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    I also have hopes on Tuğba senoglu, she was very stable whenever she played this season (although she played against mostly weak teams)

    Actually she was often shaky at reception, even Gabi have to semi-cover her from time to time, OTOH truly she was good in attack, but at least 60,70% attack was on single or 0 block because of Maja and weaker opponents, so IMO we haven't real picture of her current shape. But for sure i like investments in this mentioned girls.

    No idea. They don't share the details in volleyball. I wish they could share like they share it openly in football.

    I am waiting for SportKlub news, Jaglicic is pretty close to Serbian players and Terzic, just look at the that interview with Terzic with so many firsthand information. I hope that they reveal details about this contract extension.

    I'm happy that this news come this early, so no space for annoying rumors about her in Italy.

    Those false interpretations of what she said are tiring and i repeat the last time that she said that one day she would like to play in Italy, but she still doesn't think about it at all.

    She seems super satisfied with Eczacibasi treatment, this relation brought great things on both sides, so seem to me that this would be long long journey.

    She is too valuable to sit on the bench tbh. We don't have many good local OH who plays at the top level. Good move from FB if it happens.

    Also that would let FB to transfer a foreign MB.

    Meliha is good OH for Turkish standard, maybe even second best, but far away from Hande, and IMO still not enough for powerhouses standard and goals, but in general good transfer.

    We have a saying in Turkish, it is something like: "what you have done in the past ensures what you are capable of in the future" with all respect to Terzic's decorated NT career, he hasn't shown anything in last 3 years in FB. That's why I'm puzzled with this 3-years extension and I don't think he is the right trainer to guide prospective star-studded roster. We will see next year if I'll be wrong

    What 3 years, just one season among that 3 years is over, and even in that first 2018/19 season, truly without title, but with cup final, which IMO was suprise, have in mind players of the 3 powerhouses, Fener was obviously the weakest, but manage to win Vakif in semi's (Cup), and in general wasn't that desperate. Last season untill the injuries wasn't that bad also, they beat Vakif easily 3-0, truly Vakif was still in "making", and then, that injuries of two main pins, have left a bitter taste. But that wasn't Terzic fault, probably no one is directly to blame, as he said better medical care for players is his wish. This year isn't over also, IMO Fenerbahce isn't without chances, but as you said we will see.

    I turn out to be Terzic's biggest fan, far from it, I was just as skeptical in the past as you, he convinced us all, and many years of following the national team, brought not only a lot of medals and joy, but also getting acquainted with all Terzic's skills. All the players, even those with whom, according to the media, he had an argument, they would testify to that.

    As much as people on this forum try to belittle Terzic successes, because he is not the most likable character, one thing is for sure, he is highly valued and respected in volleyball circles, instills confidence on both sides, 18 years to be a national team coach, and now 6 years in the club as the Fenerbahce is, the more they say. I'm sure the trophies will arrive soon. You may not like the style of play he nurtures, but it’s completely pointless to say that he is useless, it’s so untrue, but well, time will tell, now we know he’ll have it.

    And there is the whole interview

    Only one conversation with the first man of Fenerbahce, Ali Koc, brought an agreement, so Terzic will remain at the helm of the "yellow-blacks", with the desire to win trophies, which have been waiting in the club windows for several seasons.

    I signed a contract until the end of the 2023/24 season, and we will find out will be my most successful and most valuable when it expires. Trophies are something that counts, not money, which I will earn.

    My third season is underway and I admit that I also miss trophies, although in general we are all satisfied with the cooperation. In order for the results to be a little better, some things related to the appearance of the team are missing, but also somewhat better quality medical care for girls.

    Some media have already speculated about the composition of Fenerbahce for the next season, so Paola Egonu, Zehra Gunes, a new receiver, another libero are being brought in…?

    First, I received huge support from the first man of the club and I can freely say that money is not a problem. Whether we will spend a record amount in the transfer period, whether it will be perhaps the biggest budget in the history of the club, also depends on who will want to come to Fenerbahce. As for Paola Egonu, she received an offer, we are waiting for her answer. We also had a conversation with Zehra Gunes, it would mean a lot to us in the position of middle blocker. For now, the only thing that is true is that the experienced libero Gizem Orge from Vakifbank is coming.

    Were there any attempts to bring Tijana Boskovic?

    Yes, unfortunately, she rejected our offer, she stays in Eczacibasi. Tijana was, logically, my first wish. I'm sorry about that, but it's a job, life goes on. "

    What are Fenerbahce's goals until the end of the season, can you get involved in the fight for a trophy?

    This is the third season in which I am at Fenerbahce and I said just above that I miss the trophies. We will do everything to reach them. We had a lot of problems with the width of the roster, if one player is not in the machine, a huge problem is created, because we do not have a real replacement. It seems to me that we are in a very good position, with only two defeats, in second place. "

    How much does the arrival of American Kelsey Robinson mean to you?

    She will be able to play in the second part of the championship, from January 23 and the derby with Galatasaray. It will mean a lot to us, we already know what kind of player she is, what kind of person she is, because she brought us quality and energy.

    One of the first people who congratulated you on signing the new three-year contract was the selector of Serbian basketball players, but also the coach of Fenerbahce, Igor Kokoškov?

    Yes, I was at the Euroleague match between Fenerbahce and Basconia and I met Igor, who is a very nice person, He left an extremely positive impression on me. There won't be much time to hang out, but I'm glad he's here and we'll try to see each other a little more often, "Terzic added.

