that wasn't on DAZN. Maybe there will be more of these low end home game broadcasts available? The image was 720 but the frame rate was low so it had a strobe like nauseating effect. The only thing I remember about the match is Arisa Inoue played instead of Yuki.

    The Kurobe v NEC match had its moments. Everybody, both sides, played pretty well. I feel bad for Kurobe but I would have felt worse about NEC if they had lost. Kurobe controlled the 3rd set but failed in the end. Akane Ukishima played for Kurobe and did well (9/22). Tough spot for her. The Team Captain also plays OP and has been playing well, and she seems like a good captain. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    NEC's Misaki Yamauchi is bringing a little Saori Sakoda style fly in style to her OP attacks. Very nice. Nanami Hirose continues to deliver a couple kills that feel like they are worth more than a point. This is going to be her year. She's got something going on.

    Game 1b - Toyota Body Queens v Hitachi Rivale

    Hitachi is playing with rookies and newcomers and took the first set 31-29 or something like that. No Watanabe, no Heryman, no Mabashi, no Haga, no Toi. It's really sad that Hisae Watanabe can't seem to stay healthy enough to play all the time. She's got a lot of upside. Or, I dunno what's going on with her.

    This seems wrong to me:

    It's from the V.League web site watching guide. Is this just referring to the original fake lineup of the first play of the game before the serve goes off and then everybody runs to where they want to be?

    Google Translated Nonsense:

    "Opposite translates directly, "opposite" means. This name was given because it is located on the diagonal (opposite side) of the setter. I do not serve receive specialized in attack, and always go back attack when I am in the back guard".

    I have always wondered about the term "opposite". At first I thought it meant the opposite side of the court from where the camera is. LOL. But that only works for one of the teams.

    For those keeping score at home, the V.League pushed back by an hour the first and last games of both days this upcoming weekend:

    Sat 17 Nov 2018

    12:00 Okayama Seagulls v PFU BlueCats

    12:00 Toyota Body Queens v Hitachi Rivale

    14:00 Saitama Ageo Medics v Hisamitsu Springs

    14:30 JT Marvelous v Toray Arrows

    15:00 Kurobe AquaFairies v NEC Red Rockets

    Sun 18 Nov 2018

    12:00 NEC Red Rockets v PFU BlueCats

    12:00 Toyota Body Queens v Toray Arrows

    15:00 Kurobe AquaFairies v Denso Airybees

    15:00 JT Marvelous v Hitachi Rivale

    I'm rooting for Kurobe AquaFairies over NEC on Saturday :huh: and Denso on Sunday.

    Butt-Stalkin' videographer extraordinaire Pooshan1053 posted a short clip of PFU v Kurobe warmups and such. It's worth looking at the first few seconds to see Chatchu-on. She appears to look up at his camera and smile, the smile of an angel:

    I hope he posts one of his full match edits of the thing. He's the only opportunity to see Japanese teams play in HD, beyond those little highlight reels the V.League posts on Vimeo.

    Highlights from Week 2

    Sat 10 Nov 2018

    Denso Airybees v Saitama Ageo Medics (3–0) (25–21, 25-22, 25–23) Stats

    Toray Arrows v Okayama Seagulls (3–1) (25-14, 16-25, 25–23, 25–22) Stats

    NEC Red Rockets v Toyota Body Queens (0–3) (17–25, 20–25, 18–25) Stats

    PFU BlueCats v Kurobe AquaFairies (0–3) (18-25, 19-25, 28-30) Stats

    JT Marvelous v Hisamitsu Springs (3–2) (25–20, 21-25, 14-25, 25-19, 15-10) Stats

    Sun 11 Nov

    Denso Airybees v Hitachi Rivale (3-1) (21-25, 25-19, 26-24, 25-16) Stats

    Toyota Body Queens v Kurobe AquaFairies (3-1) (20-25, 25-17, 25-21, 25-21) Stats

    PFU BlueCats v NEC Red Rockets (0-3) (22-25, 20-25, 17-25) Stats

    The highlight link is the score.

    The 2nd post in this thread (the Schedule) is updated with scores, stats, and highlights as they become available. Bookmark that post for convenience.

    Match of the Week:

    Erika Araki was on fire. We only get one or two of her kills in the video but she had 15 beauties. Toyota's MBs were brutal. Aya Watanabe was 12/17. Also, notice Toyota #17 Miyoko Yabuta. She came in for the struggling Mami Uchiseto after the first set loss and finished the match. She was a miserable 3/19 but her reception was decent. She signed with Toyota mid-season last year. I think Mami might have some competition. I was impressed.

    Lovely Goofball Toyota Setter Momoko Higane gets the post game blurb :rose:

    The JT match was good, too:

    Since I don't speak or read Japanese, and I don't play at all on Social Media, all these things remain a mystery to me. Ebata for PFU, Alhassan for NEC, Heryman for Hitachi. Ebata and Alhassan have been in street clothes in the stands so I imagine there is some minor injury. Or something

    Probably because we never had a Thai thread before, I'm over-reacting to just a few bits of news. :lol: First, that team disbanding, and then these players who seem pretty casual about "where will I play this year" after the season has begun, no commitment to a local team.Maybe that's how it always been. I just never knew it.

    Chatchu-On is doing okay. Up and down. Her team is struggling.

