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    thanks so much. this clears everything.

    yes (libero for libero).

    just to be clear, let say Fabi (receiving libero) replaces Thaisa after she serves. and when Brazil scored the point, Fabi can be replaced by Camila (defensive libero) without having Thaisa on court first?

    can someone explain to me how the two liberos system works in terms of replacing each other? Like when the team is serving, the defense specialist will come in and when the opponent serve the receiving specialist will come in, right? But how about the change? Is it legal for a libero to replace a libero or they have to switch to the MB first and then switch again to the libero.

    as much as I love Brazil, they have no one to blame but themselves for this tragic end of their WCH journey. they lost to German and lost a set to Mexico. that is a huge blow for their chance to go through the second round. "blame" them might be harsh. long gone the day when they will beat the crap outta these teams. i feel like with the demise of Fabi, Fabiana, and the glory days of Thaisa, Brazil has lost their signature play. the titular now wouldn't even make it as a bench back then.

    i was so mad at Coach Ze for putting Dani Lins as titular on early stage of the tournament. let Roberta play for God's sake. let her warm up through the early stage so she can get better towards the end. Thaisa still can be a threat, but not like her glory days. Gabi played well, but there's only so much she can do. Natalia is just a waste of space at this point. love her, but for real.

    Ze effed the team up. for so long he put the same golden generation through all the tournaments and didn't even bother to focus on the youngsters. i feel liek it is going to be another year or two until they can perform well again. maybe by Tokyo 2020, they will find their core team. but as for now, this is the best line up that they have.

    the most disappointing ones are the MBs. they can block, but their attacks? not so much. Bia might be valuable 2 years ago, but not now. Carol can block and she blocks really good but her attacking is sad. Adenizia is just not gonna cut it.

    Good luck for the future Brazil. that's all i can say.

    Sincerely, I noticed that too..I really wonder what is it going on in Brazil team as a group, but maybe as you said it is really nothing but us overanalyzing.

    IKR. maybe we are overanalyzing but maybe they are showing support to Douglas since the controversial photo of Wallace.

    I might be over-analyzing things but it seems like Brazilian players are very affectionate towards Douglas, especially Lipe and Bruno. They hugged him and patted his head every time he scores. I noticed this during VNL but this time around it just gets more and more obvious. Does it have to do with the situation few days ago? I might be over-analyzing things tho.

    Douglas truly redeemed himself on the match against Serbia. First of all, I didnt think he screwed up against Russia, but the fact that he played really well on the semi is a huge boost up for his reputation. My heart sinks for Lisinac. He is one of my fav MBs beside Lucas but he is completely off tonight. The coach was supposed to take him out.

    Looking forward for the final. 2 of the biggest young stars are gonna be playing, Douglas & Kochanowski.

    As I said before, most people are rooting for him to fail. But he still scored with over 40% and made the last two points in the tie-break, so... :whistle:

    I watched the rematch and was waiting for him to fail miserably coz that's what people said and onto the 3rd set, he was playing actually quite decent. I am still living for the Douglas + Maque combo on the defense. And frok what I read on Twitter Douglas is playing really well again agianst USA.

    just finished watching Brazil VS Slovenia. the youngsters Isaac and Douglas did very well. i love seeing this "messy but work" style of Brazilian volleyball. everyone is everywhere on court but they can get the point. it makes a very exciting volleyball to watch.

    is it just me or Lipe's ball to position 4 is getting so much faster? it's like he is playing the same tempo with the MB. that's just crazy. still don't like him.

    Gianelli, Kochanowski, Nishida are three of the youngsters that I have been looking forward to since VNL. And to my delight, they are not disappointing so far in this tournament.

    Lipe unfortunately is seen as a hero among (mostly casual) fans due to his block against Zaytsev that gave Brazil the gold in Rio, but yes, he is a horrible human being and should be miles away from court. I could at least tolerate this team slightly more had Lucarelli been with them, but his club money spoke louder to him.

    This team is ridiculously old. Lipe, Evandro, William, Éder, Lucão, as well as Bruno and Wallace to some extent... I try to be optimistic we could see new faces in a near future (Alan and Rodriguinho were right there), but oh well... at least there is Kadu who is like making his debut in the senior NT right during the WCH after almost two years out solely out of desperation from the staff due to all the injuries and their inability to let other younger people play more. lol

    I have never liked him as a player. I was hoping to see Douglas-Lucarelli duo emerge this tournament but too bad it didn't happen.

    I don't know if Brazil going to be able to make it big in Tokyo. Practically every single top team has new faces on their roster and Brazil is stuck with the same player since Rio. Maybe the coaching staffs are just too afraid to make changes since these players are well known for being a diva. I won't mind Wallace. He is after all still Brazil's biggest weapon. But for the back up position, you thought that the tall black guy with amazing abilities will be there. But no. Effing Evandro is there. Isaac is a good prospect and I am glad he is there. I don't follow Men's Superliga that much but there have got to be so many other young players that can play at this level if they were to be given chances.

    Can someone please send Lipe back home? His face is so effing annoying and his attitude on court is disgusting. This Brazilian team is killing the vibe. I tried so hard to like them but them seniors are a bunch of a*holes. Douglas and the libero are the only ones I tolerate and Isaac. And wtf is Evandro doing there? Isn't he like 40 or something? I thought Lipe is retiring. Maybe Lucarelli's absence made the coach call him back. Ugh.

    And Bruno has had enough, I guess.