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    I agree with you on IBB and Berlin comment. I don't like Istanbul BB's local matches in Turkish league. However they played well and I still can't believe how they won the game. I think next match will never be easy for Istanbul BB. Berlin will make it.

    On the other side I think Fenerbahce would play instead of IBB at CL. Fenerbahce would have better results than IBB.

    The will face each others in the semifinal, first match in Trento and second in Istanbul.
    Ps I thought Trento would have played the second match at home being Italy higher than Turkey in the CEV Clubs ranking.

    Omg that's the good news made my day. So I will see Trentino live at Istanbul :drink:

    I will confirm later, if you are right then the calender is like: 28th March at Trento and 1st April (Saturday) at Istanbul.

    Trentino Vs. Fenerbahce, this compare would be interesting.

    Unfortunately I don't have enoguh volleyball knowledge to detect the differences between Trentino and Fenerbahe, however I have never thought that Fener would be powerful than Trentino.

    Other Turkish teams are not so powerful. If I catch the broadcast I watch Halkbank, Ziraatbank, Arkas, Maliye, Galatasaray, Besiktas, vs and you can't compare these teams with Italians like Trentino, Lube, Modena, Perugia vs. Italians are more more diciplined then our teams.

    As a result, if these 2 teams play for the final game, I would bet all my money on Trentino and enjoy the play until last point.

    I like and enjoy watching Casalmaggiore in Italian league, however when they allow opponnet to come back from 2-0 to 2-3, it drives me crazy.

    Match was a nightmare for Vakifbank. I could't imagine this score. Congrads to Fenerbahce.

    Yes, exactly. I should have said FB soccer fans because the problem is certainly not with the Volleybal fans. Galatasaray has the same problem.

    Fenerbahce supporters came to protest the president of Fenerbahce Club. It's a common behaviour for Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Besiktas.

    Yep!! :D

    Now Piacenza needs to win at least 3-1 plus the Golden set. In the inviolate PalaTrento.
    Not impossible as always in volleyball, but definitely tough.

    For Trento losing this chance would be the biggest failure of the last two years so far, imho. Also considering that this quarterfinal it's probably an anticipated final (but I admit I don't know the other opponents. Nobody will come from CL, right?).…tition.aspx?ID=966&PID=-1

    As far as I know, no one is coming from Cl.

    Quarter finalists and matches:

    Karlovarsko Vs. Tours

    United Volleys RheinMain Vs. Lindemans Aalst

    Fenerbahce Vs. Ajaccio

    Piacensa Vs. Trentino

    I couldn't recognize Halkbank against Perugia, at the first set. Halkbank seems to be highly concentrated, less mistakes, good strikes. They have nothing to lose.

    I can't tell they normally play like this in Turkish league. Playing against one of the biggest teams in Europe made them motivated.