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    Miyashita-Syuka Kaneda


    Yuka Sawada-Ishii

    She's still in the team website though

    I don't know when Japan teams actually sign (or agree to) contracts. The 19-20 season isn't officially finished yet (except that it is because of Covid-19), but for all practical purposes if Annie whispers to a friend that she wants to stay in Japan, and that friend messages Bruno and tells him Annie told her that, or whatever, we can feel confident it's going to happen because if she wants to stay JT isn't going to say no.

    I don't think I've ever seen a team make a post that says "We've renewed contracts with these players for next year". If the player stays on the web site and we never get a "This player has resigned" notice we just deduce it from there.

    The V.League site is more reliable in terms of when paperwork has actually been submitted (coming and going). They add and remove players in a very timely manner. Usually.

    PFU must enter a new era next season. They got a new coach in 19/20 who I think did pretty well. Now he's gotta go into rebuilding mode. Six more players (after Thanacha Sooksod resigned earlier) are saying goodbye: their tall foreign MB, two of the veteran "Tough Cookies" and all their liberos:

    #2 Jennifer Doris (MB) Resigned (after 7 years)

    #3 Haruka Yoshiyashu (OH/L) Retired

    #4 Saori Uda (C) (OP) Retired

    #12 Mai Shimizu (MB) Retired

    #16 Minori Wada (Libero) Resigned?

    #17 Sayaka Tsutsui (Libero) Retired

    It's unclear at this point whether Minori Wada is Retiring or Transfer Hoping. She's an award winner who came up through Kinrankai and Tsukuba, and only 23.

    Do you know any additions/lay offs with JT for this season?

    No resignations so far, and interestingly they've added photos of their two acquisitions from a couple weeks ago, a couple highschoolers with awards, without taking any down. JT is better than most at keeping their web site up to date.

    Nana Sakakibara #20 MB

    Yukiko Wada #21 OH Source

    Thai fans will be the first to hear about Kaewkalaya Kamulthala's future. I'd like her to stick around. The only candidate I would guess for retirement is (S) Misaki Tanaka. JT remains solid.

    As far as I can tell, rumors are illegal in Japan. Everything we get comes from the other side of the pond: the Bruno dude or ... who have been pretty accurate in the past, from calling the Hanna Tapp kerfuffle to early calls on Sinéad re-signing last year and a couple others I can't recall right now.

    I bet the top Japan teams can afford to buy almost anyone they want, but the player has to want it, too, based on career and hospitality goals.

    I hope Annie comes back but I don't get Rosamaria to Denso. Denso should play 4T instead of grasping at someone like RM. And bring on the Denso Bomber! Denso's wings were their weak spot last year but I don't see RM as much of an upgrade, especially if they lose Sinéad.

    It was really tragic what befell Denso at season's end after the exquisite Regular Round they had. I'm sure they are scrambling but they did buy 3 NT players last year. That must have put a dent in their pocketbook

    I can't get enough of this 17-18 Forest Leaves squad. They're like Himeji before Himeji was cool, but they're also beastly. And they play great defense. They have two furious MBs, a couple fan service swingers, and a real talent at OH (who's the only one still with the team). The créme de la créme though is the setter. I don't like her but she's so weird it's a gas. On a perfect reception play she'll do a very lazy style jump set but she jumps and lands before actually setting the ball. Sometimes she sets the ball flat-footed -- and then does the jump! She thinks she's being devious. She staggers around drunkenly beneath high passes. Very entertaining. She was just named Captain of the current JA Gifu team, which is odd because in the couple years I've watched them she's barely played.

    Seems only the last couple months of 17-18 season got full DAZN level broadcasts. I guess because they were fighting for automatic promotion to V1? Even the Final matches of 16-17 & 18-19 were typical V2 video without commentary.

    How tragic for the team to have qualified to V1 but lose the opportunity because their company went bankrupt.

    Chika Saito
    Misaki Yamagata

    Stylin' Chika plays for Gumma Bank now but the super stylin' Misaki has retired

    The spunky "Feel our Breath", Breath Hamamatsu Captain, 167cm Middle Blocker Mai Sugawara (C) is retiring. She wrote this in her goodbye comment:

    "I was surprised at how hard it was to work while working more than I imagined ... I've broken my heart so many times that I've become disgusted ... At the time of the first year, there was zara that all the players did not gather for the practice, and the practice hall was moving around various gymnasiums in the city, and there was a day outside the city, too. I couldn't practice 6vs6 games with the team".

    Google Translated but still spunky. And sad.

    It was like New Year's Eve at midnight when she scored a kill block. She will be missed :rose:

    Essentially players are on year to year contracts. If coach likes you as a “bench” player you’ll probably stay with your team.

    New coach comes to your team, you are up in the air. After 5 years have you become a starter? If not, you are probably in the retirement zone.

    Do you know how much these girls get paid, approximately? Is it a living wage, and does the team pay them bonuses if they win a championship or do those funds go to equipment upgrades and the like?

    I'm curious if the corporate team players, NEC, Denso, Hismitsu, etc., are paid by the company. The real question behind that question if it's the case, is how does Corporate NEC pay Sarina Koga a higher salary for doing data input than say, Yuna Okuyama who's played tiny bits of 30 sets in 5 years?

    Go Himeji :super:

    I didn't pay attention to people coming and going two seasons ago.

    Last year I merely felt like there were a lot of players leaving.

    This year I'm keeping track!

    I calculate there are approximately 400 players in combined V.Leagues v1 & v2. So far 44 players are leaving in some fashion:

    • 5 confirmed foreigners are leaving (probably more as time rolls on)
    • 8 players are Transfer Hoping (7 from v2, 1 from v1)
    • 31 players are Retiring (20/v2 , 11/v1)
    • The saddest news is Hisae Watanabe retiring :(

    I imagine for many of the girls that playing volleyball is like me playing in a Rock Band for a few years after college. They know it's not going to amount to much, but it's fun so they do it until someone offers them a job they want.

    Good news. Looks like Yuki Egawa is upgraded from Retire to Transfer Hope. It's always hard to google translate what something like "I have decided to retire from the team" means. But the official V.League PDF has her comment as Transfer Hope. She'd be a great help to Himeji but I'm not sure she's styling enough to make the roster.

    Too bad Kino Yoshi isn't upgrading :( She's super styling! and the better of the two players, imo.

    yeah, YOLO :thumbup:

    I forgot there was pre libero days :) i don’t think i’ve ever seen such a match

    Okusu was a pretty special player. League MVP. and best server that year. a little more athletic than most japanese. when she received serve she looked like a receiver. great slide attack too.