    Standings 2018.11.12 -- after Week 2 (4 competition days)

    # Team Matches
    Win Lose Sets Pts
    1. Toyota Body Queens 3 3 0 9:3 8
    2. NEC Red Rockets 3 2 1 6:3 6
    3. JT Marvelous 3 2 1 8:6 6
    4. Denso Airybees 3 2 1 6:4 6
    5. Saitama Ageo Medics
    3 2 1 6:4 6
    6. Hisamitsu Springs 2 1 1 5:3 4
    7. Hitachi Rivale
    3 2 1 7:7 4
    8. Kurobe AquaFairies 4 1 3 7:9 4
    9. Toray Arrows 2 1 1 3:4 3
    10. PFU Blue Cats 4 0 4 2:12 1
    11. Okayama Seagulls 2 0 2 2:6 0

    She was MVP ( I think) last year in Korea as they won the Championship. But this season she was not able to perform.

    That's what I heard. Surprising. She had a bitchin' serve but overall looked The Tin Man in need of oil. I didn't know what was going to happen (I didn't even know people could be cut from a team, lol) but looking back on it now I admire her so much for the smile she wore all the way through it. Makes it more sad, too

    The one that bugs me the most [...] is Ivana Nešović, who seemed destined to become a world class player but never developed anywhere close to that level.

    I know that name. A stunningly beautiful woman with hopeful melancholy in her eyes. I just watched her sort of drift away and finally get booted from a Korean Club team. I was immediately drawn to her in a sea of sadness :( Now I will miss her.

    I only listen to local (Turkish) stuff.

    I have a bunch of Turkish pop type stuff on my iPod. This is one of my favorites:

    I don't know if it's cool or uncool to like it (like if you told me you had a Celine Dion song on your iPod I would think it was uncool) :P

    Sun 11 Nov 2018 Day 4 Results

    Home Team Away Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 Total Stats
    Denso Airybees
    3-1 Hitachi Rivale
    21-25 25-19 26-24 25-16 97-84 Stats
    Toyota Body Queens
    3-1 Kurobe AquaFairies
    20-25 25-17 25-21 25-21 95-84 Stats
    PFU BlueCats
    0-3 NEC Red Rockets
    22-25 20-25 17-25 59-75 Stats


    Nabeya 17/43, 1 error 39.4% - Sinéad 9 blocks - Kudo got benched the last set after 8/30. They didn't look like they won. Sakamoto DNP :cheesy:


    #19 OP Miyu Kubota high scorer 20 points, 18/39, 1 block, 1 ace. Bring it on. Osanai struggles 14/53. They looked like they won the match. Watanabe, Heryman DNP.

    Toyota v Kurobe: Match of the season so far. Toyota is playing well. Neriman, a little error prone--23/55 w/7 boo boos (7/13 w/4 from downtown)-- Araki 15/21. Kurobe is a quintessential Japanese team: solid reception, respectable serve, scrappy defense, good passing, trouble scoring/winning. OP Akane Ukashima 2/4 made a brief appearance. Going to be tough for her to crack the rotation, Team Captain #1 Saki Maruyama 11/26 is ahead of her. Their main weapons are OHs #3 Nanami Wasai 10/36 and #11 Rina Hiratani 11/44. Gotta do better than that. Freya 12/22, no blocks. She can/will score more than that if/when she gets in tune with the setter who's one of the fastest, lowest out there. #8 Mizuki Minami feeds her attackers well but they get blocked a lot :lol: Freya isn't as quick as her athletic build would suggest. She's a riot, though.

    Imagine my pain if NEC didn't beat PFU 3-0. Yanagita played for Hirose. Hirose is non-receiving and NEC needs to up their reception level, but Hirose'd been their best scorer. It worked out, but NEC's scoring has been worse than their reception.

    Game 2:

    13:40 (JST) Toyota Body Queens v Kurobe AquaFairies

    Toyota is playing at the top of the league starting this season, but I smell an upset. Kurobe plays good defense, they have solid reception across the board, Freya is immense, and they'd wear a win well.

    Momoko Higane :kiss:is back on court setting for Toyota

    Hitachi is entertaining. This "dude on the sidelines" should audition for a job as coach. His team is mostly young and short but he's got them playing with great spirit.

    Let's mention #19 OH Miyu Kubota again. She's 171cm, swinging primarily from the right side so call her an OP. Her stats from Hitachi's first two games:

    Attack - 22, 8, 1... 36.4% --- Receive - 27, 16, 3 ... 64.8% (only played sets 3,4,5)

    Attack - 13,6,0 ... 46.2% --- Receive - 28, 15, 6 ... 64.3% (subbed in sets 2,3 . started sets 4,5)

    Heryman is also MIA for Hitachi. Irisawa is doing pretty well in her absence.

    Hitachi is going to lose, but as long as they play scrappy defense and look good I will enjoy them.

    Denso's setter Kozue is new to the team this year. She's a lot better than the other alt-setter #6 Yuko Suzuki.

    Game 1:

    11:00 (JST) Denso Airybees v Hitachi Rivale

    Denso: Otake, Ishida, and My Little Sweet Pea are not playing. Denso look rusty. Sinéad is on her third hairstyle in three games, looking good, not playing enough. Nabeya struggling. Reina Toukoku has subbed in, playing with confidence--nice to see her get some time. This alternative setter, Kozue--who puts her first on her shirt, which is cool because it's a cool name (Sinéad should do the same)--is good enough I'm not too grumpy about missing Ari.

    Hitachi: Watanabe is not playing. I was hoping we'd gotten to a place where she'd play every minute of every game. Tall rookie MB Irisawa got the start again. Hitachi is playing defense. Their liberos, who aren't named Arisa (but one is named Saito and isn't wearing a libero uniform) aren't bad at all. It's nice seeing Hitachi play with a renewed energy with some newish B Teamers. #19 OH Miyu Kubota is particularly impressive at swinging.

    Sinéad just went to high-five Kozue and smacked her in the side of the head by mistake :)