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    Adenizia is not the problem for Scandicci.

    They built the team the same way they did last season and they're failing for the very same reasons: very weak passing and the setter forced to go to Haak all the time. And this season they're even weaker: despite de la Cruz had a weak season, she was way better than Vasileva in every single aspect of the game. Stevanovic has no impact in a team who can't run the middles, so she can't add anything more than Ghost Arrighetti.

    gurllllll the shadeeeee :lol::lol::lol:

    why Ghost tho? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    For FB, I don't wanna get bashed but I really don't like their game at all. They solely rely on Vargas who had bad injuries in past and Ana is overusing her. If Vargas gets injured and closes the season, FB might even lose in quarters to teams like Nilufer or Besiktas. Ana is probably one of the worst performing transfers of this season in the league, nothing special with her game, she keeps forgetting Bricio who is a good attacker. Her connection with Eda is a mess. Their receiving, defense and block is still not settled. In a bad period when their serves are not functioning as it usually does, they will be in serious trouble again. Their major problem right now looks like the number of errors.

    this makes me miss Nootsara more and more. do you think Nootsara will do a better job with this current team of FB?

    this thread brings back a lot of heart breaking memories of Sheilla Castro & Mari Steinbrecher. the finals when Rexona lost to Osasco (if I'm not mistaken) and Mari had a red puffy eye during the awards ceremony and barely looked at Sheilla is still heart breaking to this day. some people say Mari's excessive decrements in performance has got a lot to do with her & Sheilla falling apart. I guess Sheilla was more focus on her blooming career back then when Mari wanted to have a steady life. but oh well. Sheilla is happily married now and Mari and her seemed to be on good terms judging from their IG.

    I wonder are there any male player that is confirmed to be in a steady same sex relationship?

    Maybe you are. You don't need a new Wallace to be a good OPP. Wallace, Sheilla...those kinds of players only appear once in a lifetime.

    Off topic but I really miss seeong Sheilla on court. she is like Wallace in some sense. You are right about her being once in a lifetime. I haven't seen a female OPP as dynamic as she was.

    Unfortunately yes. Maybe after Tokyo Cachopa will join the NT along with Bruno.

    I wouldn't mind William or Bruno as long as they change their game play a little bit. With Lucarelli, Leal, and Douglas on the OH, this team is looking pretty solid. Wallace needs to step up his game. I won't mind seeing Lucas for another year but we need fresh faces as well as MBs. Flavio is a good prospect.

    And they can keep the 2 liberos from the WCH. They are both really good and did well as far as I watched.

    Ehh, not really. Not yet, at least. Alan (SESI) looks like the best bet for a proper replacement, not any of the ones I mentioned. But knowing how the NT works, we're gonna be seeing Wallace in the team until I don't know, 2024?

    I really hope Brazil learned from Coach Ze's 2016 mistakes and preoare the youngsters early. I watched some of Alan's matches and he seems very good. He is tall and athletic. Hope he gets more time. Any prospect on setters? Or we'll be seeing Bruno & William until Tokyo?

    Flávio is great. He should be with the senior NT already.

    I haven't been following the league that closely, but I'm not sure we're gonna see the Lucarelli-Douglas duo as there'll probably be Leal there too. As for other names, I'd like to see Flávio, Honorato and Davy (from Minas), Pureza (SESI), Abouba (Taubaté) and Vaccari (Renata). Birigui (Itapetininga) too, but he's already played last VNL. I don't know who else. lol

    Any of these can be succesor to Wallace? From what it seems, he has passed his prime. I completely forgot about Leal. Guess Douglas is gonna be 3rd option again. 😭

    I would go with Macris & Roberta since Roberta is already experienced and her connection to Tandara is great. Leia is good but I prefer Camilla Brait. But we all know she won't be back to the NT which is very sad.

    Minas has Marlon (former Brazil NT setter, WCH 10 gold medalist) and Maique (current NT libero, WCH 18 silver medalist) as their biggest names. Most of the others are young talents from Brazil's past and current youth squads (Flávio, Honorato, Davy, Rogerinho, etc).

    tl;dr Minas is basically the team that has the most young talent that can make it into the senior NT in a few years.

    It is a good investment on their behalf. These young players can stay with the team in a long run, if they choose to stay. What's your thoughts about the MB Flavio? Is he good?

    Judging from this current season of Superliga, who do you think deserve the spot for the next edition of World League? Do you think we are finally going to see Lucarelli-Douglas duo?

    i am guessing we are gonna see SESC, Praia, Minas, and Osasco on the Final 4 again. Somehow I feel like it is the year of Minas. They have been playing really well. I love Macris-Gattaz connection and her fast sets to Gabi on the outside is what I have always been dreaming of Brazil Women NT to play.

    Yeah, as said above, the other 4 are the best teams. Minas is the best out of the rest, as usual. They might grab a win from the big 4 here and there, but they always choke when it matters. And by that I mean the Superliga quarterfinals.

    Maybe it's only me coz I don't follow men's game quite often but I don't really know anyone playing in Minas. Sada has some huge stars and Taubate has Douglas, Lucarelli, Uriarte, Conte. SESI has most of Brazil's ex-NT and SESC has Wallace, Mauricio.