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    starting 7:

    s: Maja

    opp: Gamova

    oh: Zhu, Tom

    mb: Thaisa, Poljak

    l: Fabi


    s: Fofao

    opp: Boskovic

    oh: Sokolova, KYK

    mb: Gioli, Scott-Aruda

    l: Castilo

    *This would be last 2 decades dream team


    s: Maja

    opp: Boskovic

    oh: Zhu, Parubets

    mb: Yuan, Eda

    l: De Gennaro

    s: Tomkon

    opp: Egonu

    oh: Mihajlovic, Gabi

    mb: Veljkovic, Yan

    l: Kobata

    Sorry guys... I think my choice of words were somewhat wrong

    I was just trying to laugh a little bit about this dire situation :gone: but, nevermind...

    Sorry if I made you angry crovolley

    Your choice of words was perfect, fit the situation and all other except one person took it as a hall. I also apologize because i liked a post that was not a hate and i dont understand that as a hate, but nevermind.

    And are you hating Aydin ?? Where are you guys at Turkish league thread ??

    Sloth, Bogdan, Umu ??

    My like was more directed, in my opinion by the humorous mention of Caserta, and how it was no longer the only black sheep in the league, not so much hate-sent to Monza, but of course there was no difference in my world in condemning teams from Italy, Turkey, or some other countries if they do something I disagree with. But I'm amazed at your ability to reduce EVERYTHING to Serie A vs VVSL.

    Olympics are not officially cancelled or am I wrong?

    Not officially, but Canada and Australia are the first two countries to cancel participation (if the games are held on schedule). I sincerely doubt that the Olympics and any sporting event will be over by the end of the year, and for that I have a number of strong and stable reasons that should be obvious to everyone.

    A Jovana Brakocevic's facebook post, primarily aimed at the Serbian public and the state and understanding of the virus in our country, but I think it can be generalized, of course.

    "I don't write often, almost never but here I am now in need. Covid-19 is a virus that has shut us down at home. But is that just it? The Corona virus is dying. It's a fact. And not just dying. He dies alone. Nowhere but medical staff equipped to barely see their eyes. No one to grab the dying and sick. Nobody. Something worse has happened in the Italian city of Bergamo today. The army retrieved the coffins of the deceased and took them directly to the crematorium. That's it. No one could see them. No one to say goodbye to these people. They entered the hospital infected, fighting alone, without their loved ones. And lost .. alone ... without their loved ones. There will be no funeral. Cremated and that's it. My dear you keep going out for coffee. To remember parks or malls. To visit shopping malls or shops or whatever else is not being forcibly closed. Put yourself and your loved ones at risk not only of becoming infected but also of dying alone. Let's be smarter. We love not only our lives, but also the lives of our loved ones and all other people that we can potentially put in danger. Let's get the law as strict as possible so this black time will pass as soon as possible. I hope this post will at least change the mindset of someone and try to convince their close friends or anyone to have time for cafes. The point is, we're all healthy!"


    Post is originaly written on Serbian language, and i did not have patience to translate by myself, also i notice some erros but i hope that you will understand.

    In Serbia from tomorrow( 19.2.) curfew will be in force from 20:00 to 5:00 next day, for all of people will be in force ban on leaving homes, while for people elder (above 65 yo) that ban be in force a whole day. Of course, the decision is more complex and consists of a couple of sub-items and notices, but this is the essence of the new situation in Serbia.

    Eczacibasi needs a fresh start next season. That's all.

    Anyway world class players are supposed to carry their teams, so there's nothing wrong on Tijana being Tijana. The real problem is that Eczacibasi never manages to built a team chemistry.

    The big problem is if you are Tijana (one of the best players of today), you have been doing your best for years and you are playing better and better from year to year, you are playing in a big club, with a long and rich tradition, lots of money, nice conditions, everything is great, just missing the most important titles, winning titles at the beginning of the season when teams are unplayable, in the middle when they still judge the dry quality, but we all know from mid-January that at the end of the year they will run out of those most important titles. I would be bored to play in such an environment.

    They rely on her for everything and throw too many sets at her per match, and it starts affecting her perf.

    It wouldn't be a problem if those sets were good and usable, and with the kind of awful balls she gets, she's doing an incredible best job, so for now I don't see that affect on her perf., but if she continues like this I'm afraid she'll come to that, and to potential injuries, and to a decline in self-confidence. Although she is so good that I doubted all that, but certainly if nothing else she needs to leave Ecz if she wants the titles and generally because of the atmosphere that looks more than dead on the team.

    Since elementary schools are likely to close by the end of the school year (mid-June), classes will be televised (across multiple channel RTS, a national broadcaster).


    The borders are closed and no one except diplomats and Serbian nationals will be able to enter.

    In Serbia, the decision of the representative of the executive branch to introduce a state of emergency (closing schools, kindergartens, all meeting places) has just come into force, with all other accompanying measures except for complete restriction of movement, with everything being known in more detail tomorrow or tomorrow after a government session.

    Of course, all sports events, even training sessions are suspended and banned.

    classes will be taught where possible online.