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    Haaaaaaaa ?

    I just pointed how She got her chance very soon as young setter with not so much performance as starter in such big club as Vakif. Nothing else, so that is why I said that Gennari can get her chance too.

    Chill :lol:

    Sorry Cro, my bad, i misunderstood this time.

    Cansu got her chance very soon (Or I'm wrong ?)

    Maybe Kind of agree about Cansu, but what exactly does that have to do with your impression about Gennari and are she is good or not. You must end with that hate on Turkish league or player from that league.


    Have fun Seria A ritorno phase started already,let VVSL and their players.

    This is not her first performance as starter, not first time that I liked her. Setter has it, or no.

    Not first time as a starter but before this match she showed not too much(even in this match she was just good not amazing).

    kind of agree with "has it, or no". But she till not show that "something" what setter is need.

    Wow i agree with that that she is good, but it is to fast to expect (especially when that is based on just one match) that she will play already next season in any of this top level club as a starter, she must gain more experience, more realsitic in some season after next.

    No, China would have been fourth anyway. Netherlands-Serbia was first on schedule of the last day of group stage, which meant the one who wins it, will face South Korea and the one who loses will face loser from Brazil-Russia match, so Brazil and Russia had an option to choose between China and Serbia for qf.

    Actually this is not true, and real reason for Serbia playing against Netherlands with combined roster is that in Olympic it is not important being second or third in group because of this rule:

    The first ranked teams of both pools played against the fourth ranked teams of the other pool. The second ranked teams faced the second or third ranked teams of the other pool, determined by drawing of lots. The drawing of lots was held after the last match in the preliminary round.

    She still has chance, 33years for setter is not to much :mirror:

    How much you hate her success and She keeps winning :D

    No one does hate her succes, but the stats is fact( sometime does not said true) and personally impression a lot of volleyball lovers that is she does not deserved that best setter award on THIS tournament.

    IMO my choice will be:

    Hanke>Wolosz (on this tournament!)

    and definitely

    Baladin>>>>>Stysiak(even Baladin>>>Orthman).

    And yes Boz was out of this world in semifinal, but Lippmann deserve MVP.

    Annunciation of the first matches in this calendar year and 14th round of the league:

    UTC+1 local time

    1. Crvena Zvezda - Partizan 17.1. (18:00)

    2. Tent Obrenovac- Spartak Subotica 18.1.(19:00)

    3. Klek Zrenjanin - Jedinstvo SP 18.1.(19:00)

    4. Zeleznicar Lajkovac - Beograd 18.1.(19:00)

    5. Vizura Beograd- Ub 19.1.(17:00)live on RTS2 one of the possible working link but i will post on sunday.

    And 15.1.2020.(19:00) will play match from 12th round between Zeleznicar Lajkovac - Ub.

    Who do you think will get a chance this year at VNL from younger players? I suppose we will see even more newcomers to NT than last year, because potential travelers to Tokyo will be preparing for OI at the time. All Oi spots except OH ones are more or less set.

    I love to see Mirosavljevic ofc she is one of the player with a lot of potential for the future. Maybe Gocanin as OH in Higher level would be experimentaly interesting but i am not so optimistic for that and on OH postion i dont see other potential (maybe i forgot someone). On setter position Djordjevic is over Cirovic IMO and alongside Mila i would br pick Veselinovic for sure(she is not the most precisely one but she have something special, she is so brave and inteligent), and also maybe young Rada Perovic from junior national team. On Opp i dont see a lot of potential maybe Stijepic could be fine for VNL but i dont know how she is play in Kazahstan. IMO we have a lot of potential in young Middles Djokic, Rodic, Bozica Markovic, Glusac....but it is question what would be with they.

    Can someone post official POOLs for Olympics. I opened new thread.

    Not yet official.

    We must wait Dom-Pur match if dom wins

    A Japan, Serbia, Brasil, South Korea, Dom, Kenya

    B China, Usa, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Argentina.

    If Pur beat Dom

    In A will be Argentina instead Dom

    In B Pur instead Argentina.

    Korea almost get a medal and Japan were third in 2012.

    Italy (champion WC 2011) , Serbia ( European champions)

    Peopple take too much thing as guaranted.

    Unpredictable results happens.

    Yes but Italy, Serbia in 2012 when you have in your mind condition and list of the players vs Serbia and Italy(1st and 2nd from WCH) so diferent teams.

    Don't misjudge competent hard work for luck... They invested in youth, they trained them, they didn't grow on trees

    Serbia is lucky, as country they invest nothing to youth, sadly but true. Some clubs are talented and player maker but that is also because of our good volleyball tradition. One more sadly story is one and only specific hall for Volleyball are demolished few days ago because some political mafia construct on that place some luxury complex. Sorry for of topic but i must say this. We must be shame because we have world champions but we dont have volleyball hall. Sorry again for so of topic post

    Sorry two main players are playing outside of Germany. He is lucky to have them, He didn't created them.

    He made so wrong tactic today, and He changed tactic of his team at in the last moment. To late.

    What a tactic with useless MB and poor Gerties in attack. Lippman and Orthman are only option for Hanke in attack that is something what you said that you hate when team is just on one or two players(Serbia, even that it is not true). They are just not that quality as team, they probably would be in 4 or 6 Euro teams in future but nothing else more.