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    Here we go, we have Vakifbank from last year again, block and defense "dominance". This will be epic battle.

    Selfishly cheering for Vakifbank (Eczaci can play against them even at their best days, while best Fener no one can beat).

    Eczacıbaşı won't have any chance in the final against the male volleyball played by Fenerbahce. They will end up like Conegliano and Vakifbank. Fenerbahce at the moment is playing at such a high level never seen in female volleyball before. Especially after Melissa Vargas joined them, with an impressive muscle growth after her season in China (am I the only one who noticed it?).

    And I'd better stop here... before I speak too much.

    are you alluding to some kind of doping, or "before i speak too much" is it in a completely different direction?

    Maja, Tijana, Irina, and Simge were incredible. Everyone’s attitude and effort was the best I’ve seen this season too. I haven’t seen them with this level of focus or fire this whole season. I’m so happy they came out with the right mentality and did this !

    They should keep that mindset and fire exclusively for the Cev CL final, they have no chance against Fenerbahce in the best of 5 final series.

    It's not easy to say this, but first CEV CL final for Tijana Bošković.

    Congrats Eczacibasi, at the end they didn't dissapoint (result wise).

    I guess Boskovic made a positive response to the "she has to prove that she is the best" narrative, and finally Maja with actually really good game, when it matters the most.

    I think now by 25-12, it’s just not the place where we should say ECZ is “suffering” in any means.

    The point is quite clear, the result in this game at the moment when the comment was written is quite irrelevant. That's the bottom line, actually, the same things are happening all along the season regardless of the result. And it would be irrelevant if it didn't affect their overall performance this season.

    But as soon as the smallest danger come, the reception is the first thing that suffers, and that is obviously the poor coaching effect, as many other things/problems in Eczacibasi.

    Eczacibasi now plays worthy of the name, budget and ambitions they has. But still their serve is terrible, even Maja doesn't look bad from the service line, and her serve was never that efficient, but it was always accurate tactically to the millimeter.

    Simge is also playing really nice in defense (okay minus free balls that is obviously some a demonic problem).

    For now, the start is copied, Eczacibasi started well, then Maja forces the middle, breaks the rhythm, then Eczacibasi struggles on the receiving line and the only thing that can save them is Novara's mistake (as it happened).

    How not to get bored with this narrative (both side). Some people are fighting their demons and expect that Boskovic owes them something, and yet I don't understand how it still bothers Tijana's fans so much, it's completely normal when you're the best at what you do, so that other suspicious side always appears.

    I dont think GS can take THY 4th place now, they dont have a chance against Vakif today. Vakif need to stay above Fener so can have home advantage for golden set

    It's not unrealistic at all, it is possible that they will decide about 4th place in dircet battle. THY have Ilbank, Galatasaray, Feberbahce till the end, while Galata have PTT, THY and Aydin. If Galatasaray win all three and THY loose against Fenerbahce as expected, Galata will be 4th.

    Anyway that will be really close QF and i don't even now how they allocate spots in TVF for European cups, does they count place from the regular season (as it is in OSSRB) or play off placement is more important.