    I must to admit that this generation rest in my mind as good one, 50% because there were few really promising player, 50% because of that Serbia beat them without bigger problems in EuroVolley semi's (after lose on Balkan champ.). That was generation lead by Lazovic, who in that time was one of the most promising OH among that generation. But look at this players nowadays, how much working with amazing coaches and playtime in strong league can have an impact to the players development. Serbian players can not boast of that, the league according to the list of players is developmental, but the expectations of the management are inconsistent with that, which creates great frustration among the players. The strength of the national team and the results they achieve make it even more difficult for these players to break through to where they belong, almost always this process takes a few years longer compared to players from the countries with stronger leagues. (Italy, Turkey, Poland, Germany). As an example, here is Lazovic, who was, let's say, at least on the same level as Herbots, Orthman and Pietrini, at the time, which I would single out from that generation (Euro OH only). Now, those players are "incomparably" more recognizable and valuable than Lazovic. OTOH situation with Lazović isn't that bad, the biggest failure was experienced by Kocic, who was without a doubt the best blocker of that generation, and was very good in the attack as well. Today, she can't even be compared to Zehra Gunes, who is truly nowadays for the class above. Andjela Veselinovic definitely deserves a mention, also at that time among the best setters of that generation, today probably still totally unknown, I hope that she will finally be included in the actions of the national team. The point of this whole marathon comment was not to deviate from the topic, I used it a bit to mention some Serbian players, but in the first place as a great compliment to Turkish clubs, federation for excellent work with younger categories, I believe and think that soon the results at the senior level to be in line with the investment, not only money, but also effort, work and the right decisions.

    I don't fully agree. I mean she is a good setter and deserves to be the starting setter, but she needs a stable back-up! We all saw she couldn't handle the pressure in the season she was the starting setter and had Buket as an inexperienced setter as her back-up...

    I agree with this, although she is undoubtly very good setter, she is to incosistent to be the starting setter of team with high ambitions like Vakifbank for sure is.

    They don't have to sign the best setter, but someone with experience who can come in to stabilize the match or a talented setter who can become better under the wings of Guidetti. I could think of players like;

    Experienced: Tomkom, Skorupa, Dijkema & Valentin.

    Talented: Mayer, Buse Ünal, Orro & Bongaerts.

    OTOH with this part, in theory yes, sounds meaningful, but when we assume foreinger limit, it is to "expensive" to spent one spot on young talented, not proven yet, foreigner setter like these on the list.

    About experienced setter i like the idea, but disagree with the list IMO, especially i would exclude Dijkema for that list, but anyway Skorupa sounds like the best solutions (ofc just potentially in this theory), maybe i will add Antonijević in that experinced list, due to numerous injury she is kind of forgoten in past few years, but she was one of the best setter in Europe in fist half of the decade, i think that she is still usefull, maybe not for Vakifbank, but for club like Aydin, THY, Galatasaray,........

    To me, this seems more like a marketing struggle of agencies and even clubs, than the true rumors, specifically Maja in Eczacibasi sounds totally meaningless, on all three sides, Eczacibasi, Vakifbank and even Maja herself.

    The only situation in which i could take this seriously is that they offered her a fabulous contract.

    I hope Boskovich decides to renounce to a milionaire cachet in order to improve herself = she comes to play in Italy.

    Egonu now is better and the reason is beacuse she play in italian championship which is far the most competitive in the world.

    She doesn't need come to Italy to become better, she is already on the top of the wolrd and from year to year improve herself, near to perfection. Also Egonu iz amazing player, no words to describe, there are no criteria that can exactly say which of the two is better, all such comparisons are childish, immature or purely fanatic, I will always say that Boskovic is better, but objectively I know that it is absolutely subjective and that in fact the pleasure of both watch on the court is much more important.

    I strongly disagree that it is unproffesional to "make a deal" now, even that they can't make anytning official move, just to make agreement in principle. You bring in too much emotion, it's very normal to think about the future and adjust it to your wishes and goals, and even though they're still under valid contracts, clubs don't own them, and I'm actually sure most players (especially the best ones) are 100% professionals and that an “already existing” deal for next season can never affect games in the current season. The point is that in addition to the fact that playing sports requires special love and affection for all the victims you will be forced to make during your career, in the end it cannot be completely isolated from the fact that it is their JOB.

    Honestly I wouldnt change too much from this seaons Nilüfer, maybe a better local OH instead Fulden, a good OPP. They need to strength their bench tho.

    TBH new OH and Opp already will be big change and crucial in case of Nilufer if they want to step up, Buse Unal could have big impact in that, because good local setter is so worthfull in Turkish league with 3 foreigners rule.

    Maybe Vargas, if we assumed that she will probably be free after this season.

    fenerbahçe is interested in buse ünal as back up of naz for next season.:(

    ( inside info)

    Despite i doubt in that, it would probably mean that Lila Sengun will be loaned to some other club, but i hope that in that case that would be some descent club, because even full time in bad team won't mean anything to her development. Not to mention that Buse would be much more useful as a starter in almost 90% of clubs, although that is certainly not of interest to Fenerbahce.

    I'm just curious what is the inside info for you guys (not specific related to this post), i mean if that is clubs managment, agencies,........

    I don't see Karsta on the roster. She didn't even make the OQT roster (instead it was JT who carried them vs Bulgaria)

    I hope so. No hate to Karsta, even she seems like sympathetic person, but just when it comes to volleyball, something else is counted.