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    I can't get enough of WU Han.

    When she serves one into the net she approaches the team huddle with an "I'm still total bad-ass" attitude. When they show her peering through the net, waiting for a serve ... she's taking names. I absolutely love this girl! :obey::rolll::dance6:

    the WGP 2017 Wide Roster of the CHN team,

    On that page, and others like it, for each player there is a "Selection" number. What does that mean?

    BTW - I'm re-watching some of the Chinese Montreux matches and gaining much appreciation for the setter, Diao, and Gao Yi especially. I've always thought Gong was pretty solid but wish she would up her attitude. I can admire skill but can't root for downbeat personality. Doubly so when it comes to coaches.

    I think Wang Yunlu is not better than Li Jing. She is tall with a serve but that's about it.

    I have watched the 2016.09.11 AVC Club Championship Final (NEC Red Rockets) JPN v (Bayi Shenzhen) CHN game about 20 times and it was pretty much Wang Yunlu who gave the match to the Red Rockets. Thank you Yunlu! So it's going to be a while before I think she is much good. Still very young, though. It's crazy how young some of the Chinese players are. LI Ying-ying is 17?

    As I say, must be tough to be an aspiring clobber specialist in China. samsara points to a few Wu Han would have to grapple with, and then jetmasters brings up the great wall.

    I'm keeping my eyes out for Wu Han. She seems hungry.

    Another of my favorites gone or missing. ;( I'm sure there is a story about Arisa, she's too good to be cut. I don't get the Uchiseto love. Yanagita mops the floor with her, from either side of the court. Watanabe is a better hitter but maybe lacks some maturity. Oumi is a no-brainer but I'll wager it's her choice not to play on the NT. Best passer I've seen.

    The Libero position will be interesting to watch. I like the muscular Inoue as a server and court presence, but I'm not sure of her as a Libero.

    I'm sure Nakada knows what she's doing but this is the Internet where we get to pretend we know better. :teach:

    The team selection was listed earlier in the thread, fan voting choose one team and the other was selected by the league. If anyone thinks that at all-star game is serious, except in baseball, you are wrong.

    That team selection scenario was not used. At least not completely. Yanagita played against Oumi. The two Euros played with Saori. The two Saori's played against one another; Watanabe was with Sakoda, to name a few.

    You should check it out. There's no lollypoppin' the ball over. Many great digs. Very different in tone from the Chinese and Korean games I watched. It's at least 'serious' in comparison, except for the few instances I pointed out.

    I just re-watched the 2016.07.31 AVC U19 Championship JPN v CHN game because I can't get enough of WU Han.

    She is a beastling. I wish they would have tried her out in the Montreux games. Must be tough to be a young Chinese attacker when a few of the best players in the world are in front of you and they are in their early twenties. :wall:

    Girl's been added to my Favorites

    In case anybody cares, that Poohsan1053 YouTuber posted the Japanese All-Star game in HD with his whimsical editing style.

    Set 1
    Set 2
    Set 3
    Set 4

    It's worth watching if you like the players (unlike my previously posted bit in crappy stream). It's still serious, not fun except for a moment where a couple coaches come on for a couple plays; there's a back and forth between Saori and Sarina that's touching and cute (in which you can't help but see a torch passing); and the setters keep setting to the Liberos until they get a kill.

    It's also interesting to see why/that these girls are the All-Stars. Even in a game that doesn't matter, they can't help but toss off some great digs and such. The crowd gasps at some Rahimova whacks.

    It's unclear to me how this was scored or how they chose sides. And I think one team won three straight sets but they played a fourth just for the heck of it.

    but remember those awful know-nothings that fivb had for the WOQ last time

    The Rio Olympics were the first Volleyball games I ever watched. And for whatever reason, the way that I streamed them had that one guy who's on those Youtube Qualifiers. After the Rio games hooked me, and I couldn't re-watch them because of whatever rights nonsense, I went to those qualifier matches. So that guy, who was totally in the bag for Japan, and had the hots for Saori to the point it got creepy, was my introduction to Volleyball. :D The laola guy is leaps and bounds above him.

    "Saori's there! Saori's there!" He even used the word "we" when talking about Japan.

    sitenoise, i don't think that's correct. all THA shirt names are surname initial followed by given name. so onuma sittirak shirt says S. Onuma, for example, and pleumjit thinkaow shirt says T. Pleumjit.

    Okay, that may be true of Thailand and their jerseys, but it's definitely the case (in the few matches I've seen with english) that one announcer will say "Wilavan" and another will say "Apinyapong" and one will say "Nootsara" and another "Tomkom"--sometimes two announcers of the same game will do that. And I've heard one arena announcer introduce "Wilavan Apinyapong" and another "Apinyapong Wilavan", so I don't know what their custom is--maybe has to do with where they are playing, who's announcing and what their custom is.

    I think Japan switch around when two players have the same family name. Mizuki Tanaka wore "Tanaka" while Misaki Tanaka wore "M. Tanaka" then Mizuki wore "Mizuki" on her jersey at one point. And it might be the Japanese are the only ones switching numbers. When I'm trying to learn the players of a team, I often start with hair style and body type, but since most all of the Japanese players have the same hair style and body type, I need to employ the advanced technique of jersey numbers :rolll:

    China and Korea seem totally consistent with the surname, given name initial(s). Which is fun when three starters for China are named Wang and another one "Huang", which sounds the same to my ears, and four Korean starters are named Kim!

    Bottom line is, I'm not very bright and I need more hand holding :rolll:

    nobody can keep track of your multiple names!

    I can't speak for all teams but I wish they'd stop changing their jersey numbers too. And sometimes they put their first name on their jersey and sometimes their last name, sometimes a nickname. Especially with Thailand when the commentator may call them by their first name when their last name is on their jesrsey, this is hard for a new guy like me to get up to speed.