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    I have hopes for Dougas but being in that team, I don't know if he will get the chance to step up her game after a shaky 2017 season. But it seems that Lucarelli is still in his road to full recovery. Let's see how things work out then.

    Things are not looking good for the Rio Olympics gold winner. SMH> They should have start playing with the younger team much earlier. Now that Lucarelli is out (perhaps), things are just getting worse for them.

    OMG can the club do that? I thought NT's responsibility is above club's. Judging from VNL, Brazil NEEDS Lucarelli. This is crazy.

    But as saishuu said, maybe Lucarelli is not on a great shape at all. Maybe they know he is not fully ready, so in order not to jeopardize his club's future, they decided to do that.

    I don't know, man. Brazil NEEDS Lucarelli. But his health is important, too. Maybe they could do what Ze did to Gabi, letting him play 1 set per match.

    A huge mistake imo. Douglas is supposedly going to be the top OH for the NT but by joining this team, he is basically decided to be the 3rd OH, meaning he will be benched. This does not look good.

    I have always wonder what is the "rules" in deciding the rotation of the players? Like, how do the coach decide which player got to be MB1 and MB2, OH1 and OH2 and so on. How do they put all of this together?

    Like for instance, during VNL match of JAPAN vs SERBIA, Lisinac was MB2; when he is usually MB1 (I am referring to the rotation of serve, Lisinac is the 2nd MB to serve). What makes this change?

    And how do the coach put the main attacking MB and OH (alongside the OPP) and spread them on court in between the MB2 and OH2.

    What is the criteria to be the 1st and 2nd tho?

    I am sorry I ave lots to ask. Hopefully y'all can chime in so everyone can have better understanding of the game. Thanks!

    Supreme Chonburi is like Thailand NT with Tomkom, Pleumjit, Chatchu-on, and Ajcharaporn. LOL

    SMH trust me they are going to bring the same team from Rio Olympics.

    Re-watched the gold medal match, and I think Kliuka was the "final nail in the coffin" for France. It looked like, he was hitting at the highest point, at least a foot over the blockers :white: I think this is the first time Kliuka-Muserskiy-Mikhaylov played together and it's almost a crime to be playing against them. As long as Russia has a very active libero defending at the back court, and a stable OH2 in Volkov, their system works pretty well and their block-defence really shines especially the longer a rally goes.

    I disagree about Ngapeth. He wasn't being confrontational to the Russian players, maybe because in his mind he will be teammates with them in his new club. I also realized Tonuitti is quite short for a setter of a top team, and this was really exploited well by Russia in the match. Lastly, Brizzard is one fine young man :lol:

    Kliuka hitting a 3.51 m spiking point against Toniutti outstretched hands reminds me of Paula Pequeno VS Lindsey Berg in 2008 Olympic. It is a crime! :lol:

    The Russian golden triangle is the strongest one this time around. What so great about these 3 is that they are so cool and content - like they have no time for drama on court, just there to kill and win. And they did that. The young captain help stabilizes the passing. Their 2nd MB is a bit weak but with such strong spikers on the wing, it shouldn't be a problem. Just wish their libero played a little bit better. Is this the best Russian libero they have?

    Ngapeth was the best player on his team last night. I dont know what you were talking about. It's a sport. You win or you lose. Why is this pathetic user coming to talk shi about the player u hate and then talking about how homesome the players are. Stick to the game pls. This is not a porn site.

    Excuse me? Are you coming for me?

    I'd never said Ngapeth was useless. I said he would be much better focusing on the game rather than his diva persona.

    I am just stating the fact that the bench players of France are a bunch of beautiful men, that's it. People talk about jersey for fcuk sake in this forum, doesn't mean people are ignoring the game.

    You need to get laid or get a friend. You coming for people who has no intention of stirring up a fight is downright pathetic and annoying. I hope you find peace for whatever it is the trouble you have at home.

    Russia has become my new favorite team! Kliuka-Muserskiy-Mikhaylov trio is unstoppable!

    Russian dominance in terms of size is a huge advantage. Kliuka's 3.51m jump height against Toniutti outstretched hands is funny yet devastating to watch. This team is for sure the one to beat in the next years building up to Tokyo 2020.

    Always been a fan of Mikhaylov - he is a cool Russian. It is kinda unfortunate to be Poletaev; the rising star of Russian OPP to have Mikhaylov still slaying the competition 6 years after London Olympics.

    Toniutti is definitely a world-class setter, in a league of his own. A very creative one. Bruno & Lucas duo is for me the gold standard in men's MB-setter duo but watching Toniutti shooting b-quicks to his middles are just amazing experience.
    #sidenote: France's bench players are a bunch of beautiful men. :cheesy:

    is this Tyllie guy the best OH that France have beside the France diva right now? He seemed useless. and the France diva could have done so much better if only he stop wasting so much energy and attention to being a diva and start playing like a real professional one.

    All in all, congrats Russia!

    VNL is a curse towards Brazil - both men and women. I hope they will pick up soon. But honestly, they don't have a large pool of youngsters that are able to perform in international stage like this; both in men and women. At least not this time around.

    One thing I notice is the Brazilian players have such an "affection" towards Douglas. They treated him very nicely like he is everyone's little brother. Maybe it is because of his age. Even the hot-headed Lipe and Bruno cared for him on court. And tht gesture where Lucas held his hand asking if he is truly OK after his "ankle scare" is really nice to see.

    I don't remember him behaving like that often (if ever),so I don't know why are you saying this :what: He is great player and person, never acting like a star. What exactly is making him a loser?

    I have the same question, too. When I read the previous comment, I thought Lisinac is being an A-hole. But when I watched the replay, it comes to me as him being mad at himself for allowing that tip to score, more of a frustration to himself rather than a provocation. And during the heat exchange of Ata and the Brazilian team, he kept his cool. The Serbia captain is someone that I admire so much through out this competition. He is a very cool person, keeping his team together. All in all, other than the Ata incident, Serbia did well in terms of showing sportsmanship during the match. It was a great match. It is nice to see how Douglas and Lucas practically upgraded Brazil's back row defense in this match.