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    Amporn Hyapha also played in Turkey and Azerbaijan before.

    All the Thailand's golden girls did play in European leagues at some point in the past.

    They're all back playing in Thailand league now.

    That is refreshing to know. I only know Tomkom and Onuma playing in the big league. Thai golden girls are so fun to watch even up to this day. And now the new generations are playing abroad too. Ajcharaporn, Pornpun, Pimpichaya are all playing in Indonesian's league and did amazing job respectively.

    Santiago was effective in attacking in Japanese league, but some factors that contributed to that were also a good setter and the height advantage over majority of her blockers. Had they all been Akin or Jack's height and skill wise on the other side and 3 or 2 of them blocking her at the same time, would she still be as effective?............probably not.

    She isn't bad, but European league of sort is a no like others said. Besides, there are smaller Asian blockers than her and are better both in terms of blocking and attacking and they haven't been called to play in European leagues..................well...................... that is a lie, Pleumjit has played in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Chinese leagues before.

    Have there been other Asian MB that played outside of Asian leagues that i'm not aware of?

    Didn't know Pleumjit played in Turkey, Chinese, & Russia before! Which clubs were she playing?

    Santiago is not the player you can depend on to kill the ball all the time. Once you stopped her, she'll crumble. I have watched so many games of hers and she is extremely overrated, like Valdez. She even having a hard time against Tomkom/Pimpichaya block.

    I think she played MB during her college years in Philippines & played MB in some International games like SEA games. I'm sorry. I don't like her style of playing. She is like Diouf to me. Tall but slow af.

    I agree, lot of asian can dominate europe if they will be given a chance. I know that language barrier might be one of the reason but so as same with other players who came from brazil, poland, canada etc... European club are only focusing getting players in europe or america but they should do some research and online searching, youtube is very helpfull. Thailand has good players. If they got kyk and zhu why not able to get other players too. Korea has good players and japan. Vietnam saw highlights of 4t very tall and playing in taiwan. Saw Philippine player in youtube who played in japan league jaja santiagosan who can play both wing and middle. Even Indonesia with manganang too.

    her height is the only good thing about her. nothing else.

    Thaísa has chosen to retire from the NT in order to be able to play for longer, which is why Zé didn't invite her this year. I'm heartbroken. ):

    Dang. I was really hoping for her to return to NT. But I want to see her play longer and her health is the most important thing for her. I wish her the best of luck. Hopefully she gets better offer next season.

    Leia was definitely better than her at that time but Ze chosing four middle blockers was also Brazil's undoing. Thaisa wasn't ready. Adenizia was practically unused and Leia choked without a back-up for her.

    Ze has a habit of taking in injured players in an important tournament. Sure it worked in London but still Natalia was a mere cheerleader and now his decision backfired on him in Rio and World Championship. You have to blame him for that.

    Thank you.

    Brait has already refused the invitation, so she's out. Pride will only take you so far I guess.

    Kinda feel bad because I love Brait. She was supposed to be the next Fabi no matter how impossible it might sound. But a part of me also saying good for her. Ze deserve this. He played Brait twice. And now he only have mediocre liberos to his expense. Wouldn't be surprise if we are going to see Amanda or Jaque become full time libero. Or the return of Sasa. Or Arlene. :lol::lol::lol:

    Thank God for Camilla. I hope Ze will not waste her again for Tokyo like he did the past 2 Olympics.

    Get rid of Dani Lins and Juma, keep Roberta and Macris. Maybe Fabiola if she decides to join.

    Get rid of Amanda. Natalia, Gabi, Drussyla, Garay are the best OH Horsewomen for Brazil right now. Although Tainara should stick around the NT. That woman is one of the best prospects they have. Mayany needs to be on the team ASAP. With Thaisa is slowly getting back to her old self, get rid of Bia. Adnenizia still can block.

    Ze needs to find a good backup for Tandara.

    And get rid of Gabiru. She was one of the biggest reason SESC RJ failed this year.

    This is like that one secret that EVERYONE knew but no one really TALKED about it. I followed the story line and it was heartbreaking to see how Mari took the relationship failure so hard that it affect her performance. Sheilla went on to become one of the greats and Mari fell into oblivion. But I guess both of them are happy with their own lives now. Sheilla has her babies and Mari is living her life. Kinda wish these 2 will be on the same court again, playing for the same team or against each other,

    Bruno Voloch says that Ze wants Sheilla in Barueri and in Brazilian NT again :huh:

    Sheilla on Barueri? Yes, why not. I miss seeing her on court. This season the Superliga is lacking good local Opp. So next season with Tandara and Sheilla, it will be awesome. But on the NT? Please no. She has been off the court for years. Plus, Tandara is doing a good job as starting Opp. And there are TONS of youngsters who can be developed into a star Opp.

    agreed about the youngster, though I think Ajcharaporn's reception is probably not any worse than Gabi is. She has gotten better these past couple of years. The ones I had in mind is more Wilavan and Risa Shinnabe. Both are good receivers and smart hitters when they are up at the net. But, serdar is probably right as well and they probably won't perform as well in a different surrounding.

    yes, I forgot about Shinnabe. I remember during VNL last year Dutch's coach told the team to serve away from number 4. but I don't think she will survive attacking against tall fast block though.

    are Asian players not of any considerations? lol... if just talking about Kelsey, Gabi, bosetti etc. type of player wise, I think a few Asian players can probably do similar....just asking...

    who you got in mind? Ajcharaporn is one of the best OH from south east Asia who can play both OH and Opp but her receiving can be a liability. the rising star from Thailand Chatchu-on Moksiri is still too green to play abroad. and I think Chinese players will choose to stay at their home ground around the Olympic year.

    kelsey is a better receiver because she spent an entire summer training as a libero. If Zhu is still there, then Kelsey will be useful to cover Zhu and let Zhu release her kraken. But if Zhu is not gonna play with them anymore next season, they need to have a good attacking OH duo. Gabi is one of those rare OH who is good at both. She might not be Jaque/Sokolova/Logan/Paula level, but she keeps the job done.

    Fabiola/Tandara/Drussyla trio is already sounding dangerous. Dang it. I wish Roberta would stay so I can witness the magical pipe connection between them again. Plus I am not fond of Osasco's coach.

    what actually happened to Bia? i remember she was a beast few years ago and people were raving that she could be the one to fill the large shoes of Fabiana/Thaisa's. is it because of Roberta?


    Great pic from the last Taubaté-Sada match after Conte agreed to play as OPP. Really liked the pic, so I felt like posting it. I wish Conte would stay here in Brazil for longer (but would chose wisely which team he'd play lol)

    as long as my boy Douglas doesn't get benched :mad:

    no one does slide attack better than Fabiana - Carol Gattaz - Juciely. Carol and Thaisa have weird approach on the slides. Bring Gattaz to NT back with a solid back up if her age gets in the way.