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    I am afraid that many will be disappointed with our lineup for VNL next year. I see that "you all", again, expect that Guidetti will play with youngsters. Personally i will be sad because as others i really want to see our youngsters in action but IMO it is almost delusional expectation having just a bit of Guidetti's understanding.

    And she will probably be the Flag bearer :)

    Hope so. Spanovic is the only reasonable competitor in that regard, but her qualification is 12 days after the opening ceremony, so i would bet on Maja actually. She deserve it and also female volleyball deserve it as reward for continuous high profile results.

    Busa is back at her form finally😍 and even though Mirkovic is still a mess sometimes, she has made a great distribution

    Yeah, though it was hard to watch Mirkovic sets from time to time, she done really good job in way of number of sets per each player, so definitely positive about her so far.

    It’s ridiculous that no Serbian received an award lol. They lost 3-2 15-13 to a team that got 5 ppl on the team lmao

    That fair sharing between medalist it's probably equaly ridiculous as fan voting and honestly, it couldn't be less important. Busa as an OH option would be fine, but the individual awards in team sport are meaningless and ridiculous anyway and tbh it's not that some serbian player had dominate on their respective position so,.....,they get silver medals for their team performance and sometimes it is just not related to individual awards race.

    Oh what a match, maybe not the highest level but so entertaining and nerve wrecking. Congrats to Turkiye on well deserved title. Vargas was insane, but also the MB's, also Gizem was really good with Karakurt entering the match on some moments. I could definetly say that Santareli made much better job with sub's than Guidetti, while third set was just insane how we succed to turn around, after that not letting Drca to stay had cost us the title (not literally, obviously Turkiye did the job but it was mistake for sure). Again it was so tie and one ball decision so i can't be mad, but that guts to sub Maja will be definetly so important for our future results.Zivkovic is the game changer. My dream team

    Vargas (MVP)

    Van Alen/Boskovic




    Honorable mentions to some that have great tournament but are out of best 4 or just have better ones above them: Pietrini, Korneluk, Stenzel, Lemens, Mlejnkova, maybe someone else,....

    Drca should be in, this is her day and Maja is starting sloppy with sets to OHs which are too low.. Our MBs are terrible this game, Aleksic is a must, idk if something is wrong with her and that’s why she is on bench

    i don't understand why Ognjenović tends to rely that much on Bošković sometimes. I mean, Drča showed that you can play a more balanced volleyball keeping you best player hot at the same time.

    Drca was playing great, Busa was scoring with her, meanwhile Maja set her only OOS balls and overuses Boskovic

    Not having Drca on court when she turned around that 3rd set is unbelievable.. at least to start to see if we would keep the same energy with her…

    The fact that Guidetti do not use Drca in the 4rth set was crucial