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    I'm too lazy that I couldn't update last scores.

    Today's results:

    I was at Baskent Volleyball Hall and watched Halkbank Ziraatbank game. It was a volleyball fest. Audience was great. I supported Ziraatbank and won the first match.

    It looks like Modena choose Italian league over Champions league. Sunday will be different

    Yes I realised that Modena couldn't survive. Choosing Italian league may not be a mistake but deciding to sacrifice one of the games is a mistake I think. What's the difference you will ask. I expected Modena to fight at home but they couldn't resist at even 3rd set.

    My heart is with Civitanova on Sunday.

    I'm not sure if being lucky that I didn't see injury moment, however other players were crying so I got it something horrible happened.

    Best wishes to Thaisa. I hope she gets back soon.

    I'm sorry, but they are going to face each others. There's already the rule according to which Cev doesn't allow more than 2 teams from the same country in the semifinals and more than 1 in the final. This rule has been created 15 years ago in order to avoid all-italian finals

    Yes I'm aware of that rule anyway, I'm just not comfortable with this rule.

    Could anyone please remind me, except volleyball, at which brances host is automatically plays at final four?

    This week's schedule (CEST+1):

    4th April / 19:00 / Fenerbahce - Eczacibasi (Fener leads 3-2)
    5th April / 19:00 / Vakifbank - Zurich (Vakifbank leads 3-1)
    5th Apil / 19:00 / Moscow - Modena (Moscow leads 3-0)

    This week's schedule:

    4th April / 19:30 / Belgorod (RUS) - Zenit (RUS)
    5th April / 19:30 / Berlin Volleys (GER) - Dinamo Moscow (RUS)
    5th April / 20:30 / Modena (ITA) - Civitanova (ITA)

    Modena and Civitanova are already having playoff series at Italy (series tied 1-1). Zenit and Belgorod just played each other last week. I'm not comfortable with same countrys' teams play with each other at champions league.

    Final four be like with 2 Russians and 2 Italian teams(if Moscow manages to eliminate Berlin). I hope they don't match at semi finals.

    Today at 18.00 pm (in Italy) Fenerbahce vs Trento ^^

    @fossa, I hope you'll manage to go to the arena and watch the match live ;)

    It has been a busy weekend so I can reply just now about the match. We enjoyed whole match. Especially 3rd set was amazing. 4th set is the final to audiance. Fenerbahce did their best and nobody was expecting a 3-2 score for the match. Thanks to both sides and good luck to Trento at the final.

    Betfred World Snooker Championship 2017

    Qualifiers: 05 April - 12 April
    Dates: 15 April – 1 May 2017
    Venue: Crucible Theatre
    City: Sheffield (UK)
    Defending champion : Mark Selby…-world-championship-2016/…orld_Snooker_Championship


    Here are some basic information about the tournament. I hope I can find enough time for updates everyday. If anyone interested in snooker, we may have a word about players or matches in the future.

    I don't like to speak too soon, but so far I have to admit this i boring even for me, a Trento fan.
    I wanted to ask you if Trento is simply too stronger or if Fenerbahce is playing way beyond their true game. It's been a long while I don't watch Fenerbahce playing, so I've no idea of their level (but I expected more than this having them won their own Championship).

    Well, you might just look at my earlier post about the match.

    Trentino Vs. Fenerbahce, this compare would be interesting.

    Unfortunately I don't have enoguh volleyball knowledge to detect the differences between Trentino and Fenerbahe, however I have never thought that Fener would be powerful than Trentino.

    Other Turkish teams are not so powerful. If I catch the broadcast I watch Halkbank, Ziraatbank, Arkas, Maliye, Galatasaray, Besiktas, vs and you can't compare these teams with Italians like Trentino, Lube, Modena, Perugia vs. Italians are more more diciplined then our teams.

    As a result, if these 2 teams play for the final game, I would bet all my money on Trentino and enjoy the play until last point.

    As a result, Trentino's pre-match exercises' are even more tougher than this match I think. Italians are definitely not joking if the subject is volleyball.

    On the other hand, yes Fenerbahce is beyond their true game. At least they could make their defence and services better. This match was a disaster. Trentino has a lot of offence plays but Fenerbahce didn't do their homework. They couldn't stop any strike easily. However my volleyball is knowledge is not wide, that's what I think about the game.

    I'm waiting for Trentino Fenerbahce match for days but I'm very disappointed that Fenerbahce is no longer exists on the game and it's very boring.